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  1. I have an AYA matador 10 bored out to a very tight 8 bore I have followed all the old posts about plastic wads and tight bores etc, however I would like to shoot some lead sometimes I can shoot lead for lots of things and in my experience the more you do it the better you get. An 8 might be a bit much for rabbits , pigeons etc but only if you are using heavy loads what about some light / very light loads just to get the idea of swinging it about a bit, practice and formilularity is the best thing ever in my experience. What I would like is SAFE 8 bore loads for a a gun that is only a pretend 8 bore. Light loads , I am not that fussed about the use of plastic bits but the wad has to be compatible with the very - very tight bores of a bored out ten. the one I have got is mint not been fired in probably 30 years the cartridges I got with it are loaded with powder T by the old owner. Swan 40
  2. Fantastic video . He could be my poor old Rex gone just over 2 years would be a similar age and looks very similar. Still miss him loads. Keep up the good work Give Jack A treat from me
  3. Thank you Alan for your expert advice The chap from Bradeys told me the same thing at the game fair when I asked a similar question. perhaps I am a bit of a heathen in wanting to spruce it up a bit I will show it to you one day , and what I have done every one needs a good laugh
  4. Thank you Alan I will give it a try What about recolouring it with perhaps cream shoe polish , as there are lots of colours and I have seen it used for old army webbing and it came out well. Sorry if its a stupid question but thought it might be usefull to be able to cover up some of the bad stained areas . I am not trying to make it look new just sympatheticly tart it up a bit. Again thank you for any help
  5. The case looks fantastic how clever you are. Is it possible to clean the canvas on an old canvas and leather gun case it is in good order but a bit stained and patchy colour wise . it just needs tidying up a bit . I wondered about recolouring it with something a bit darker to cover up the stained bits Any advice would be welcome.
  6. go on I,ll have a go pm for details
  7. they look loverly don't give them away
  8. yes please as well
  9. yes please see I knew I would get something of you in the end all 4 if thats ok will pm you for details regards swan 40
  10. thats a shame however if you have anymore interesting books I am trying to create bit of a library in my new gun room that my wife has allowed me to have ( you know how it is ) thanks anyway all the best swan 40
  11. yes please pm me for bank details thank you
  12. swan40

    Choke Tube

    Uttings .co.uk have them being show in stock today if that is of any help My mistake 12 bore only SORRY
  13. I would love to know how you get on with it. I would suggest as you only have one shot you will not notice the recoil if it works , If it dose not a different Story . I had a single 8 great fun but I can't remember having to get help to carry the bag of the marsh. Did it come from holts ? just because I wanted it but my wife resisted it for me. hope you enjoy it.
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