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    all types of shooting, gundog training, fishing , nice weather.

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  1. Thanks pal. Cheers mate Thanks Butch Thanks Morkin its doing 52 ftlb pal with a 26 grain Hades Thanks pal Thanks Scully Thanks a lot Bruno I use the 26 grain Hades in that rifle pal the wind did affect them at times if i be honest but i kind of held off to allow Thanks Ditchman the weather was all over the place that day Thanks pal Cheers mate
  2. Hyia guys some air rifle pest control here with my Daystate Red wolf
  3. Ye i do pal a Drone Pro 10x been brilliant Thanks pal ye its big open moorland where i go Thanks pal
  4. Thanks David i use the Strelok plus app and read the wind with a Kestrel wind meter and range the shots with a Leica 1200 range finder Thanks pal i miss shots to but practise quite a lot Ye cheers Walked up the sheep have got used to me these days lol
  5. Thanks JD hope you safe and well pal
  6. Ye to right JD he is highly trained well was lol to right Walked up
  7. Thanks Jim, no pal never been in the army but have spent my life shooting i suppose which has helped...
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