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  1. Hi Christian could I take the 3 in the bottom picture please and two dog chews. Let me know how to lay. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for all the post. I'm going to work hard with him, be patient and get him sorted. I'm more confident now hearing that people have had the same problems and are manage to get them sorted. Many thanks.
  3. Hi I have golden cocker from working stock that is gun shy. I believe it was caused by a firework that went off extremely low over our house last year when he was around 4-5 months old. Since then I have tried him with a 28g at distance and also a starter pistol, starter pistol he was ok with at distance when playing with his favourite frisbee and the shotgun he was scared of still. He is the hardest worker and keenest dog I have ever been around and he loves it, it's such a shame I can't use him. He is about 14 months old. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has been through this or knows of anyone who specialises in this whether it can be trained out of him etc. If anyone has any advice please contact me. Thanks
  4. If all fails I will take subject to seeing photos. Thanks.
  5. Bought that one thanks for sending the add over. Looking forward to getting I've heard they are a good value scope.
  6. Looking for the above action only as I have a 17hmr barrel and 22lr just find it a bit of a pain to switch between the barrels with zeroing the scopes etc. any help and advice welcome with how people who have the same rifles. Cheers.
  7. Hi looking for the above scope and any reviews members might have. Looking at mounting it on my sako quad 22lr and 17hmr barrels. Cheers
  8. No sorry mate, thought I replied to everyone. It all went for the asking price. Cheers for the interest.
  9. Sold pending the usual to private message. Will contact you Keith if anything happens. Cheers for the interest.
  10. I have decided to sell my night vision as I am going head down the route of a day scope addon. The scope has been used a maximum of 5 times in absolute mint condition, everything works as it should and is a very good budget nv set up. I will also include the DVR within the price and RMSD. The DVR is unused. The photon is fully boxed with original receipt I bought it secondhand but was never used. You won't be disappointed and this is cheap. £250 posted RMSD
  11. Are you willing to split? If you are PM me the price of the walnut stock. Thanks
  12. Hi I've recently had my cert back with a new slot for a 243. I'm after a good rifle that will last a very long time as I don't want to be changing it anytime soon. I've been looking at tikka sako etc, and like the look of the M595. Does anyone have any feedback on these rifles? Does anyone know of anyone with one thinking of parting with it? Or does anyone have another type of rifle which they are thinking of selling? Any help info on any rifle in 243 would be appreciated. Many thanks
  13. Hi I'm after a nice little 28g, don't want to spend a lot as it is only going to be rough walked up gun for shooting over my cocker hopefully towards the end of the season. If anyone has one they would like to sell please let me know and I will get back to you. I'm located in South Wales but will do a deal on RFD also. Thanks
  14. Hi I'm looking at buying a daystate airwolf .177 not the one with the digital screen. It doesn't say a model on it but serial number begins with AW just wondering on the value in mint condition would be roughly. And some more info on it would be good. Thanks for reading, hope some one can help. Cheers
  15. Hi all I have a sako quad with a 22lr barrel and 17hmr barrel. Just wondering what set ups anyone else have with this particular rifle and calibre's and how they find changing the barrels and whether or not they hold there zero. I have mine set up with leupold QRW rings on a weaver rail, with yukon photon for the .22lr and simmons wtc for .17hmr. Changing barrel and scope is simple but haven't had the chance to really test whether it holds the zeros ok. Any advice on the set ups or any other set ups which up better or work well for you please let me know thanks.
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