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    pigeon shooting crow shooting bolting rabbits to guns hunting with hounds ferreting .rifle shooting fox/deer/boar etc

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  1. i have a spare cheap magnet going pm me if interested
  2. i have a load of reloading equipment just kicking about pm me if interested
  3. i have a american cz 22lr in wood if interested pm me ,
  4. here is a nice hungarian S&B scope has a ring mark but nothing to worry about ,has been serviced in germany comes with box and paperwork £250 no offers guildford based pm me . sorry cant load pic's come and veiw
  5. here is a pulsar ns550 night vision works perfect has the ir add on remote switch lead leather case x 2 set of spare batteries 1 charger good condition just need to sell to upgrade to the next one . this has been a cracking bit of kit and i,ll proberly regret selling it but hey ho it is 2 yrs old and works as it should come veiw beore you buy . £650 . no offers guildford based
  6. sorry it all goes together ,
  7. here we have a full ferreting set up [ no locator ] x 2 ferrets hob and jill been together throu out there life both are realy tame no biteing at all two good workers . x 2 ferret hutches first one is roughly 4ft x 2 ft easy to carry light , secound 3ft x 2ft solid a bit heavier , x 3 ferret carry boxes 1 bowback 2 single or can double them .x 100 ferret nets ,39 nylon pegged 25 nylon unpegged 35 hemp pegged x 3 gate nets 14ft in length all good condition pickup guildford surrey area £100 no offers pm me if interested
  8. the night before last my friend had a attempted theft of his dogs kenneled outside ,the theives had to come throu his garden fence then tackle his wrought iron railings with cutting equipment then they either taserd or cattle pronged his bull terrier who ruins free in the kennel guarding the inner kennels they got his dogs out but he disturbed them . the police gave chase but called it off as they blinded the police with a high powerd lamp .the vehicle is a green subaru reg no/ X478 BUJ it is a unregisterd owner thought to be from the thames valley area they so far have robbed dogs from hamps
  9. that is a good price my pal paid 6k for the same motor , goodluck with the sale
  10. as per title in very good condition boxed slight ring mark to be exspected .had full service in germany a few months back sat in my draw gathering dust so £275.00p to clear guildford surrey . ps sorry cant upload pic's
  11. we saw one on tuesday while beating .winchester way
  12. slug pellets cause this alot
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