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  1. If you had sat in the trap house loading, it was always a moment of intrepidation when the time came to venture out, because you had to wait long enough to be sure the line was over and someone didn't have a loaded gun point in your direction 🤔
  2. I remember those old manual dtl traps where the ref used to cock the trap and then release the bird with a long handled mechanism.(think they were white flyers) you also needed a separate scorer plus a bloke sat in the trap house loading the Clay's. Far more labour intensive , still as far as I recollect, 25 Clay's were cheaper than 25 cartridges.
  3. I think a decent 28gm mid range cartridge between £200 to £225 per 1000 will do for everything and if you miss it's you, not the cartridge. My go to cartridge costs me £197 and breaks in second barrel shots on all the trap disciplines. If I do a bit of sporting I always take a box or two of 21gm or 24gm which I pay £180 . I use these on the close range stuff and they are more than adequate. I have tried all the super dooper top of the range stuff but they dont break anymore Clay's than my go to cartridge and on the whole are between £50 to £70 more expensive. My conclusion is th
  4. I have shot at quite a few grounds including park lodge during the covid period. Everyone bar park lodge still have their bins out and allow you to leave spent cartridges as before. This take home policy makes little sense to me other than possible cost cutting. They'll be asking you to bring your own Clay's next 😉
  5. I am always trying new cartridges when I get the chance. They all seem to smash the Clay's as good as the top of the range stuff. The only thing i have noticed with some of the cheap ones is that the smell a little bit and leave more residue in the barrels.
  6. There are plenty of claymate systems being used 'up north' and we dont get charged 40p for the privilege .......thankfully 😁
  7. Sounds good and I hope the ground continues to thrive. £25 per 100 just shows what can be done.
  8. I dont get this good target excuse for putting up prices. It costs no more to fire a clay into the sky in such a way that some people think it's good rather than bad. The argument is also flawed when it comes to the disciplines. Dont know if the likes of Coley have disciplines at their ground. But if they do and are charging 40p to practice them , that is totally over the top in my opinion.
  9. Thimbleby definitely worth a visit, good value for money. Also there is hazelbank at knaresborough quite compact but good targets and good value. Then rightover on the coast there is humberside shooting ground.
  10. I have an old model miroku and I have been trying to get another for sometime . I have kept a very close eye on gun trader and gunstar for well over six months. What has really stood out is the amount of grade 5,s that have had crack repairs to both stock and forend. However dont think I have seen a grade 1 with the same cracking issue.
  11. Yes and I bet the majority are miserable old yorkshiremen 😁
  12. Cartridges dont come in to the equation in my reckoning when looking at overall cost. They cost the same wherever you shoot and whatever you shoot at.
  13. My preferred Yorkshire ground is a cpsa premier ground and 24p per clay practice. Plus everystand has a scorer so no birds or seeing a bird is not charged. Another premierplus ground not too far away has claymate and charges 35p per clay. Suffice to say I very rarely go there . However here is another thing to consider , the cheap ground gets my business at least once a week for practice and quite often twice. I will also do 150 Clay's. If I went to the expensive ground I would never do more than 100. So even though much cheaper i shoot a lot more Clay's and go far more often. The
  14. You ought to visit now Rob Hall is running the place. They have not sat still during the lockdown. All stands now covered and a new extension going on club house. Toilets are asclean and tidy and as good as any ground you will visit.. The whole place is also tidy and grass is always cut. He has even extended the banking all along the ranges. Traps are also fine and function as they should. Sounds like you had a bad experience before, but if you returned now it's under new ownership I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.
  15. I think it's far too early to see any change. However in 6 months time when the economic reality starts to bite I would expect to see change. I think the first change will be in new guns. I think the sales of those will start to fall. Manufactures will be the first to come under pressure and I would expect to see deals out there in attempts to keep sales figures up.
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