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  1. Hi everyone After taking up clay shooting in retirement I am interested to know about any opportunities mid week in west and south yorks. I am aware of Park Lodge which is a great set up and go there often, but it would be nice to find another option which may be a little more friendly on the pocket. From visiting a few shoots in the general area it seems to me there are a lot of 'mature' shooters around who look they have retired so mid week would not be an issue to them either. I would be interested to get any feed back and if there is nothing around at the moment there may be a club who could be willing to add a mid week shoot to the standard Sunday morning session.. I am sure there would be enough people to make such a shoot viable who have the time mid week. Also there may be one or two like me who still enjoy a good night out on Saturday and on Sunday morning ones shooting skills are not at their best so to speak.

    Gun fitting

    Anyone know of a good gun fitter up in Yorkshire. Don't want to travel right down to st albans
  3. Hi everyone just joined forum saying hello with my first post