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  1. For Sale barrel blank from Sassen Barrels, was going to get my rilfe re barreled but things have changed so now for sale. 31 1/2 " long .30cal 4 Groove 11 Twist in stainless steel, CUT RIFLED, in a heavy REM varmint profile. Shank at 31.75mm and muzzle 21mm. £300 ono Posted
  2. Up for sale is a .308 10 twist Stainless steel barrel with cut rifling from sassen barrels . The overall length is 31" which means the finished max length can be 30", due to the inch being cut off because of the hand lapping. Its profiled in a heavy taper contour with 32mm being the shank size for 80mm then a straight taper down to 20.4mm over the 31" barrel. This was for a long range project in .300 win mag but due to unforeseen reasons the money has dried up to complete it and need to sell it now. Looking to get round £300 + £20 Postage
  3. 1 X Cylinder Extended Choke Blue Band £35.00 1 X Skeet Internal £35.00 Plus Postage Both as new only used a few time, my friend now sold the A400 Xcel Black.
  4. Reduce to £25 inc postage
  5. Got an aftermarket full extended, if you look back to 4th Feb you will see it used 3 times £30 ono + post
  6. 2 Optima Extended chokes both full, one is Beretta and is after market not Teague. Both good condition the after market one used 3 times. £30 ono each plus postage. Beretta one now SOLD
  7. While I was at Claverdon Cartridges yesterday I saw some new Jocker Super Flash 24g and 28g 71/2 PW. Big brass red case new wad and powder looks a like VIP only a small surply at the moment.£190 and £195 per 1000
  8. hofk

    CZ .22lr set up

    Have got what you are looking for apart from it is a 20'' barrel
  9. European i think as the chasse pigeon were, and these are the same just a 70mm case.
  10. Do you want to sell it for spares, or just the barrel. thanks
  11. I am sure just a quick call will make sure he is in, and some directions. 01926 843503 07771 742255
  12. Not the same company rimfire and cartridges.
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