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  1. The foxes can range from dark red to sandy ginger. The flies were out that day as it got warmer. As we move into winter there will be less of them. Self filming while hunting is very difficult. After years of hunting we know where to put people where the highest chance of getting a clean safe shot.
  2. There are different requirements. If a 8 gram load of #10TSS is all required for ducks to 40 yards then that will get the cost down. 42 gram load of #9 for Turkey is too expensive and not required.
  3. Nope because they are too specialized and too expensive. But never say never
  4. And for those that aren't following what TSS can do to foxes. I present TSS #7 on a fox at 40 yards with 4 pellets penetrating the brain box.
  5. Dropped my first fox with TSS #7 on the run. First one was too far back. But it stopped him. Second shot was 40 yards. 4 pellets straight through the brain box. Good pattern, good penetration.
  6. No problem getting 00 buck but its not optimal for my 20G but I could start using in my 12G I suppose. Well I suppose it depends. I'm only mucking about for curiosity. The 5.5mm TSS experiment is still getting more pellets in the 30" circle at 50m than the 00buckshot x 15 pellets with a lot less kick.
  7. This weekend I loaded up BB and F shot in the 20 bore and tested the patterns at 50m and 70m. I also compared the patterns against a 12 bore shooting 3" 00 buck. The winner in the patterning right out to 70m was 26 grams of BB. Unfortunately the penetration test was a washout because it got too dark and there was not enough pellets to hit the small test medium. I will try to test again at a closer range with more light. I have no idea what the end game is but if I look at the performance of BB for animals larger than a fox or larger at 70m I think I'm there.
  8. You can hurt your back not lifting this stuff correctly.
  9. I'm assuming the #10 is 1.8mm size? How are you finding it on ducks?
  10. Got some #10 coming soon for testing. 10 yo 15 gram gram load for 40 yards should be close to ideal.
  11. I got the chiappa triple crown 20g and I'll be putting tss through it very soon
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