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  1. Well turned off channel 4 recent labour leader debate. All three given a tremendously easy ride , no tough scrutiny and nothing like here near as tough as they gave the Tories. Pointless exercise in futility from a left wing broadcaster


    The eu has been and always will be a project that the French think they own and have total control. I remember how peeved they were when the block decided English should be the official language at not French. Then they have the totally farcical system where the whole stupid circus has to up sticks from Brussels and move Strasbourg. You can bet your last euro that the French will want total control of the negotiations and insist any deal will be to their benefit and will not care one jot if other EU countries are disadvantaged. Like other posters have said they have milked the system for years, had more money out than anyone else with the insane common agricultural policy.


    You can say that again 😁😁😁 😉


    Looks like the French want to act tough in the next round of negotitions
  5. Do not wish to argue with the technicalities of any of the post so far. However there is one inescapable fact. The more human beings that live on our small island the more it will be to the detriment of the environment. However the political bodies who purport to be ardent environmentalists never face up to this fact. They are all hypocrites and anyone who confronts them with this fact is labelled racist.
  6. Well she let the cat out of the bag on the labour tactics to win a general election ! She did not deny wanting total free movement of all types of immigration and new arrivals will immediately have full citizens rights including voting. In other words they intend to import sufficient people to out vote the rest of us😁
  7. I agree, but it's the way of the world and as far as I am aware no one has ever come up with a better workable system. On the upside at least we have one less group of self centered politicians milking us now we have got rid of that bunch of clowns in Brussels.
  8. I seem to to detect a theme in your posts, so correct me if I am wrong. Was it your intention to reside in somewhere in euro land once your time is up and now this option has been taken from you.
  9. Well that's good news then most guns and cartridges are manufactured outside UK.so pricess should fall 😁
  10. Well the pound has strengthened on the back of all this. So some people think it's a smart move.
  11. Well the four contenders have just had a good run in TV debates over last 24 hours. From what I saw quite a few home truths were exposed. So from what I witnessed I will rank them in my opinion. Safest and one to least damage country NANDY Then THORNBURY Then STARMER Extremely worrying wrong daily
  12. Most labour party members I have known believe strongly in that. However they don't believe they are responsible for creating wealth, it's up to others to provide them with it.
  13. See three hardy souls shot DTL registered at Rufforth, well done lads
  14. Hi guys, Anyone know of any shoots called off today or are us shooters hardy souls and not easily put off
  15. Quite honestly they are far more use in the harbour. Once they go out to sea the are just a meet and greet service they are totally pointless and do absolutely nothing other than aide these criminals to make the crossing easier.
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