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    Shooting, cinema and working. My wife and kids are very understanding and my daughter is a wannabe clay shooting in the making when I can get her a gun.

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  1. Zetter

    Miller U2 Choke invector +

    Pm Sent with payment details. Sold subject to the usual Cheers Zetter
  2. Zetter

    Miller U2 Choke invector +

    For Sale as I have moved to fixed chokes across the board now 1x Muller U2 choke in invector + flavour £30 Posted
  3. Zetter

    Browning Tbolt 17hmr

    Late catchup on this mine hates Winchester but run Hornaday fine
  4. Zetter

    Browning Tbolt 17hmr

    Ive got one in the synthetic. No issues with the bolt quick to cycle now its run in. I wasn't blown away with the accuracy initially. But now ive shot it in (must have had about 300 rounds through it and had a play with different mods/ ammo (it don't like Winchester) its doing the business happily maintaining <1MOA at 100 yards. One thing I have found is initially I had a wildcat panther mod on it but after playing about I put my Wildcat Evo on instead and it improved the accuracy noticeably. I think its because the synthetic version I have is so small and light I was getting a bit of muzzle flip off it that was not doing any favours for accuracy. Slapping the EVO mod on which is a bit weightier than the Panther is settling this down a bit leading to tighter groups.
  5. Zetter


    Whats your budget really?
  6. Had to use solids in my old 10/22 it hated cycling hollow points it loved eley contact subs . Never really noticed an increase in ricochet and no bunny ever complained.
  7. Zetter

    Can I count this as a kill?

    Had this a long while back with an air rifle. Missed the rabbit it bolted about 50 yards down the hedge shot into the field and keeled over, when I got out to retrieve it not mark on it I think it just had a heart attack with the shock of a near miss and sudden exertion. Who say they are warning shots
  8. Zetter

    SOLD Bushnell Wildlife Cam

    yes please if it hasn't gone mate please send payment details
  9. Zetter

    Chris packham

    The Croydon cat murderer / Mutilator the police down there have been scouring the area turns out in all likelihood to be Urban foxes Whod have thunk it! Because as the antis keep telling us they survive on a diet of earthworms and tofu! Full story here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-45588088
  10. Zetter

    parking tickets

    Got dinked in an IBIS car park back in July on the Derby services. Trouble is mines a company car so the company have a policy of sort and prove you have sorted it or else. I have no memory of seeing the "clearly visible signs" saying it was IBIS parking. However a trip to Derby to check the signage is nearly as expensive for me in fuel as paying. Feel a letter to IBIS coming on about their contractor and me never using their hotels again.
  11. Zetter

    243 powders

    Yep got mine from Case Prep in Marston. What I like about N160 is it covers a fair range of bullet weights from 65gn up to 100gn so I can load speedy little 65s for fox and heavier stuff for deer without swapping powders all the time. To be fair it cant do smaller pills like 55gn but I can live with that as 65gn perform really well in my Sako
  12. Zetter

    243 powders

    Vit N160 Colin in mine goes really well for 67gn Vmax and 87gn soft points. Both giving <1" groups at 100 yards no issues Cheers Neil
  13. Zetter

    Invector + Muller U1 and U2 Chokes for sale

    U1 Choke sold to Roger.
  14. Zetter

    Ruger .22LR BX 25 magazine

    Sold + shipped
  15. Zetter

    Invector + Muller U1 and U2 Chokes for sale

    Hi Roger Sorry mate I didn't I will PM you Cheers Neil