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  1. kennett

    UK equivalent of JD303 / HyTrans?

    John Deere now use HyGuard, if it's good enough for a best part of £100,000 tractor it should be ok in an older one?
  2. kennett

    My wife!

    Not a comment so much as an act, mine spent all weekend trying to clean a couple of brown marks from the living room carpet. I got blamed, our little girl got blamed as did the in-laws. She scrubbed and scrubbed but every time it dried the stains reappeared. However it finally dawned on her that what she was actually needed to clean were the patio doors, because a small childs greasy hand print was casting a shadow onto the carpet, but it kept her busy for a couple of days!
  3. kennett

    Wire fence question

    https://www.screwfix.com/p/tornado-rapid-fencing-pliers/9981F?kpid=9981F&ds_kid=92700019785635543&ds_rl=1249481&ds_rl=1245250&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1_Hx4tyA2wIVwoTVCh25lw6aEAQYAyABEgJoffD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CKTT1-TcgNsCFTMD0wodZtQMiw One of these, use them for pheasant pens and they work well
  4. kennett

    How was your bank holiday weekend

    Lovely weekend, not working for a change. Pheasant pen extension built Saturday and a BBQ on the shoot. Pony riding with my little girl Sunday followed by an afternoon at the 1000 guineas at Newmarket. Then sprayed my pen fences off yesterday, got new garden furniture and had a BBQ with the inlaws
  5. kennett


    Oak and Hornbeam? Lime is just out in leaf down here
  6. kennett

    Howa 1500 stock

    I didn't like the original rubbery stock at all, way too much flex. Dropped mine into a laminate boyds from eBay and it totally transformed it. Will shoot thumbnail groups @ 100 yds with factory ammo
  7. kennett

    St. George's mushrooms

    We have millions of the things growing on the heath at work, little wrinkly European pickers come from all over the place and take bin bags of them away.
  8. kennett

    Converting Springer to gas ram

    Thanks everyone, a service kit and a new spring sounds like a plan
  9. kennett

    Converting Springer to gas ram

    Morning all, just wondering if any body has used one of the Gas ram conversion kits on a Springer? (not the mental hairy sort). I have a Webley Exocet that I've had since I was a kid and want to give it a bit of a new lease of life. Is it worth the effort or should I just spend more and get something like a hw97, its only for teaching my little girl in the garden and shooting the odd squirrel.
  10. kennett

    cocker how far can it run?

    Well that was a pointless question to ask then And the hottest weekend of the year too.
  11. kennett

    Grand National

    So when you sit in a hide shooting pigeons, are you forced to, at gun point? No, you do it because you enjoy it, and for your enjoyment an animal had to give up its life. Preferably the more the better presumably? And as I said, the original post was about the grand national race, not the whole festival and nothing died in the National. As for lack of knowledge or research, I work in racing and have watched or read about more of the racing than most and was fully aware of the one fatality, and that Saint Are was looking a bit touch and go but is now back at stables receiving the appropriate care. I have no problem with OP being anti racing if, as he says he only shoots clays but find someone who actively goes out to kill an animal, by their own free will, complaining about it laughably hypocritical.
  12. kennett

    Grand National

    Right I'll start at the top. What about game shooting? Literally breeding something, purely to kill it for fun. And don't try and differentiate, at the end of the day no one forces anybody to go shooting, we are killing for fun. Have you ever tried to force a horse to do anything? Good luck making a horse walk if it doesn't want to, I watch horses pulling their jockeys arms off every single day because they are so desperate to go for a good old gallop over a mile. And as for the one death, the Op wasn't talking about his dislike of the festival, purely the National so that argument isn't technically valid. I don't see any body campaigning for the end of the Ebor festival or the Guineas etc it's purely because of the public visibility of the Grand National, much like the whole fox hunting thing. What's easier to ban "toffs" in bright red coats charging about on horses and meeting in town centres, or a couple of old boys poking about for a few pheasnts in the middle of no where.
  13. kennett

    Grand National

    Sorry nothing died for you this year, feel free to donate to one of the many charities helping the hundreds of horses that get worked to death in developing countries every day, or starve in a sea of ragwort in this country.
  14. kennett

    Barrel Diameter - Tikka and Howa

    If you can wait until I get hold of the verniers tomorrow I can measure my Howa .223
  15. kennett

    Grand National

    Sorry, but anybody who kills things for a hobby, can't really complain about the National. Kind of a bit hypocritical