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  1. Just bite the bullet and buy 12 flocked shell decoys from a1 decoys it's only £40. They won't take up to much space and it saves all the hassle and they will hopefully last a long time. I've just ordered mine and I added a magpie on to my oder to to add some verity
  2. 10 Thursday afternoon on wheat stubble plus 2 crows 7984
  3. Wow that is some kit list and that's only your decoys.
  4. Top offer I find my self in a similar situation. I'm in Leicester if anyone else can help another newbie
  5. Well if he is reading this I hope he sorts it out because I would really love one. Just debating whether I want to wait. Maybe he could get some of the parts made at a small engineering firm to speed it up
  6. Get some equipment just some decoys and a hide to start will do watch where and when they are feeding. Get there before them and get shooting.
  7. I hope someone can answer all of these questions I am in the same dilemma
  8. Think about what kind of land you will be shooting over. You don't want to be lugging loads of heavy stuff if you've got far to walk. I bought a massive army camo net weighs a tun. I got my jacke Pyke clear view net this weekend it weighs nothing and a pop up hide yet to test the hide.
  9. I even forgot to take a picture of my hide for my other thred cuz I was that disappointed
  10. Was looking promising to start, there was even some good flight lines into the field yesterday. But today sod all, my uncle got 2 and I missed a couple of easy one then the sky's were clear. Even went over to my other perm seen 3 pigeons in the sky....... where are they all!!!!
  11. No wind while out shooting any advice? For decoy pattern?
  12. Carnt see why he would have a problem with it
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