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  1. Zetter

    Land clearance for FAC

    Just ring up ask them to check the land clearance. They may want a couple of details off you such as your address to check you are an FAC holder but they should be able to check from the post code or as Toontastic say just E-Mail them
  2. Zetter

    Land clearance for FAC

    You need to contact your local firearms office give them the post code for the land and check whats its cleared for. You are on a closed ticket so the ground needs to be cleared for .243 or greater by the police before you can use your .243 on it. If it isn't cleared you will need the FEO for that area to clear it for .243. Just because someone has used centrefire on it before doesn't always follow that its cleared as they could have been on open certificate and can make their own judgement on the suitability of the land for the calibre they are planning to use. I had this on one of my permissions when I wanted to shoot it I checked with the local firearms office expecting it to be cleared as it was being stalked over regularly for deer (I do the vermin) as it turned out it wasn't even cleared for .22lr and I had to get it cleared by the local FEO as im on closed ticket. If you were on open certificate you would be missing the deemed suitable by the Chief of Police for the area bit.
  3. That to be honest is took sexy for words. Im glad I decided that the shotgun needed updating and have spent my money :). Dougy please don't discuss rebarrelling as I am toying with idea of redoing my Hornet into .22 from .17 and want to resist the temptation!
  4. Zetter

    Ruger .22LR BX 25 magazine

    My .22LR is no more as I wanted a new shotgun so this mag is surplus to requirements. Still boxed and bough off one of the lads on here with plans for something that didn't happen. £25 posted to you Cheers Neil
  5. Zetter

    .22LR ammo for sale

    I have approx. for sale as I have just got rid of my .22LR 350 rounds of Ely contact .22 subs for semi auto rifles 100 rounds of CCI stingers There may be some other odds and ends part boxes floating round in the safe that I will throw in if the buyer wants them. £3.50 per box collected or £30 the lot This is obviously face to face I do work in Bedford as well if someone wants to meet locally. Cheers Neil
  6. I have 1x Muller U1 1x Muller U2 Invector + chokes for sale I had these for my Winchester SX4 but have now moved on to a fixed choke browning XS so they are surplus to requirements They are in good condition the only mark is on the end of each choke where the person who had them before used to rest the barrel on his shoes in between drives so the paint has worn off but this doesn't affect the choke in any way. They pattern great in the guns I had and look the part being black. They are also feather light. £40 each posted RMSD to you Cheers Neil
  7. Zetter

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    So by the looks of it the GP hasn't just ignored the letter and awaited payment from you before they respond they have written back and said they will do a report but for a cost. However as I got told previously TVP are accepting a copy of your medical notes which you have a right to get off your GP and they can only charge nominal fees for this i.e. the cost of copying them etc. So if you don't mind sending you records to TVP for this I would get down there and get a copy of your records and send them it. Its should be a lot less cost and it sticks one to the GP.
  8. Zetter

    HMR17 what is the normal accuracy.part 2

    Bottom group is getting there.
  9. Zetter

    HMR17 what is the normal accuracy.part 2

    100 yards and off a good rest?
  10. I know they are not hollow points but do the job on bunnies. Have a look at Ely contact they are specifically designed for semi autos but are subs they cycle flawlessly in my 10/22 haven't had a stoppage in 100s of rounds
  11. Zetter


    Cheers for setting the weekend up Sparkie enjoyed the day we were there it was worth the drive for the .50 alone and a big thanks to the .50 club chaps for taking the time to come as well. Sorry we had to dash off kitchen flood was traced to washing machine pipe so at least it wasn't main pipework and I could sort it. Hopefully this is the end of my bad luck for the month!
  12. Zetter

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    If a fees is going to be charge and this is the argument why such a variation in cost at least with medicals such as for your HGV licence you have the option to shop around where as with this you are at the mercy of your practice as they are supposed to know your medical history (that's a laugh my GP wouldnt know me from Adam as I have been lucky enough to be blessed with decent health) ? In Scotland you have GPs gouging people for up to £400 and then you have £36 in other areas. So fine if this is the way it is set a sensible charge the same as the FAC/SGC rather than the current money spinning exercise that some GPs see it as. Some of the letters received by SACS/ BASC that have been sent by certain GP have been shocking basically blackmailing FAC holders with threats of a negative report if they don't pay up. In any other business you would be in court for extortion.
  13. Zetter

    Airgun death this morning

    Sorry IPS because driving tests and insurance prevent road deaths by uninsured and idiot drivers currently. It appears a lot of the call for licencing comes from people who have their certificates for shotguns and rifles so its im all right jack as im doing this anyway. Sort of attitude that lead to the pistol ban in 97
  14. Zetter

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    This must have kicked of recently as I renewed at the start of this year and heard nothing. Also a shooting buddies doctor refused to do anything as they didn't do private work???? He waited and got his certificate granted by the sounds of it without the doctor commenting. I did speak with my FEO earlier this year about it when the aforementioned friend was having issues with his GP and her advice was you could request a copy of you medical records and send that in and this would be acceptable. Not sure if this still holds.
  15. Zetter

    Airgun death this morning

    Personally I think that licencing will have a fairly dramatic impact on the grass roots of sport. At the moment this level of the sport is easily accessible and an intro to shooting for many youngsters. Its all very well us who have licences pushing for this but do we A) remember how we started in the sport in most cases b) consider if we would have continued if you had to pay £80 for the privilege if you were interested. Slap a licence on it and people will not try shooting as a starter and then progress onto other disciplines of the sport. The Scottish example is a great showing of how to put in an unworkable and expensive system that penalises the law abiding and does nothing to discourage criminals. You haven't been able to own a handgun in the UK since 1997 I bet the types having a shoot out with police this morning were using them...……….