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  1. Harry boy is a poor fisherman, he had a massive well stocked pond to fish but only managed to dredge up a stool
  2. Just read this thread and never seen the miroku mk11 before. Checked it out and must admit very impressive. Such a classic gun for that quality at £6k wow!!!
  3. Seen quite a bit so far but getting ear ache now. It's like listening to the reincarnation of the Gabblerdictum (theres one for the oldies with long memories)
  4. Good thread this . When I first dabbled with shooting short barrels were all the rage anything 28 or longer seemed old fashioned or purist trap gun. After a break of nearly 40 years and returning to shooting I was surprised to see no more 26 inch guns about. One thing is for sure, if you look on gun trader or other places advertising guns there are plenty around offered for sale. Plenty seem to be old miroku skeet guns. You may not be getting a lot of barrel for your money but you are certainly getting a lot of gun. Although it will never be proven , I suspect the bird or animal on the r
  5. Must admit ditchy...I seem to be having a parallel existence with you today....other than the Chile cc
  6. Without doubt the vast majority would. But how many have the given privelage and positioning in order to exploit that. Then let's look at the game plan to achieve this . The basis of their complainants and gripes regarding all the malicious forces against them are being amplified and exploited to milk as much financial gain as possible. That shows their true character
  7. No confidence vote in wee Jimmy going ahead , I wonder if she will have enough brainwashed supporters in parliament to ride it out.
  8. Totally agree ditchy. Saw the promotional clips of the opra show. What an over privaleaged self indulgent pair of spoiled brats. Ok Harty has had tough times but no more tougher than millions of others in the UK. However most poor **** are not given the air time to moan and request sympathy, never mind earning a small fortune for being allowed to do so. I used to think Harry was an ok sort of a bloke, now I would not urinate on him if he was on fire
  9. My money is on trump fighting the next election and winning much easier than the first time around. It's a far easier fight being in opposition. Your opponents have nothing to test you on but you have plenty of opportunity to play on their mistakes and failures. I also think by the time the election comes around, Biden will have gone and Harris will be in the chair. I can just hear trump now saying she is an imposter who has cheated her way to the top via a rigged election.


    Probably down to fact I have been involved even longer coming from a family of professional horticulturalists. The reason I dont like a threshold is that I like an un obstructed entrance to get wheel barrows inside easily. But that's just a quirk I suppose. I am not dismissing what you suggest but it's a far more expensive option and with modern good quality green houses totally unnecessary. But that's life, opinions differ


    Fair point, but there is a downside to that. You also need the same corse below the door and therefore have to step over this everytime you go inside. The Hercules greenhouse previously mentioned has a door height around 6' 4" and even higher along the ridge. I am 6'1" and inside have a massive amount of headroom. Unless marccus is really tall, no need flat base is sufficient
  12. Hi John Philip I believe in your area and all along the general border regions people who want to stay in the union are the largest majority. However the stronghold of the SNP is around Glasgow and along the central belt, is that correct.
  13. This is a good thread and I think we all must face up to the fact that plastic wads dont have a long term future. As far as I am aware plastic wads are still used in the Olympics. If people want to ban plastic wads I think that shootings most high profile event must take the lead. Then there is the CPSA ,they need to be more proactive and start to encourage non plastic registered events. I think we need to make the transition voluntary. If the wider anti gun brigade grasp this issue it gives them another reason to ban all forms of shooting
  14. I am also of the opinion that plastic wads are more detremental to the environment than lead. If they give better patterns than fibre, that's another debate. On the plus side they are cheaper than fibre and I also find they keep barrels cleaner.
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