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  1. Great picture , and yes enter for next year's countryfool calender I like that .
  2. Very sad to see , Is it mainly the pike it is killing ? Some big ones you pulled mate let's hope you find out who did this.
  3. Well done chap , you can have a rest today after a successful day like that .
  4. Hello tagether ,do you shoot jsb heavies in your r10 all the while ?,I use them when a bit windy but usually use 8.4 all the other times . I have a shrouded barrel on mine don't know if it makes any difference?.Nice to see you boys are sticking with the old R10 good bit of kit.
  5. Hello tagether yes I think we must soon see a change in prices ,they cannot go much higher because you would have to remorgage your house to pay for some in some cases they have tripled in price just because of lockdown . I have noticed in the village the new dog ,walk twice a day thing has worn off,when you see all the new puppies dogs etc in first lockdown now you don't see them at all,
  6. My mate has one these with small tank on it about 18_20 inches long ,great little thing it holds air to blow things down which gets dusty etc or blow tyres . I am not sure of make but could find out if you wanted me to.
  7. I know what walker570 means your work is really good and looks faultless all I can say again boo FANTASTIC. But keep it comming I love it.
  8. Just thinking do you know what was on there last year?
  9. Morning mate I also would think it matters more about the plastic wads laying about than lead or steel shot ,but always best to ask farmer manager .
  10. Morkin


    Happy birthday to ya ,Only good magpies is a dead one this time of year especially for little birds.
  11. Have you tried these John Norris cheap fly lines because they have some on offer at moment , if ok they are very cheap.
  12. Hello mate such a loverly time getting new pup and all the happy hours you spend with it, and as Bruno said it's the best friend you will ever have, As they say how ever it turns out it may bite you but never ever answers back . And as said before it's your dog so you train it ,I have seen real good dogs ruined by children or someone else trying to help ? . Happy days mate.
  13. I totally agree with everything said here and you are not going to change things but ,when we have a situation like covid when every body wants a dog to walk and then someone with a litter of pups doubles the price for instance lab pups in my area where 800 quid then all off a sudden 1600_3000 in some cases you then get another problem of people steeling them ,I think it's why more dogs are being taken by screws because if they had a price tag of 50 quid they would not be bothered.
  14. I will have to get on these tree rats again soon I had someone chuck my trap the place I was last so let it cool of a bit,been busy on the veg garden getting that sorted but also feeding other areas for the furry tails so hopefully start adding to the numbers again . Every. Little helps so the old girl said when she peed in the sea.Take care boys .
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