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laid bary

number 1

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Theres a fair bit of barley round my way ( Herts ) but have only found one large patch which had been been laid in the middle of field. I took two peckers 1/2, a dozen shell decoys, gun and 200 cartridges, set out decoys and Knelt in a tram line no hide but i did wear a head net. Three hours later picked up 39 birds had shot 150 cartridges must have left as many birds in the barley i would have stayed longer but my knees were killing me

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Sounds like a seriously good day kevin.  ;)


You ought to put a report in the area report section on the homepage.


When I have to shoot in a field of laid cereal, I enter by the tractorlines (like you), I take a couple of cut open sacks and some bamboo canes.

By setting up near some standing wheat and using the sacks I can make a reasonable hide.

I then kneel or sit alternatively on an old chair cushion.


There are a couple of the new camouflage designs out now that could blend nicely with laid cereal, they only have to be light coloured.

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kevin 15, just in case you ( or anyone ) don,t know how to submit a report....


Go to homepage, click on Pigeon Watch, click on bird nearest your area, scroll past reports to the bottom of the page and fill the form in.


You may already know all this, but I didn,t and had to ask before I could submit my first report. ;)

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thats does sound a good day kevin!!!! on saterday when driving round (my dad took me to the laid barley hes seen he works the farm so he nos where it is )and it has started to go down there and there was a few birds dropping in but nothing specil +it was only very small patechs like 5m sq

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