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    Facebook group "UK and Ireland squirrels The Grey Area" and Grey Squirrel Control

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  1. We are Trying to organize a national cull of Grey Squirrels,
    You could make all the difference,
    The alternative is always the Pine Marten's which can cause more damage.
    We would like to invite you to join 
    The Facebook group  
    "UK and Ireland Squirrels The Grey Area”.
    Please DO NOT put your KILL or Natural Kill photos on this group.
    We are looking for people who cull rats, rabbit's, pigeons and crows, 
    To turn their attention to grey squirrels control as well.
    We are also looking for professional's, landowners, farmers, gamekeepers, pest control and wildlife experts 
    The purpose of the page is to coordinate a Grey Squirrel cull for the whole of the UK and Ireland. 
    They are destroying are Song Birds, Wild life and Trees.
    We need 20,000 members for this idea to work we have 7,400 and having results in the North East England.
    Please join the Local groups, which goes by your OS Explorer map page numbers.
    To do this please PM me the first half of your post code
    and i will send you a link to the group, We have 400 Local Groups.
    Please don't leave this Grey Squirrel problem to the next generation.
    Please join in the conversation.
    Please tell me by PM a little bit about yourself if you shoot 
    trap or other form of grey control.. 
    If you know anyone who would possibly like to be in this group 
    can you please tell them 
    Thank You  Brendan Anderson. (Mar 2019)


    IMG_20180823_111848 Grey.jpg

    1. Fisheruk


      Stunning effort Brendan getting over 7400 members on-side, now surely the largest group involved in Saving the Red Squirrel 👌

    2. Brendan Anderson

      Brendan Anderson

      I could do with a lot more Fisheruk  we need a lot more farmers joining so we can get more ground covered 


  2. Have you recovered from the Harrogate Northern shooting show 
    we have got some really good members to join
    " UK and Ireland Squirrels The Grey Area "

  3. May be with all this technology that is about now we should be getting this evidence now
  4. I would like to see everyone to start controlling the Grey Squirrel I think you will find that it is the Grey Squirrel eating the Woodcock's eggs That is the main reason for the decline of the Resident Woodcock and it would be a feather in the Gamekeeper's and Hunters cap if we could get the Woodcock back I Have a facebook group trying to sort out the Grey Squirrel problem if anyone wants to join UK and Eire Squirrels The Grey Area 5,300 members up to now The Facebook Group for controlling Grey Squirrels Looking for people to start to get organized to cull all the Gr
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