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  1. Below are all the confirmed courses for 2019 February 2019 08 Feb 2019 - 09 Feb 2019 Intermediate Deer Course (IDC) - Thoresby, Newark, Nottinghamshire **Fully Booked** Thoresby Estate, Perlethorpe Village Hall,Ollerton 19 Feb 2019 Shotgun Safety Officer Course - BASC Marford Mill, North Wales **Fully Booked** BASC Head Office, Marford Mill,Rossett 20 Feb 2019 - 21 Feb 2019 Intermediate Deer Course (IDC) - Eridge Park, Tunbridge Wells **Fully Bo
  2. Buck and doe captured on trail camera,
  3. All BASC training courses for 2018 can be found here https://basc.org.uk/sporting-service...ining-courses/ Many thanks, Peter PS - You should be able to book the vast majority of the courses online
  4. One brand new knife with sheath and lanyard as per this link: http://www.uttings.co.uk/p115089-eka-g3-swingblade-knife-orange-737308 £55 posted.
  5. Just curious to see what types of manual calls you guys are using If you have ever thought about getting into the use of call's would really like to hear peoples opinions on calls in regards to the imported calls that are all factory injection moulded and the hand turn custom side.
  6. There are places available on the following course DSC1 course at Thirlmere, Keswick, Cumbria 16 – 19 June. https://basc.org.uk/events/dsc1-course-thirlmere-keswick-cumbria-19-06-17/ If you are interested you can book online or call 01244573018 for further information Many thanks, Peter
  7. Hungary Stalking and high seats for Mouflon and Boar High volume driven Boar, Deer females and calves, Mouflon ewes and lambs 8 to 12 guns 20 to 75+ head per day Slovenia Individual hunts for Chamois, Alpine Ibex, Alpine Marmot, Bear Baltic States High seat and stalked hunting for Wild Boar. South Africa Culling and trophy hunting packages available for all species . Big 5 available on request. Dates available November 2016 to November 2017 All packages are inclusive with exception alcohol, tips, flights, taxidermy and shipping. Contact: eurobo
  8. High Seat cull shooting, fallow/muntjac BuckinghamHi Folks, We have made arrangements to provide a further cull shooting opportunities for Muntjac & Fallow near Buckingham. These will be conducted through the winter season, the first being from pm Friday to pm Sunday. January 8-10th February12-14th March 4-6th On each weekend you are very welcome to attend as many of the four high-seat outings as you wish. External Image - Click to view original size (640x480px) Costs: £75 per outing to include unlimited cull beasts (Fallow & Muntjac). Trophy beasts may be taken if seen, howeve
  9. Hello all. I have recently moved to east Wiltshire. Am looking forward to getting some good tips here, and if I can, offer some in return. Interested in pigeon obviously, but also rabbit, fox and Im also involved in deer management. good shooting to you all !
  10. Hi! Recently acquired my DSC1 licence and looking to take on a few more land permits (preferably in devon) ive been an air rifle shooter since the age of 4 but i graduated to centre fire a few years ago shooting between 100-600 meters. Please, if you know someone or have deer on your own land let me know! Many thanks! Jack
  11. Am pretty sure the shoot i help on is not the only one to have this problem. In recent years on one of the dareas we shoot the deer are becoming a real pain with eating the wheat / kncoking over and damaging feeders. Does anyone have any useful tips on how to prevent this (Shooting the deer is not an option). Also any tips on helping prevent squirel damage would be great (Shooting is an option).
  12. was out last week stalking but only seen two does around 9pm and no buck. Went out again last night got to the farm for about 8, as me and the dog walk down the field I could see again two does walking towards the woods, I stopped and glassed the rest of the field I then see two more does but no buck. I got the caller out but nothing. I sat and watched the does for 30 minutes and as I was watching them a buck stud up from the long grass. the deer were 200 yards away, the only shot was a neck shot so didn't take the shot. I sat and sat but no shot presented itself. All 5 deer then lay back down
  13. We'll got a invite off a friend tonight so took him up on offer. Got to farm about 18:30 got sorted and watching the wildlife by 19:00. Got some great photos of a hare but left my phone in mates jeep so will put them up tomorrow. Anyway about 19:50 seen this yearling. So took my time a took the shoot. More sausages for the freezer. Second in 4 days.?? photos of hare also now added. Nice to see.
  14. Went to a local farm I have, as I was there a couple of days ago and seen a doe and a buck but could not get a shot at the buck, anyway got to farm about 19:30 about 8 I seen someone on opposite farm within 2 min a doe went running across drive. Sat and was just about to give up then this buck came out save back drop so put cross hair on and pulled the trigger. It ran in woods so left it 20 min and called y mate who was up at different wood to come down with dog just in case. We got down to strike shot and within ten yards of the woods was the deer. Very happy with result.
  15. Harkila stealth jacket and trousers in perfect condition. No rips tears plucks or marks. Minimal use, probably worn about 6 or 7 times altogether. Gore-tex in gore-optifade green. Size is euro size 52 which is Large. - I am 5'10" 36"waist 42-44"chest Bought from scott country will cost you £759.98 for both My price £450 Check www.scottcountry.co.uk and search for harkila stealth
  16. So at 5.30am on Friday my alarm went off that the day had finally arrived that I was heading over to meet up with Andrew (Elk Hunter on here) for a beginners day in deer stalking. Everything going well until I hit some crappy morning traffic on the M6 but that out the way and managing to make up a little time I was only a couple of minutes late and all was looking good and the rain that I'd seen forecast was no where to be seen with pretty much clear blue skies ... On the way over Andrew gave me an overview of what the day had in store for me and once we arrived kitted up and made our way
  17. I am looking for some opportunities to shhot with a buddy around the ipswich (ish) area. I have BASC insurance and shotgun, .22 rimfire and am happy to lamp for someone its not always about pulling the trigger being outdoors is always nice. have own gear and common sense so if your after a shooting buddy get in touch. Or if you hasve an issue with any birds etc get in touch i can come take alook for you and see if i can help you out.
  18. I am looking to buy my first rifle and along with it my first scope I have put off buying a rifle for a couple of years for all sorts of reasons but have now decided to take the plunge and I have to admit that as much as i love shooting with rifles i actually don't know a lot about scopes and moderators. I getting a .243 and i would very much appreciate ANY ADVICE ON SCOPES and moderators, with recommendations of different scopes, in different price ranges (above £200) and reasons why. I am looking for a good quality scope that will be versatile for lamping foxes and stalking deer. (arou
  19. Went out just to shoot a couple of targets as off to Scotland next weekend shooting. When got to the farm about 14:30 the sun was shining and there were slots all over so me and the dog went to the top of the hill for 30 min. But as soon as I sat down I seen a buck eating the conifers. So aimed fired and shot this buck.
  20. Went shooting tonight with a mate and his daughter Jessica. I put them in a place that we seen some roe on friday. I then went to top end of wood to put a new salt lick up after 10min I heard the shot. When I got to them I was surprised to see this deer, as we haven't seen it going about, but a good one to take off also was in good nick for just having 3 legs.
  21. Was not out at weekend as me and some friends did are DSC1. So got out last night and stalk onto this buck it was a good one to take as you can see.
  22. **dead deer** I have found 4 dead deer in the last month? All within 200yrd of each other. No shot wounds, no accident/impact injures. Healthy looking animals, clear eyes, nose mouth and carrying plenty of weight? Any ideas?????
  23. Me and a mate went to my locall farm last night for a bit of roe buck shooting, when on way to the farm it was raining really hard got there anx realised I left my coat back home not a good start, got one of steve's fleeces on which is about 3 sizes to big (steve not the smallest of people). Any way I got set up in one field and steve went about 5 fields over where we seen a doe a couple of nights ago. I gave steve a call about 9 as not seen out and was getting a bit cold he then called me back as he could see a doe and a buck in the field he was in and with me not shooting a buck for a bi
  24. First time back out on the rifle after the birth of my daughter two and a half years ago, real excited, praying for a good shoot on the roe deer. 10 minutes out from our destination stalker Steve talking more than watching the road as usual hit a massive pothole and burst the tyre but we plod on to the farm deciding to change the tyre later. On the farm we split up Marcy heads of stalking over the back and we head down into the valley myself and stalker Steve to head into the hot zone for the roe! We got nicely settled in scanning the area constantly for (lesser spotted lately) roe. A
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