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  1. A surprisingly common injury in horse accidents, we see quite a few at work, intact I dealt with a suspected one with a possible spinal injury on Friday. Turned out to be JUST a torn spleen. Glad to hear it was nothing more major.
  2. Seems to be a common problem with 1 man band NV suppliers
  3. 😂😂😂 Brilliant
  4. I had a very similar upbringing from my Granddad as Centrepin by the sounds of it, and feel extremely privileged to have done so. Luckily my Dad also shoots so there has never been a shortage of air rifle pellets and. 410 cartridges from when I big enough to hold them. I'm trying to do the same with my 2 children, but my fear is when they discover smartphones etc they will lose interest but fingers crossed!
  5. If you download Flightradar 24 you can look at literally every single plane, helicopter and weather balloon in the sky over the whole globe. The only thing you cant see are military and it struggles on stuff under a few thousand feet. You can see Depature time and location, destination, heading, altitude, time in the air and aircraft type and carrier.
  6. Just got to be in the right place at the right time. I moved here (suffolk) 11 years ago and knew 1 person, my wife. Happened to bump into the next door shoot while walking the dog after we'd been here about a month. Went beating there and then, the farmer ended up being my daughters god parents and I ended up helping keeper the shoot. Now shoot pigeons over the farm and lamp it for foxes etc and have upgraded the shoot I keeper on through a friend of a friend I met whilst on the first shoot. So stick at it, and eventually it will fall into place
  7. That's Diana, Roman goddesss of the hunt. I had an old single barrel 20b when I was a kid with the same plate.
  8. Ok so "Bohler Blitz" is a maker, and model of steel. Apparently extra light and strong. The only San remo I could find is a Kreighoff, but it isn't one of those.
  9. Bad news....acciaio just means steel. Sorry! The fluted top barrel looks Fias like, what else does it say on the barrels?
  10. https://www.bushwear.co.uk/products/door-pro-ii I know it's not really in the spirit of making it yourself, but I've always thought these look good, just not got round to buying one yet.
  11. It all depends on types. Shotguns are more relaxed, gun locked away as Scully said or stripped down and spread about if out and about. Cartridges can pretty much be stored however you like. Firearms have to be locked up and ammunition secured separately.
  12. Forester is the vehicle of choice for "do as you-likey" hare coursers, and they go crazy places off road. Its usually only ditches deeper than the car that stop them
  13. I can't which can, but dmax and hilux definitely can't
  14. Oh come on, you can't say that and then not finish the story! Or at least give us clue where to look
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