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  1. Nah,that`s just a `work in progress` situation !!!
  2. matone

    Change UK

    You would think that she`d have got the message by now !
  3. At the moment you have to be very realistic with asking price to move a gun quickly.Dealers have things sat on racks for years in some cases before they sell them but that is their choice. Even trading in you`ll be offered a low % of actual (to you) value unfortunately....
  4. ...with her head firmly in the sand..... They`re right,the electorate are wrong and they don`t want to play...
  5. ...and still the Labour woman says they need to stand for a 2nd referendum!!!! Are these people capable of understanding a vote???
  6. Good to know! Do you have to book ?
  7. Can`t answer that but as an insight ,a neighbour has just told me that for the first time in 44 years he voted OTHER than Labour.....and voted for the Brexit Party. I hope many others have done likewise.
  8. The EU string pullers have made us stand by and watch our core industries die ,as they have tried to reduce us to colony status. Steel,fishing ,shipbuilding...all but gone. As you say ,we must get out ASAP.
  9. Yep,she has done nothing more than do us over,turned a straightforward mandate into a fudged ,botched,almighty mess ! Good riddance to the worst PM to date in my lifetime.
  10. You speak the thoughts of many !!! We`re all being inconvenienced and potentially criminalised because those who administer law & order have lost the ability to do so.
  11. Mid /late70`s I`d say. 219*** was 1973. Hth
  12. Model 4 for a guess ,what is the serial number?
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