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    all types of shooting, gundog training, fishing , nice weather.

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  1. Thanks Ditch ye he sees them on YouTube some times lol.. Ya know popper in my life i have been involved in almost every aspect of shooting, i have shot comps with some of the best in the Country done grouse shooting every sort of game to be honest pigeons the lot but hell do i love rat shooting could sit there all night and love it even more in the day light lol Take it up Ditch you will love it
  2. Thanks pal ye that bloody dog 🤣 Thanks pal no its a 12 ftlb but shoots really well in fact may be the best 12 ftlb i have ever owned inn all fairness..
  3. Lol cheers mate i hope i don't miss them in the replay lol
  4. Hmme looks dirty stuff does that, may be throw it and just eat the good ones...
  5. Some nice shots there pal, brings back memory's how the pigeons Vere off at the last second making them hard targets to hit.
  6. Lol thanks Jim not many have noticed that. Thanks pal. Cheers mate
  7. Thanks Spandit ye they peck the eyes out of our new born lambs also raid the nests of our rare nesting birds and the nests of our song birds population., Not sure pal to be honest i think around 8lb but i could be wrong
  8. Thanks pal. Me to pal lol Thanks marccus I am pal ye its a Standard 85 8 twist 223 Cheers pal.
  9. 😂 thanks a lot Ditch you are probably right Nice one pigeon popper can't beat a bit of rat shooting.
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