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  1. As the prevoius poster says this same can manifest itself with some AWD systems ,depending on the management system controlling 2nd axle engagement.
  2. Seems difficult to grasp for many but 2 axles turning at different speeds without a centre differential = something has to give!!! What gives is down to the integrity of the drive train.
  3. I would question the validity of any advice from the person who thought it was sensible to put that gun in for reproof at that level !! Always a very high risk of the result which they achieved.........
  4. Totally agree with you there .Just why even submit a No1 to that.Stupidity in my book....
  5. Watched a video by Mr Vouzelaud from the World Gunmakers show about these steel loads that have been developed specifically for use in normally proofed and constructed guns,looked very interesting !! Anyone come across them in the UK ?
  6. matone

    Smart Meter

    My provider has gone from a bombardment by letter to an email campaign lol ,they can take a running jump as far as I`m concerned....
  7. As long as you walk about with your eyes firmly closed!!lol. Planning regs are a standing joke in our area.
  8. Rightly or wrongly ,I now think of steel 5`s as effective as lead 7`s.
  9. Tried them on decoyed pigeons and they`re ok for that. Used a handfull on a duck drive and yes,keep the range down from my ltd experience!!
  10. How sad and I hope they rename it rather than playing on the British name!!! Ineos Poilu .
  11. Hope that`s good news for a few people!
  12. 24-26gr loads have to be the way forward for most peoples needs in steel ! Thanks for the info up to now.
  13. Did anyone really think its about the environment!!! Not a chance,it`s all a long game ,well thought out by the Euro greens/antis and executed very well through the corridors where they rule.
  14. Its at Belsay Barns.Has a Facebook page as Belsay Shooting Ground.Take a left as you leave Belsay northbound.Hth
  15. OP has a Sporter he says! Extended Teagues will add a small amount of weight ,Super Extended slightly more .Both will be noticeable but wont make it exactly comparable tp 30" barrels but worth a try rather than dropping££ on another gun imho.
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