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  1. We had a pair of greenfinches today that was nice to see in the garden but we used to get loads of them .
  2. Looks a good job that smoker and the trout looks good ,do you catch your own ?.
  3. I think it's best to feed until there is food for them ,seeds field cut etc I have proved that on the shoot I help on if you don't feed you will loose alot of pheasants and partridges that will nest and bring of clutches which draws others to you later on , I know this because of different breeds what are seen and shot what we do not release Speaks For Itself.
  4. Fantastic shooting plus video ,what pound is that there daystate at boy ? It really does the trick on lonnnnng range pigeons .Very good Keepam comming .
  5. Yes nice spot nice and tidy ,The other half does all that I suppose or are you going to take credit ? . Them old winds have been bad the last couple of days ,Take care boy .
  6. Hello tagether hope you don't mind me saying but the mk 4 traps are big enough for tree rats I think plus might be a bit cheaper to buy ? Hope this helps
  7. Just my opinion if you are loosing water and it's starts not so well in mornings it's water getting into bores overnight ,if it starts but lumpy it's burning water before clearing it's self to burn diesel. So my opinion if you get it pressure checked at garage it should show that . Plus it will leak any other places under pressure.
  8. I was going to ask ultrastu was the rifle in top picture an ultra ? Because I the first PCP I had was a ultra in 22 and I wish I had never sold it . Why I ask the stock looks a bit different to my one I had good shooting nice lot of bunnies .
  9. Hello mate welcome to PW you are going to learn alot here ? Good old boys these lot.
  10. I think like twenty said and also these screws who nick these dogs cut the chip out so they cannot be identified so I am told.
  11. Thanks for that Tightchoke but nothing recorded yet or is that me being darft ?. I thought pigeons are thin on the ground
  12. Is there a section on here for pigeon shot in 2021 ? I see there is up till 2017 but could not find any others ,This is just for interest because don't seem so many about this year.
  13. So many do gooders nowadays tagether like ya say that only take one bad apple in bag as the saying goes.
  14. As all have said fantastic shooting and we'll put together I could watch it for hours , just one more thing I liked the way you let one of the foxes have it's last pee. All good mate Thanks again.
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