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  1. Plus the benefits of shooting under cover in most cases. 😂👍 Time marches on for everyone 😂
  2. Just looked at the last OT reg event at Beverley. 46 shooters, 9 super vets just short of 20 % UT also shows similar ratio, I would also guess DTL would be even higher if classified that way.
  3. Don't know where you shoot, but I would say the largest group of shooters I see are all well into 60 and beyond.
  4. I also think the cpsa ought to have another look at the age categories. I am well into super vet territory but cpsa only recognise that in a limited amount of events. You only have to look at the general age of shooters and there are many around still shooting in their 70's and beyond.
  5. Think you may be getting confused with Beverley (east yorks shooting ground) which is predominantly trap but also does other. Been to Humberside once it's about 10 mile east of the Beverley ground in Brandsburton . Like initial post says, some good stands and plenty of them.
  6. Fair point, but why would cheddite worry about the component part of the business. They would take over their business market out right and be better off supplying the customers direct. Win/win for cheddite
  7. Again I understand all that but I still don't accept this justifies such a huge price difference. In the UK cartridge prices Have been ramped up several times over the past 6 months. Yet Fiocchi UK have remained stable, albeit people have mentioned that on Jan 17th their price is to increase. Again I accept Fiocchi will not be immune to inflationary pressures. However I wonder have they recognised how the competion have greatly increased their pricing and thought ' we can have a bit of that' . This would give them a significant margin boost and yet they can easily keep their price just below the competition and retain and possibly increase market share. If true then it's the only sensible business decision they could take. But as far as us shooters are concerned , unless someone is prepared to step in and break this cycle then we will suffer.
  8. Yes I am actually there. But I don't live there and I am a UK citizen. Yes I am moaning about something .The Spanish shooting industry seems to me that it looks after its shooters better than our UK counterparts. So what is wrong with questioning why UK shooters should not have the same benefits.
  9. I must apologise, I did not read your post correctly in respect of your quotation. Anyhow thanks for the remark on that point. When I saw the particular post myself I thought it was so irrelevant that I just ignored it.
  10. Eh ! Where did I mention that I live in Spain and where did I suggest moving there just to buy cartridges. I was only trying to point out the vast difference in price. In my opinion the price differential is too great to put it down to all the excuses being offered.
  11. The smart money is on three. Riki,Truss,and Hunt. No way would I want Truss to take over
  12. Cartridge prices are being pushed up to eye watering levels and there seems to be no end to this. I think some suppliers and dealers are just inflating prices to see how far they can go. I have posted something similar on another forum. I have just checked prices at my local decathlon store in Spain this morning. Divide the price shown by 1.2 to give £ price. Also bear in mind ,these are small amounts and this is a general sports store, I am sure serious shooters in Spain will have even cheaper options.
  13. That's why they are just waiting and manoeuvring. The activity behind the scenes will be frantic in their plans to have contenders in place.
  14. The Sue Gray report ,whatever the findings ,could well not be sufficient to move him. He may have spent his nine lives , but then again he may have a few more . However if the opinion polls remain terrible for long enough and don't drastically improve, he will definitely not survive. I am sure the Tories all know and accept he is finished. It's now just a game they are playing till they see the perfect time to pull the trigger.
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