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  1. kennett

    Which truck..

    Hilux or Dmax. You do pay a premium for a Hilux but they are bomb proof and have a very good resale value. Most of the others are just the same body shell with a different badge.
  2. kennett

    Modern life.

    I think we could be best friends. I did stare in disbelief at the BBC news website the other day 🙈
  3. We have probably spent as much time trying to squeak road signs, high Viz jackets on scarecrows and various other shiny things as we have actual foxes. That's before you get to the times badgers or muntjac have acted like foxes
  4. kennett

    Dead Squabs

    I was just going to say been blown out by our recent stormy weather?
  5. kennett

    Aga conversions

    That looks brilliant, would love a house that it would suit!
  6. kennett

    Fireplace finished!

    A while ago I asked for advice about how much chimney I could knock out. I took everyone's advice, knocked out the new opening which I pinned and put a new lintel in. By far the hardest part was getting my plastering to look half decent, it looks ok from a distance if you squint! Just finished putting the shelf up with some brackets I made my self from a slab of Ash, horse shoes and some flat steel. I didn't think it looked too bad for a bodger on a budget!
  7. kennett

    Jammed door lock

    Old skool quote! Always in our thoughts 💖
  8. kennett

    now all sold

    How much for the BR2 clay shooting jacket?
  9. kennett

    Bettinsolli old chokes

    Beretta Mobil chokes fitted the Bettinsoli I had 6 or 7 years ago
  10. kennett

    Bulletproof furniture.

    I always moan about this on TV, like a car door stopping 7.62 or even 5.56 for that matter!
  11. kennett

    This can't be true surely....

    No it doesn't have any fancy pants parking lines, but I'm guessing that's what they were on about. Any way, took to a big independent place down the road and they did it no questions asked!
  12. kennett

    The weather here has been as nice as it can be

    We had 12mm early this morning around Newmarket, but we had earned it. Thursday was our 50 something day without rain! Thunderstorms and heavy showers forecast this evening and over night ?
  13. kennett

    Are blackberries early?

    I had the same thought yesterday, I remember picking them with the sloes last year
  14. kennett

    This can't be true surely....

    That's what I thought! Allegedly because they don't have the software to adjust the camera, which is built in to the tail gate and doesnt look adjustable...and what possible difference could a few mm of adjustment on a front wheel make to a camera 10ft away?!
  15. Just noticed my Hilux is scrubbing a front tyre, dropped into Kwik fit on the way to some where else and apparently they can't adjust it because I have a reversing camera!! Its a not a snazzy one with parking aids, or anything like that, it's just a fish eye lense pretty much looking at the towball. What on earth difference could a couple of mm tracking change on the front do to a reversing camera?!