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  1. The world has officially gone mad....

    Haha perfect!
  2. Lease not renewed

    Been there mate and it's horrible. But don't panic, I'm sure something will come along. It did for me, and worked out way better in the end! Its your property, get on there and get it back. If it's only a change of tenant, go to the landowner and have a chat?
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-43071901 Wow...a breastfeeding man, I have officially seen it all!
  4. Recommend me a vehicle.

    Surely a pick up fits the bill? Dogs, dead things and the associated smells can be kept separate from the cab and most will tow upto 3t.
  5. Trooper shocks

    If it has stopped dripping it needs topping up
  6. Wellies recommendations?

    Have a search on here, there must be 300 "What welly?" threads!
  7. Fishing in Florida

    Thanks for that, I found this one forums.floridasportsman.com/categories it's worth a read just to see what an amazing way of life they all seem to have! Government initiatives to encourage MORE people to hunt and fish!
  8. Where have all the pigeons gone?

    A bit further west, over hear neat Newmarket and we have pigeons galore. They have been driving the farms mad, rape is going to need to make good money this year to pay for all the gas, bangers and diesel they have used protecting it! We had 60+ pigeons between us on Saturday night but was a terrible night with no wind
  9. Wellies - Dunlop or Aigle?

    Another vote for Aigles. I have tried others (Hunter, sealand and Harkila) all of which had a life span measured in months. The last Aigles I had lasted 5yrs+ of fairly hard, regular wear. Now have a pair of full zip parcours. Warm, very comfortable and look good after 2 seasons of beating and feeding birds
  10. Vegans beat us again.

    Really? I think you underestimate children. I know plenty that are fascinated in watching deer and pheasants being processed and treat it as a biology lesson! My 3 year old girl is perfectly happy with dead things, and has an understanding of life and death that I bet few her age would. Although she did ban us from shooting "her" partridges on keepers day!
  11. Fishing in Florida

    Morning all, not sure if anyone will know but worth a go! Heading to Florida next summer and looking to do a bit of fishing/exploring. Went last year and had a trip with a guide on a massive lake to catch big mouth bass which was great fun. However, driving about there were lakes and ponds literally everywhere! Here's the question, from what I can work out if there is no signage, and no fence you can fish anywhere you can get to, does anyone know for definite or know a good forum where I can find out? Would be fun to go exploring with a spinning rod and a few lures and see what I can pull out!
  12. Hunter wellies guarantee

    Just get more Aigles, I and plenty of people I know wear them. My current pair is only a year old, but a friend's are several years old and we are all happy with them!
  13. Holidays recommendations

    Another non Spain suggestion but how about Santorini? I went for my honeymoon and loved it, lovely food and beaches and a huge selection of ancint Greek ruins and even a Greek Pompeii which you can walk right through.
  14. Weatherby PA08 or Winchester SXP

    There are a few friction points, I'll get mine out when I remember and have a look where it has rubbed and let you know
  15. another chainsaw question

    I imagine they will be the same cheap Chinese saws you can pick up on eBay, just with a jazzy "xxxpowertools" sticker on. They are usually under powered, vibrate way too much, sometimes just plain dangerous and spare parts are almost impossible to get hold of down the line. As with guns, usually better to pick up an older good make, my boss just paid £150 for 2 Stihl 025 and they are brilliant.