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  1. Yes you are right guys ,serves me right for watching the **** 😁😁😁😁😁
  2. A rogue crow attacking and damaging the wiper blades on parked cars. Quite a serious problem but some of the methods to stop it are seriously pathetic. So much time and effort spent on the problem and still not solved. Yet it perches up in trees and on buildings like the proverbial sitting duck
  3. Well he has now handed out the top jobs, Liza nandy gets recognised but nothing as yet for long bailey.
  4. I must admit he gets congratulations from me for kicking out my MP John Trickett. There is the old saying that in constituency like Hemsworth, stick a red rosette on a donkey and it will get elected. It is an insult to all donkeys to suggest that trickett could perform better than them.
  5. If the guy has an ounce of common sense he will kick that lot out and make them crawl back to the socialist workers party. If he tries to work with them he has already failed.
  6. According to wiki Angela raynor used to flat share with rebbecca long bailey. Scissor sisters ?
  7. Forget to mention, Angela rayner got the deputy gig, she is a nasty piece of work . The only blessing there ,she is not quite as bad as that creature burgon who was also up for the job.
  8. Well let's hope the eu crumble before the Tories loose power because he will want us straight back in the club.
  9. I totally agree that the smaller membership type clay clubs need their members to stand by them and support them all they can. However some of the large commercial grounds have membership packages that are quite significant and people dont feel as loyal to them as their own smaller clubs.
  10. Hi guys Anyone had any notification that their shooting ground membership has been frozen during the lockdown or are the grounds just letting them run.
  11. the labour leadership situation is an extremely good guide as to their ability. They suffer an embarrassingly bad defeat. They have it confirmed time and time again, that their leader is totally useless and not fit for purpose. 4 or 5 months have now passed,country in worst crisis since 1939 and yet, the joker is still in place and no successor chosen. If this bunch still cant get their own house in order in times like this, how can anyone have confidence in their ability as a credible opposition
  12. I thought one of the more serious attempted rape allegation was judged not proven. My limited understanding is they believed the allegation made but also feel that there is not sufficient supporting evidence to convict beyond reasonable doubt. I stand to be corrected if wrong
  13. No problem mate I realise that. As a matter of interest, I drove out this morning the roads were busy and loads of people out and about. I drove past the local golf course and the car park was rammed. Looks like the golfers are continuing their sport as normal
  14. That's nonsensical, you would be much safer out on the shoot than the confines of the shop.
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