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    Sea fishing shot gun ,air rifle shooting fluffy tailed tree rats etc

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  1. Thanks all can I say this good insulated shed what I have used for a long time but these have been since the beginning of lockdown so I will warm them up and see what happens .Thanks for replys.
  2. Hello all, Tried my 20 bore out yesterday after a pigeon and cartridges must of got damp in shed as not used for some time because of lockdown etc, 2 of the cartridges fired but very slow ,just to ask opinion will these dry out good enough to use at another date Thanks alot.
  3. Morkin


    She's got a face like a welders work bench. One in the hand is better than two in Kate Bush ?.
  4. Yes I know how you feel ,I have a young lad just left school think he knows the lot ,think he is a keeper because he has the internet but full of b......t I am hanging in doing quirrals and other vermin because he is not interested in that because it can not be seen benefit straight away .All the best.
  5. Thanks for all you help tagether much appreciated .
  6. Morning Steve ,Someone else stepped in or being built on ?
  7. Morkin


    Go yonda by Honda and come home by bus ? Don't shed your clowt till may is owt boy
  8. Just like to ask you boys and gals if the nitehawk gear is any good I see they do a pigeon flapper for decent money ,Any of you have one ? .is this year worth buying or do I spend more elsewhere? Thanks alot tagether.
  9. Very nice bike mate brought back memories of my 20 s ,You enjoy.
  10. Hello we can all say what you should have done but I think you done well especially decoying pigeon in like that alot of people can't get them in that close . The only thing I have found you said about 32g cartridges are better at longer distances ?,well done mate and look forward to seeing next shot cam action. All the best.
  11. You are really giving us a treat two great shots .
  12. Morning mate great picture again how long did you have to wait for that one ?,I just could not believe my eyes .keep up the good work fantastic
  13. So sorry for your loss ,thinking of you at this time and take care
  14. Morkin

    Mot day

    Yes know how ya feel let us know how ya got on ?.If you have to get old trade bike out of shed.
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