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  1. If this hasn't gone I'll have it please.
  2. PM sent i'll have them please if still available.
  3. How did you get on with the Blacknecks? We're trying a few this season for the first time.
  4. Thanks to everyone who organised the day really enjoyed it already looking forward to next year. ?
  5. Cheers Crumpler, nice to meet you and really pleased with the car.
  6. You always deliver a good day out Fenny great mixed bag well done.
  7. Can somebody tell me if its best to wait until there has been a frost before you pick sloes, or just pick them when you find them as I have found quite a good crop of them.
  8. https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/15246-Fabarm-H368-Lion-m-c-for-sale This is on gun watch £400.
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