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  1. `Oh goody`said the turkey,Christmas is almost here ......
  2. More treacle adding to the goo that shooting is mired in ! A waste of space.
  3. Best wishes Denny ! Still using the 2 Dippas that I got from you ,had them out for a couple of hrs this aft in fact,work a treat !
  4. Love my Sportacs,they replaced a pair of Sordins that always bumped the comb of stockExcellent sound quality and I`ve had several years of regular use with no issues whatsoever!
  5. This exactly! I recall watching Caper in Speyside 30+ yrs ago ,seeing several in one wood! They could be seen near to grantown then.At that time i can recall the incredulity that keepers had been dispensed with on the Abernethy reserve which was a Caper stronghold ...........i guess despite the input of all of the `expert` knowledge that it is not now!!!!! Very sad that these people are ruining our rare species .
  6. Another species that the `conservationists` have all but eradicated with their nonsensicle scheming.
  7. Older Eley cases used a different size primer to 209`s . Surefire ? comes to mind.... Nobel 78 was more suited to 7/8 oz loads.
  8. Used to buy Gevelot Vivia ,came in flat boxes of 10 ,very good ! Long time gone....
  9. Putin & Co must be quaking in their boots at the thought all of the sanctions !!!
  10. Tbh,every one that I`ve seen has poorly selected wood where it matters !!! There is more to best guns than fancy figure and engraving...a point that is often forgotten nowadays.
  11. Good words that echo what most people I`ve spoken to think .Disappointed that he has squandered a great chance for the country ........
  12. Ill conceived and probably thought up by people who don`t drive.
  13. He shall be missed ! RIP .
  14. matone

    Chinese spies

    Dave nailed it with Partygate deflection timing.
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