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  1. We aren't much further and get them every day in the summer. No matter what I'm doing I have to stop and watch them doing low passes and barrel rolls, as others have said it's hairs on the back of the neck stuff!
  2. Well done that man, the PW knowledge never fails to impress. Your right about the height though, google says up to 1m but this must be some sort of super figwort
  3. That's what I thought at first, but it isn't quite right. The stem has a very pronounced rib that runs down 4 sides and the seed pods never develop like HB. It grows in the same spot every year but never spreads or gets any denser
  4. Another round, no prizes other than pride I'm afraid. Growing in a ditch bottom, around 8ft tall and an almost square stem
  5. I'm sure you would disagree if it was on your land.....
  6. I've always used panacur in the water. 1ml/L and always have good results
  7. Our knackerman at work uses one of the old MOD horse dispatch pistols, single shot break barrel jobby. He usually shoots a horse a week, sometimes more and hasn't had a runner yet.....touch wood!
  8. My 4 year old daughter kisses me on the lips by choice "because your face is too spikey". Its very different to how I kiss my wife......
  9. No it isn't, and thanks for the other replies but not really ideal that I have to joing another forum to try and get in touch with a retailer!
  10. I wouldn't get washing line poles, but that's just me. I bought a set of hide poles, with solid spike and foot peg and they are still going strong 7 or 8 years later, the cheaper ones I had before that didn't last 5 mins being pushed into baked hard summer ground.
  11. Evening all, does anyone have a contact for the Night vision store? I bought a Pard 007 in Dec, and after very minimal use it is faulty. Over the course of a month they have ignored emails, failed to call me back 2 or 3 times and ignored a voicemail. All the calls go to a completely unconnected call centre who take a name and number and tell you they will get the owner to call back, but even they said he is very hard to get hold of and unlikely to call!
  12. Yes wild Pheasants.......why is that odd?
  13. I wish shared your optimism. Labour have managed to con a lot of people, and the Conservatives have alienated an equal amount. Unless the new PM works wonders between now and the next GE, Labour have an extremely high chance of at least a power sharing government. And when they do, the countryside and shooting as we know it will be very different.
  14. Assistant gallops manager, looking after 2500ac of racehorse training grounds, forestry manager currently overseeing two woodland thinning projects to provide 800t of timber a year to power three chip fuelled heating systems. Heath medic providing basic trauma care to sometimes seriously injured work riders. Estate tree work, welding and equipment servicing....oh and part time keeper. Sounds quite a lot written down like that!
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