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  1. I am very new to clay shooting myself so have not been to that many grounds. However I have done Thimbleby recently and I really rate it. It's a sporting layout with automatic traps so good for a lone shooter. Depending on which part of harrogate you are i would day about 30 minutes away at most, it only takes me about an hour to get there and I live in wakefield. Check website for their opening times sure its Tuesday and Wednesday till 8 PM.
  2. Someone recommended slippery 'Richards's butt oil to me. Be very careful when you do your internet search 😁
  3. Think what you have to consider is not what is in a gun such as ATA, but try and justify what is in a gun costing a multiple of several times more to justify the price. At the shooting show this weekend saw some lovely guns but for the price you could buy a small family car ! Look what goes into a car compared to a gun. As long as gunmakers can greatly inflate their price and get away with it they will.
  4. The comp x 24gm is a great all round cartridge, also worth a try
  5. I saw some other post somewhere saying Beverley was closed, if open then good news. Do you know their charges ? Reason I am shopping around is a recent price increase at park lodge to see if there is better value out there.
  6. Has anyone shot at the Monkton shooting ground recently? Been trying to phone them to find out shooting times and costs but after repeated attempts no one answers.
  7. David


    Out of interest what price are you looking for that trap gun. 

    Dave jennison



    1. I am looking for a good second hand trap gun with 32 barrels, either Winchester ,Miroku or browning. Condition more important than age.
    2. DaveADS That's not far from me. Can you tell me what the set up is and cost to shoot Cheers
    3. The tadcaster shoot was Saturday but unfortunately its closed down but Stanley ferry still going on sunday
    4. Read quite a bit about the Huma regulator and I would appreciate comments or feed back from anyone who has done a conversion. I have a bsa r10 mk2 and wondering if the cost of the conversion would bring noticeable performance benefits. Thanks.
    5. Have you considered a beretta ultralight. Weight of a 20 bore but still having all the benefits of a 12 bore
    6. Thanks guys. Just a couple of points, never use plastic always fibre wads .always hull or eley Used Napier,sprayed it, left it,scrubbed with bronze and plastic brush. Then cleaned out with jag with strong tissue or paper towell After going down dozens of times still getting small amounts of carbon residue. Have three guns,miroku,browning and beretta all the same.
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