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  1. Those blades are epic too, smash everything to bit, but the do pull you about if you hit the ground!
  2. We run 10x Stihl fs450 at work, big bit of kit but once you have the harness set up right you barely feel it. Because of the size and weight you can also use them for a lot longer before you need to worry about HAV etc
  3. Howa in a boyds stock, rifle will out shoot you with plenty of spare cash for ammo!
  4. My wife's horses live in a paddock, separated from a clay shoot by a thin by of trees and don't even flinch so I wouldn't worry about it too much! Have the time the owners are more worried than the horses
  5. No she shouldn't be allowed, but I have no doubt whatsoever that she will be welcomed back with open arms and given a council house and all the benefits possible. Some of the things she said in the article make her sound either brainwashed or a psychopath
  6. Thanks guys, I used to have some leather lined haix boots and they were amazing, but a but pricey!
  7. As per the title really, had enough of either wearing my socks out in size 9s or being crippled for a few weeks in size 8s so looking for any ideas of suppliers or manufacturers that do waterproof, steel toe cap, brown boots in half sizes. Found some smart looking Aussie "oliver" boots but postage is a little pricey!
  8. I had the same problem, right handed and left master eye. I have tried shooting left handed, and can do it fairly well, but actually getting the gun mounted is hard work with my left hand in charge of the job!
  9. Another thumbs up, 223 with a laminate stock will out perform me any day of the week.
  10. kennett


    Exactly the same as this, Dunblane. He had loads more photos on request, sounded like he knew what he was talking about.
  11. kennett


    Sorry bear with me, I just want to vent. I was asked by my employer to source and buy a timber forwarder trailer. Found one on eBay, convinced my MD and financial controller that eBay wasn't all bad, messaged the seller through eBay and set the ball rolling. Received several "eBay" emails and spoke to them on live chat, also speaking to the seller on my work email account. Eventually managed to set up payment by bank transfer, to supposedly an eBay account which would only release funds to the vendor after I had received the trailer and verified I was happy with it. First delivery on Wednesday was aborted due to a breakdown with the haulier. Delivery rearranged for today, never arrived. Contacted eBay who have no record of the transaction, and confirmed I've been scammed. Seller no longwr replying to emails. I would rather have lost my own money than works, makes me feel sick that people think this is a way to earn a living. Potentially costing me my job, and the tied house that goes with it when I have a second baby due
  12. Following the cry to action, I have had 14 this year in 3 fenn traps set around the corn trailer we have parked in the woods. More squirrels than I have ever seen this year and we have had vermin shoot for the last 2 years with a combined total of over 70! 90
  13. I'm using it on two Nikko Stirling game kings, front p/a and it seems to work well, but as it has been said you will need to re-focus between spotting and shooting but it's no huge drama. I tried it on a Leupold and it didn't like the lens coatings.
  14. I have the Pard Steve, and for what I want it for which is the odd rabbit with the .17 and probably 10-15 foxes a year out to 200 odd yards it seems perfectly capable. Shot rabbits out to 60-70yds with. I did add a black sun ruby ir to it which improves it drastically
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