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  1. Saw this on the new this morning summed it up for. Would have thought Emma would have stayed in LA and not flown 5000 odd miles banging out a load of CO2 to get arrested in London. Maybe a protest in LA trying to close the airport would have been better? Hang on though the nasty American police probably wouldn't have looked kindly on that or have been as understanding and they have tazers
  2. Did mine with Thames Valley on line in Jan and just had my ticket back. You dont have to print or post anything. Photo can be uploaded as per the new passport pics, Signature is basically a digital signature and payment is by credit or debit card on line with you getting a full receipt at the end so no more trying to remember where you cheque book is you last used five years ago!. Finally you scan in a copy of your current FAC and mail it to an E-Mail address they provide at the end. Works well with one slight current issue. You cant save the form and go back to it so if you stop half way through you need to start all over again which is a pain so make sure you have all your info to hand. I am sure this will get rectified shortly though.
  3. So finally got a chance for quick play in between the showers. Grouped well at 25 yards with Barracuda Match which was as far as I could push it on my little indoor range. Chrono was giving me 31.6 Ft/lb aver a 4 shot string. All in all really happy. Pic below although the scopes coming off and I am putting a Leupold Varix III I have spare.
  4. Trouble is with the .25 the pellet choice was limited and at 50 ft/lb+ you were getting towards rimfire territory. The great thing about .22 is the pellet choice is massive so there is more chance of finding one the barrel likes. Also there is more chance of finding a second hand .22 FAC air full stop . When I got my .25 it was the last one FX had in the UK at the time and the choice on anything else that was new involved a 12 week + lead time. So I decided to play the safer numbers game and go for .22
  5. Rabbits and Squizzers mainly. I have .17 HMR and a .243 but need something for a few areas of permissions that arnt really suitable for those. I had an FAC bobcat in .25 a while ago and foolishly let it go so as I was renewing I thought I would take the opportunity to get another FAC air as I missed having one and it fills a niche between sub 12 ft/lb and the HMR
  6. I was torn between the two but to be honest the R10 was more in the budget I had set myself so that swung it in the end.
  7. This was me measuring the shroud length so 15.5 sounds right. Tt was an FAC from new and had the telegraph pole shroud on it but he got that cut down to the length of the barrel by their smith who does their barrel work and put a mod on it. he didn't cut down the barrel on the shroud.
  8. If as he says the shroud has been but to barrel length its 15"
  9. To be Fair to him Stu he did say he probably wasn't running it to the end of the reg when I get chance I will do a full shot string over the Chrono im thinking it will do more personally im thinking 40-50 sounds more likely
  10. 31 ft/lb with Bara Match He was doing 30 shots before refilling from a 232 bar fill
  11. Cheers all for the advice and comments on experience. After having a look at prices and distances in the end I decided to scoot up Livens gun shop and bought the BSA R10 MK2 which was the personal gun of one of the guys in the shop. Huma reg fitted and the shroud has been shortened with a moderator added making it more handy than the usual monster shroud that came with. Hes even found the decent pellet for it with H+N Barracuda Looking forward to having a play with it this week.
  12. Ive been looking at FAC air again and have seen a couple of Daystates running at 45 ft/lb in .22. Now running the number through an energy conversion calculator this is going to be throwing even 21 grain stuff like bisley mags at approaching or over 1000fps which from past experience would be starting to get to the muzzle velocity that would give stability/ accuracy issues. I used to have a .25 cal FAC air in the past that was running at about 50 ft/lb and found that lighter weight 25 cal pellets ( i.e. those at about 21 grain) grouped a fair bit worse than stuff in the 25 grain range with these light pellets getting up towards 1000 fps so I thought at the time they were starting to destabilise due to the velocity. Has anyone got/ used a .22 air rifle running at the sort of muzzle energy above and if so how did you find it accuracy wise and what sort of pellets worked? Cheers in advance Zetter
  13. Got a 6x42 S&B hungarian that came off my .243 if its of any interest. Can send you some pictures if needed Cheers Zetter
  14. Cheers mate thanks for letting me know.
  15. A white Yugo build from ex soviet tank parts I think.
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