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  1. I would magine lots of things look 'darker', when it's cloudy, what did they perform lke in sunny conditons?
  2. Keep your eyes on A1 decoys site..... in a couple of weeks time. they are about to sell a flightline decoys animator, that makes the wings on the proflap-flap. they wll be available, exclusively from them. No wind, or rotary required! and se up in seconds. BB.
  3. you' ll find you can acually pull the fishing line though the body either way, I've found sometimes all that needs is, the line pulled to even the lengths or in some case you need to make one side a little shorter than the other, it seems each individual bird has it's own lttle 'set up'. We made a film of the Hyaflap, usng a camera attached to the wing of a model aircraft, and flew over it,....what the Pigeon sees is ten times better than, the view we get, sideways on.
  4. Why cut your nose off to spite your face? I can get them for you. pm me.
  5. Keep an eye out for their new proflap on it's own dedicated flapper....coming soon.
  6. Are they slow before you put the bird on?.. don't wish to be insulting, but youhave broken the wing on the bird?.. BB.
  7. The problem with having a patent, apart from the cost, is that once it's granted, it's down to the inventor to 'police' the market to make sure there isn't a breach of copyright, and then it's up to.. AGAIN.. the inventor to bring any claim against the offending party, ( assuming they are not in china and and virtually untraceable). all both time consuming and costly. ditchman on here who made the draw string flapper may be able to give you info on design protection
  8. I went throught the same torture! mine was sitting in a half flooded ditch in the middle of winter, with just my binoculars watching the duck and the geese flight in and out of the brooks, dreaming of one day being able to go after them. It's a happy memory now but at the time, I was starting to wonder for my sanity..........
  9. So, they must have been for suspending the bird then maybe?
  10. I see there are eyelets in the underside? were they already there, or have you added them?
  11. Very true, Paul is a really helpful guy too, I thoroughly reccomend him, We buy a lot of random timers off him, and he gives a full yrs warranty with them!. BB.
  12. As I sad before, it's show season, a lot of these guys are travelling all over the country to Game fairs etc, so things do, sometimes take a little longer. BB.
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