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  1. Lovely crisp action on that ,a very useful gun to own!!
  2. Perhaps decent shooting people didn`t feel as intimidated at that point in time .Things have become much more abrasive towards us since then !
  3. Correct me if I`m wrong but I seem to recall that when the legal insurance was first mooted ,it was going to be offered as an`add on` but then was included in membership????? The lack of prior discussion with the membership is the real nub of this current unrest and it is sadly a recurring theme with BASC lately.This is very poor when comms have never been more readily available.
  4. There is the supposed benefit of employment and helping the UK economy rather than creating jobs for our late friends over the Channel to think of..........
  5. Why don`t BASC simply issue a statement to members in which they undertake to defend the very small minority who fall foul of over zealous Police actions from the not inconsiderable coffers that we have ???? If there are so few it must be possible !
  6. You mean something like a Toyota Hilux used to be before they became another fashion /ego boost item ? Or the great little Subaru MV !
  7. matone

    Pubs now open

    Got to say wee Krankie has made a better job of the current situation ,less waffle,just factual briefings ! Don`t like her or what she stands for but credit where due.
  8. Good read! A field of two big halves!!
  9. Yes,you can buy the tapered sleeves for them.
  10. Same here,got two eejits on some ground next door,shoot it 2-3 days a week,10-12 hrs a day ,so you end up going out for very few whereas I used to leave them alone for a week or two between shoots!
  11. A good opportunity for another Org to offer similar insurance and gain lots of members perhaps ????
  12. Agreed,if you were one of the unfortunate few members who needed help and benefited from the scheme ,you are now going to be cut loose and thrown to the lions.
  13. I thought it was a major step forward when this cover was originally announced as part of the package,especially in these times of uncertainty for the shooting community and the underlying attitude of some Police forces toward it.To now remove it feels very much like the rug has been pulled beneath us and the safety net (if it was ever there!) removed. I think BASC have seriously misjudged the situation again but take no pleasure in saying so ,I may add. Who is serving who is the question really........
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