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  1. Funnily enough I also started watching this yesterday! Only one episode in but seems ok
  2. Glad it isn't just me, managed to get bread flour from a local farm shop but not much hope of yeast. There is quite a bit on Ebay but not sure any of it would arrive in a useful timeframe!
  3. kennett

    Caught on camera

    You've got to get your dose of dangly bit whenever you can at the moment
  4. kennett

    Caught on camera

    Definitely looks like it has a Mayflys dangly bits
  5. Not at work, but when flicking through Netflix at the weekend and saw the original series of "Teachers" with Andrew Lincoln. Which I remember watching and enjoying, then realising it came our 20 years ago 😬
  6. Gun shop nearest to me ran out of 12b cartridges and 22lr on the Monday afternoon before they were forced to shut
  7. Also worth keeping an eye out for this https://ineosgrenadier.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjoH0BRD6ARIsAEWO9DttEx9Yz4VIwsKFEyg2KrSIacpsDrmc_BGbyvdkP4GY5SLWzrdROsEaAjcIEALw_wcB Dont know much about it other than it is being designed to be what the Land Rover should be with beam axles etc.
  8. We had next week in Cornwall booked with Homeaway, spoke to them last week and they were actively encouraging their owners to accept alterations and we had our week moved to next year free of charge, which was nice!
  9. I wouldn't worry about it and just shoot a couple, if they are healthy enough to be running about they will be fine to eat!
  10. RCD is another name for RHD, you will be lucky to shoot one with it. The time from infection to death is 24-48hrs, early signs will be bleeding from the eyes or nose and fits.
  11. My shoot is funded by 4 friends, two in property, one plumber and one in equine veterinary. They are all feeling the pinch over the current situation and although nothing has been confirmed I have mentioned about putting the covers in, a bit of wheat and just run a rough shoot next season for the five of us. Hopefully this will all be over quicker than expected and we can carry as normal.
  12. It was indeed, with an open topped turret and not a lot of armour 😬
  13. I have plans to build a M-10 Achilles as driven by my Grandad from France to the Kiel canal. I was hoping to build a diorama of one of his stories.
  14. Definitely a Skylark, back on the Heath all singing their little hearts out now.
  15. I was using the federal 40gs in .223 and they were doing 3700, made a lovely mess of foxes
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