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  1. As a matter of interest were does mark winser do his coaching. I believe he lives in Yorkshire and he often enters registered shoots at northern ctc (rufforth)
  2. I have seen quite a few labour party supporters ,politicians,councillors,journalists etc. Everyone has said we have spoken to our voters and they tell us this,that and the other etc. Not one of them seems to have grasped, it's not their voters and party members they should be talking to. They should venture out into the wider world and speak to people who do not vote for them. They may learn a thing or two because after all its these folk they need to appeal to and not their loyal diehards. But perhaps they dont want to know the truth and prefer to live in their socialist utopia in the la
  3. The city where I live has it's fair share of homeless and has had a labour local authority throughout it's time. The ones I see on the street all bar non seem to be alcoholics or drug addicts. So thinking it's the problem of the greedy may be too simplistic. However the same local authority have commandeered a large 4 star hotel to house immigrants on full board . The so called working man would have to pay around £150 a day to live in a simillar manner. So this tells me the money could be there to help some of these sad homeless individuals but more local politicians seem to have differe
  4. Because everytime we switch on the news all we see is that arrogant little bint strutting around and spouting her hatred about everything English. Fed up about listening about moaning Scots acting like over indulged little children. As for those who want to stay. You have my sympathy , but you must stop sitting back ,stand up and put up a fight. From what I see she is walking all over you and you are just sat back and accepting it.
  5. Just thought of a further bonus. All that cross channel tourism via dinghy that the French are so happy to encourage may have a solution. The SNP are champions of immigration and multi nationalism. Collect the passengers from their dinghy and bus the passengers over the border into bonny Scotland. I am sure they will be more than happy to accept them . The more I think about Scottish independence, the more benefits I can see. BRING IT ON 😁👍
  6. One big bonus of a Scottish independence must not be over looked. The vast majority of those SNP seats are historic labour. If SNP go into decline they could easily revert back. We all now labour appears to be a badly wounding animal in need of urgent attention to survive. However without Scotland, there is no way back and it's like a bullet to their socialist head. Good result
  7. The point is. Give the spoilt little brats their independence, BUT ON OUR TERMS. if what is best for the UK is harmful for Scotland, then hard luck ! No quarter asked,no quarter given must be the philosophy
  8. This isn't going to go away .I am sick of hearing all this. I am sick of seeing that arrogant little bint wee Jimmy strutting around. Stop the barnet formula immediately. Stop any further investment immediately. Incentive all the industry that you can to move to England. Bite the bullet, build a border and let them get on with it. Then forget about the lot of them.
  9. From what I have seen in the media today, forget those two or their ilk. The labour gobsters are on a suicide mission demanding extreme socialism and an even more massive shift to get to the left. The way labour works, the left have the power and will get their way. Far better chance of Corbyn or his clone returning than those two you mentioned ,in my opinion.
  10. You have got it bang on there. They need to wake up and realise the times we are living in here are a couple of basics. 1. Their party song the red flag belongs to a time in the distant past. Scrap it move on people dont live in that era anymore. 2. They talk about EX mining communities turning away as if they have no right to do so. Here is the clue EX! ...they no longer are mining communities that's 40 years back, accept it and move on. 3. Talk about the working man but what do they offer him. Nothing but rub his face in it when he grafts his life away only to see people on be
  11. Yes and it's back for a second series I am lead to believe
  12. Thought that was a poor ending. I have been watching this because nothing much else has been on. In my opinion the whole series has strayed that far from reality that the scrpits have been really farcical. Prior to this last series the 9PM Slot featured a northern Ireland police drama ,which did star James Nesbit. In my opinion I thought that was much better than LOD.
  13. Agree they were one of the most common birds around at one time. Dont know reason for decline as numbers of most finch species seem healthy especially gold finch. These are now rarer than linnets. Bird watcher told me a few years back they are already extinct in Ireland.
  14. If I was Boris I would not give a toss about the decor in No10 flat ,I would just treat it as a place to get my head down now and again. I would be living it up at chequers in a decent bit of luxury. Bet thereissome decent shooting around there as well.
  15. Northern CTC official name. AKA rufforth
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