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  1. I`ve put commision bids in on a few things online and tbh the lots have made far more than you could sensibly value them at imho. I think there are people bidding without allowing for the cost of rectifying the known defects,never mind any surprise ones Caveat Emptor!
  2. A creature of the swamp in which he swims ! He fits in well .
  3. Having read the above Peston piece ,I don`t see how the DUP could be expected to change stance now,and as for them being blamed ,those south of the border should take the blame,it is they and the EU who weaponised the border issue in order to create the mess that we now have.
  4. Exactly ,it really was & is as simple as that ! But there are non so deaf as those that do not wish to hear......... I think we have a clear idea of where the problems have arisen from and who we must punish via the ballot box now! (if they accept any future vote results).
  5. You can use whatever but as others have said ,a gun built for the job will ultimately be the best idea if you are mainly shooting clays. Hth.
  6. Have a pair of Leupold Sako medium height 1" rings and a set of Hillver Sako mediums ,1" both in black. Used them on a Mod 75 .222 ,both sets fit straight onto the dovetails .
  7. The road safety aspect would be plausable IF they set up on roads where dangerous speeding occurs ! I can think of many such places locally but nothing is ever done ,however a mobile camera is often deployed on a wide open ,lightly trafficed section of road leading to a major trunk road that has no parked cars or junctions..........and this seems to be replicated elsewhere around the area,the A19 in N Yorks is the same camera vans on straight ,dualled road and I dont know anyone who thinks it`s anything other than a revenue collecting operation. I`ve nothing against the use of the technique BUT they should use it where there is a real risk to other road users & pedestrians imho.
  8. The giveaway is no visible wear to hardening colour on a pair of likely turn of century guns that appear to have required reproof by the marks that the OP says are on them.
  9. Pays to just shoot stuff and see what occurs in my book!
  10. As near as possible to where you`re seeing activity is best but out of sight of people is another consideration that you have to take into account.
  11. Why do people not accept that her predicament is of her own choosing and making and no one elses.
  12. Still say the greatest issue is lack of cast for most people . O/u `s are too straight for many people but difficult to get any real amount of alteration done to with stock bolts etc.
  13. Great looking gun ,you`ll enjoy just owning that !!!
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