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  1. Hey guys! I was hoping someone could help me out I've been doing some research on the UK gun laws for a short YouTube video I'm putting together I can't seem to find any up to date information on how many rounds would be allowed to be stored per calibre maximum I know that under a sgc license it's pretty much unlimited for certain ammo but I read there was a limit on rimfire, also another question I have is is it compulsory to keep your rimfire bullets locked away from where the guns are stored or can they be stored in the same place? TIA Lee
  2. Hi guys,recently got an oryx chassis and met mag for my Howa 1500 short action on. 223. I fitted stock as per instructions, went out this weekend to try it out and found that rounds would not cycle, it seems my bolt will not travel rearward enough for bolt face to clear pick up for next round to engage. I did some searching and it seems that the bolt stop will need to be shortened to allow more rearward movement,also heard a .308 bolt stop may cure problem. Anyone else come across this, how did you rectify fault. Many thanks
  3. Good Afternoon all. Hope you are all doing well? I have my first ever walked up day coming up soon (pheasant etc) and I wondered what cartridges you guys use or what you would recommend? I have only ever shot clays before and so I'm a bit stuck on what load and shot size to go for. I have a 12 gauge. You're help would be fantastic 😉 Cheers James
  4. Hello Everybody. I joined this forum end of last year I believe it was but have only just had a proper look through this fantastic forum. I think it's time I introduce myself! My name is James, I am 27 and from Derby. I have been shooting for a few years but only got my own license and gun (a Browning B525 sporter but I have recently changed it for a B525 Game One, the sporter was fantastic but I liked the less weight the game had) at the start of this year. Previously I had been shooting while under supervision. Before September last year I had only been shooting clays and didn't get into the game shooting side until I got my Fox Red working lab pup who I have been gundog training for about a year now. Gundog training has introduced me to the fantastic world of game shooting and working my now 1 year old lab (hopefully be introducing him to his first shoot soon but I don't want to rush him even though he is doing fantastic) I recently bought my first air gun, a BSA Ultra SE .22 and have gained my first permission at a small farm/horse yard. I bought this especially for this permission as a shotgun wasn't an option as the farm is small, close to residential houses and the noise could potentially spook the horses and cause an injury. I was offered the permission from the land owner as we keep our horse there and over a conversation about hobbies he said I could help myself to the rabbits as they are causing issues. He doesn't know much about guns and I didn't want to say 'oh sorry I've only got a shotgun so I can't' but then I also didn't want to rock up with my shotgun and start blasting away only for him to realise this is bad news lol so I thought it through and got my first air rifle. Before I let myself loose on the bunnies I spent a few weeks gaining confidence and knowledge by shooting in my back garden. I've been at the yard on the bunnies a few times now but have only managed to shoot one :-(. Because the yard also has other people who keep their horses there I have to wait until all the horses are in. There is also a lady there who is a vegetarian and is anti shooting so I wait until she has gone until I start. Unlucky that she is also the last to leave at around 8pm which lately has meant I have to lamp. I believe my misfortune is down to my own inexperience regarding stalking/ambushing the rabbits and I need to stop moving from field to field as there are only two fields. I've decided to stick to one field at a time and wait in ambush no matter how long it takes. But I'm taking all of this as a lesson and everyday is a school day. I'd love to get out with the shotgun and hopefully one day I will but as we all know that is easier said than done and I'd like to gain some experience before I start knocking on farmers doors asking if they want pest control and expecting me to deliver. I'm looking forward to spending time in this forum and gaining some knowledge and help from you all. Cheers James
  5. Hi All, I am a new shooter based in central Bedfordshire. I have been shooting clays for just over a year and at this point am 95% self taught. I’m loving my new hobby, however being a young (20) first generation shooter is proving to have its challenges. I felt slightly too inexperienced to get myself onto a game shoot last season, however I am hoping to get myself onto a game shoot or 2 next year. Only issue with this, and this is a bit of a confession on this forum, I’ve never killed anything. The thought of it doesn’t bother me and morally I have no problem with doing it, however I am well aware that a shoot field is not the place to suddenly discover that I dislike shooting game. Are there any shooters in the area who would take me out to shoot a few wood pigeons of an afternoon? I think pigeons would be a much safer way to get myself into game shooting, and would highly highly appreciate if there is anyone who would give me a hand with that. look forward to hear from you. Many thanks. Tom
  6. Somehow on Saturday at our little syndicate I managed to dent the rib of my gun. I don’t have time to get to a gunsmith and I am shooting a couple of times this week and all next week till the season ends. I am thinking a screwdriver under it to ease it up, then get it properly sorted after the season. Anyone had a go at it any other way with success?
  7. I’m calling on the collective PW knowledge to help with the following. I have double driveway gates, each leaf is approximately 2m square. I will hang them off posts with adjustable hook and eye type hinges. The lower hook will carry the weight and I will reverse the upper hook to hold the gate in place and stop it being lifted off the hinges. Question is, with the gate construction pictured below, which would be the correct way round to hang them? Does the bracing direction make a difference? Assuming the picture is the back of the gate viewed from inside the driveway, my gut says “B” is correct. My thinking is the weight at the far end (end opposite the hinges) will be transferred down the diagonal brace and end at the solid bottom hinge and base of the post. Not sure if that logic is correct?
  8. got a parrot hands free kit in the car ive just bought, (honda crv) and its driving me mad, every 20 seconds or so its gives a series of 2 beeps three times, of course the radio is interupted, any one know whats going on please, cheers ray
  9. Help im just up after a night shift and the wifes sprung this on me A friend of a friend gets a dog and whilst out it takes off and the dog warden ends up with the dog on hearing they have his dog he goes for it and is told as its no micro chipped he cant get it as its illegal , so they will micro chip it and when he pays for it he can get the dog . fast forward four days and the dog cant walk out the kennel and seems to be fitting and there thinking the chip is causing that ? I'm thinking the chips can migrate threw the body but don't cause problems as its only a grain of rice size , more chance its picked up parvo etc at the dog warden kennels ?
  10. just bought a car with a parrot hands free kit installed, ive paired my phone, but i cant get the phonebook to load,its asking permission to acces phone contacts but when i klick ok it seems to be loading but nothing happens, thanks for any help, atb ray
  11. Just picked up a single barrel Baikal It's got a lever poking out of the bottom of the action, I recall from my youth this should be an ejector switch? Seems to make no difference what position it's in, the gun only extracts So if it's not what I think what is it?
  12. Hi all is their a recoil pad you can get for a beretta 686s 20 bore the problem is its the old 686 from the 80s with a cerved stock any help
  13. My brother managed to break the stock on this Powell boxlock. Wondering if it can be repaired or is it a case of a new stock? The guns not worth much but has some sentimental value, so don't want to scrap it but also don't think I can justify some of the prices I've been quoted for restocking. Would cascamite hold? Or is the break too bad? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Photos to follow.
  14. Ok guys I put an add on gunwatch on Wednesday titled skb200 it went on here about an hr latter I had a couple of enquires then the add disappeared I have sent a message to two of the mods and also emailed gunwatch but I have herd nothing back any ideas please. thanks Tim
  15. hello all, i have a question, my FAO coming over in a few days and live in a new house and the walls are mostly plaster board, i were to use a corner wall (2 external walls) to install it and drill all the way to the outside brick and use expanding wall plugs would this work?? Any tips would be amazing thank you
  16. can anyone help, been given a logun eagle. the seals r leaking. looking for a exploded diagram, or any help on striping it. cheers.
  17. Please help was shooting today and the grub screw at the back of the trigger guard has come out, it is still in the gun but i am guessing it has to be screwed back in internally as i can't get it out. Is this a job i can do or has it got to go to a gunsmiths. I do not know as this is my first shotgun.
  18. Any tips and tricks to make a wild hunter crow call sound more realistic. Thanks
  19. I am told we need a new TV, 55 inch 4k ultra something. It must be able to get Amazon prime and Netflix easy and we use Sky if that helps. I have looked at so many review sites and I am just going around in circles. Very soon I will just pick anyone and to be sure it will be ****. Budget about £800 max. Any help would be great. Thanks
  20. Hi all, I wonder if I might ask for a little help with a few decoying issues which I'm having. I'm an experienced shooter but most of my pigeon shooting has always been roost shooting or flight lining and decoying is fairly new to me. I've been shooting pigeons on two fields, one of newly drilled game crop seeds and one of drilled barley. At first the old strip of game crop still ran along the middle of the field and made building a hide near the feeding area easy and I had some good shooting. This has now been ploughed up and the pigeons are still feeding on the seed but there is nowhere nearby to build a hide where it won't stick out like a sore thumb. Does this matter? I remember reading that Archie Coates said it wasn't good to have a hide in open ground but other people seem to say it doesn't matter? The second issue which I'm having is when shooting over the drilled barley. There are always lots of birds on the ground when I arrive, but once I've built my hide and set out the decoys the birds will not come back into the field. It's not that they're seeing the pattern and shying away as if there is something wrong with it, they are just flying over without showing the least sign of interest in the pattern whatsoever. There is conifer wood across the road behind the area where I have to set up and I get occasional shots as they make their way into that, but they will not come back into the field. I only have shell decoys at the moment, which I couple with some dead birds. Would a flapper or a rotary make a big difference in pulling the birds off of their flightpath or might I be doing something fundamentally wrong? Thanks very much for your patience with a beginner! Williegunn88
  21. Rat problem at my dads farm! We have alot of rats really annoying my dad as they are ruining all the barley and meal for the cows & sheep. So we really want rid of them. My dad is really not a fan of poison as he says you don't know where the rats carry it and he doesn't like it with the dogs around. Also similar with traps as the rats are HUGE so takes really big steel bear claw type traps to get them which would probably kill the dog if he was to walk over it! so he doesn't use it anymore. We have got a few with the Jack Russell and sticks Yes sticks (Yard Brush Shafts to be exact). It is now rare to have a big lot of them on the floor as they are aware of the jack Russell now. So they are on grain bags, Work benches, Shelves, Ledges on walls, Joists and steels on the roof etc. (we have two entry's to the worst shed of rats and above two doors there are large ledges for storing ropes & caned stuff etc which is crawling with them. The jack Russell is not the best dog in the world for catching them but honestly has the best nose you ever seen and can pick up cent and locate exact position of a rat in any shed in 20 seconds. If you then poke that with a stick one will run out and run across steels and down wood etc to escape point. They move too fast for the air rifle and shotgun would likely blow the shed up! So i am wondering if i could use these! Birdshot 22lr load. I have used these before on a rat down a steel pipe and i blocked the other side and then shot down it at about 5 yards and i thought it would turn it to soup but it was un-noticeable that it was shot! So i am wondering what this would do to tin roof or if you shot at one scaling a rope along the wall would some pickles from the shot come back at you or would it be dangerous. I think there are 100+ pickles in each 22 bullet so they are smaller than grains of sand so damage may be un-noticeable? All advice is appreciated! Thanks in Advance!
  22. Hi I have golden cocker from working stock that is gun shy. I believe it was caused by a firework that went off extremely low over our house last year when he was around 4-5 months old. Since then I have tried him with a 28g at distance and also a starter pistol, starter pistol he was ok with at distance when playing with his favourite frisbee and the shotgun he was scared of still. He is the hardest worker and keenest dog I have ever been around and he loves it, it's such a shame I can't use him. He is about 14 months old. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has been through this or knows of anyone who specialises in this whether it can be trained out of him etc. If anyone has any advice please contact me. Thanks
  23. Ok guys not sure if this is the right place and im sure its been asked before but im looking at having my browning 525 fitted the thing is im not sure were to start or how much this will end up costing. im in Cheshire and im hoping there is someone local that can help has any one in Cheshire had there gun fitted could you sugest a good place to have this done and also a ruff idea of the cost? any help would be great Thanks Tim
  24. Hi my name is Matt I am new to shooting, I have had my licence for about six months now. I have managed to get myself two pieces of land to shoot on. I have a few questions I would like answering, I have tryed searching the Internet but the adviceis either contradicting from one person to another or nonexistent. My first question is what kind of land should i be shooting on? And what can I expect to find in the Midlands? (The first pieces of land I have is two fields which I think the farmer is growing corn. The crop is about 4 inch high. The second is some feilds surrounding a farm which I think the farmer is also growing crops but also has cattle so there is some grass and recently one of his feilds he scraped one of his feild with these chains I did see pigeons there.) Should I be using callers? Flight lines I no what they are but what do they look like? Should I expect one pigeon every minute or five an hour or coming flying in groups. I find researching this one particularly hard to research everybody seems just to explain what they mean to the pigeons and how they use them. Where can I find roosts? Is it in big woods, small woods, small groups of tree's, can I expect 10s or just a couple of pigeons? Should I buy flappers and other equipment? I have a hide net and 12 FUD decoys so far was also thinking of buying some crows as well to add a bit of variety to my pattern as I see this as I first get to the feilds. Also I would like to ask if there is any experienced shoots who would like some help out in the field in exchange for some advice, not only on where to find them but how to shoot them its just not the same as clays. Thanks to everyone who reads this or replies. I know I have woffled on abit. Matt
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