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Found 5 results

  1. slow drive up to lingwood this morning.............. some fields are not sown yet.............some sugarbeet only just gone in...some sugarbeet an 1" high...rape all in flower and to top it all off Barley in ear......... and i still have me winter draws on...
  2. Hi my name is Matt I am new to shooting, I have had my licence for about six months now. I have managed to get myself two pieces of land to shoot on. I have a few questions I would like answering, I have tryed searching the Internet but the adviceis either contradicting from one person to another or nonexistent. My first question is what kind of land should i be shooting on? And what can I expect to find in the Midlands? (The first pieces of land I have is two fields which I think the farmer is growing corn. The crop is about 4 inch high. The second is some feilds surrounding a farm which I think the farmer is also growing crops but also has cattle so there is some grass and recently one of his feilds he scraped one of his feild with these chains I did see pigeons there.) Should I be using callers? Flight lines I no what they are but what do they look like? Should I expect one pigeon every minute or five an hour or coming flying in groups. I find researching this one particularly hard to research everybody seems just to explain what they mean to the pigeons and how they use them. Where can I find roosts? Is it in big woods, small woods, small groups of tree's, can I expect 10s or just a couple of pigeons? Should I buy flappers and other equipment? I have a hide net and 12 FUD decoys so far was also thinking of buying some crows as well to add a bit of variety to my pattern as I see this as I first get to the feilds. Also I would like to ask if there is any experienced shoots who would like some help out in the field in exchange for some advice, not only on where to find them but how to shoot them its just not the same as clays. Thanks to everyone who reads this or replies. I know I have woffled on abit. Matt
  3. Hello all, Possible new permission coming up (rabbits, pigeons, crows, rats) and i just had a few questions really as i am told it is quite a small field: 1. What would be the smallest size field i would be able to shoot in (in regards to safety)? I am just thinking rough shooting at the moment. 2. Where would i stand on the fact there are no crops in the field? Hay is baled there though be it in very small quantities. I would mainly be using a shotgun 12 bore. Occasional use of a .22 sub 12ftlbs air rifle. There aren’t any neighbouring houses however the field i am told is surrounded by other fields owned by another farmer/landowner. Thanks in advance
  4. Does anyone know if the coating on seeds to prevent infestation during germination is also designed to taste terrible to birds. I have been out everyday this week looking at the same recently drilled Maize which has some spill on it. In the last four days no birds have been near it as far as I can see. I don't think it is the case that they haven't found it. I think there just not interested. I know drilled Maize isn't a great puller in the first place, but not a bird! Anyone know?
  5. Hey there u sexy lot, I'm looking to join one or a few of you fellow shooters to help you set up decoys and collect game ect free of course im a newbie looking to keep someone company and learn the sport any offer will be great fully respected.. Thanks
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