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  1. Neoprene shooting socks, anyone?

    There was a firm made neoprene gaiters up in Scotland. MacGaiters
  2. Bonus Flighting Day

    Good luck,that`s the finest sport going !

    Seen this scenario several times & everyone who went down the `fix it` route has regretted it,myself included !!!! Cut your losses ,take what`s offered and buy something else .
  4. Snap cap with wool mop

    An old idea that was responsible for ruining many chambers when left in stored guns as they attracted moisture and caused heavy pitting !!!!!
  5. Second hand scopes

    Bought Burris,Nikon,Pecar and Nikko 2nd hand over the years,never had a problem.
  6. Another old codger

    Crikey!! Some pretty heavyweight stuff there if they were all live !
  7. Whats happened?

    Pushed down from Scotland by recent cold snap perhaps .
  8. Whats happened?

    Just returned from a 3 hr ramble,passed 2 rape fields en route ,both had 60-80 feeding happily away!
  9. Has anyone had experience of a W J Williams

    It`ll be a `trade` gun no doubt,W J Williams retailed it but someone in Birmingham made it,as is the case with most British guns. Hth.
  10. Whats happened?

    Been thinking the same this last week or two,however spotted a hundred or so sitting in trees adjacent to rape this am ,with some dropping down to feed.
  11. Yet another national amnesty

    Exactly,it would be open ended if it seriously worked but it `ll drag in the usual heap of airguns & replicas and little else....non of it from the hands of criminals!
  12. An unusual for me, mixed bag

    An exciting outing ! Good read.
  13. Sounds like a cracking offer for anyone within range .
  14. Imminent Forum Software Update

    I think it`s a good upgrade ,it works just the same for me ,it only has a different look to it.
  15. Car Heater for when parked up

    There are heaters that you plumb into the coolant system.They usually work on a timer so that the car heater is warm when you get into it in the morning.Work off mains power.. Hth.