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They dont bite all the time but occasionaly when working them as they are a little excited they do sometimes nip.The last 3 ferrets i had which died of old age were really tame,you could feed them out of your hand which was covered in blood and they would not bite.I  find some ferrets take longer than others to settle down,it just takes time and plenty of handling.

                          Regards sean :sick:

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I kept and worked ferrets and polecats for 30+ years.


sean, I always bred my own "replacements".

Sometimes I borrowed a hob from a friend, just to change the blood lines.

By handling the kits before their eyes were open and afterwards, I made sure mine were always very handleable.

The only time I got bitten, was seperating two hobs that were fighting.

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i got 2 polecats about 3 years ago and left them on there  own, only bothered them when feeding and cleaning out. the winter came round got my ferrets and went out they never stoped biteing.so when i got home i started to handle them daily for about 2 hours a day and have done ever since,

since then i have been bitten once and that was when seperating her from a rabbit she had caught.    :sick:  :sick:

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Years ago in my youth I kept ferrets, and one particular jill was so tame I could put her in my shirt and she would curl up asleep. One night in the pub I was bragging to my mates that I could put her down my strides without her biting. Bets were laid, so I popped home to get my super tame ferret. In the middle of the pub I stuck her down my trousers. I think she was a little hormonal...............

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