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  1. matone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    They need to rid us of this treacherous woman quickly.
  2. matone

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    The moment of truth exposes their true colours ! More thought for themselves than their country ! This will damage the Tories for years to come but will sink our nation for ever.
  3. matone

    14 million in poverty

    `Cut your cloth accordingly` springs to mind ! Too many people living beyond their means is the problem but that`s not poverty ,it`s stupidity !!!!
  4. matone

    14 million in poverty

    I know a lot of people below that level of income who would not consider it `poverty`. (self included!) Bullswotsit headline/figures. Exactly!
  5. matone

    14 million in poverty

    Nonsense imho.
  6. matone

    They shall not grow old

    Wonderful production ,when it went to full screen colour it really made it look so real after a lifetime of seeing it in b&w silents! They really will never grow old.
  7. matone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Like the majority of us !
  8. matone

    Intack Farm, Southwaite

    Yes,a very good layout today! One of those pesky hedgehogs escaped me too despite shot being all around it ......
  9. matone

    The last couple of months

    You`ve been having a good time !
  10. matone

    Browning A 5 12 gauge

    Not seen a one in that sort of order before ! Someone will get a cracking buy here I think.
  11. matone

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Sums it up nicely!
  12. matone

    Side by Side Club

    Yes,mine had p/f style hammers but had been built as c/f .Works of art really.
  13. matone

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    Low life in high places...as they say.
  14. matone

    Side by Side Club

    Is it a pinfire conversion ?
  15. matone

    Side by Side Club

    Those Westleys are beautiful things,owned a cased one yrs ago,wasn`t a shooter sadly but still nice to look at !