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  1. They have been playing doing circuits over my shoot the near Newmarket the last few weeks. Coming through so low they have to hop over the woods, keep trying to get them to play chase with my Taliban wagon but no luck
  2. Never heard of, and never had an issue with my extractor 🤷‍♂️ had an issue with pierced primers with Geco ammo but that was an ammo and not rifle fault.
  3. kennett

    Bad break

    I deal with a fair bit of trauma at work, some it major. We have had people with pelvic and spinal fractures, perforated bowel and torn spleen who lay there and barely made a noise and people with a broken finger who have screamed like a stuck pig. But generally those with tib/fib or femoral fractures are in a good amount of pain as the muscles contract and pull the bones all over the place, although no pain is unusual Adrenaline can do amazing things!
  4. At the end of the day what it was is irrelevant now, you weren't sure at the time so no option other than what you did. No point being brave and shooting it then finding yourself answering some difficult questions at the police station.
  5. Yes, been around quite a few years now. The 4 stroke strimmers are supposed to be good. https://global.honda/innovation/technology/power/4-stroke-engine-GX-picturebook.html
  6. It is do-able, our Knackerman at work has a single shot Webley .32, as isused to mounted regiments apparently. He got it without any trouble, but as pointed out it his part of his job and some owners prefer horses being shot over injected.
  7. How dare you speak about Doug like that! He will Keel you!
  8. There is Fliteline autos, off five ways roundabout on the Brandon Road and American Auto Village at Eriswell, for all your American automobile needs!
  9. Synthetic stocks can be a weak point, if you shoot off a bipod they can flex and affect the harmonics of the barrel. I'd be surprised if it's a barrel cleaning issue, my hmr gets cleaned very rarely and always shoots worse after a clean, even my 223 doesn't get cleaned that often!
  10. Get a bank note and see if you can slide it between the barrel and stock, are you shooting from a bipod?
  11. I use one at work I got from the local farm machinery shop. Spot on, use it for chasing burglars, hare coursers and quick lamping trips when I cant be bothered to put the big one on the battery.
  12. We use Stihl, handy to throw in the back of the truck to jump out and strim the odd post or sign. Get an afternoon of tidying up bits and bobs.
  13. We use a separate battery powered strimmer and pole saw at work and they are amazingly good. Strimmer life depends on what you size greenery you are attacking but its decent.
  14. Brand new 20 chick electric hen/brooder, somehow managed to order two from Amazon! Happy to post at buyers cost. £38
  15. What's to say he isn't out tonight clearing the cubs up? I'll be well chuffed when I manage to get the milky vixen I'm after.
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