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Found 6 results

  1. Evening all! I'm in the process of restoring my old AYA yeoman, I've recently re-blued the barrels (I posted the finished product in the DIY Craft section). I'm reaching out to you all for some help, My yeoman was fitted with an aftermarket Recoil pad which has always bugged me. It's fitted nicely, it just doesn't suit the gun. I'd really like to replace it with an original AYA butt plate. Fortunately I still have the original screws which have large plugged head. If anyone has one or would be willing to sell me one, please drop me a PM! (ITEM 143 in the below GA drawing
  2. This post is on behalf of PW member "Old Boggy", who asked my help to be part of his restoration effort of this Woodward "the Automatic" My own additions into this post are in italics, everything else was written by Old Boggy Acquisition & Refurbishment of Woodward No.3638 Introduction Firstly, as this is a long drawn out account of the acquisition and refurbishment of an old Woodward shotgun, I apologise in advance for any repetitions and non sequential details etc, but hope that it may be of interest to someone out there, so here goes :- In conversation with a lady frie
  3. Hi Guys I don't know if anyone is interested, but we are getting rid of our large shoot lunch table and wondered if anyone on here would be interested in it! The thing weighs an absolute tonne! Any queries, please do not hesitate to ask me. All the best Sophie (Purdy!) £350
  4. Hi, my dad has just bought a Charles Lancaster box lock in average condition. I was wondering if it's worth getting restored to a good condition and how much would you say the gun is worth now and it's potential value. Also I'm sure I've seen someone on here who restores guns but I have completely forgotten who it was. Any help on this subject would be very much appreciated. Thanks Andrew
  5. Well I received my new summer project today to add to the SxS hammergun, courtesy of kennym It's a 1960's ish Webley Falcon S/N 1884 in .22 flavour. The gun is in good condition for it's age with only light surface rust on the bluing and the normal marks you would expect on a stock of this age. I intend to fully restore the stock, give the bluing some TLC with fine wire wool and oil, strip the innards to see what kind of condition they are in and will probably end up replacing the piston and breach seals along with a Diana 25 mainspring in order to make it a good plinker to teach the daug
  6. Have a bit of a resto project on and i am going to need some turn screws however looking at the prices, for what is a glorified screwdriver i am wondering if anyone already has some/ or a set ( or knows where to get them cheap? ). So if you have some turnscrews read on. If you want to sell them let me know your price and ill see what i can do. Alternatively If you don't want to sell them, i could hire them for a week or two in exchange for money or a crate of your favorite beverage, i may even be able to arrange a day of rabbit or pigeon shooting but that very much depends on t
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