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  1. In previous years I put it in my hobby pot then the next year I gave it to my wife for her hobby pot and last year we spent it on something for the house. This year I'm so poor I've had to postpone the purchase of a new RC aeroplane and will have to spend it on heating instead😭 It's not fair!!!!!!
  2. KFC

    Musical instrument

    As has been said, they will be Bb Trumpets. I would search for the names because they can vary tremendously according to make and condition. I can play Trumpet, although I sold my last one a couple of years ago. If you want to pm me any info you have then I'd be happy to give you an idea of their worth.
  3. Possibly going to Aldeburgh on Sunday 24th for some beach fishing. Unfortunately I can only get there during low tide. Has anyone fished there lately, any useful catches please?
  4. I must admit to being completely befuddled now, not that I wasn't before. I used to vote UKIP but they've turned to dust. I was going to vote Brexit Party because I want a clean break brexit and believe in Nigel. I'd never vote Tory because they lied to get us in the EU in the first place and, I believe, the deal so far is brexit in name only. They pay billions of taxpayers money to private companies in PFI deals just to keep debt 'off-books' and pretend debt is falling and never invest in anything until it is too little too late just to save their skins. Labour, Greens, Libdems, well nuff said. My constituency is a tory safe seat so, if Brexit don't stand, then it will be the Monster Raving Loony Party for me simply to excercise my voting right but this may be the first of many times when I simply don't vote because I've got nothing to vote for. PS. I don't believe in tactical voting because I don't understand the idea of voting for something I don't want in order to get something I don't want just to prevent something I don't want😕
  5. KFC

    rememberance sunday

    I'm the same Zapp, and I only wear a Poppy on Sunday and the 11th but I support RBL all year round. Like others, every day is remembrance day. I know there's so many who have given so much in many different ways but I would also ask for my comrades to be included. In order for there to be a nuclear deterrent then someone has to develop it and maintain it, whether it belongs to our nation or anothers. Many servicemen and civilians have died of cancer, leukemia and other radiation linked illnesses or still live with the effects because of their involvement with nuclear weapons. For those affected by our own then I consider that they were subject to 'friendly-fire'. Please give a thought to those who have given and are still giving to our security in this way. Thanks.
  6. I fly Discus Launch Glider, Electric Glider and Thermal Glider but, unfortunately not near you, nor heli's or edf. Have you seen the new regs that wrap us up with drone operators? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-50293106 Fortunately BMFA members have been given a bit of leeway.
  7. Just an outside off-chance. I've been trying to find some Ellison's Orange apples for years now. I had some as a kid when I earned pocket-money by apple picking. They have a very distinct aniseed flavour. I've found plenty of suppliers for the trees but, since I live in a first floor flat, I don't have anywhere to plant them. I know it's also the end of the season for picking them but their flavour is best when well-ripened and soft. I'm happy to pay carriage on some so, you never know your luck, does anybody have some they are willing to sell or do you know of a supplier please? Thanks in advance KFC
  8. KFC

    Night vision

    I've just started using a Pard NV007 which I can switch easily between my AA S410 and my CZ452. I've had quite a few bunnies with it already and it works great. One thing I wasn't prepared for is that, because of the brightness of the screen, the pupil in my left eye closes down so when I take my eye away from the scope then it's takes a few seconds for the eye to open up again and be able to see clearly again. Being partially sighted in my right eye means I'm virtually blind til my left eye re-adjusts😵 Be careful of sellers on auction sites because I have heard of people receiving empty cases.
  9. I don't see how it can be funnier or more ridiculous than the reality at the moment🤡
  10. KFC

    Shome rebellion

    That'll show 'em😁 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-49918971/extinction-rebellion-lose-control-of-fake-blood-hose
  11. Well, I'll just carry on til I have to wear glasses😎
  12. KFC

    Back to childhood.

    We made Swannee Whistles out of Horse Chestnut twigs. We'd tie a spoon to the end of a garden cane to reach over ponds into Moorhen nests and scoop out the eggs. A tin can filled with pond water over a fire, we were allowed to play with matches, was how we boiled the eggs then ate them. Nobody drowned and id dibint do me enny aahhmmm🙄
  13. KFC


    I think we've lost the last semblance of democracy when a 'supreme' court can rule over our parliament citing only assumptions and declaring something 'unlawful' and at the same time fail to quote which laws have been broken, all funded by private individuals with the stated intent of overturning the legitimate will of the majority. Don't think I'll ever bother voting again😕
  14. KFC

    Board games

    Backgammon. Simpler than you think to get to grips with the basic game. My wife and I play it regularly, we've even played it at the side of the road whilst awaiting the breakdown truck. The beauty of it is that there's lots of strategies you can use but it also includes the unpredictability of thrown dice which levels the playing field.
  15. Brilliant, THAT is what music is all about. It's the thing I love about Ukulele, I play in a band but there's now Uke clubs all over the uk so I usually take one with me and can just sit in with any club wherever we go. Thanks for posting.
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