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Found 7 results

  1. Buck and doe captured on trail camera,
  2. This Past Friday I worked a half day and planned to do a few hours pigeon & crow shooting on my landlord’s farm. Walking out to where I was to set-up the hide and decoys – a hare jumped out of the grass and ran for it. Amazingly, as he zigged and zagged, my shot made contact. As I walked toward the hare to put him in the bag, a Roe Buck jumped out of a nearby hedge and ran toward a small wood at the bottom of the farm. Over the wall and into the wood he went. As it was very warm and flies started to collect on the Hare - I walked the two miles back to the house to gut and chill the hare. After taking care of the hare, I thought the Buck was probably still in the wood. It's not a very big wood, a couple acres surrounded by open fields. My guess was he'll be there till dark before moving out. A game cam I set up in the wood a few months ago caught a doe and buck bedding down in there during the day. Grabbing my rifle I stalked down to the wood, the wind was perfectly in my face - and I quietly made it to the edge of the wood. And there he was, browsing, about fifty yards away. Now I just had to wait for a safe shot. There is lots of cover in the wood and it was difficult to see what was beyond the buck. He finally walked into a small "tunnel" of openness where between me, the deer, and high ground beyond, there was a clear view. The shot rang out and his hind legs gave a good kick. Down he went. The bullet entry was little more left of the shoulder than I wanted, but as the deer was not 100% broadside to me, it traveled at an angle through the deer - piercing shredding its heart. There was divine intervention with that shot. It was a good day - though the pigeons or crows were safe.
  3. Any one got an FAC pump with a big magazine going spare? I'm running a Winchester 1300 5+1, but extending the tube would cost more than I paid for the gun and I am loathe to do that. Don't fancy the complexity of a semi-auto. Looking for 10+1 (or better) Magazine fed or tube, but must be pump 12 and slug and buck friendly (3" chamber). £300 tops, because I can work the Winchester, just never going to win anything. Maybe you have a tube extension that might fit and never got round to using? Thanks, RS
  4. Hi Guys, We are now taking bookings for our roe buck stalking season in France (south west near Toulouse). We offer tailor made packages to suit any requirement. Our trips normally consist in 2 to 4 hunting days for 2 to 4 riffles. We run a fixed price policy on the trophy so there is no bad suprise ! Hunting day : 200 euros (2 outings with transport provided and hunting guide) Trophy fee : 350 euros (fixed price no matter the size of the trophy) French Licence : 100 euros Season : 1st June untill September Options : catfish fishing, quail shooting over pointers, wild boar stalking (park or open range) Nice accommodation, great food and wines ... we can also arrange some visits (vineyard, wine testing ....). Anyone interested ? Contact me here or on ucp.pj@orange.fr
  5. Hi Guys, You like hunting ... You like cheese / wine ... You like a nice sunny weather ... You will like hunting in South of France. From the 1st of June, we offer some roe buck stalking in beautiful south west of France. Daily fee (2 outings) : 200 euros Animal fee : 350 euros - fixed price - no matter the size of the trophy !! last summer we shot 4 bucks over 600g and 11 bucks over 500g !! ... same price ... still 350 euros / buck !! We encourage family or friends to come over as we can arrange many activities during the day ... from wine tasting to catfish fishing (2014 record = 2m34cm) We have an ideal family cottage in a beautiful area with plenty of activities for the family and some great bucks for the hunter ! Book a hunt with us to discover some great south of France lanscapes and harvest some nice French Roe Buck for a really reasonable price ! Ryan Air offers real cheap flight from all over the UK to Carcassonne or Rodez airport. We will provide a rifle for you. BA - Virgins - Easy Jet also operate. @cheese-wine-sun-pool-redorwhite-buck-trophy Pierre,
  6. Hi Guys, If you fancy a stalking trip in south of France ... Location : near Toulouse (airport : Toulouse or Carssonne with Ryan Air) Stalking day with guide (2 outings) : 200 euros June to end of August ... only Bucks : 350 euros / beast - fixed price September to end of February ... Male and Female : 250 euros / beast Accommodation : cottage or hotel Airport transport can be arranged, as gun hire Possible combo with : wild boar stalking or driven, catfish fishing ... Ideal group size : 2 to 4 guests Can a run as a familly trip with loads of stuff to visit around NB : last summer, we harvested 4 roe bucks over 600g (see photo) with no extra charged for the hunters. On average, on a 3 days trip, each hunter can expect 3 to 5 bucks. The 2014 reccord was 5 in 1 day for a Spanish guest. More info in MP or ucp.pj@orange.fr Pierre
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