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  1. Further to the above , just checked they must have been resident in the UK between 20 to 26 of Sept this year.
  2. I dont think they should. As far as I recall there is a date every year whereby you have to be resident in the UK. If not you dont get it. Maybe they live in Spain but dont tell the government they do. Anyhow those days are now over. You can only stay in Spsin for 90 days every 180 . If you need to stay longer your have to apply for Spanish residency and once you do that many of your British entitlements end.
  3. Once went to a medieval archery demonstration and they reckoned they could fire arrows at a rate of about 20 a minute. As for their effectiveness the English at Agincourt found them to be a efficient weapon. Another advantage is that they are silent. A terrorist could fire several into a crowd before anyone realised what was happening.
  4. Shocking news, a decent bloke doing his job and serving the public.
  5. I look forward to 26 December when the massively over rated and commercially hyped up day has passed. The environmentalists should be happy about all this as its once less mountain of plastic tat being shipped into the country.
  6. Are you a member? From website that's membership rate
  7. Well if that's the case , I certainly will. In fact mondays are good days for me. No mention of that on website just the 44p
  8. Just wondering if any had been there or uses it regularly. I intended to pop along and have a look till I saw it was 44p per clay !!! Just wondering if the 'clays' are finest bone China, because at that price I dont intend to visit to find out.
  9. Cant think of anywhere that loan you a gun but plenty will give you lessons. Plenty of little grounds around for Sunday morning shooting, Stanley ferry,, batley gun club, Hemsworth gun club, burgh green barnsley. Also Saturdays woolley. Best mid week and Saturdays is rufforth,York and that is my preferred ground.
  10. Never been to coniston . It is slightly nearer to me thimbleby but an out right pain of a journey along the Aire Valley. Generally I am not a big fan of ground memberships as I like to travel around a bit. Often when I do the sums I am better off staying as a non member. My two favourite grounds do not run membership schemes and it's no detrement. I think thimbleby do try to make their membership package one of the better ones that are around.
  11. I have been told all members get a free breakfast once a month as part of membership deal. We know how to treat shooters in Yorkshire 😁😁😁👍
  12. I am glad Thimbleby is getting good reviews, I often visit myself and I am a member there. Just shows what can be done and you dont have to charge shooters over the odds to run a good ground.
  13. Yes but we are citizens of this country (at least I am ,I often wonder about you at times) Once the initial court ruling in which they are represented finds them here illegally. Then in my opinion their rights and benefits end there. If they want to appeal fair enough but the UK tax payer should not fund it.
  14. What may help is a single one off payment for sterilisation. Most of these would snap your hand off for a couple of grand to blow for a good time.
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