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  1. Yes I have been, and can highly recommend it. Richard and his team are excellent hosts and the steaks at the Green Man are good. Make sure your gun fits you and is in good condition because you will put lot of shots through it, and it will hurt if it doesn't fit!
  2. I don't think you could run an entire Duck shoot from one pond, you would need a network of ponds to push them around. As someone else said far better dig a nice sized flight pond, feed it every day from August onwards and hopefully build up a good flight of wild duck. Nothing like the buzz of a gang of Teal screaming in
  3. I use 2 strands about a foot out from the pen fence, one maybe a foot high and one 3 or 4". I have heard of people running lines out at 90deg to the fence to stop foxes running round the pen. Touching all available wood, no problems so far!
  4. Buy a one of those cheapy ones, bin the action and barrel and use the stock to chop up 👍
  5. Are you thinking along the lines of skeleton stock, seen on the old poachers folding 410s? Could you buy a cheapy old bolt action and modify the stock? Like one of these? https://www.gunstar.co.uk/webley-webley-scott-410-b-a-410-bore-gauge-single-barrel/Shotguns/1085153
  6. I did look at stock board, but I can get marine ply from work for free which kind of makes it a no brainer!
  7. Morning all, picked up my new beaters trailer project last night, and first job is a new floor. Hoping to use ply (for cheapness!) I want to water proof the under side before using it, so what is the best product to use?
  8. Sportsman gun centre has got a sale on the old Bob Parrat stock, dont know what sizes they have though
  9. kennett

    Stuffed Fox

    🤣🤣 a match made in heaven
  10. We were just on the edge of your Amber, and had to settle for Yellow. Had over an 1" since early this morning, desperately needed though. Went Pheasant feeding, and got so wet my jeans dyed my legs blue, 36 bags filled and put so should see them through the week 🤞
  11. Hi Johnny, we are just down the road at Newmarket and get huge flocks of golden plover every winter, they never best but we do get nesting Curlew every year
  12. kennett

    Shome rebellion

    The more I watch it, the better it gets 🤣🤣
  13. kennett

    Shome rebellion

    "Extinction rebellion cover treasury in 1500l of fake blood". No, they put about 20l on the treasury and the rest all over themselves and down the drain 😂
  14. Wow this is a blast from the past, but I see they haven't improved much in the last 6 years. As for who sent it there, it was Direct Line. The work was still shoddy after their second attempt so I refused to send it there again, Insurer sent it somewhere else in the end.
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