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  1. Still, at least our trusted and hardworking tax-payer funded MP's can claim their TV licence as part of their expenses which are equivalent to a second wage whilst they carry on working at all their other well paid jobs earning as much as they like, so that's alright then🙄
  2. of more direct impact on the UK is the fact that the maintenance contract, including the RAF's F35's, was given to Turkey. Lucky that we gave our Harriers to the US, which they then scrapped, and then leased us the F35's.🙄
  3. A length of steel conduit and a nail with a paper cone wrapped round the head was pretty lethal
  4. When my pocket money wouldn't run to a Milbro, or 3/16" & 1/4" rubber from Freddy Friday's model shop in Newport Pagnell then old bicycle inner-tube rubber on a Hazel or Ash fork worked reasonably well. Wax gardening string to join on the sling from an old leather shoe tongue. And summer days that never seemed to end, they were the days.
  5. She was 12 years old and with her Grandmother. Her Grandmother surely had the role of 'responsible adult', because she was a child, and the Grandmother should have ensured she used a tray, or at least did not tuck a cup of boiling water under her arm🙄
  6. I would be going straight down the small claims court route. Every contract has to be reasonable and, if you get a judgement then it can be enforced.
  7. KFC

    USA v FRANCE....

    Shame, it's exactly that reason I never watch men's football. Falling over pretending they're hurt all the time. I like watching the women's football because they do just play football and if they do fall over then they just get up and play on. Not this lot, dragging the game down☹️
  8. KFC

    Small bird ID please

    There's a funny thing, I was thinking yesterday that it's years since I'd seen a Linnet. They used to be regular visitors to my Grandad's garden when I was a kid.
  9. So much fouling I thought I was watching a men's professional match🙄
  10. My buddy and I used to go sea fishing regularly, both beach and charter boat but we haven't been for about 3years now because of Bass regulations and we'd only catch pin-whiting. We both catch to eat but it's just not worth the journey now. The amount we'd spend on bait, tackle and meals in the local shops then it has to be a hit to the local economy. EU Common Market my backside🤬
  11. Bliar because of his personal agrandisment at the expense of the country. Cameron, he divided the country because of giving Scotland independence in all but name in order to head off Scottish independence then dividing the country by holding the EU referendum in order to try and head off UKIP then running away. He single-handedly did more to divide the country than even Maggie. I'm no supporter of the con-servatives but Theresa May never stood a chance because they were left with a poison chalice situated on a radioactive island in the middle of a crocodile infested swamp by Cameron.
  12. KFC

    Change UK

    Anna Soubry is the epitome of an MP spouting abject drivel whilst truly believing she's saying something useful. I agree that when they leave the party for which they were elected to serve then there should be a by-election. They continue to slurp at the trough as members of a party for which nobody has voted for whilst abandoning those who had voted for them. Then again, since when did MP's ever work for what the majority vote for?
  13. KFC

    Guy Martin

    Watched it, good programme. I hadn't appreciated what the 'flying nightingales' went through either. Definitely lotta bottle in those days.
  14. The skydive is a piece of doddle, it's the last two inches that are the problem, but anyone can jump two inches. Just enjoy it, it's a fantastic experience, especially when the chute opens and the noise stops.😎
  15. Once again, because of illegal actions by a few then the law-abiding have to suffer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48108817 I've flown RC model aircraft for years, always complying with CAA ANO's and being fully insured, but now, from November, I will have to register with the CAA, take an online competency test and pay £16.50 a year for the privelege. Any unmanned aircraft from 250g to 20kg is being lumped in with multi-rotor drones so it includes my thermal gliders. There is a CAA 'consultation' going on, to which I have responded and written to the CAA, my MP and the minister responsible, but it is obviously a done deal with the IT company. It will be an unmonitored register, I can't see the Police, the few that are left, tramping fields looking for illegal model flyers. I struggle to see how this will prevent the illegal use of drones/model aircraft any more than the ban on handguns stopped kids shooting each other. Thousands are injured and loads killed by motor vehicles every year but car owners don't have to be register annually. The projected costs are £2.5m for the IT system and management of the register plus £0.3m for education and safety. All seems a bit disproportionate to me. Any other RC flyers on here?
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