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  1. Well we just had a 38 tonner turned round from there that will now have to go back next week as he cant make his collection due to the gate being blocked. So that another load of diesel burned for no reason transporting empty air.
  2. One thing I would say from experience of being on a decent wage for the past few years as a site manager with my wife being minimum wage part time is its better financially to both earn medium wage rather than one person in the partnership earning a high wage. As soon as you touch into high rate tax you basically just get hammered on everything by the tax man. I am looking in the next few years now the daughter has nearly finished Uni and my Mrs has got a better paid part time job to downshift as running the numbers I wouldnt be that worse off and would have a significantly lower stress level/ would enjoy my job a lot more. Also as Aled said above no matter what the money over the years I have found that being in a job you hate and with people you dont like can never be compensated with money in my opinion it will in the end just destroy you.
  3. Must be poor management then I put in way more hours than my staff. That not counting the all the extra faffing about outside working hours sometimes when things go sideways.
  4. Just out of interest have you tried it with anything lighter bullet wise such as 75 grain? My .243 Sako did not like 100grain at all but would shoot 87 grain and 65 grain like a laser if I did my bit. 100 grain stuff was 1 and 1/2 inch at best. For me this was not an issue as I was only shooting in England so was not really restricted on bullet weight.
  5. My local RFD had and FX Dreamline in the other month. He sold it and was helping the customer Zero it it didnt even leave the shop in the end as the reg was playing up so badly that it would fire two pellets and then stick one in the barrel. In the end it did get sorted but only after having to go back to the importer for a new block.
  6. I had one as my first expensive (for me) to be fair I shot really well with it however my eye got caught by a Browning XS game gun and I sold it to one of the lads at the clay club who liked it so I could get the Browning. The only issue I had with it was a crack in the stock about six months after I got it and this was replaced under warranty by the shop I got it from. To be fair to the gun this happens on all sorts of shotguns from cheap through to top end guns so it was just unlucky. Overall it was a nice clay gun and the adjust ability was nice to get it to fully fit me. It was however on the heavy side which was great on clays as it soaked up the recoil and kept the swing going but on the birds when we do a lot of walking was a bit on the heavy side to carry round hence my change to the Browning. I would consider one again and to be fair was tempted when one of the club members put up his grey laminate limited edition version to buy that earlier this year.
  7. From a couple of tanks I have had that were 300 bar fill but the test pressure was 450
  8. This does occasionally happen. It used to be a lot more prevalent back in the days before chip and pin as if the store lost the piece of swipe paper it never got billed. Even so I have had a couple of small transaction from shops lost in the ether over the past year even with chip and pin / contactless and they never got charged so I would chalk it up to a freebee myself.
  9. I have an XQ30 and use it all year round. Even on really hot days in the evening its amazing how fast the ground cools and you get really good pickup on Rabbits and foxes. Sometimes to be fair better than in winter cold weather as they have their winter coats on so tend to be better insulated a certain angles
  10. Better thank cycling though as you wont be putting any effort in to get there
  11. We have the scheme in Milton Keynes where you can use the hired ones from a couple of companies on the redways. To be honest I think they are great some of them have about a 30K range and if I actually worked in MK rather than outside I would seriously consider it as a car alternative when the legalities are worked out. Its a hell of a lot cheaper than running a car especially if you work a few miles away from home. From my experience they are no more of an issue on our redway cycle paths than cyclists as long as everyone remains aware of everyone else using them then no issues. Would I want to be run into with one walking the dog no but also I wouldn't want to be hit by a cyclist pelting it down the redway at 40+ MPH either which from my experience is much more of a risk at the moment. You get idiots in all forms of transport unfortunately, currently it seems to be car drivers who havent been on the road for six months and have forgotten how to drive and could probably do with a bit of a refresher.
  12. I am going to back what Scully says here. Dont dismiss the 12 bore if you can find one that fits and there are quite a few that are the same weight as some of the cheaper 20 bores. My Daughter started out with a 28 bore (thats an expensive few rounds of clays I can tell you!) but as she got towards 18 she moved to a 12 and she is not heavily built at all. She was concerned about recoil but she tried several guns with 21 gram cartridges and the felt recoil was less than some 20 bores she was using. The bonus for this is depending on your circumstances cartridges are a hell of a lot cheaper especially when rattling through them on a clay ground.
  13. You do notice now though that when proofing a rifle barrel the proof houses also stamp muzzle as well as the throat area. The only reason for this as far as I can see is to enforce the reproof requirement for shortening/ rethreading. I recently got a .270 that came in new from the States as a special order that went for proof on entering the UK and this is the first rifle I have had with a proof mark at the muzzle.
  14. I had a good look round to replace my venerable U caller which finally died. In the end I went for an Icotech 500 as there seemed to be a distinct lack of Foxpro about anywhere at the moment and ordering from Best fox call they will preload a selection of UK calls for you when you order.
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