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    1. Not an x- spurt but I would suggest that the spring needs changing to a lighter one just like you have to do if you use .410 tubes in a 12 bore to shoot nssa skeet (1/2 ounce load)- common problem with non mechanical triggers . A proper gunsmith ( not gun seller )would soon help you. I have shot the type of gun you have - nearly bought one - I must say they look some good size holes you have put in those barrels would be interested to know how it all works out. Good luck with it .
    2. swan40

      Patterning paper

      they are supplied by hull cartridges any dealer should be able to get them for you £2 each I think the last time I asked you can get others from other makers for a lot less £1 each --draw your own bird if it makes you happy.
    3. try Fiocchi gfl25 fw 25 grams of uk 7 shot with a fibre wad should do all you ask ( not crows at 60 yards ha ha) . Also bigger shot sizes it you feel you need them for later in game season.
    4. Now just got to find out who actually make it - apparently Birmingham trade gun the quest continues not that it makes that much difference I know , just interested - is this an affliction -am I alone - do I need help?
    5. Brilliant book well worth the money . The authors deserve to do well with it obviously a labor of love Recomended 5 stars
    6. Just got my copy of the afore mentioned book - absolutely brilliant - obviously a lot of hard work has gone into it and I wish the author great success with it . It has answered a lot of my questions and has the missing trade labels nobody could find. Buy one today you never know when you might need it , highly recommended.
    7. The book is advertised on this site in other sales - Gunmakers of Cumberland & Westmoreland Have ordered one looking forward to getting it, the author was a great help in helping me get the info I wanted. As regards the case label I could not find one either but there should be some in the book which I will try and replicate as best I can as long as it looks similar it will be ok
    8. Thanks all for your help -this one is W. Wallas not Wallace. I also found that info but wondered is it different people or not as they seem to overlap in places Happily I have just been speaking to the gentleman who has written a book on just this subject ( and other gunsmiths of the area) so all my questions should soon be answered I hope. There also are some pictures of trade labels in the book so what a result talk about coincidence.
    9. I have bought a nice 12bore sidelock with Damascus barrels by this maker and cannot find out much about him. Done the usual internet search but information is limited to where and when and not much else. Can anyone help ? Also I am trying to put together a vintage case for it and would like a makers label or any idea of what one looks like to try and replicate, but also no luck with finding one. Thanks in advance for any help.
    10. As somebody who has reloaded small gauges for more than a year or two, and counted more than my share of holes in big sheets of paper I have decided I don't want to know if copper or nickel pattern better or worse . I don't know the velocity of the cartridge I am using or how many sheets of wet telephone directory it penetrates - however- they just work . I have resisted taking them to the pattern plate because as long as they are effective why would I . The only outcome of knowing exactly all the statistics would make me question how good they are and until they stop doing what I want them to do I will leave well alone, which is something I have had great difficulty doing in the past. It is not in my nature to be in the dark of these things but for now I will resist ( even though I really want to know ) . I have just enough 12 bore game cartridges left to last me next year , but then I will have to decide what to do as my preferred choice (which was a special order) is no longer made, 30 gram nickel 2.7mm fibre wad in a pretty case which defiantly makes all the difference. My main point is if you are sure it works it probably will -and most of the time it dose for me.
    11. In my experience eley zenith just kills better than just plain lead -dead -no runners(nearly always)- and as they are not the fastest I think there must be some benefit , better than you may think. have a go worth the cost of a box. However I now use nickel ---this moves it up a gear in my mind which is all that counts. The cost of a days shooting is not impacted upon wether the cartridges cost £5 box or £15 , the main thing is if you you think the cartridge is good - it is . One of the best game shots I have shot with in the last year or two uses a 25inch Churchill that he has shot with since he was 14 now 80 - 1oz of 7s (hull imperial) which he says can't be improved upon. Not one thing about his combination of gun and cartridges is popular now but- it was -it still works - not 34grams of 5 shot (which is probably even larger) though a 32inch full choke trap gun that all up and coming game shooters now seem to need . It took me a long while to appreciate that 30 grams of 6s was the the most popular game cartridge in most of England for a reason . It just works . Nothing wrong with 7 shot for most of the season but bit of a job to find in most gun shops in game cartridges now a days . Winchester trap 200s were my go to for years, and never let anyone tell you 2.4mm shot is to small for driven pheasants . I have now moved on to 2.7mm shot nickel plated (good and thick) .It works for me and keeps me happy- kills dead which is all I ask .
    12. Yes but what sort . I have been told shellac , lacker , Poundland mystery varnish etc etc but what was traditionally used back in the day when all cases were paper. I have yet to find out after looking in quite a few old books . I have seen pictures of the cartridges being dipped by hand 25 at a time in a frame then left to dry but no mention of what the actual coating is . Any help would be appreciated.
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