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  1. I am going to back what Scully says here. Dont dismiss the 12 bore if you can find one that fits and there are quite a few that are the same weight as some of the cheaper 20 bores. My Daughter started out with a 28 bore (thats an expensive few rounds of clays I can tell you!) but as she got towards 18 she moved to a 12 and she is not heavily built at all. She was concerned about recoil but she tried several guns with 21 gram cartridges and the felt recoil was less than some 20 bores she was using. The bonus for this is depending on your circumstances cartridges are a hell of a lot
  2. You do notice now though that when proofing a rifle barrel the proof houses also stamp muzzle as well as the throat area. The only reason for this as far as I can see is to enforce the reproof requirement for shortening/ rethreading. I recently got a .270 that came in new from the States as a special order that went for proof on entering the UK and this is the first rifle I have had with a proof mark at the muzzle.
  3. I had a good look round to replace my venerable U caller which finally died. In the end I went for an Icotech 500 as there seemed to be a distinct lack of Foxpro about anywhere at the moment and ordering from Best fox call they will preload a selection of UK calls for you when you order.
  4. Just done it sickens me that someone loses everything just for standing up for whats right and to make their home area a bit nicer to live in.
  5. Having gone down this route (though to be fair I was doing pest control with smaller calibres beforehand) Its well worth booking up some paid stalks and getting some experience with deer. Stalking directory is a good site to get on with quite a few people offering guided paid stalks who know their onions. DSC1 doesnt hurt to show commitment as well although some areas rate it more than others when considering grants. Joining a rifle club doesn't necessarily follow it will help you getting deer on your ticket . There was a case raised recently of one of the members on Stalking Dire
  6. Cheers Steve I think I will go with one of those when I get paid. Ta Neil
  7. Cheers Steve It seems to me that Icotech have knocked Foxpro out of the market a bit? When I was looking a couple of years ago it was all foxpro but you almost cant seem to find them now.
  8. I used passive plugs for quite a while as I found that can kept knocking on the stock and just didnt work for me on shotguns. However once I started game shooting it was an issue as its really helpful to hear all those subtle sounds that let you know whats happening on a drive. Cans were still out the window as it would mean essentially resetting my whole mount so I did not keep banging the stock. I look the punt and paid out on the CENS and it was brilliant best money I have ever spent to be honest, for Game now I slip them in at the start of the day and wear them all day with full
  9. Any views on whats worth looking at. I have a budget of about £200 from looking on line it seems to be Icotech are taking over from fox pro at the moment. cheers Zetter
  10. Get an X box . Although I may get shot down for this I have been online gaming for years and have got to know quite a few people from various parts of the globe. I tend now not to get involved with too much in depth stuff that requires a load of commitment but still tend to drop on a couple of times a week to game with some old mates in different parts of the country.
  11. I am pretty sure a while back rather than cylinders for hydrogen in cars there was a lot of interest in using Metal hydride solids to store hydrogen which when heated releases the hydrogen. This was a way to get over having heavy tanks of flammable gas in the vehicle. This has the added bonus that in case of a crash it would not release all the gas if the fuel area was punctured.
  12. I had a play in the Local RFDs with one on his range and to be honest got on well with it. Accurate and ran smoothly for the money.
  13. I think this was taken a bit out of context tbh. I came in from a days shooting and as usual wandered into the house with said pigeons and my shotgun as I normally do after all its my house. I didn't know the boyfriend was there (daughter at the time was 15 so its not like there was a car outside to let me know someone was visiting) so just said "Hi" and proceeded through to the garage to sort he pigeons out. It was only a few day later that my daughter informed with the lad was a bit unnerved (after all we have been there when you first meet the parents). My daughter didnt really help matter
  14. I did put the wind up one of the Daughter's early boyfriends one by rocking through the house with about 15 pigeons in a string bag and a pump action 12 bore that went down badly as he didnt come back after that . To be fair my Mrs is cool she doesnt mind me shooting and my eldest daughter goes clay and game shooting with me when she is back from Uni. She was also a diamond when I went for my FAC as the FEO asked if she knew where the key the cabinet were and dead pan straight off she came back with "I have no interest in shooting whatsoever so I have no idea" text book answer without a
  15. Brilliant that would have been something to witness in class I think sometimes with some of the rabid vegans its (though they wont admit it) its the desire to be different from the crowd and have some cause in life to give them direction for some it really is a religion abet just a modern one. My Mrs is Veggie but doesnt mind me bringing stuff home to eat and I know a few other shooters who are the same. I just get wound up when its put across that going vegan is saving the planet. As they drink their almond milk that likely been flown across from the USA or South America where y
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