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  1. All ways in my sight, arms length. Or stowed securely, never left loafing, asking for trouble!!
  2. 28gauge excellent, providing you use a suitable cartridge for your needs, ok, got an o/u any shell’s will work light to carry, if shooting clays 21gram 9s does the trick. A400, minimum wt needs to be 21grms and 70mm cartridge to recycle the action efficiently, Rhino do extended chokes which pattern well. The pattern at 30yrds if compared to a12gauge using similar chokes and cartridges (eg 24gram /full choke) the pattern is very similar in spread, however the 12 has more pellets ,but the 28s coverage is more than adequate for reasonable clays and light rough shooting!
  3. Thanks for the information, it all helps! Ok thanks, that’s clear, I think!
  4. I am currently considering getting a Silver Pigeon, with two sets of barrels 28gauge&410 , looking for general advice, I believe it is counted as one gun for certification purposes??
  5. Soon visiting the Coventry area, any good grounds?
  6. My usual shoots when visiting Yorkshire, park lodge, Coniston, and sneak over the boarder to kelbrook, all offer varied targets park lodge & Coniston have cafes on site kelbrook offer hot and cold drinks in the week hot snacks week ends!
  7. Thanks to all of you for your varied advice . I shoot A400,s and have never had a problem, 1, always read the manual for any semi automatic shot gun, FIRST, as there are various loading and unloading procedures, 2, clean the gun prior to firing, 3, lightly oil the working parts, 4, pull the barrel through to ensure any surplus oil is removed and the bore is clear of obstruction,5, most importantly clean after firing, wether 50 rds or 500 rds carbon is produced by burning powder, which will over time corrode, and reduce the efficient working and condition of your gun!! Good luck, and keep moving!!
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