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  1. Totally agree,but this country is not getting soft ,It's got soft I think it's got to the stage it's bl***y pathetic
  2. Bring back memory's of a few years ago ,we had photo crew at shoot and just after dinner it started to snow and turned cold as well the sort of snow that stuck to you ,the dogs tried to get behind owners we had all had enough by mid afternoon ,Happy days .
  3. Been covered before probably but thinking of smoking some salmon and pheasant ,I have some ash dust and chips for smoking ,Is this a good wood for pheasant ?,Have used ash for salmon as seem milder than oak . Any help much appreciated ,Thanks all
  4. Just seen this and what a great job ,looks very strong well made,This pigeon watch forum is full of surprises of bits and pieces they make themselves amazing bit of kit , well done again very good Keep well mate
  5. Good shooting màte ,very enjoyable getting those pellets past that wire.Good video.
  6. That's a good job looks professional mate well done like that alot.
  7. That looks like one hell of a beast .metro I like the TT proper racing
  8. Morkin


    See your point Henry d ,but getting to the point this country can't coop with all the people .The roads Hospitals local Dr surgery ,Dentists, Schools, the list goes on.I like my fishing as well as shooting sea that is and to go to coast fishing some days ,Just so many people I find myself lucky to sit in a hide or ditch to shoot some pigeons quirrals etc. Stay safe all and be happy to others ,Or just try.Its a job sometimes alot of vermin out there.
  9. We do the crumble idea with pears or apple with the left over raspberry vodka we also have done blackberry vodka Nice to see your eating and drinking healthy.
  10. Great pictures and write up sciurus I would love to see reds down my way but still doing my bit for small birds ,controlling a few tree rats
  11. Mice. May I just ask what is the buggy your using looks good with box etc? Also nice r10 I like mine good length for in a hide or walking about ,And just to ask all really do you feed wheat ,bird seed ,peanuts monkey nuts, maize in feeders I find I start of with wheat with a little anerseed mix and if plenty of activity then go to peanuts for the big one
  12. Morkin


    Don't get me on this, the country seems as if it's got loads of money to waste on screws and things like your talking about and then someone who has worked all his or her life paying taxes needs support there is no money I see people in my village never worked and never going to with bags of alcohol fag in hand no money shortage there. As an old boy told me you have got to be on the system Not many of us proper old country boys left
  13. Thanks for that ,so how far ,miles does it go after jump starting it because that's what always concerned me if battery goes flat your stuck, but if you can jump start it like any other car no problem .good information and thanks
  14. How do you jump start the electric car ? Do you just leave the jump leads on to move it,with a battery in the back seat?.All very confusing I'm keeping my trade bike I think
  15. Sounds like a good morning , you are making me feel hungry have not had liver or venison kidneys myself but sounds good and looks good . Living in the same county the wind is not blowing any fry up smells my way Happy stalking stay safe
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