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  1. It`s a No.3 Model Magnum not a Matador. HTH.
  2. New Leupold’s at silly prices

    Thing is, we don`t know how much of the genuine products they`re making anyway !!!!!
  3. forums across the pond

    American forum threads always seem to turn into warzones ! Although thinking about America ........
  4. carillion

    All very true ! There`ll be some fat cats licking the cream off their whiskers right now thinking how well they`ve done for THEMSELVES.
  5. Reloading, getting started?

    The law of diminishing returns definitely applies !
  6. carillion

    Let it crash & burn .The gov were unable to help other core industries they said,so this is no different.
  7. Well thats that then.

    Only one i`ve found is £9k +VAT for a 2012.....that`s silly money in my book.
  8. Well thats that then.

    VW do one at silly money !
  9. They don`t seem to have progressed in the marketplace considering they`ve been available for several years now. Good idea but getting anyone to accept that they will degrade,is another matter.
  10. Making a Claim

    Best outcome from a poor experience ! Still a shame about the gun though isn`t it .
  11. Fiocchi confused?

    so 5,5.5 ,6 or 6.5 will do .
  12. mel b3

    Agree,can`t speak highly enough of the service they provide us with .
  13. Fully agree with what you say about the game dealers ,they`ve kept game out of any volume market by their pricing policies. There must be a market opportunity in some form or other at this moment in time !