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  1. matone

    Barrel blowups

    Thats the rib ,I would have thought.
  2. matone

    Kelbrook Shooting Ground

    Would have to agree with the OP re clays in vision at Kelbrook ,only shot there twice and both times there were several different clays appearinig in gaps in the trees at once. Easily the worst case of this I`ve ever come across and quite puzzling given the amount of ground they appear to have unused.i`ve never felt the need to return !
  3. matone

    No Jail for Moderate Crime Convictions

    So after decades of gradually going easier on offenders you get to the point that you you have so many offenders that you cannot cope with the numbers ! ...and the answer is to be even more lenient !!!....yeah right.....
  4. matone

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    ...other than you have to be able to shoot properly!!!!! Most people coming into shooting are at best coached to hit a clay pigeon or two ,usually with a pre mounted gun sadly ...then off they go and shoot at lots more.You only have to look at the terrible stance of people shooting `gun up` at any clay pigeon ground to see why they would struggle ,other than with rifle like,aimed shots looking up a single sight plane.
  5. matone

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Nail on the head there BP,not enough margin in cheaper s/s for most dealers now ,they want to sell big margin items only.
  6. matone

    Recoil concussion.

    Had similar problems last year,reduced the amount of clays I shot and went onto soft shooting Hull CompX 28gr ...result problem went away in a matter of a few weeks. Personally i think it was based in nerve/muscle deterioration through age but whatever it seems to have gone. Hth.
  7. matone

    Grand prix

    Pretty much everything,I`ve had LG ,SG,AAA before.
  8. matone

    Side by Side Club

    That sidelock looks particularly classy ! Both lovely tho`.
  9. matone

    Your choice light upland gun

    Wow,lovely landscape to walk in ! Definitely traditional s/s country too!!!!!
  10. matone

    Drones over Gatwick

    Pound to a penny there never was a drone threat, just a lot of panic ,hysteria and backside covering .
  11. Have the same issues with an 80`s AYA tbh yet none with another of the same age ! High brass is a no no with it ,as are various cases. Using Maionchis ,Eley GP from the 70/80`s with no issue,also Fiocchi PL28. I appreciate that you have a lot less choice in 16 though.
  12. matone

    Your choice light upland gun

    They are indeed things of beauty the little 12`s ! Who made yours ?
  13. matone

    Your choice light upland gun

    Lightweight 12g s/s firing 1oz of 6.5. An Alex Martin perhaps given your locale !!!!
  14. Some modern cases seen to swell on firing towards the case mouth ,I`ve noticed it with a few makes.I`ve begun sourcing old stock cartridges for the fussy gun that I have and the problem has gone away !El Cheapo modern products ,I`m afraid....
  15. Try some Hull Cartridge stuff in it. I found a lot of misshapes in12g VIP`s too.