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Hi there,


i am looking at investing in some new equipment, specifically a magnet and flapper, but would you suggest that both were required and if so what sort of set up, is it easy to attach a flapper and can anyone recommend a website with any good deals.


Many Thanks

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i find the flapper works best in harvest as it mimics pigeons flapping about in the stubbles, the magnet works best on standing crops for me but what works one day may not the next, you wont go wrong with AA Decoys for the turbo flapper, as for the magnet i made my own so cant comment.

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I bought a flapper from AA Decoys. Found them to be good to deal with.

IMO really good product, so easy to use, lightweight and very effective most of the time.

Like magnets they can sometimes seem to put birds off, but more often than not they pull birds in from a good distance.

I would certainly prefer to carry one of these plus battery than a magnet and much bigger battery.

I do use a magnet, mainly when I am setting up not too far from the car or where I can get access across fields with it.

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I have both a magnet and flapper (both from AA decoys), I will be honest I have only ever used the flapper once and use the magnet everytime I go out. Rarely have i had a time i thought the magnet was putting them off. But i suppose its trial and error.


Good luck

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When i can drive to my hide position i sometimes use a magnet or two in conjunction with a flapper. I have had reasonable success recently with the magnet and flapper, having killed well over 300 pigeons this month.

You can view me in action in a couple of videos in the Sporting Videos section.

My basic magnet was bought from UKSW and i think my flapper was from AA decoys.

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