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  1. I can see the face of Jesus
  2. KFC


    Avacado on Bacon sarnie sprinkled with black pepper, yummy yum yum. Just had Avacado on toast with scrambled egg this morning, yummy yum yum. I have grown Acacado's by putting a cocktail stick through the stone and lodging it in the top of a glass with the blunt end of the stone in water. But again, 12" -18" is all I could manage.
  3. I was with Sky and the BB dropped out every couple of days and sometimes as much as 3 times a day so I went to EE. From the start EE was dropping out 20-30 times a day and they could see it. They sent an engineer five times and each time was told 'no fault found'. they checked right from the house to the exchange, including changing router channels as there might be too many people on the same channel. At 5am I don't think so. I even used a monitor to change to channels I could see were unoccupied. After the fifth engineer started back at the box on my wall I knew we were going round in circles so I got in touch with BT. They said they would pay if I got charged for early termination with EE so I did that. EE charged me and BT picked up the bill. Since then the only time BB has dropped out is for a few seconds if there's a storm nearby. Other than that it is solid. Now, I'm obviously not saying that there's any collusion but when BT bought EE they had to assure the Monopolies and Mergers Commission that they would keep the two businesses seperate. Of course, if I chose to change then that is down to me and not BT. As we all know, OpenReach, providing the line, is BT as well. I'm only saying that it does make me wonder that once I'd changed to BT then, all of a sudden, my BB is stable. I also used to be on EE mobile and their coverage was very patchy so now I've been on Tesco Mobile, which is O2, for quite a while without a problem. Can't speak for Plusnet but I'm not a fan of EE.
  4. KFC

    trout smoker

    Hi Rob, I got a Callow smoker from Amazon. It's quite handy with two meths burners underneath it means I don't have to muck about with bbq coals or anything. My buddy uses Oak wood so I'll try some of that too. I wrapped the wood chips in foil, which I punctured to let the smoke out, and also put a layer of foil on the drip-tray. Helped cleaning and disposal of chips afterwards.
  5. KFC

    trout smoker

    Had a bit of dosh spare from Birthday and Father's Day so treated myself to a Callow smoker. Caught a Trout this morning so filleted it, loaded the smoker with some Apple wood and, after an hour in rock salt, gave the trout a 25min smoking. Absolutely delicious and so easy. Definitely the way to go from now on.
  6. He's obviously taken offence🙄
  7. Well done, lovely fish! I've been out this morning and caught 3 Rainbow Trout but, sizewise, they would have done for bait for that Kingfish.😉
  8. KFC


    That's something I'd love to see is a Hoopoe in the wild in the UK. Judging from these posts they are starting to move a bit further north so there is a chance before I fall off me perch.
  9. KFC

    The 70's

    I bet the childrens' game on Prestel called Missionaries and Cannibals went down well🤯
  10. KFC


    I think one of the main reasons that people dump them is because they don't realise how big nor how vicious they can get, especially the females. I used to keep all sorts, including Snapping Turtles. I doubt they'd ruin an eco-system because they're not voracious feeders.
  11. What a difference a few days make. Went yesterday morning. Wind westerly instead of north so had to fish a different bank. Three of us struggled to catch. Eventually my buddy hooked up just under the surface and landed a 1.75lb and a while later I got one on red diawl bach just under the surface too. We'd all been fishing deep because it was so bright and we saw no rises. The other chap, who's our club chairman🙄 blanked. Don't forget suncream chaps, my arms got a bit burned.😬
  12. Went to our syndicate Rainbow reservoir on Thursday. Gold headed blue flash damsel on point with red diawl bach on dropper. 3rd cast 1.5lb on diawl bach. A few casts later 1.75lb on damsel. A while later I got snapped off on the diawl bach. Retied with red cruncher on dropper and missed quite a few tugs then got a double hookup. The fish took in opposite directions and the point fish snapped off but I landed the dropper, another 1.75lb. Quite a few fish moving. Fish limit is 6 fish over 7 days so packed up to leave 3 fish for Sunday. It was lovely to be out, Cuckoos, Swallows and all sorts of insect life so just sat with coffee for a while just appreciating it all.
  13. KFC


    At my syndicate trout lake this morning. One Cuckoo sat on power lines calling to my left then an answering call from Ash trees on my right. Cuckoo on my left flew to the Ash trees then a constant call from both of them. A few minutes later the pair of them flew off calling as they went. I guess they'll be looking for nest to hijack soon.
  14. Our syndicate opened yesterday and I went this morning. First hookup on 3rd cast on Diawl Bach for 1.5lb. Finished with two more at 1.75lb. Got smashed off once and on the last fish it was a double hookup. Point fish snapped off my blueflash damsel but I landed the other one on red diawl bach. Missed quite a few tugs. It was just wonderful to be out, lovely session.
  15. KFC


    There's a funny thing, I just sat down at my laptop and saw this thread and at the same time I heard the first Cuckoo of the year. I had wondered if they'd had to go into quarantine on arriving in this country from Africa?
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