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  1. I've been looking everywhere for a Terios/Jimmy/whatever to use as a warmer quieter version of a Mule. Even a rot box mot fail is well over £1k
  2. kennett


    These are our temps for the last 30 days, middle column is the over night lows, just 2mm of rain for the whole of April. Some days it's felt like being in a Himalayan mountain village with a hard frost, a howling easterly wind and dust blowing through the farm. Just needed a couple of Buddhist monks wandering about!
  3. It has a knock off safety bar, which is designed to hit your leg on the way past, but still a quick, sharp twist to get that far, and doesn't work if it misses you on the way round. Good bit of kit though and makes life a lot easier!
  4. We have a Stihl one that runs a 6" auger no problem, but it's an arm or leg breaker if it bites a root or stone.
  5. Loved mine, target barrel and new trigger with nylon bushes in the action. Was a rabbit killing machine, just need to look out for bullet lube/wax collecting in the action which then attracts dust and grit which can affect cycling. Put literally 1000s through mine with minimal issues, and it is fun to go full (semi) auto!
  6. Farming Forum is a good place for unbiased reviews, but as Figgy said you would be better off hiring someone with a JCB or 360 for your initial clear up. We have a 19 plate JD loader at work with 4:1 bucket, grain bucket and timber grab and even this is a compromise, never quite being as easy to use as our jcb, and you can't see your bucket once it goes below the bonnet.
  7. Well I'm getting 0%, and have been at work every day. As part of that treating seriously injured trauma patients, taking pressure off the NHS and having temporary 10% pay cut.
  8. I've re joined this year and donated a few times, we need them more than ever.
  9. Been cutting grass almost all winter at work, but my lawn is getting near!
  10. Free house/council tax/water Crow, Rabbit, Fox and Rook shooting at work Free to borrow any tractor and kit for use on my shoot Use of workshop And plenty of others, consider myself very lucky!
  11. Personally I wouldn't "clad" the sides completely, as more air flow the better. Mine is made of pallets for the floor and the ends are pallet tops with the feet and base knocked off (looks smarter than it sounds 😂)
  12. Funny that, our 3 pairs of Curlew nest in the middle of 2500 acres of completely open flat heathland. Not a hedge or tree to be seen. Although saying that I can see this year being a disaster with the massive increase in dog walkers.
  13. Could you not leave the timber in long lengths and winch it down? Obviously won't work if we're talking miles but with enough bits of rope attached to the winch wire you could get them down to the flat and then process.
  14. Don't come on my shoot days then, 10 - 15 kids in the beating line is completely normal and they all have great fun. My circle of friends have all got young children who beat and shoot, and my own two beat and help me with the keepering, legislation and the permanently offended will kill shooting.
  15. These weren't small fish either, 3 Rudd and a Tench probably 4-5" long.
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