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  1. Hi  Michael


     Sorry-   I have not forgot you

    please do not think I am a time waster .  I am sure we can have a deal, circumstances have not been in my favour at the moment.

    If you would like some money up front I will oblige but as it stands I am hesitant about visiting you at the moment for my own wellbeing and yours as well.

    If you are not desperate can we leave it till after the lockdown . If this causes you problems let me know.


    Please look after yourself, I think , like me we need to be especially cautious


    Best regards

    any problems please phone me



    Steven Smith




    1. Michael300970



      not an issue. Stay safe. I’m not in a rush and not in need of cash but thank you 

      agreed better to stay safe and well until after lockdown 



  2. Any idea what percentage of the eggs would somebody who knew what they were doing would expect to hatch?
  3. 10 now plus 2 more nearly out . Its better than watching the telly --quite exiting really. As I have 2 days shooting this week cancelled at least I can pretend to be a farmer instead ha ha The most expensive chickens in the UK I would guess .We live and learn. My wife really loves it (looking after the eggs that is) so every one is happy.
  4. Just in case anybody is following my sad tale -as it stands 8 hatched in the brooder and lots of signs of more - so all is well. ---well so far so good more a case of enthusiasm over competence but is not this how we learn, I'm happy that we have got a result - never done this before but will keep on keeping on . My son is still waiting for some positive feedback from the supplier of the Chinese incubator/egg cooker . The only thing they seem to be concerned about is " please do not leave a negative review" We await some recompense but they have said they do not want in returne
  5. When you are unable to do it anymore you might wish you spent more on having the days you dreamt of and not saving up for later days which might never come -- not just shooting . I for one do not know and do not want to , as long as I'm having fun and not getting my leg lifted and with good company I am happy.
  6. thanks for the suggestions .Alls well at the moment with the borrowed unit so I have a while to get something sorted Now I have got involved I find it very interesting and will buy a decent cabinet type incubator once I decide on what to get. So any other ideas welcome -- quality rather than cheap and cheerful.
  7. My son has purchased a fine Chinese plastic pretend incubator that worked for all of 2 days before it turned into a top quality egg cooker - cost of incubator £100 cost of rear breed eggs he will not tell me However all is not lost as I have been keeping an eye on it ,which as he is at work could not do. A very good friend has lent me his incubator and hopefully some will be ok ( I live in hope ) As I have been monitoring things and when it all started going tittsup I transferred the eggs to the old proven incubator do you think the eggs have a chance. If I sound ignorant i
  8. whats happening is this a an auction I would like them please ----costs paid
  9. Good old fashion hardboard is often used if you are laying vinyl on uneven floorboards so the ridges don't show but not a lot of insulation I would guess Its a problem if you can't make it to thick . The house I live in if you have a thick carpet you scape all the hair off the top of your head
  10. Have you thought about some insulation board (celotex type) then the ply . Not the cheapest option but good insulation.
  11. now there is a question . I got mine from Lings at Massingham who I believe do not do them any more So I can not advise you I have spoke to another importer but did not have much success with them as I said before customer service could be better.
  12. re chapuis- arm The reason I said double triggers is instant choice of choke if you are of an age that can understand double triggers . I made the mistake of having a single trigger which I would like to change but not that easy I just stick to 1/4 & 1/4 suits the type of shooting I do. Have a look at the artisan guns not the laser engraved ones I think well worth the money and you can spec whatever you want closest thing I will ever have to a made measure custom gun I personally can not see the point of shooting a light weight game gun with heavy loads, a 28 is swe
  13. Chapuis-arme with double triggers and straight hand stock one of the most pretty guns I have seen for the price. A fine well proportioned gun for normal loads 21 grams. I have a 12 and like it a lot once I added a bit of weight to the stock . Their customer service is not up to much in my experience do not expect a reply to any emails but the gun has been fine.
  14. yes please -but not sure how to do this .I could collect and sort out at you convince I' m middle of Norfolk no rush often out and about .
  15. I have bought a chrony f1 just waiting to have a test will see how it goes -- thanks to all who advised
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