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  1. Not seen many all harvest but lately most seem to be on wheat stubbles but there are huge areas unploughed due to the poor weather we`re having.
  2. Thanks,helps put a picture to it all for OTP folks!! Looks like a huge woodland area in that State Park.
  3. Where is this in relation to Charlotte? Just been looking on Google Earth!! Sounds like a great project.
  4. Look up MP Leavold on facebook.
  5. Sounds about right! There`ll be a reason for their actions that has no benefit for their customers.
  6. Cash works when technology doesn`t...a fairly good reason to use it.
  7. You can let them know your thoughts via the usual social media platforms,I certainly have!
  8. Many people will be put into similar circumstances by Barclay`s cruel action.They need to rethink their social responsibilities I think...
  9. They used this as a partial answer for many recent Branch closures and now pull another local service .
  10. So Barclays bank have announced that they are stopping the withdrawal of cash at the Post Office! This after they have closed many local branches ,telling us not to worry ,`you can access your service at the P.O. This will affect many people across the country especially elderly and less able.Where are the watchdogs??????
  11. 3 drams and 11/8 oz of 6 worked very well for me in a heavy ish cylinder gun but was a little strong in lightweight guns.
  12. It`s been death by stealth for many years really ..........
  13. Yep,fitted a new one to my Series 3 and it had a whine to it ! Seem to recall you get the same gearing fitting 7.50x16 `s on an 88".
  14. A nice find,great to put things together like that.
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