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  1. This couldn't have been timed much better, and unusual to see the BBC showing a balanced argument! BBC News - Compassionate conservation is 'seriously flawed' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48315709
  2. They need to look again, a second hand battery fencer will be well under £100, plus a few plastic posts and some wire which can all be picked up second hand or in kits on Ebay, I could re fence all my pheasant pens for less that £500! If mains power is a problem, they could use battery. I use battery fencing units around my pens and so far (touch wood) have never had a problem with fox or badger, and we have a LOT of the stripey ones!
  3. If it's only a 8 hen size run, electric wouldn't be too expensive, probably do it for around £100 if you use Ebay or Facebook marketplace. There isn't much that will stop a badger unfortunately
  4. My Viking has been excellent, gets very little love other than a quick shine up with a grinder in the spring and it starts first pull every time. It wasn't stupidly priced either
  5. No, it went back unharmed. Apparently they aren't famed for their eating quality
  6. A bit different to my usual fishing, I'm in Florida and have been given permission for a bit of fishing to make up for the hell of the Disney parks! It's very different to the UK, if you can get to a pond without having to break into it you can pretty much help yourself. This was caught in the middle of a housing estate, and is just one of 4 ponds on the same development that I'm working my way round. The ponds are buzzing with life, birds, turtles and the margins are packed solid with fry and Bluegills. Hopefully the first of many!
  7. Ok cool, I'll take it if you can do PayPal?
  8. kennett

    Kids ey !

    These have been around for years, had a bit of a league at my last job to see who could make the biggest and best/most dangerous. They used to make an impressive dent in a tractor workshop wall, cheap hairspray was a good fuel
  9. Those blades are epic too, smash everything to bit, but the do pull you about if you hit the ground!
  10. We run 10x Stihl fs450 at work, big bit of kit but once you have the harness set up right you barely feel it. Because of the size and weight you can also use them for a lot longer before you need to worry about HAV etc
  11. Howa in a boyds stock, rifle will out shoot you with plenty of spare cash for ammo!
  12. My wife's horses live in a paddock, separated from a clay shoot by a thin by of trees and don't even flinch so I wouldn't worry about it too much! Have the time the owners are more worried than the horses
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