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  1. matone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    He does indeed! Nails it 100% for me.
  2. matone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Good !!! Should never have been anything else!
  3. matone

    Just what the doctor ordered

    Some day that!
  4. matone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    As Boris said yesterday'the fix is in'....we're being shafted and giving in via 'checquers'...theyre just play acting atm.
  5. matone

    Finally got out.

    Good read,thanks for posting!
  6. matone

    Trip down memory lane

    Nice write up of a good day out!
  7. matone

    Frank Field

    Much easier to deal with the legally held ones......
  8. matone

    Side by Side Club

    That will have been an excellent day out with a lot of interesting s/s to see! Hoped to go but things didn,t work out......
  9. matone

    Dacia Duster

    Thats what motor cases are for!
  10. matone

    At last, something worth reporting!

    Thats a good day out!
  11. matone

    Side by Side Club

    Anyone shooting the S/S comp at Atkin Grant & Lang at the weekend?
  12. matone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Hope so ! What we have at present is purely self serving and dysfunctional.
  13. matone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Great news!
  14. matone

    New Model Jimny

    ...like a Daihatsu Fourtrack ! Much missed spec vehicles.
  15. matone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I still think that the deal is already done and we are merely being fed a pantomime to try and appease those of us who see democracy being ignored and thus killed off! Mrs May is one of THEM,not US.