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  1. 250 GAMEBORE KENT VELOCITY 29G 6s FIBRE Sealed box of 250 Plus 100 Gamebore Clear Pigeon 30g 6s Fibre £45.00 ono Shotgun Licence required
  2. Forgot to put screwcut £125 ono
  3. Forgot to on the advert screwcut and 2 mags £295 ono
  4. He was also saying about price the pigeon power was slightly cheaper all but a pound but a gram more and bigger shot which might just help on a bit further away birds, that was all.
  5. Why use clay loads for pigeon ? might be cheap but 49 cartridges for 22 pigeons . or Pigeon Power 29g 6s fibre £228/1000 proper cartridge for the job and might kill more and work out the same price.
  6. Try Claverdon Cartridges Warwickshire he does get some in from time to time.
  7. Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth All complete in working order came out of my car, Box and instructions. Includes Plugin kit to fit Ford Mondeo £30.00
  8. Just cut this Jocker Bio Sport open 24g Lead. Shot 24g lead and the 21 Steel this morning and both shoot very well.
  9. Claverdon Cartridges have quite a selection of the New Bio Sport Jocker cartridges in Lead 24g and 28g and 21g Steel.
  10. 1st W M Mills Shooting Walking Stick Elite Adjustable Believed 1920-40s got to be a bit collecable I good condition for age needs a bit of polish very usuable leather is fine. £45.00 ono Also a 2nd one W M Mills Shooting Walking Stick Tourist model again very usuable leather fine £35.00 ono Can't upload photos so I can email to you
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