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  1. From a recent few of years experience of beating it is definitely the way to go I know it doesn't help for this season but getting in early for next season is well worth it now. So far through beating I have picked up about three permissions of various sizes not by being pushy as soon as I got in the beating line but just by getting to know people and helping out on the shoots. It may not be regular all the time i.e. when you want it but you get asked to sort out pigeons at particular times or if there are a couple of deer causing an issue you get asked to sort them out at the right time as well. Knocking on doors is a way to start but people dont know you really from Adam however spending a full day every Saturday or Friday with people on a shoot really lets them know the type of person you are and if you are sensible and trustworthy. Edit seem above but dont get disheartened on the beating another way onto beating for shoots is head to the local clay straw bales shoot and get to know some people there you find a lot of people who run small syndicate shoots tend to shoot at those as well and they are usually on the look out for beaters.
  2. Blimey reading the article in the Liverpool Echo you could subtitle it LACS run Liverpool council? Direct quote from the council apparently! “This Council declares its complete opposition to any form of hunting live animals with hounds or shooting live game, in the UK or overseas. We note that this is barbaric in all cases, and in many cases also threatens species that are already precarious"
  3. I dont have the key but I do have the forerunner of this with the Quantum Light 30V and have had this for about 6 months so can give you my findings as they are fairly similar. 1) You can pick out stuff like bunnies and hares to about 300 yards easily. However they are basically just white blobs until they move then you can tell pretty quickly what they are. 2) Bigger stuff like foxes can be seem further but again at longer ranges are just seat blobs until they move then you can normally tell what you are looking at. I have personally spotted muntjack at 400-500 yards across one my fields and after a minute or so have watching have worked out what they are from the movement gait. 3) They are not x ray vision so if there is a bush or hedge in the way the heat signature will be masked you may see a bit of heat but thats it. 4) They are really good for finding shot quarry at decent ranges. I have lost count of the bunnies I have lost over the years due to flattening them in the middle of the field and then walking off my line and basically not having a clue where they are. With one of these as long as the grass is short you can pick up the heat clearly. 5) One caveat to the above if stuff goes down in wet vegetation like rape or tall stubble they can get masked. I shot a fox earlier this year off the sticks and it went down flat in some low ish rape and we couldnt find it easily with the themal until we nearly tripped over it. Overall though they are great bits of kit. want to know if there is anything in a big field. One sweep and you can see if anything is there straight off. So like the other night we were out foxing with the truck and I was spotting basically we could check a field and then move on with little disturbance really rapidly. Hope this helps Zetter
  4. I have a wildcat panther on my .17 Hornet and really rate it. Its a lot lighter that the Evo I have and does just as good job. I had my .17 hornet chopped to 18" and with the Panther on it its now like a .17 HMR in terms of pointability but with a lot more wallop.
  5. I have responded but it basically confirms the situation that currently exists in some areas and all of Scotland. No FAC/ SGC renewal or grant without a report from the doctor and no cap on fees so you can be gouged in some area to ridiculous levels unless you want to change GPs. No real benefit to public safety as I guess like quite a few others my GP wouldn't know me from Adam as I am fortunately in good health and have not been to the GPs for about 6 years and even then saw a couple of locums. To be fair you would be better off asking a few of my work colleges or friends about my fitness or own a firearm as they see me more in fact mostly ever day!
  6. Hi how do you want to pay BACS or paypal.

    1. Yes please if not already gone. Can you PM me and let me know payment details? Ta Neil
    2. When you start annealing Steve (if you havent done it before) check out a great topic on the stalking directory on this subject I have just done a load of my cases that went well using nothing but a blow torch a battery drill and a bar of laundry soap.
    3. Zetter

      advice needed

      Got to agree on this I have double loaded a couple of times on my BSA Scorpion in .22 and it will just fire the pellets out but at a significantly lower velocity.
    4. Zetter


      Really good series after watching it (just got the last episode to do tonight) without doing spoilers I had to fast forward through the dog bits as I am a big softies when it comes to dogs so it was a bit hard to take . The disregard for human life in the name of covering up the full extent of what had happened even in the early years of Glasnost was real eye opener. Reminiscent of throwing waves of young men into the teeth of machine guns and panzers during the second world war "the motherlands thanks you for your service"
    5. When I had one in FAC the charging fitting was the standard Daystate foster fitting if that helps
    6. No brainer at that price to be honest I would have it straight off
    7. Saw this on the new this morning summed it up for. Would have thought Emma would have stayed in LA and not flown 5000 odd miles banging out a load of CO2 to get arrested in London. Maybe a protest in LA trying to close the airport would have been better? Hang on though the nasty American police probably wouldn't have looked kindly on that or have been as understanding and they have tazers
    8. Did mine with Thames Valley on line in Jan and just had my ticket back. You dont have to print or post anything. Photo can be uploaded as per the new passport pics, Signature is basically a digital signature and payment is by credit or debit card on line with you getting a full receipt at the end so no more trying to remember where you cheque book is you last used five years ago!. Finally you scan in a copy of your current FAC and mail it to an E-Mail address they provide at the end. Works well with one slight current issue. You cant save the form and go back to it so if you stop half way through you need to start all over again which is a pain so make sure you have all your info to hand. I am sure this will get rectified shortly though.
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