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  1. Good point, But I go a bit further in my viewing habits. Anything which is even slightly political in content and which the BBC broadcast is irrelevant. I stopped watching the garbage they pump out years ago. In fact , my biggest gripe with this government and all its faults is that it has failed abolish the licence fee.
  2. I have been doping myself for years, but my preferred and only drug is alcohol. However my only sport now is shooting and after an heavy session the night before, I can assure you it dosnt enhance my performance 😁
  3. Never struck me as the brightest of blokes and the fact that he let his todger over ride his brain says he will not be a big loss. There are some bright and capable people in the Tories and often wondered why the likes of Mat Hancock and Gavin Williamson get cabinet posts.
  4. Think this says so much about the 'person' in question. I dont know how they have the hard faced cheek to do this. It's like an adult playing in an under 11 team. As far as the other genuine athletes are concerned, I dont know why the majority must suffer for one person. They should all complete but if this person wins a medal, make their point by refusing yo go on the medal ceremony.
  5. Well if that happens, whoever wins it may also have a secret todger
  6. Turn left often enough and you eventually travel up your own rectum.
  7. If that's starmers plan, he may also invite dominic Cummings into the fold.
  8. The world is going crazy in my opinion. New Zealand trans gender weight lifter Laurel Hubbard, being allowed to take part in Tokyo Olympics. I know some of the women lifters look like blokes but they must be at a disadvantage when this is allowed. If she wins hold it could set a trend as many more may choose this route as a way of achieving olypic success. Oh and I must mention this, one of her disciplines is reported to be the snatch.
  9. I can, there are quite a few toxic creatures in the labour party, mostly on the Corbyn wing. Any party who accept many of those would not have a problem with that little maggot.
  10. Ah well you cant win em all. Like I said in opening post,not a big football fan . The reason for the post was that it was sport that is being hi jacked for political gain and from a political party i detest. I also find another recent political development adopted which I dont like. So in summary sport and politics should be kept apart.
  11. Excellent result. Now down to England to finish them off on Friday. Thus starving the poisonous bitch of one less opportunity to spout her bile.
  12. I am not a big football fan, but so many are. Just hoping Scotland get a stuffing today and then on Friday, England deliver the killer blow. Normally would not be that bothered but if Scotland do well, the toxic bint wee Jimmy will no doubt politicalise it. She will never be off telly with her anti English bile.
  13. Even when G7 is over those boats will probably sail up the channel to perform their meet and greet duties in order to help Macron get rid of his immigrants.
  14. Probably to pee off Macron. When he looks out of his hotel window, he will see all those fishing grounds he wants but cant have
  15. Brought up in Yorkshire near three very large lakes, so every kid in village went fishing. Back then everyone had air rifles and you just went wherever you fancied with them , shooting rights etc were never even considered. Also every kid I played with back then was into bird nesting and egg collecting. You went out for hours and only came home when hungry. It was also the age of steam and the main lines of LMS and LNER were very close, hence many hours watching proper trains.
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