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  1. Hi I went to b&q lincoln at half 6 this morning ( after being told it Was coming In stock) no joy for me and also the other 35ish plasterers that we’re also there! 😭 the hunt continues
  2. Hi, I brought my daughter one of those john deere ones, had it 2 years been spot on, has 2 forward gears and reverse which is handy, hope this helps, Jono
  3. Yes please will try to pm you, thanks jono
  4. Without trying to sound a hero, it was 3 shots for 3 grouse! 🥳
  5. Evening, yes I got a shot, 3 in total good day all in all. Cheers Jono
  6. Hi,just to solve the mystery and friend and I went on this day,had a really great day with some nice like minded people, so glad I got the opportunity to experience it, cheers Jono
  7. Yes please, let me know your details, thanks Jono
  8. SOLD pending payment
  9. Night master 800 fitted with red led In original box with spare o rings and button, manual/instructions ,original white led ,extender tube to take 2 batteries, scope clamp like new immaculate condition £100 posted
  10. Yes please, xxl 1 dark green, 1 black and 1 dark blue cheers Jono
  11. Thanks for all the advice gents, will take it all on board, the pond size is roughly 70 yards by about 30 yards, I’ve only seen a few ducks on it as yet with not a great amount of feed taken, will keep watching and feeding, thanks again chaps
  12. Thank you salmo, I’ve located a couple of shallow areas and scattered a few scoops of barley around those, wasn’t sure how long to leave it before I return to check what feed has been taken, found some pallets to make a start hopefully next weekend, I’m assuming il have to dig them into the bank to create a solidish background? Thanks again
  13. Hi all, was after some advice, just gained permission on a little flight pond close to my house, it was shot over several years ago ( by the landowners) its rather overgrown and the old hides are all about rotten, been down and filled a drum with barley to start feeding it up, any tips/advice welcome, hide building, feeding Thanks
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