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  1. You ought to visit now Rob Hall is running the place. They have not sat still during the lockdown. All stands now covered and a new extension going on club house. Toilets are asclean and tidy and as good as any ground you will visit.. The whole place is also tidy and grass is always cut. He has even extended the banking all along the ranges. Traps are also fine and function as they should. Sounds like you had a bad experience before, but if you returned now it's under new ownership I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.
  2. I think it's far too early to see any change. However in 6 months time when the economic reality starts to bite I would expect to see change. I think the first change will be in new guns. I think the sales of those will start to fall. Manufactures will be the first to come under pressure and I would expect to see deals out there in attempts to keep sales figures up.
  3. Anyhow let's face it, if you cant beat em join ! I,ll start with the statue of emperor Constantine of Rome outside York minster. A leader of a despotic society that invaded England and subjugated the population. Then let's nip down the road to Stamford bridge a blatant pub sign of an axe wielding viking representing harold hardrada and his attempt to rule England. Then back to the minster itself its initial building started by the norman invaders. While we are at it that lot performed an act of genocide in the harrowing of the north. So every other castle and building they built should be demolished. None more so than the tower of London itself. A living monument to the invasion and subjugation of a nation. Right , I,ll get my coat, I,m off . Finished with all this back to other things.
  4. Check it out yourself you iddle ******
  5. Any normal white English man or woman who has no interest or influence on the wider society and the world. Just works hard, lives by the law, does the right thing and generally gets on with life must be wondering what they have done wrong. In the 60,s and 70,s we had the Irish Catholics hating us with vengeance, in the 80,s we were at war with ourselves the unions were trying to pull us apart. Next came the muslims and all the wrong we were doing in the Islamic world. Now it the turn of even greater numbers and all the wrong we have done against them. Then there are all the others all over the world having a pop. The Scots are another, according to sturgeon the English are the root of evil and all their problems. So it seems to me plenty have been upset with us. I like to think I have done nothing to cause it, but I am being made to think it's my fault and my problem to put it right.
  6. In fact Henry, when I posted above I have thought about adding a bit more to highlight my position. There is no doubt bame have justifiable arguments that need addressing, I accept that. The racism thing is also simmering in the background of society ,it always has. It is far less in the UK since it used to be we have moved on. However if a fire is simmering, you should perhaps wait till it dies out or better still try to put it out. The last thing you do is pour buckets of petrol on it, this is exactly what's happening now. As a white bloke, I have never had problem with race, I see the person and not the colour. I have black friends and there are white people who I cant stand. However I feel all this hatred is being directed to the likes of myself and I have never done a thing to provoke it. On the numbers theory, I stick by that. The old saying , when you live in Rome etc. We are now being asked to do things and change things to suit others agendas , but I hear very little compromise from the other side. History is history it cant be changed. If I go to Spain, I accept their culture, history and politics. It has nothing to do with me. I live with it and accept it, if I dont like it I move on. The last thing I want to do is to pull down any statues of king Philip because he sent an armada to invade England.
  7. No falicy , just listen at some of the flames of hatred that are being fanned about us evil white racists, at least that what they are suggesting we all are.
  8. When I was at university there was a little group of such kids. They all came from middle class / upper class backgrounds, heavy drug users, all into anarchy and rebellion. I got to know them quite well. Their respective parents were, solicitor,UK diplomat, wealthy business man, peer of the realm. Many years have passed, I never kept in touch but my money is that they are all now Tory voters 😁
  9. No under lying agenda from me, again this is a subject I probably know more about than you. This particular 'argument' is a dispute over the rights and respect of bame communities here and world wide. I conceed this group do have certain grievances that need addressing. However these people are just seen as foot soldiers who's argument can be exploited for wider political purposes. The people behind this are actually at war with society as we know it. You come over as bright, can you remember in the not too distant past when our government was under a simillar threat. The difference this time is that they have found a significant group of our society to motivate to act on their behalf. They also know our society is based on democracy, which is basically a numbers game. Stack the deck till you have the most numbers and you win.
  10. No way, there is a wider agenda at play here. Anyone who knows anything about military tactics can see what's happening. This is just a small skirmish at the moment to test the strength of the opposition. How easy the government cave in will give them an indication to their strength and resolve. I think they will win this skirmish, I think the government will reluctantly accept their demands in the hope it will be the end and we will all then live happily ever after. However this will not be enough, they will then push for more with new found confidence. I fear what will happen next.
  11. I will had to that. What they are saying is, we have moved into your country and we dont like many things about it. We intend to change things that suit us and not you. We are still the minority but our numbers are growing. We will quickly be the majority and then this country will be ours and not yours and run totally for our benefit.
  12. For a start I will repeat they are volunteers so they do not get any material gain by being armed. Of course they have to be accountable and take it from me they are. Once they pull the trigger they will go under the most extreme and rigorous scrutiny you can imagine. I would go as far as suggesting the investigators will go beyond impartial boundaries and the officer in question will be presumed guilty and then have to justify his actions to prove innocence. But that is not the issue here. By the sheer amount of gun crime and knife crime in this country. By the fact that black people do these things as well as white people. By the inescapable fact the vast majority of police are white. I will make a prediction. Before this year is out a white police officer will kill a black person in the UK. He will face the most rigorous investigation and let's say there is overwhelming evidence that he acted totally correctly and was totally justified, that will only stop him from being prosecuted. What it will not do is alter the fact that a white police officer had taken the life of a black person. Legalities and justification are totally irrelevant, the voices and screams for him to be hung drawn and quarter will be over whelming and his life and most likely that of his family will be ruined forever. Just not worth it, let the scum run riot it's probably the only way that huge sections of society may start to realise some of the harsh realities.
  13. Yes they are but as they say, very little comfort. You have gone about your duty in good faith and followed all guidelines and advice. However you are detained and interviewed under caution, perhaps even arrested. You are charged with murder, go through committal and eventually stand in a crown court dock as a murder defendant with a life sentence hanging over your head. Prisons are not nice places at the best of time but a nightmare for coppers. Then let's look at the anonymity, how tight can you keep it throughout without leaks. Then there us your wider family. Kids will have to change school, you may need to move house and start a new life. All this for only doing your job. So if there are firearms ticket holders reading this. Hand them in , the potential pitfalls are not worth it
  14. I know more about this than you will ever know. Those and many other cases did not happen in this extremely volatile climate. But just let's forget that for now, getting charged and going on trial for murder is a serious matter,even if you do get eventually acquitted. It can ruin your life totally. As for the young Clint eastwoods, you are correct, seen a few myself. It needs some old experienced heads to have a word with them and put them straight. Next time some idiot goes on the rampage with a gun , let him. Let's see what the anti racists, lefties and liberals scream then. If they want protection direct them to the people they hold in high esteem. Drug dealers, paedophiles and other such scum bags. They put great emphasis on these police haters so I am sure they will do a far better job in sorting things out.
  15. The armed plod as you refer to them in the UK are all volunteers. If they have an ounce of common sense everyone should hand in their permits. There is some poor sod out there who one day will be called to an incident, he will act totally correctly and unfortunately he will kill a black person. From that point on he will be hung out to dry and his career will be over and his life will be a misery. He will be sacrificed as a racist killer ,although he will have acted entirely lawfully.
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