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  1. kennett


    Exactly the same as this, Dunblane. He had loads more photos on request, sounded like he knew what he was talking about.
  2. kennett


    Sorry bear with me, I just want to vent. I was asked by my employer to source and buy a timber forwarder trailer. Found one on eBay, convinced my MD and financial controller that eBay wasn't all bad, messaged the seller through eBay and set the ball rolling. Received several "eBay" emails and spoke to them on live chat, also speaking to the seller on my work email account. Eventually managed to set up payment by bank transfer, to supposedly an eBay account which would only release funds to the vendor after I had received the trailer and verified I was happy with it. First delivery on Wednesday was aborted due to a breakdown with the haulier. Delivery rearranged for today, never arrived. Contacted eBay who have no record of the transaction, and confirmed I've been scammed. Seller no longwr replying to emails. I would rather have lost my own money than works, makes me feel sick that people think this is a way to earn a living. Potentially costing me my job, and the tied house that goes with it when I have a second baby due
  3. kennett

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    Following the cry to action, I have had 14 this year in 3 fenn traps set around the corn trailer we have parked in the woods. More squirrels than I have ever seen this year and we have had vermin shoot for the last 2 years with a combined total of over 70! 90
  4. kennett

    Scope / NV

    I'm using it on two Nikko Stirling game kings, front p/a and it seems to work well, but as it has been said you will need to re-focus between spotting and shooting but it's no huge drama. I tried it on a Leupold and it didn't like the lens coatings.
  5. kennett

    Scope / NV

    I have the Pard Steve, and for what I want it for which is the odd rabbit with the .17 and probably 10-15 foxes a year out to 200 odd yards it seems perfectly capable. Shot rabbits out to 60-70yds with. I did add a black sun ruby ir to it which improves it drastically
  6. kennett


    Ditch maize and use sorghum and millet. Will stand longer than you need it and doesn't attract rats, deer or badgers
  7. kennett


    Do you mean Chalk lump rather than clay? If so, drill through everything, right back into the chalk and then use threaded bar and resin anchors. I've done this on my last 2 houses and my bosses cabinet and all have been passed quite happily. We have a 12ft metal gate hung on resin bonded studs at work so a cabinet would be not trouble
  8. kennett

    Scope / NV

    I use Nikko sterling game kings on my 223 and 17 with the Pard and seem to work well
  9. kennett

    Yet another Plant ID

    Euphorbia of some description?
  10. kennett


    I've seen a lot on mine, walked onto a pair while beating a couple of weeks ago and last night while sitting watching the flight pond I had 4 or 5 leave the wood behind me and flight out into the wet grass fields
  11. kennett

    PARD 007

    I've got the 007 version and first impressions are very good, so hopefully the 008 should follow in its footsteps
  12. kennett

    Need a new truck

    I heard a lot of bad stories about the Ranger engine, and a friend of mine has one which spent half it's life in bits at the dealer. My 14 plate Hilux never seems under powered when towing 2t of water round the shoot and is comfortable over longer journeys. You will pay more for it initially but they hold a better resale value. I like the Dmax, but couldn't find one when I was looking, we have test driven them as work trucks and they seemed nice. A friend who had Toyota for years has now gone to the Amarok and really rates it.
  13. kennett

    Re-blueing barre

    And another huge recommendation from me, rescued a set of barrels that had I managed to get deer blood on and eaten right through to bare metal. Look brand new
  14. kennett

    Gun damage

    I had a feeling I wouldn't be the only one. To be honest I feel like as I don't go in there and spend with them, they dont care, customer, price and everything else are at polar opposites compared to the rfd I use now.  Don't take it personally, I go in there quite a bit as my wife and daughter ride, so we can make it a family outing. They are still rubbish at sorting problems! I don't know where abouts you are but I have always had good service from The Country store at Sawston
  15. kennett

    Gun damage

    As much as I like forelock and Load, they are terrible at dealing with faults/returns. Had some Gecco ammo from them which kept blowing the primers, no other issues in my rifle with any other brand. Took them back, chased them up a million times and in the end I gave up with no refund or replacement then I had a faulty Jack pyke fleece and had to wait for months for them to order me a replacement.