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  1. Lovely example of a gunsmiths ability but in todays market ? Short barrels,short wood and very lightweight .You would have to really want to keep it at that price ,I think.
  2. Like the look of them but don`t think they make much difference to anything in reality .....
  3. Were they the `Zenith` o/u Gunman ?
  4. I did own a C & H `Markor` boxlock for a number of years which was just a Webley 700 apart from the name.A good gun that one!
  5. Autumn `19 won`t be a fair indicator of anything in the North.Crop drilling etc was so disrupted by the atrocious weather from Sept onwards ,everything is not as planned crop wise! I know of plenty of rape crops that were never drilled along with everything else.Pigeons have had a huge choice of food sources and seem to be generally scattered about,only pulling into numbers with the handful of frosts in December and then ,from what I observed ,they hit the better established rape crops
  6. matone


    People shooting with o/u never seem to have the style that a good shot with a s/s has except perhaps those with a fitted English made version . I agree with most also not wanting to get on with s/s.....they would have if that was all that was available for certain...and two triggers!!! lol.
  7. Had an older CR-V and it was exactly the right mix of ability,practicality and comfort. Wouldn`t go where a Jimney would mind... Hth.
  8. Good guns Yeomans ! Had mine opened to 1/2 both barrels and used it for crows and wildfowl to great effect.Really like the flat rib on them.
  9. Yep,go to nearest car parts shop and get silicone aerosol ,give them a good spray of same(after thorough cleaning).Good for making other gear water resistant too,caps,coats etc.
  10. Great write ups! Thanks for posting.
  11. Burrard totally dismissed its usefullness in his treatise! I`d go with marketing gimmick on that basis alone.
  12. I think the SNP version of `independence` will expect large handouts from English coffers......everything you say is spot on imho.
  13. Why don`t we get a vote to see if we English wish to keep Scotland ?
  14. matone


    ...and isn`t that a lovely list of people to be rid of !!!!!!!!
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