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  1. Rust in my Hornet Barrel

    Cabinet is in the house so its not in a damp area also shotguns are in with it and they have shown no rust signs? Only thing I can think of is weather the patchout solution is causing it? Although I do swab it out thoroughly
  2. Not good press

    On one of the local press pages the son of one of the injured parties stated to the press that a gun had shot a low flying bird in line with some of the other competitors on the trial from about 20 meters away. http://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/man-shot-almost-killed-hunt-767501 Sure more will come out soon but not great if that was the case
  3. Rust in my Hornet Barrel

    Cheers Cooter The steel idea is a great one I hadnt considered I will try it out Zetter
  4. Rust in my Hornet Barrel

    To be fair and he knows a lot more than me but I cant see how cleaning the gun regularly causes rusting in the bore. With my .17 I would be more worried with too much copper and fouling build up causing pressure issues eventually
  5. Charging PCPs

    As stated above only specialist compressors can get up to airgun cylinder pressures which are generally 200 bar +. Really for charging you are looking a stirrup type pump but they are hard work and if you are using the rifle for club use or informal plinking they are a lot of faff and shooting accurately is hard enough without having done a workout before hand . Personally speaking I would look at a 300 bar 3 ltrs dive bottle. As long as you can find a dive shop or gun shop local to you they work well and generally give 10-12 full charges of a air rifle cylinder before they need topping up that only generally costs about £4. You can either go new on these for about £150 or see if someone is knocking on out 2nd had which means you can pick them up for <£100. However 2nd hand you need to check the test date as they need re testing every 5 years.
  6. Rust in my Hornet Barrel

    Mod off, Bolt out, barrel up the same as you Mick I cant fathom it out at all I cant see any reason the bore would rust
  7. Rust in my Hornet Barrel

    Normally clean in the garage and then back into house but I do let the gun warm up before putting it away so I don't leave condensation on the barrel and action
  8. Rust in my Hornet Barrel

    Cabinet is the same one that I have my rimfires in and there is no sign of any external corrosion at all on any of the rifles including around the thread for the mod which is essentially bare steel. Also cabinet is bone dry. All I have ever used to clean the gun is patch out which seems to do a good job and supposedly had anti corrosion agents in it. Also I have generally put an oil patch through after the patch out. Other possibility is its carbon fouling coming off which is supposed to be brown on the patches when you use patchout. Seems a bit strange though as I am brushing through the bore after use which I think should clear it. I may need to find someone with a suitable calibre borescope to check for certain what is going on in there.
  9. Can anyone give me any advice on what is causing rust in my .17 Hornet barrel? Its a CZ527 that I have had from new and I clean it religiously after every use. I normally run a couple of wet patches through with Patchout on them, followed by a few strokes with a nylon brush, leave to soak for a bit and then patch through until clean. finally I usually put an oily patch through for storage which I mop out before I go shooting. However today when I was going out with the rimfires I just checked the CZ barrel in the light and could see a load of cack in it which was odd. So I took it into the garage and ran a patch through it and was slightly horrified to find it came out pretty brown with rust. I have given the barrel a thorough clean again and put a few oil soaked patches through again for storage but it seemed to be a fair amount of rust as initially I could almost feel a bit of resistance pushing the patch through about half way along the barrel. I cant work out what causing this as I am not leaving the barrel dirty after use and am not doing a harsh cleaning regime I am careful when cleaning not to be too harsh. Do I just have a rust prone barrel? Also as it was a new rifle is there any mileage in going back to Edgar Brothers on it especially as I have restocked it, or would I get the fair wear and tear comment? Finally is there any products anyone can recommend to use going forward to prevent this if its going to keep being an issue? I am going to try it off the bench this week to see if accuracy has been affected which would be a real blow on a one year old gun.
  10. To be fair when I did my SGC application and visit the FEO liked the fact I had a big dog he was of the opinion it was miles better than an alarm
  11. Hunter's Moon?

    Ambush only on these sort of nights its virtually impossible to stalk in on my permissions stuff is too nervous. Going out tomorrow but will sit in the truck in a good ambush point and shoot from there
  12. £400 PCP?

    I still dream of shooting 50 rabbits in one outing Chris I'm sure those fabled permissions exist but I'm not sure where
  13. Gun Up/Down

    Gun up but I shoot a lot of clays and I think its a bad habit I got into. Although as I shoot a lot of rifle so I had an annoying habit of overthinking targets and letting stuff get away from me so I tend to get on stuff a bit quicker gun up.
  14. £400 PCP?

    I would go for a Multi if you can get it for hunting. Mainly as when its cold/ dark you dont have to fumble about with pellets for the next shot or a follow up shot. Personally look for an AA410, BSA Ultra/ Scorpion. Pity you are a bit away from me as I am planning to sell my regulated AA410 carbine due to a dear friend leaving me his BSA scorpion in his will and me not needing two air rifles for hunting.
  15. NV Monocular Spotter

    Thats also a nightmare on one of my permissions he wants them shot but insists that the carcass is removed as he doesnt want hassle with dog walkers. As you say when you have hit one at over 100 yards keeping a line to find it can be really hard. The other week I found one by nearly falling over it after 15 mins looking