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  1. So even at £25 there was a decent profit to be had back then ! Wonder how many were converted in the 70/80`s ? Always seemed a shame to me ......
  2. They were £25 from Elderkins in 1972,if that`s any help.
  3. Pinfire cartridges

    Think Geoffrey Boothroyd did a piece about modding CF to Pinfire . Worth dropping a PM to Feltwad too,he`s an expert in such things !
  4. Dacia Duster

    Pity !
  5. Scope mounted lamp - glare off mod..?

    Tried most suggestions and as the previous posters say getting it mounted low and back ,so that the objective bell casts a shadow on the mod ,is the only effective answer I`ve found. Hth.
  6. Auto renewals.

    Had the same,what a business attitude !
  7. Dacia Duster

    Why someone can`t make a simple 4x4 van for sensible £££ is beyond me! The market potential must be fairly huge for a medium van with a system such as the Honda CRV MK1 /2 had,just enough to keep you moving when 2 won`t do ,as opposed to serious bogwheeling.
  8. Dacia Duster

    Lack of fuel economy is the Jimny`s greatest failing for a lot of folk,was for me certainly.The Duster has a bit more useable space too.
  9. #boycottaigle

    Simples....buy Le Chameau.....and vote with your feet !lol
  10. Ugartechea 20 bore sxs

    Model 30 & Model 40 were the mainstay apparently but Spanish makers seem to have made whatever the buyer was prepared to pay for ,at any pricepoint.

    Divide & rule...the age old formula.....
  12. Sounds like a well thought out ground ! Excellent fun no doubt .
  13. AYA No 2. Chokes

    Pachmayr `Old English` in black look well on s/s too.
  14. I dug out and wore gear I havn`t needed for years last week ! That wind was a perisher without a doubt,top marks for braving it OP.
  15. A Friendly Warning.

    Would agree,and if that arrangement isn`t acceptable to the guide probably a fortunate escape.