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  1. I would be mixture of everything, primarily rough shooting ditches and decoying ponds. I miss the easy ones and hit the hard ones, I’d say I’m average at best. Yeah my experience with steel on stronger birds is that 40/45 yards is about max range for a clean kill and I would be using half choke (full choke on steel). Unless your a good shot and been at it for a while you might be getting them a little further in the 50’s (or more) I’ll give cyl/quarter a go on some closer birds and see how it plays out, thanks Lloyd
  2. that’s what I was thinking. I used them last year on pheasant and they seemed a little too light so I wasn’t sure, had a couple of wounded birds, probably due to my choking more than the steel. Thanks for the advice. What choking would you recommend? It’s a Luigi Franchi Harrier, 27.5inch barrel.
  3. Looks like I’ll have to keep my 20bore as it won’t sell. Might as well use it for this upcoming season, last season I didn’t take it out as I didn’t want to get it marked up or drop it in mud in places I was unfamiliar with. Now I’ll be taking it into manageable grounds for the duck I’ve spotted. what 29 bore cartridges would you guys recommend being heavy enough to take some duck at maximum distance, using HP steel loads? thanks
  4. I’ve been trying to sell my gun for a while now and someone reached out to me. His “contact name” was Dann Foster. He reached out to me via an email he used, which was danfoster1711@gmail.com He offered to pay via postal order. I was waiting for it for 2 weeks. He never kept his receipt for the postal order. No way was I giving the gun to him, or will, if he claims he has paid and sent it. After I googled his email address it came up, along with a long list of others, as an email in conjunction with known scamming of people and their goods. I’ve reported him to the police and they got back to me saying this isn’t the first incident with this person. Be careful, a known trick, yes, but just a heads up. if anyone gives any information to you that you can google like phone numbers, addresses or emails, it’s always worth googling or typing into social media to check if everything is legitimate. Just in case you didn’t know. all the best 🦆🕊
  5. See if you can get your hands on some Irish or Scottish turf (or any turf), could be under another name for “dried peat bog” product.
  6. In Ireland we use light amounts of turf and almost steam it into the salmon. Jesus it’s good. One of those meals that you just never forget about.
  7. As Danny dyer says “nut down, blower out”
  8. No harm in lateness, not much, as it does vary. There are many little books you could find in some second hand book shops that deliver sweet and simple instruction on poultry and waterfowl production. They often have little pieces of advice in them that only experienced people know, old tricks.
  9. I’m looking for one of these currently
  10. Same here, can’t find one of these side by sides before the season start
  11. Your hardly still looking to sell this gun?
  12. You sound like you’ve managed it well. Sorry to hear about the outcome, good it didn’t develop into a worse situation. Blaming the dog isn’t right nor saying it should be put to sleep. Usually this is a problem in the owner. I have always had good dogs but one of my labradors is a ****** for being aggressive with other dogs, there’s just nothing we can do/have done. Some dogs are born to be aggressive to certain things and there’s just no avoiding it. If it’s the owner then you should seek prosecution to ensure this person does not own another animal therefore preventing further incidents/possible death. If it’s the dog, then yes, I’m afraid it should be put to sleep as it is a danger to the owner (especially the older the dog gets) and the public. Ask your local authority who has dealt with this incident to investigate and these issues I have highlighted. You will be doing yourself a favour and above all else, your community a favour! Go to your doctor ASAP if the wound reddens, itch’s and turns yellowish (gloopy yellow green and/gunky). From the pharmacy, tell what has happened and they will target it more precisely with what they have in stock. Get better lad, you did well to stand your ground. - a vet
  13. Veterinary practices are currently under instruction from the government to adhere to certain guidelines regarding the pandemic. For instance, if the staff are worried about transmission of the virus they are within they right to restrict a clients presence within the facilities. However, you also have the right to have your dog seen outdoors within your presence. Feel comfortable asking your vets this, they should be more than willing as it’s a better option for the animal and the people. If privacy is your issue, try and find a quieter place. some vets will not like the idea of an outdoor examination because of time delay with everything they need being inside. More sensible and less stressy vets will outweigh the benefits and see the benefits. - I work in a vets
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