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  1. H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, _ _ T _ _
  2. Thanks for the tipoff. I've just taken a 30-day free trial to watch it. Stunning photography😊 I've only watched 2 episodes so far and I'm glad to see it's not sanitised like many programmes. It was nice to see the two little girls catching their first Trout and wanting to eat their fish, including the dispatch of the fish. I'm sure they will grow up with a great appreciation of the environment and balance of nature. Looking forward to the rest.
  3. KFC

    Vango Force Ten Tent

    I had one years ago and for some reason I've got one of the ridge 'Y' pieces left. I can stick it in the post FOC if it's any use to you.
  4. KFC

    Crow antics

    I worked at a place with a park nearby that had Walnut trees in it. The place I worked was an industrial yard with a concrete car park in the middle. Late summer was always a dodgy time because the Crows would fly over the yard and drop Walnuts onto the concrete to crack them. A few cars got dings in the bodywork.
  5. KFC

    I guarantee.

    disconnected landline minths ago, always spam calls. However, I'm sure my buddy must have installed bugs when he's been round here. The minute my dinner's on the plate, I've just put my jacket on to go out or I'm half way through an email or ...............................hang on, it's me mate on the phone, I'll be back in a minute ............................
  6. I put on my red shooting socks on this morning then put on the yellow garters in readiness for beaters day. My wife flicked the tassles and said "they look like morris dancers socks" !!!😡🤬
  7. one of the good ones one of the good ones😉
  8. 50p worth of improvements to Ramsey so far🙄
  9. Normal US policy. Provoke a country until they have to retaliate then use that as an excuse to invade under a pretence of 'self-defence' or 'peace'. The US has never been able to tolerate the Iranian revolution and, ever since the fall of the Shah of Persia, has been trying to bring Iran down so they can dominate the oil supplies in the middle east. That's why they installed and armed Saddam Hussein and waged a 6 year war by proxy. Once they got their backsides kicked then Saddam became a liability so 'weapons of mass destruction', none of which was ever specified or even found. A look at an atlas tells the true story. Every country destabilised at the moment, from Ukraine, where Russia were forced to annexe Crimea to secure their only access to the Med, in a 'U' shape all the way round to the South China Sea and Japan, forms a buffer zone between Russia, China and US controlled Arabian oil. We were practicing these scenario's when I was in the RAF back in the '70's and they're still going down the same route knowing where it ends up. A 'glow in the dark' world. Our military is totally dependent upon the US including our 'independent' nuclear deterrent so when the US says jump then we have no alternative to saying "how high Mr President"?
  10. Sorry, thermal gliders is my thing, I'm sure there must be some RC clubs around Birmingham to help you get airborne with your helicopters. Check the BMFA site for clubs.
  11. I'm always doing it. Shooting, fly fishing, rc model aircraft, playing in a ukulele band, on committees for various groups along with family commitments. Trouble is that I cut down on the things I'm doing, to simplify life, then fill the spaces with new things.🥺
  12. KFC

    Happy New Year

    A pea new ear😁 Continuing my resolution to live to eternity, so far so good😎
  13. KFC


    No, you can't!!! Regardless of the fact that it is unmanned it is still endangering an aircraft. There is no idea where it will end up once disabled and the batteries can be a significant fire hazard if damaged. The idea is, of course, that if the drone is being flown illegally i.e. too close to you or your house or out of line of sight of the operator you would be able to report the drone, the operator could then be identified via the register and appropriate action taken against the operator. In practice, of course, it's highly unlikely that the operator will be identified, however, at least the company administering the unmonitored register can make a nice little profit out of all of us aeromodellers who have operated aircraft for decades without incident, accident or inconvenience to anyone being fully insured, competency tested and within all CAA regulations. Just my little gripe💩 Right, must go and check my finances ready for when they impose a tax for breathing🤬
  14. KFC


    I've used rc gliders in the past to take aerial photo's. One thing I did find was that, although I got some nice photo's of the local town, I found the field I was flying from was much more interesting. What appeared to just be a plain grass field from the ground revealed many more interesting features from the air. The field showed it had at one time been marked off in large squares, apparently to stop aircraft or gliders landing in the 2nd world war. It also revealed an area where furrow cultivation had taken place in the past as well as outlines of buildings that had once stood alongside the river and a disused swimming pool that had at one time been fed by the river.
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