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Bear hunting in B.C.

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Nice photos without a doubt.


Could I shoot a bear? I doubt it - but I have been giving it some thought. I eat all meat including beef, pork, lamb, chicken, rabbit, duck etc. A bear isn't any bigger than a cow, so why does this thread make me feel uneasy? Is it a population numbers thing? Is it an intelligence thing? Could I shoot an ape or a chimp - hell no. But am I in favour of animal testing (including on monkeys, apes and all animals) hell yes (provided it is for something as important as a cure for cancer and not as something as trivial as a new make up product).


Oooh too much conflict for a Wednesday....


No answers here, move along, move along now....

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what fab pics, subject not my cup of tea, but well done all the same, as they say each to their own.



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