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  1. And it stops them running straight to the end and flushing all in 1 go
  2. Most of mine are up against hedges, ditches or belts on 1 side but you can do whatever suits you or the farmer the best. Have seen plenty of blocks out in the middle of fields that work well, but makes it easier if you have something to feed your birds up
  3. Just had a quick measure on google maps, my drives are 3-600 yards from the pens and the guns are 60-120 yards back from the centre of the drives. Blocks are around 1.5-2.5 acres
  4. Surely a decent barrister should have said "unless you were sitting at home with 10 witnesses when it allegedly happened, the chances of you winning are very slim, we don't reccomend you proceed with this"
  5. Yeah just read that, I think we are supposed to feel sorry for him, or see him as some sort of hero! Just an awkward old twit, who has wasted everyone's time and his sons inheritance 👏
  6. I have moved onto the smaller diameter wright feeders, over the last 2 years. So far so good, no deer or badger damage and I also started screwing them to the outside or the barrel. It stops them getting pushed back into the barrel and stops squirrels chewing the edge of the hole.
  7. I was just going to say that. I brought a pack of assorted studs and swivels fro Ebay. And drilled a hole my self
  8. Some of the best birds I've ever had this year. Last years, from a different producer were absolute garbage
  9. A better option at this stage of her riding career may be a loan? That way you will find out if you have time and really want a pony, and can give it back if not. There are too many variables to really give a accurate cost either full or part livery, DIY, what feed and how much will it eat etc. Yes they are expensive, but if she really enjoys it then surely it's a good investment? My wife and nearly 5yr old daughter both have their own ponies, and it keeps them both happy and teaches my daughter to think about something else other than herself 1st and to be responsible for the care of an animal.
  10. Aerosol brake cleaner that came free with some new leaf springs. Gets the piston clean, but does need a spray over with some oil to re-coat it, also don't drown a very dirty second hand semi in it, then take it roost shooting. After a few shots the gun may burst into flames sort of like a Christmas pudding
  11. Don't believe all the "extra strong" hype, the vast majority of Glyphosate products are 360g/l of active. Basically anything containing glyphosate will do the job, Roundup is just a brand name. There are loads of own brand alternatives, 25l should set you back less than £100, if the public can get hold of it. Spray when weeds are growing well and more isn't better, a light mist on a plant will kill it, they dont need to be dripping with chemical.
  12. I often think this when in our tractors at work, self steering, GPS guided, cab and seat suspension, aircon and bluetooth connectivity. Less than 50yrs ago a cab on a tractor would have been something to get the neighbours round to look at!
  13. No worries, yeah I work for the Jockey Club and I'm one of the Heath medics
  14. Ahhh a fellow Newmarketarian! Do you work in racing?
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