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  1. They don`t treat their customers any better! Cowboy outfit. Our utilities should belong to the country not £ grabbing sharks.
  2. Yes,they can only be sourced from Mr Muller in the USA now.
  3. We`re being talked to like unruly schoolchildren and that doesn`t endear any intelligent person ! Anyone can see that we`ve been sold down the river on this issue by the PC brigade without any real ,factual evidence.White Rabbit nails it ,I feel.
  4. There will always be a swamp ,only what`s in it changes over time....
  5. I`m sure you`ll find them suitable! I`ve recently been using Eley Select and found them to be very soft shooting too.
  6. Now,now Harkom ,don`t ask difficult questions like that ! (a very good question tho`!)
  7. But as we know ,if they keep repeating it ,people start to accept it as fact!
  8. Well said!!! We`re being force fed a load of fabricated tosh . So why Mr BASC ,was your Org ,until pretty recently ,supposedly fighting against any further imposition of non fact based restrictions? Or did we all imagine that ? Or have we been fed a line ever since the treachery of Mr Swift?
  9. An excellent resume!!! I too wonder how many have and shall leave BASC.
  10. Despair at the fools indeed!! The supposed ecowarriors would happily see all of the rare flora & fawna go if they achieved their real aim of getting rid of grouse shooting .That is their only real target but they are trying to dress it up in other clothes to get their way .Facts don`t come into it!!!!
  11. We are fortunate in the northern half of the country to have relatively good numbers of Curlew which do well especially in the uncultivated and keepered upland areas as you say.Unfortunately they are now a very rare sight in the southern half ,which is likely due to agri intensification & predation.
  12. Just Google Vera Baird ,her career gives you a good indication of where PCC sits in the gravy train......
  13. Very true on all points. Stupidity is a common state now which is being refined by so called `social media` and its fawning devotees. That has much to do with most problems facing the countryside!
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