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  1. Excess food going rotten / algae bloom? I got a bit over excited and tipped a load of wheat and peas in before the ducks had really built up. Smelt terrible and went a cloudy orange colour. Cut the food back and plenty of rain has cleared it up
  2. I know a few farms round my part of the world on the clay that have resorted to spinning winter wheat on and harrowing it in this autumn
  3. kennett

    Mushroom ID.

    First one is a shaggy parasol, they lack the snakeskin pattern on the stem of the Parasol. Some of the others are wax caps, pretty sure the second isn't a Chanterelle as it doesn't have the wavy margin.
  4. Nothing, don't worry about it and enjoy the day.
  5. What would the decibels be on a Moderated .223? As others have said I hardly hear the shot when lamping, the impact seems much more obvious.
  6. It's easy to say close the schools, but what about parents who have jobs they have to go to? I work in horse racing which has carried on right through and my wife works in small animals vets, we have no parents within 2 hours to baby sit (even if it were allowed) and we can survive on one wage.
  7. kennett

    Elm hedges.

    I can assure you it hasn't, there was an empty plot down the road from me that had a elm hedge that had been left to grow into a row of scraggly trees. Our contractor smashed it back to sticks for the new owner and it looks a great hedge now. I'll take a picture when I remember, left to get too tall it would definitely succumb to Ded.
  8. kennett

    Elm hedges.

    It looks awful but give it a year or two and you'll never know. It might actually save it, Elm only tend to get DED once they become more prominent and are easily noticed by the bark beetle.
  9. 261 is a good quick saw with plenty of grunt, I use a 261 and 462 at work.
  10. We had a Salus wireless thermostat which worked ok for 8 months or so, then for some reason starting getting through batteries like they were going out if fashion. Most reviews say they are pretty poor over all and ours was replaced with a Honeywell one which seems much sturdier
  11. I had a couple about on the shoot a week ago, but also Fieldfares in the next field which is an odd combination!
  12. I dug a pond partly for duck flighting and partly because I had a weekend spare and was bored! It fills up with rain water and when the ground water comes up. Built on heavy clay and made sure we grubbed the land drains out. It attracted ducks from the first winter it was dug and after a year was full of plant and animal life, amazing how they find it.
  13. This gets done once a year, burning five year old hardwood logs (which are too dry really, but burn clean!) From pulling up on the drive the sweep was here for 26 minutes this year and commented on how clean it was.
  14. On most phones now you can in effect move the call screen to the background and carry on using the phones other features as normal. So you would call 999 and once connected close the "phone" screen and then you can go back into W3W and use is as normal while speaking to the emergency services
  15. My advice is avoid like a covid infected rat. Appalling contact, ignores email and calls which go through a third party call centre.
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