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  1. Woodcock

    May be with all this technology that is about now we should be getting this evidence now
  2. Woodcock

    I would like to see everyone to start controlling the Grey Squirrel I think you will find that it is the Grey Squirrel eating the Woodcock's eggs That is the main reason for the decline of the Resident Woodcock and it would be a feather in the Gamekeeper's and Hunters cap if we could get the Woodcock back I Have a facebook group trying to sort out the Grey Squirrel problem if anyone wants to join UK and Eire Squirrels The Grey Area 5,300 members up to now The Facebook Group for controlling Grey Squirrels Looking for people to start to get organized to cull all the Grey squirrels in the UK and Eire So to totally remove the threat to the Native Red Squirrel
  3. The Grey Area

  4. The Grey Area

    Sorry i don't get on here that much I still struggle with the signing in procedure I keep forgetting the password and what name I have to use lol and I still haven't worked out how to use this system were you are suppose to go and is it showing up as my name now or is it showing as posted by The Grey Area
  5. The Grey Area

    Hello From UK and Eire Squirrels The Grey Area The Facebook Group for controlling Grey Squirrels