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  1. Hi All,looking for land permission in the Southampton area. Fully insured BASC member who can help out with vermin troubles using PCP silenced air rifle. I am a very reliable and trustworthy individual who lives locally and would appreciate any help to gain a permission for my hobby, and to be of assistance in reducing any problems you may have with vermin!If I can be of assistance to any farmers/land owners locally in our area please let me know.RegardsDave
  2. I’m fairly new to the air gun pest control areas as I have been target shooting in my back yard for a few months now with my mrs . I was wondering if there were any opportunities to gain permission to shoot on on within deeside (North Wales) also don’t know if I’m in the right forum I currently own a SMK PR900W .22 and am shooting superdome pellets to begin with I would like the opportunity for daytime shooting to get used to it .. I would also be willing to tidy any area I have permission on by getting rid of litter as I go many thanks Josh
  3. Hi guys, thank you for the add, haven't been involved in shooting for about 4 years now, used to own a HW97k but now own the R10mk2 se, looking forward to get back out there and hopefully gain a new permission. Thanks again Thomas.
  4. Hi, Yes its the age old question of gaining permission to shoot on land. I currently shoot on a large estate and have known the estate manager/game keeper for some years without any incident. Being ex-military I am always polite and courteous of whom ever I meet whilst I am about shooting (in life as well), and this has stood me in good stead over the years (you never know who you meet whilst out). But due to partridge/pheasant shooting my shooting is curtailed between some months due to this well deserved sport as this earns the estate the money they need. So off I went looking for
  5. Hello Fellow PW members, Im currently located in the North Tidworth, im in the Royal Engineers hence why im located there. Im looking for some form of pigeon shooting and crows. Im more than happy to help out in any way shape or form if help is needed in exchange to shoot on the land. Ive been shooting since i was about 10 with my uncle and have picked up lots of knowledge on the way from some wonderful people. i would love it if someone could help out. Many Thanks John Briggs
  6. Hi all, As a quick note of introduction - I've been shooting (mainly .22 rim fire, .223 and 12 bore shotguns) in North Yorkshire for the last few years, and have recently relocated can to Maidenhead, Berkshire. I've also bought a BSA R10 mk 2 air rifle and am looking for a permission to go shooting. I enjoy shooting pigeons, crows, squirrels and rabbits etc, and would love to get a fox! My postcode is SL6 9LR and I'm happy anywhere with in an hours drive. I'm a responsible chap and a BASC member - so am fully insured. I can be free all day most weekends and occasionly on a wee
  7. Hello there, I'm thinking of starting shooting/hunting and I live in Bowdon in Cheshire close to altrincham. I would love to start and I have got my eye on either the air arms tx200 hc or the hw97kt. The only trouble is I don't want to spend money only to find out there's no where to shoot with permission that's fairly local. Any help guys would be great. Plus out of the two rifles which would be more suited to hunting etc.
  8. Hi all I know this is not the best way of gaining permission but I thought it would be worth a try. I am look to get permission to shoot in surrey. I have been helping a pal out for the past 2 years on 2 farms in Kent where he has his permission. Due to family ties (2 young children and a 9 month baby) I am looking to get my own area nearer to home. In Kent we were mainly helping with the pigeons and lamping the rabbits (now and again). I would be looking to do the same locally as I have all the equipment for both and a truck. I have my shotgun licence and BASC insurance (full lice
  9. Hi, Just thought i’d post a quick message to say im looking for shooting permission in either the Carmarthenshire or Powys areas of Wales (free of charge of course). Mainly rough shooting although looking to grow into decoying. I have both shotguns and air rifles and i’m also insured. Please feel free to pm me with anymore details you would like to know. Thanks
  10. Hello all, Possible new permission coming up (rabbits, pigeons, crows, rats) and i just had a few questions really as i am told it is quite a small field: 1. What would be the smallest size field i would be able to shoot in (in regards to safety)? I am just thinking rough shooting at the moment. 2. Where would i stand on the fact there are no crops in the field? Hay is baled there though be it in very small quantities. I would mainly be using a shotgun 12 bore. Occasional use of a .22 sub 12ftlbs air rifle. There aren’t any neighbouring houses however the field i am tol
  11. Hi guys, I've been on pigeon watch a long time and have bought/sold and generally joined in. I am a previous FAC holder which I revoked when I changed careers due to having no time to get to the club (unforgivable, I know). I have now been granted my shotgun licence and I have bought a couple of guns. I am 26, I am a health, safety, quality and environment consultant by trade and I live in Coleshill, Warwickshire with my girlfriend and my retired racing greyhound! I am currently looking for any bits of shooting that the nice people on this forum could provide - some land to
  12. Been looking for a permission to get started on. Experienced field target shooter wanting to go for live quarry. basa insured, sensible, well presentable and keen to do well. cheers people. Damo.
  13. i thought that I'd give this account to encourage others. I have rabbit permission on a small field, which led to some shooting also being given by an adjacent landowner on the next field where horses are grazed. It is still a very small area, but one that if you can take your time you can drag out a slow stalk round it to 30 mins. I went up there the other night and had 4 nice rabbits with the air rifle (I also use a moderated Mossberg .410 sometimes). As I was packing them and the rifle away I noticed a 4x4 parking a hundred yards down the lane. Now when I've been out shooting in the pas
  14. Hi, I'm new to the forum so please forgive me if this has been asked many times before. Me and my cousin live near Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, and have owned air rifles for a few years now. I do regular target shooting and have done the occasional bit of pest control on a local farm but am struggling to gain land permission. I have knocked on many farmer's door but with no success. Is anybody aware of any local places to shoot or needs any help controlling pests on any land that they own. I am able to shoot Rats, Rabbits, Pigeons, Squirrels, Crows, Magpies, all of the suitable quarry for an a
  15. Good morning all I have been asked on several occassions to clear the odd fox as 1 off jobs, I currently use .17HMR but need to get a bit more distance and puch so I have asked the FEO for a .22-250. He has come back to me and agreed in principle however the catch is that I need to provide a farmers/land owners letter to say I have permission. Now the for the tricky bit the land owners concerned wont do this as it is one off jobs so I'm in a bit of a pickle can anybody advise or suggest any possible solutions. I have the chance of some good land to shoot over if I can do these
  16. Hello all PW members, Hope your week has been better than mine, I was out on the field in last nights rain and although I was in a full water proof outfit I still got soaked. Still a bad day on the field beats a good day at work. Now for the spot of bother bit, as some of you know i enjoy shooting as much as the next PW member however i am fast coming into a spot of bother, the permission i have has basically ran out of rabbits. I am the only shooter on the land which inst very big, other than the land owner so its not because of to many shooters, i have just shot them all. Which is gr
  17. Hi all I'm new to pw...I'm desperately seeking somewhere to go shooting with my air rifle around the oswestry area - idealy rabbits, rats, crows etc. I've been looking for months now with no luck. I'm very sensible and experienced, I lived in Wales until a few years aggo and was spoilt for choice, but since moving up here and having kids have had very little time to shoot or find anywhere to do it. Now the kids are a bit older I've got the time to pick it back up, but know few people in the area with land to shoot on. I'd be happy to trade my services as a handyman for some time shooting somew
  18. Hi, Myself and a friend are looking for permission to shoot on land over Surrey. We are both very experiences shots and hold our own insurance and all the equipment needed. If you have any land that you require pest control help on or just any land that you would allow us to shoot over please contact me as it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Simon
  19. Hi all Looking for permission to go ferreting in northampton/northamptonshire? anyone having trouble getting rid of rabbits an want some free help!? Let me know!
  20. HI All, New year, new try on here! I am a sensible, insured newbie to hunting, been shooting for years SG, Fullbore & Air Rifle, after any sort of opportunity in Cheshire or Northwest UK for shooting of the above. Happy to travel etc within reasonable distance. Appreciate any help. Cheers Ian
  21. Hey there u sexy lot, I'm looking to join one or a few of you fellow shooters to help you set up decoys and collect game ect free of course im a newbie looking to keep someone company and learn the sport any offer will be great fully respected.. Thanks
  22. First of all, Hello everyone, I think finding this forum is going to be a great addition to my shooting. Im Alex, 25 in Birmingham. Been shooting for a few years, due to recent move to built up area (away from parents) am now struggling to find land to be able to shoot on. If anyone has any land available, i would be most appreciative if they could make contact. I will happily shoot any pests anyone does not want to persue in exchange for shooting permission. Pick of the bag always offered to land owner, shoots left as i found them, clean, tidy, no mess, and all wildlife respected
  23. Hello all, I'm looking to get my foot in the permissions door in the South Lincs / North Norfolk area. I am aware in similar posts it has been considered bad practice to use the first post on this forum as a request for permissions, nevertheless thats what this is. I'm 24 and serve full time in the Royal Air Force in Norfolk, I hold my section 2 cert and BASC membership. I have spent an arm and a leg shooting clays over the years and would like to spend more time in the fields than at shooting grounds. Anyone requiring more detailed info please let me know. Cheers, SS
  24. Hello all, I have a friendly family farm on the outskirts of Leicester, for the last year or so I have been renting out our shepherds hut to pigeon shooters. If anyone is interested then let me know. The concept is flexible, but what works well is for the shooters to arrive in the afternoon before the shoot day, so I can show you around the farm and point out some good spots. We can then use the quad to stash the decoying equipment into the hedge next to the chosen spot. Then after a couple of pints in the dog and gun you get a good nights sleep in the shepherds hut, get up ridicul
  25. Hi everybody looking for some land to fly my gos hawk at rabbits fully insured
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