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  1. It will be interesting to see how many others think the same!!!! It`s big opening gambit was as a British vehicle,once they walked away I think they lost the game.Time will tell.......
  2. Sudafed spray,suffered on & off all my life and that`s my fallback remedy.
  3. They used to be marketed by a shop down in the West country but I don`t recall the name! Justcartridges list some FOB cartridges . Hth
  4. I admire your faith in the integrity of China`s rulers ......
  5. It`s made in China ,so I doubt whether production would be constrained , as long as we don`t upset them too much .........
  6. Agreed ,people seem to forget that staff on shoots already put in a long day to provide a normal program..
  7. Its a muddy pool for sure! Good business model though,charging people for what you don`t sell them.....
  8. Yes,always a different challenge !!!
  9. Changes all the time,was there Monday and only 3 driven targets out of lots of stands!
  10. Its 35p per clay and 25p on Mondays.You were looking at the Wycombe tariff at 44p.
  11. `paper never refuses ink` as Grandfather used to comment !!!!
  12. No3 game guns did,No3 Magnums didn`t..........OP`s gun is a No3.
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