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  1. A bit of age about it then! looks a nice gun.
  2. There will be a date code on the barrel flats ,a letter and a number ...A3 or the like .look it up in Spanish gun date codes on the `net.Hth.
  3. Lovely day for it ,had to be a good wander!
  4. Very true,it all depends what point in our history you wish to stop time! ...something which intrigues me when I hear `conservationists` talk of returning our countryside `to nature`.......very little in these Isles is `natural`..............
  5. Wasn`t the Somerset Levels flooding of a couple of years ago attributed to lack of dredging etc by the supposed `authorities` ?
  6. A.A.Brown & Son......just superb workmanship.
  7. matone


    Couldn`t agree more...proper partridge shooting! Cracking photo of a classic scene.Roll on September ,hopefully covid free....
  8. Pretty sure Super Solways were a special model retailed by Elderkin`s back in the day rather than a regular AYA Model.Elderkin`s did a few `special` AYA models at the time.
  9. Lol,likewise I know of the auto via a main dealer tech.......the hi-lo box is desireable tho`!
  10. Thanks for that ,most helpful! Decent mpg too which is a plus .Wouldn`t be going for the later version as I dont want the auto box !!!!! They look a very competent off roader,I had discounted them as I was told they all had the auto box but saw a manual at a shoot on Sunday.
  11. Anyone running an XV ,look a useful car . I`d be thinking of a manual gearbox s/h version,probably petrol.
  12. I was lucky enough to see Bill Lomas ride it on a parade lap at the `98 TT along with many other legendary machines and riders.
  13. Did similar on Xmas eve,got out of the wind and sleet showers among some whins and had some sporting shooting for an hour or so .Picked half a dozen,all in top fettle.It put some snow down as I packed up and there hasn`t been a pigeon to be seen last couple of days,must have moved them on.
  14. ....or Mike Hawthorn`s lap of Le Mans in the Jaguar on open roads on Youtube!!!!!
  15. And it is all thanks to Nigel!! It would never have happened if not for him.Thankyou.
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