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  1. Looks more like DMB engraving .....
  2. Definitely! The thought of buying a 250 case didn`t even arise!!!
  3. Got to be Eley Grand Prix given that they`ve made them for many decades and were the main cartridge in the marketplace.
  4. Yep, Raptor Songbird Persecution Bureau is what they are.
  5. Thanks for that,just joined !
  6. I just class them as acts of vandalism tbh.
  7. Too true....and not an adjustable comb in sight! (thankfully! ).
  8. ...and Gamebore Blue Diamond 7.5`s....english No7,at a better price!
  9. Not many would as most clay grounds have a 1oz limit.
  10. Looks like an interesting developement ! 28gr Nickel No6...that`s a load I would like to try a few of... Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Not extreme but good ,high pheasants presented on a long established pheasant shoot!
  12. Agree ,marketing gimmickry seems to pervade our home based cartridge loaders. RC simply load good cartridges and have a reputation.
  13. Know a guy who started using them last year and really rates them at proper pheasants.He`s putting them through a fairly lwt s/s.
  14. Would agree with above.Sadly s/side N/Ej guns are almost in the` free to good home` category now unless they are exceptional in some respect or other. I`ve seen plenty around for next to no £££ in the last year,some really good guns amongst them too. Can certainly recommend Wabbitbosher as an excellent member to deal with too!
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