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    all types of shooting,gundog training,fishing very nice women,call of duty, nice weather.and a dam good zombie film

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  1. nice shooting ... ive not been on here for years and the moment i come on theres still key board kids making their noise lol
  2. thats a cracking session,very well done in deed especially on them black and white things
  3. nice one J dog i see your still at them,,nice shooting......ime still on the fox side of shooting busier then ever....
  4. top session that Mr Dog...they are very tiring days when you have good bag, but well worth it.well done pal..
  5. hell of a shot that Belly,,i used a 22 CZ for years but swapped it for a finn fire a while back..these days myxi keeps doing its job around my way so sadly i don,t do much rabbiting...
  6. how are ya Mr Dog,fine and dandy,just thought ide pop in to say hello...
  7. nice shooting pal nothing wrong with that,ive not been on here for a while now because of some of the comments above,looks like i will be gone another year now as things never change
  8. talk about blast from the past,good result that mr dog,,not a bad bit of shooting,,,,
  9. some brilliant pictures there and looks like youv,e had a serious time,,fair play to ya
  10. at the moment i have the fox pro fusion as well with the fox jack 4 decoy fastened to the back,this does take their attention for sure when they come to the call,leaving you in the back ground un seen...i have called foxes for over 25 years with my hands and lips and still do now on the night,but these electronic callers what ever the make are seriously the way forward in my eyes
  11. ye foxes do take cats but that is a coyote for sure,makes that kitty look really small,,,
  12. i use a fox pro,my all tme favorite is the red cub in distress...over the years i have called loads with this..they come in full speed to
  13. well done pal,nice shooting,,some of the comments you have got is the reason you never see me on here these days
  14. my favorite rifle of all time is my Sako 6ppc..its has benchrest accuracy and is as flat as a 22.250 with the 58 vmax i use..still got the same barrel on as when i bought it almost 20 years ago and can still shoot under half inch...ime actually not proud of how many foxes this has killed if you all know what i mean...
  15. nice one,i recon if you go back there, there will be some more brothers and sisters as well in that area....
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