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  1. Zetter

    FAC for air rifles

    Hi Mat There is nothing to stop you applying for anything you have good reason for so you could apply for all three if you have need for them i.e. good reason. Its basically down to you to show you have good reason to get a firearm i.e. for pest control. Also you need to show the firearm is suitable for the reason you want it i.e. you generally wont get a .243 to control bunnies Most people tend to apply for what they need / think they need for the near future. You are under no obligation to buy all your granted slots straight away but if for example you have a slot for 3 years and have not filled it then they may want to revoke it as your need cant be that great. Ground clearance is basically done by the Firearms office for your area. It could be cleared from way back if the ground has changed hands for example I had a bit of ground that was cleared up to .243 as it used to be part of another estate back in the day. This will normally involve them visiting the site and checking it against what you want clearance for and the quarry on it. A good way to prepare for this is a map of the area showing boundaries, footpaths and having a good knowledge of where quarry is and suitable backstops for where you plan to shoot. For ammunition for air rifles you don't need to put it on the application as its basically airgun pellets that anyone can buy. You only need to specify ammunition hold for powder burners like .22lr.
  2. Zetter

    FAC for air rifles

    Hi Matt FAC air is the same as any other firearm. Apply for the calibre you want i.e. .22 and under type specify air rifle. If you also want say a .22lr you would specify that as a separate rifle. So you can apply for say .22LR and .22 FAC air on one application to the police but each will be considered on its own merits under good reason. Don't forget to add a moderator as well for each rifle type you want as these are counted as separate items and firearms. Have a read through the guidance with the application for its fairly comprehensive. As with any other firearm you will need to show good reason in your case pest control over ground on which you have permission to shoot. Another thing to check is if your ground has been cleared by the police for any specific calibre of rifle if not you will probably need to get it cleared as part of your application as you will almost certainly be on a closed ticket initially (i.e. you can only shoot of ground that you have permission on and that has been cleared by the police force for that area for the calibre you want to shoot on it).
  3. Zetter

    CENS vs Custom Fit Guards

    Echoing what was said above Ive got high capacity p13 zinc air in my CENS 1e and generally get 4 weeks out of them before they are gone left in or taken out. And they are dirt cheap to get 60 off amazon I think it was about £14 which at the use rate is over a years worth of shooting. One of the best investments I have made shooting wise put them in for a days shooting and forget about them.
  4. Zetter

    Keeping guns safe in vehicles.

    Though I try to avoid doing it. I will for a rifle always take the bolt/ ammo with me so if it does get pinched its basically useless. Also if possible get a cable lock and lock it usually via the trigger card to a hard point in the vehicle out of sight i.e. covered in the boot.
  5. Zetter

    British Shooting Show 2019

    Just got back after missing last year. I did notice a lot less gunshops with hardware than when it was at Stonleigh. A few years ago it was well worth going as I was in the market for a new shotgun and there were shedloads to look at before making a decision but this year apart from a couple of dealers it was really sparse. Great to look round at new kit I cant possibly afford but if I was after a new shotgun/ rifle I would give it a miss now.
  6. Zetter

    22LR Moderators

    SAK always worked for me on .22lr the round hitting the rabbit made more noise than the shot. I never saw the point of punting out loads of cash on .22lr mod as the SAK did the job perfectly for me.
  7. Zetter

    FAC form advice

    The specific area will make a lot of difference. A friend got .22lr, .17HMR and .22 250 on initial grant. The land was cleared for it and and another friend who he had been out with confirmed to the FEO he had used centre fire before. For the interview know your safety and know the land you are using it on and you will be fine. Ammunition hold certainly in TVP unless you can show good reason on pest control i.e. you are a professional stalker or pest controller who is getting through loads of rounds generally you get about 100 ish hold for centre fire 500 is not issue for rimfire as you can do a lot of bunnies in a week. Pass on why the local gun shops are saying dont bother if you dont ask on grant you definitely wont get there is no penalty for going for what you need to do the job.
  8. Zetter

    FIrst time fac holders

    To be fair if you have good reason and the FEO is happy why shouldn't you get a .243 on initial grant. If for example you thing is deer stalking and you have been out either on paid stalks or you stalk with another stalker getting a .22lr or .17HMR isn't really going to do you a lot of good. As has been pointed out above having experience/ qualifications is no guarantee of safety in any walk of life. Sometimes shooting can be a bit "I had to do my time before I got X so you should too"!
  9. Zetter

    Sec 1 firearms

    From recent experience it's got more difficult in TVP I wanted open on my fac air after three years as I was picking up a few small one off permissions it would have been useful on and was basically told no chance until first renewal.
  10. Zetter

    Sec 1 firearms

    Like most things in the firearms licencing world it depends on your specific police force a lot of the time. I know of people in a few forces who got granted centre fire from the off for vermin control i.e. fox. Certainly from my experience in Thames Valley and a friend in Bedfordshire they seem to go for a graduated approach especially for pest control i.e. get a .17HMR/ ,22LR so some time with that and then put in for a .223 etc for fox. I recently got my .243 for deer off the back of paid stalks but this was after having a centre fire for two years for fox and 4 paid stalks + a letter from the guide I had been using that he had observed me stalking and I was competent. A friend is looking to get into stalking with me and he is signed up for DSC1 and several paid stalks before he even thinks about applying as his previous fac experience was with cadets. Having been lucky enough to have permissions to put my FAC on (after a few years of shotgun and air rifle work) if I was going to go again I would look for a club initially that I fitted well with and then move on from there. Once you have your ticket its seems a lot easier to progress to other calibres and bits of the hobby than going big straight off. Not saying it right and fair but with the wollyness of the guidance i.e. for big calibres it does state experience of firearms and generally that put s a blocker for going straight for deer calibre with no experience.
  11. One eye for shotguns with left eye closed when tracking for the shot. I am left eye dominant and cant shoot left handed to save my life as I shot rifles for years before shotguns so cant break the habit of shooting right handed. If I try and shoot both eyes open my left eye takes over and I see the side of the rib which doesn't help with hitting stuff. From my little group who shoot clays I hold my own and out on the birds so it seems to work
  12. Its the woodpigeons and magpies that get me round here. When I walk the dog you can get within about 6ft of them (same goes for a lot of grey squirrels) but out on my permissions any view of you and they are heading for the hills.
  13. Zetter

    Miller U2 Choke invector +

    Pm Sent with payment details. Sold subject to the usual Cheers Zetter
  14. Zetter

    Miller U2 Choke invector +

    For Sale as I have moved to fixed chokes across the board now 1x Muller U2 choke in invector + flavour £30 Posted
  15. Zetter

    Browning Tbolt 17hmr

    Late catchup on this mine hates Winchester but run Hornaday fine