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  1. Hi guys, I have a miroku 3800 and thinking about having the first barrel opening out a little. Any idea what the going rate is in the Yorkshire/ north region Thanks
  2. I believe if all manufactures solely used fibre then savings would be made with more efficient production runs.
  3. Taking this subject a little further, how long as a sport can we justify using plastic in these environmentally sensitive times. Would not mind betting in the next few years we will all be using fibre whether we like it or not.
  4. Bit out of date, non membership price increased about 4 month ago and now 35p per clay ! Membership also gone up to £90 Thimbleby great value for money at £22 per 100 Tuesday and Thursday. Also an excellent sporting set up.
  5. Rupert can you explain it a little more please Thanks
  6. I have a browning 525 and miroku 3800 and both have the stiffness problem. Both get even stiffer as they warm up. Going to have a go at what you suggest
  7. Yes know that. But plenty of shoots around at 28p or less and no membership fees. Do I think it's a good overall set up ,I certainly do . Good value for money, not in my opion
  8. Yes the snooker stand is well thought out. However at 35p a pop I shoot elsewhere these days
  9. Thimbleby is pure sporting. Great layout all modern traps set in a beautiful valley. Tuesday and Thursday £22 for 100 got to be best value around. Plus they have a Warren doing multiple rabbits. Easy to reach at side of A19
  10. Nearest cartridge supplier to me refuses to stock anything beyond 7.5 his philosophy is, if they break them at 60yds they will break them at 20 yards. Then I have seen guys with several different cartridges doing a round and more often than not different cartridge in each barrel. Must admit i find 7.5 ok even at 24gm. I was wondering if I was missing a trick. Thanks for your replies so far
  11. I am just wondering which shot size people prefer if you had to choose something for all disciplines (trap,skeet,sporting) Or is the difference between the two so small that both sizes perform the same.
  12. I am sure any shooter looking like your avatar would soon gather a large crowd behind them😁
  13. I am very new to clay shooting myself so have not been to that many grounds. However I have done Thimbleby recently and I really rate it. It's a sporting layout with automatic traps so good for a lone shooter. Depending on which part of harrogate you are i would day about 30 minutes away at most, it only takes me about an hour to get there and I live in wakefield. Check website for their opening times sure its Tuesday and Wednesday till 8 PM.
  14. Someone recommended slippery 'Richards's butt oil to me. Be very careful when you do your internet search 😁
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