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Best Crop ?


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I would say:


1st. Rape stubble (I'm not just copying Deako) because pigeons like it and it comes at a time when the pigeon population is high.

2nd. Winter rape because it sees you through the winter when there's not much else about.

3rd. Chitting peas because pigeons go mad for them.

4th. Barley, whether it's drillings, laid patches or stubble, it usually attracts the birds.


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I've had some real good days on Barley Stubble, if the barleys been harvested late. When you look at the field, there is Barley everywhere!!, & because it's so small, it takes them a while to clear up. Mind you, I sppose that can apply to alot of the crops! 2nd is Peas, because they can give you good shooting, across the whole growing period of the crop!

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Before Rape came along I would have said peas.


I have had some brilliant days on laid, ripe wheat, but other years the pigeon have seemed to ignore laid cereals.


Rape has given us a very flexible crop that is around (in some form or another) all the year.

Thats why its my number one.

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