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  1. Agreed,last week three of us had a 20b shoot as a new 725 20b had been purchased by a friend. He broke every target shown ,several of the tougher ones being from the previous 100 reg comp....he had skeet & 1/4 choke in it and used a mix of Hull Pro`s and Eley CT 24g fibre....
  2. P attern plate is good but simply going and shooting at things is best and forget the figures !!!
  3. Nothing fails from having it`s oil changed too often ......
  4. There`s Crabtree near Kirby Lonsdale too,usually good but not sure of opening days/times. Depends where you`re based really.Hth
  5. Belsay Shooting Ground ,Thurs,Sat,Sunday. Always an excellent set of targets for 100 practice and sensible ££.
  6. Seem to recall that some of the Italian Mini Mags etc were higher pressure than anything loaded in the UK back in the 80`s. Perhaps reproofed for something such?
  7. matone

    Brady slip

    The leather muzzle caps on Brady slips were especially shaped for s/s barrels or o/u barrels .Its not a lom style being referred to.
  8. Grand bloke and a tragic loss.......
  9. Yes ,it`s a good car for the country but I think i`ll be looking elsewhere as i require better on road performance personally.
  10. Looked at a lovely ,low mileage 1.6 XV today,could not fault the car until I drove it on the road.....underpowered isn`t the word for that engine,was really amazed at the lack of performance and very disappointed not to want it.
  11. Good to read a report of someone actually having some shooting!!! excellent.
  12. i`d ignore that bit of `wisdom`. Millions of shotguns have been produced and I`d guess they all came with a bead on........
  13. Before the immigrants eradicated them ,there were approx 60 million American buffalo so there have always been huge numbers of bovines back in time ! Not to mention what has been wiped out around the world in total .Its an invalid argument to say cattle are an issue .
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