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  1. you acn pick up a chep discovery with high mileage however the parts are still fairly dear, however if you but an older landrover you can bet your last doller most of the farms will have a landie of some discription behind the barn doing nought and you can always rob bits, the farm i shoot on has two 88's and a d reg 90 diesel turbo all going begging, all i need now is a knackered land rover and im home and dry!! DM PS I bought a cheap freelander which isnt bad (5K) with 80000 on the clock its not bad off road but its needed a cylinder haed and now needs a transfer box, so i think i'll
  2. Guilty, lots of women says hes a creepy b%$£"!* and they would never consent? DM
  3. Resolve IT

    Sky digital

    You May be a careful owner but its still a faulty box that wont wok with my card!! DM
  4. Resolve IT

    Sky digital

    I have the same problem, cranfields suggestion will work however you often find that they appear to freeze when switched off, sky's suggestion is to remove the viewing card and unplug from mains, mine is leave the thing switched on all the time, works for me Cheers DM
  5. I take it you are in Scotland, WH Smith have them, cheers DM
  6. you might also want to have a look at http://www.hooters.com its about different birds with pink breasts, well worth a look I'm sure you'd want to shoot them with something, think you would like it lazza!! Happy Surfing DM
  7. I couldn't have put it better myself DM
  8. Its American, but worth a look http://www.shooters.com/ this is the main website http://talk.shooters.com/ this is the chat section, lots a stuff here Cheers DM
  9. Get a copy of this months Sporting Gun, There a Game Fare section in there, I am not sure if there are scottish fairs in it but there should be. PS I havent got it yet, if I get it b4 u i'll let u know Regards DM
  10. check out this site http://www.crowbusters.com pay particular attention to the hate mail section, theres a few unhappy people Cheers rigpig lol
  11. Cheers chaps, I hope to get steves first suggestion later 2nite, fingers crossed, whey hey
  12. You cant beat it, PS Have a goog holiday you lucky thing Lots of relaxing fishing!!!
  13. Resolve IT


    I spoke to BT about broadband on my exchange and was told that there were no plans in the next 10 years to install it :what: :but: Looks like satellite or nothing!! :what:
  14. Resolve IT


    I got a warning from them re this, The monopoly?? :what: :what:
  15. I have a seat with 3 legs which folds up, bought it at a shop called internacional in Aberdeen For £2.99, Its Okay aslong as the ground is firm , otherwise your end up in the mud. :thumbs:
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