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  1. nice little knife, one ive had lying around im trying to have a tidy up and this is never used £15 Posted has very small chip on the blade, bone handle and nice leather sheath
  2. Howa .22-250 5 shot mag conversion will also work with .243 but only 4 shots - hardly used £50 posted Spare .243 5 shot Mag - £25 posted
  3. ground up unicorn horns I cant find it at all down here
  4. I have a spare mag mate if kennet doesnt sell his
  5. any idea what warranty they come with?
  6. Same here, id like to get a more known brand for her but I thought brand new for that sort of money would be nice and assumed they would have some sort of warranty for a few years
  7. Does anyone own one, are they any good or just cheap **** Im looking for something for my mrs to shoot clays with, I have looked used but alot of stuff is battered and ideally id like something multi choke they look the part on the adverts and seem good value for under £500 new Cheers
  8. Hi all im looking for any .410 loading stuff handloading or a press type cheers
  9. I use 40gr Vmax in mine over IMR3031 going 4000+ fps with a yukon photon NV ontop I have never had a runner with it, its absolutely savage on foxes
  10. pics should work now I have more pics of each item if you need any more just drop me a message cheers
  11. My mates used Lovex S070 in his winmag with good results, I use the same in 6.5x47 due to the shortage of H4350 and my mates just gone the same way with his creedmoor
  12. Ive had great results with 70gr Noslers and IMR3031
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