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    Shooting, cinema and working. My wife and kids are very understanding and my daughter is a wannabe clay shooting in the making when I can get her a gun.

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  1. Cz stock

    Nope not bedded made by him and then fitted so barrel is free floating ect
  2. Cz stock

    I paid £300 fitted for a CZ527 .17 hornet on one off Mike at Calton Moor range which is very nice in black pepper laminate. Really fits me and gives a good weld for the scope Pic
  3. Bombs away (Syria) ...

    I watch the film threads the dramatization of a nuclear attach on Sheffield the other night. The parallels are really chilling in the run up to the fictitious nuclear strike portrayed in the film. Its only going to take collateral damage to some Russian staff / equipment for it all to go to hell.
  4. Sold to ShootingEgg pending the ususal
  5. For sale my night vision scope mountable laser range finder. This comes with scope mountable rail and is fitted with a fully adjustable picatinny mount so it can be zeroed to the centre of the scope. I currently have it set up for side mouting on the scope so it doesn't cause issues with the IR torch but it can be top mounted if needed by moving the mount on the bracket. Did me well on my .22LR giving accurate distances when paired with my Ward D 700 in the dark. Ranged for me over 300meters which was miles more than I needed. Become a bit superfluous to requirements as I am using my .17 hornet for most of my bunny bashing now. £100 for the lot sent by RMSD
  6. Reading

    Warhammer 40K Gaunts Ghosts love a bit of old time SiFi
  7. It looks like Lincolnshire Police have following the example of police Scotland and are now demanding a medical report before Grant or Renewal. https://www.lincs.police.uk/news-campaigns/news/2017/changes-to-firearms-licencing-to-boost-public-safety/?hootPostID=29474b830fc8cc39ccf94c77c9fa5ce5 Didnt think it would take long.
  8. .17 hmr moderators

    Bruno Local to you in Dunstable £70 to screw cut so if the guns fairly cheap go for it http://www.jrfirearms.co.uk/barrel-screw-cutting.html I have just got my .243 off my keeper and that's not threaded its getting done asap as soon as the ringing in my ears subsides after trying three rounds through it. To echo the above comments I tried my HMR without the mod on it. Never again!
  9. .243 Winchester brass

    Brilliant thanks Keith
  10. Daystate Pulsar Sling?

    I shot one at a range day locally and to be honest the balance was horrible compared to say the FX Bobcat and Wildcat
  11. Alarms.... over 6 guns

    To be fair when I went for initial grant the FEO seemed to prefer me having a big gobby dog as opposed to an alarm.
  12. .243 Winchester brass

    yes please on the Winchester new brass please if you can let me know payment details Best Regards Neil
  13. Not the best of days

    Blimey Nath hope you feel better soon that looks grim. I still finished my Brie and Bacon roll though
  14. Hi Zetter, it's Smokey from Roade just wondered if you have any problems locating foxes in your ward nv I saw 3 foxes the other night all about 150 yds found 1 OK  but have trouble finding the other 2 very bright even without ir on + field of view not brilliant unless I'm doing something wrong cheers Keith

    1. Night site laser rangefinder

      If its for a homemade setup mate there is a lot cheaper one on the market for about £150 from custom rifle scopes I have one that I used to use on my .22LR works really well