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my guns history?


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check your proof marks, my browning has "lp"underlined wth "99" beneath it, im told this means it was proofed in 1999. im sure other makes will vary, but with brownings and mirokus being so similar and being owned by the same company it could be the same.


hope it helps, but if it doesnt then im certain someone more knowledgable of these things will correct me ;)



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can anyone tell me where to get the history of my miroku. is it possible to contact miroku direct, and could they tell me when it was made by the serial number? any info apreciated.

miroku would probable only be able to tell you who it was sold to and any after care work thay did

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On Browning/Miroku guns manufactured after 1975, the two letters that make up part of the serial number are the date codes and are interpreted as follows:


Z = 1

Y = 2

X = 3

W = 4

V = 5

T = 6

R = 7

P = 8

N =9


So a gun with the serial number: 58612PV was manufactured in 1985


How you date a gun manufactured after 1999, i aint got a clue :*)

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