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  1. Should be a capable machine given the Steyr input ,we`ll have to wait and see!
  2. Think you`re looking at the bottom rib in that pic............
  3. Couldn`t agree more once those illustrious names disappeared ST was on a downward slope and slid faster year on year .
  4. B25 chokes can be adjusted BUT they need to be done by someone who knows what they are dealing with!
  5. The only hammerless 14 bore that I`ve seen was a Holland & Holland Royal originally built for a North Yorkshire gunsmith.It had been subsequently sleeved to 16 bore,perhaps as cartridges became difficult to source for 14b.
  6. Lovely carving on those fences! Very nice.
  7. Great write up ,sounds like you had a good outing.
  8. matone


    Fully aware of that ,just pointing out that they`re not transfers!!!!
  9. matone


    Lazer grain wood is Blaser`s description of their enhanced versions.......
  10. That`s the sort of load that I would be looking for! What steel shot size would be best as a game cartridge ?
  11. ...which has always been the strategy of our opponents....
  12. `divide and conquer` is the saying that comes to my mind already about all of this.
  13. Many of us have the same dilemma! I`ve always thought that BASC were our only viable org to try and protect our interests and indeed have said the same on here before. But now........
  14. Think you`ll have a slingshot and some pebbles at the rate we`re going .......
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