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    Shooting, cinema and working. My wife and kids are very understanding and my daughter is a wannabe clay shooting in the making when I can get her a gun.

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  1. Interview

    Try and find out as well if they are going to throw in any competency based questions in during the interview. For senior positions our firm tend to go for them if they do have a look up on the internet as to some of the likely questions so you can have some examples ready as most firms tend to use the same type. These tend to be of the type "tell me about a mistake you made, what went wrong and what did you learn from it" or "tell me about a project you were involved with what when well and what would you have improved". Lot of them about that can be varied for different roles but they can floor people if they are not expecting them as the mind can go blank when trying to think of a decent example.
  2. If only they would do the same over here. Its always seemed nuts to me that I have a slot for a piece of aluminium and if I want to swap it I have to send my certificate back to buy a different shaped bit of aluminium
  3. Hunt trouble

    Statement from the hunt is they flushed a fox and the hunt were starting to get the hounds moving away from it but the sabs managed to scare it straight back into the hounds who then unfortunately got it
  4. Fac question

    ITs where Northern Ireland are well ahead of us their system is actually in the 21st century not the 19th!
  5. Fac question

    You need to do what's called a one for one variation. So you have to sell your current hmr. Then fill out a form 201v and post it together with your certificate to your firearms office requesting a one for one variation from a HMR to another HMR They will then remove your old hmr and give you a new slot for another HMR allowing you to buy a new one.
  6. Dogs Grrrr.

    I way away with work in London one year leaving my pregnant wife at home she had just started maternity leave so we didnt expect anything to start while I was away but as you can imagine she was quite pregnant at this point. Now we had a whippet/ staff cross who due to having been a stray was a gannet and a bit of an escape artist. She stayed with my mum and dad at one point and hopped up onto the kitchen counter to scoff about 16 newly baked bread rolls which my mum blamed my dad for until they worked out why the dog wasnt moving about very fast. On this occasion though she outdid herself. When we were out she lived in the porch and after a couple of previous escape attempts where she worked out how to use the door handle I had put a plastic door knob on rather than a push handle thinking that would keep her in. However the little *** worked out that if she bit the handle and turned her head she could open the door that way. While my wife was out she did this got out and ate approx 2 pounds of marzipan and about half a pound of icing sugar. Fortunately for the dog but unfortunately for the wife she then proceeded to projectile vomit most of this all over the lounge and hallway So I got a phone call from hhysterical heavily pregnant wife along the lines of "its all over the furniture and the TV" and could do nothing about it until I got back that evening. At this point the porch door knob was changed to a stainless steel one that stopped future escape attempted except the one time again while I was away when my wife didnt push the door closed properly and she got out and ate the new daughters waste nappies out of the nappy bin! I loved her to bit but by god what she a horrifying animal when it came to scavenging.
  7. Ruger 10/22 upgrades

    Totally true JD my daughter shoots clays with me with a 20 bore and I still die a little in side when I buy a slab of cartridges for her. Still its better than the 28 bore she had
  8. Ruger 10/22 upgrades

    Cheers Daf It cycles eley contact subs no issues and I have put loads through it at Garlands but I would prefer to be able to cycle hunting rounds as well. I can see this being my new money sink after reloading
  9. Ruger 10/22 upgrades

    Cheers JD its had a good clean already as I took it to bit following one of the fantastic videos on You Tube. After some swearing and the purchase of some centre punches I can now get the bolt and trigger unit out easily I think I may treat myself to a new extractor claw and pin set. Also tempted by a new cocking handle and spring as the current one is a bit pedestrian.
  10. Ruger 10/22 upgrades

    Really at the moment I am having issues with Wichester subs. It cycles Eley contact which are supposed to be for semi autos fine but for some reason it will fire a Wichester but generally wont extract it. It doesnt even get as far as stove pipe part extraction. The eley are fine but are not hollow points and I want to start using the 10/22 for hunting as I have chopped my CZ bolt action in for a HMR.
  11. Ruger 10/22 upgrades

    So this week I finally got round to taking my Ruger 10/22 apart for a clean. When I bought it the trigger, barrel and stop pin had been done and it appears to have an aftermarket cocking handle. Hwoever it wont cycle a couple of subsonic types (Winchester subs and Ely Subs) so I was thinking of upgrading a couple of bits. What is worth doing from someone who has tweaked their 10/22? I know the 10/22 can end up like triggers broom i.e. its a 10/22 in name only but it looks like a fun gun to have a ply with as far as modding goes.
  12. A little local difficulty.

    Not sure how hes going for 50:50 on that the picture paints a thousand words hes slid straight across the road and into you. Hope you are ok?
  13. Is it snowing yet

    Coming down nicely in Milton Keynes kids are really exited
  14. bean bag stuffing

    Cat littler worked well in my bench bag and less likely for mice etc to munch on if its stored in the garage
  15. Moving to FAC

    Must admit I after getting rid of my HMR when I got a .17 hornet and getting another HMR for one of my perms that isn't cleared for the Hornet. .22lr is a great round and I will always have one but its unforgiving on range estimation at night and the thwach of the bullet hitting is loud at night