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    Shooting, cinema and working. My wife and kids are very understanding and my daughter is a wannabe clay shooting in the making when I can get her a gun.

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  1. Hi Ya Can I take the Medium rings if still available and 30mm tube size? Ta Neil
  2. Zetter


    Just pushed the button on one so will let you know when it turns up from the states . On barrel length a lot of advice I got was to go 22" or preferably 24" as apparently 20" you tend to have wasted powder not having full enough burn length. One thing I have found though is there is much less of a selection second hand compared to the ubiquitous .308. In the end I went new as I couldnt really find anything in the budget I was looking to float my boat. Where as .308 in the same budget was swamped with good second hand stuff.
  3. Personally I am a great proponent of not just automatically going to university and I think there was a big error in the 90s to shove everyone to Uni at the expense of apprenticeships. Thankfully I can see from my firm that this now actually being reversed and there are more and more avenues for young people to get a qualification/ career and I have always been an advocate of these for those who are not of the A level mindset. That being said from my experience having done A levels during the late 80s the teaching methods are light years ahead of where they were then from my experience wi
  4. I appreciate what you are saying mate. To be fair to my daughter she was gutted she couldnt take her exams as its what two years of hard slog had been building up to so she felt cheated out of the opportunity to do the exams. From my point of view yes grades may be a bit higher but really who can we trust but the teachers. They have known the children for two years and know their abilities there was no way delaying exams would have worked as it would derail the further education system as nothing would start until at least November. My experience as I stated earlier from our school i
  5. The main issue is the algorithm was a blunt instrument. Go to a good performing school them you get the predicted grades, case in point my daughters school traditionally get good A level results so she didn't get moderated down. It suck to be those one or two bright lights at a school that is A) improving or B) has done traditionally poorly as algorithm says no and you get busted down one or two grades. Getting students to resit in October is a joke as really all of them have done little or no prep work since March as they had a rough idea as to what they would get from two years worth of
  6. The trouble is as well its all dependant on the courses and how popular it is Uni's rely on the fact that not all their offers will accept and not all will hit the grades required. As grades have now been revised and are significantly up I bet is will cause issues on popular courses. A case in point a friend of my daughters got lower than expected grades and didnt get her first choice (Nottingham) but even though she didnt hit the offer level for her second choice (Oxford Brooks who had previously given her an unconditional offer if she picked it as her first choice) they let her in with slig
  7. Zetter

    Duty of Care.

    I always try to do the best for my staff and dont stop time if they need to go to the doctors etc. I have given people as much time as they needed when loved ones are ill and have moved heaven and earth with my boss when employees have had the worst news. However over the years you do get a bit cynical after dealing with quite a few blatant wee takers. If you have managed people you know the ones I mean, want all the extra time off for various appointments but you ask them to do an extra half hour or cover some extra work you would think you were asking for the life of their first born.
  8. I honestly dont think licencing air guns is the way to go. As has been pointed out above they are a real gateway into shooting sports. Realistically its the only way into shooting sports without a lot of hassle at the moment. The more and more hassle it is for new people to get into the sport the less and less people in say 10 years there will be actually doing it. This then makes it even easier to crack down more, so you will only be left with people who require them for their job being able to shoot in the future. Look at the current situation most forces due to Covid are not iss
  9. For sale is my Meopta Artemis 2000 3-12x50 scope. In good condition and boxed with some minor wear on the tube finish as per picture from the mounts. A great scope good in low light and up there with the other European makes. 30mm tube with 4B range estimating reticule and first focal plane. Only selling as I need something that would work with digital NV on my .243 so the need for adjustable parallax required a new a new scope. I am asking for £235 posted with RMSD
  10. Pretty sure they "American Journalist" astonishment would be tempered a bit after a quick youtube trawl on Pheasant shoot state side. I seem to remember a while back being linked one video where they were literally taking the birds out of cages on high towers and lobbing them in the direction of the guns. Not saying its all like that but I dont think you would see anything like that on any reputable shoot over here.
  11. One of the pro devolution people on my face book and some SNP types are already saying this was a false flag operation by Scottish Unionists. There are a lot fo people out there who must have a lot of tin foil as wallpaper!
  12. Got to echo this squizzers are surprisingly tough compared to bunnies I have always found bunnies with a sensible range headshot just behind the ear fall over easily. A couple of squirrels even after a solid head shot I had to give a follow up shot to Advantage with squirrels though they are easy to bait in to a range you want them at.
  13. Good point Chris alternative get a nice boinger and you are set for life. still regret getting rid of my 97K
  14. The thing is once you have the rifle and the bottle ammunition is dirt cheap even compared to rimfire with 500 pellets costing you about £13. Also if they are sub 12 ft/lb there is not all the aggravation with having FAC i.e. land clearances for closed tickets etc. They generally are a really good gateway gun for people getting into rifle shooting and for practice of technique without breaking the bank on ammo.
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