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  1. "Look for pigeons in the air, not on the ground" is a famous old pigeon shooting quote. Walking off a small bunch of pigeons (100) from a field is certainly no guarantee of sport. If you had spotted a good amount of birds on the ground, with fresh arrivals every 30 seconds, you would have perhaps had more reason to be optimistic. I have walked off clouds of pigeons from fields in the past for very modest reward. I remember a few years back, when I put off well over 1000 pigeons from a bean stubble. The day yielded just 40.
  2. Totally agree. Shooting with tight chokes is not as difficult as many think.
  3. motty

    GoPro help

    I use the Gopro studio to edit my footage. The basics are easy enough.
  4. Beans can still be planted. I am eagerly awaiting a few fields to be drilled. Why do you say we have not had enough bad weather? Also, you mentioned you went out with your dog to puck the pigeons. Why did you do that?
  5. In my part of the world, the rape shooting will hopefully continue for a few weeks. I have seen some areas that have been trimmed back sufficiently. I must give them a visit soon. I will hopefully get some shooting on drillings, too. There are lots of fields that should be drilled within the next fortnight. I am quite pleased that there are still so many bare fields.
  6. The "distance and power" of any cartridge is pretty much dictated by the amount of shot in the load. A pellet fired from a 4 bore will have the same energy as an equal pellet of the same velocity fired from a .410.
  7. Pretty much out and out goose guns, really.
  8. Hmmm. I think you are confusing bitching with constructive criticism. Perhaps if you were to read my post again, you would see that I mentioned that there was some good content. I will stand by what I said, though. I would have liked to have seen the cartridges being loaded (mentioning the amount of pellets per cartridge) and a decent pattern test that showed the percentages of shot in a 30" circle.
  9. I was quite underwhelmed by the video, to be honest. There was some good content, but the pattern testing was poor and didn't show anything meaningful.
  10. I rarely change chokes, but I wouldn't want to be without multi choked guns. I normally have full/full in my guns for live quarry. I only really change for clays.
  11. I think this is a ridiculous statement!
  12. I think there is certainly some merit in finding out how big your shot might be in a given cartridge, and how your cartridge might pattern through a certain gun/choke. Some folk need not bother, as they can already shoot pheasants at 90 yards, with no kind of pattern whatsoever.
  13. The second video is where I was using an ounce of 6.5s and an ounce I 7s. A fair few on that video were further than 30 yards. Your load of 4s is nigh on a goose load.
  14. Strangely enough, I do disagree. Crows can be easily be killed at 40 yards with a no.7. I take it you didn't watch the videos.
  15. Notice no ghillie suit in sight!
  16. I will have to put a link to a couple of my crow shooting videos on here - one using steel cartridges, and one using lead.
  17. You were either not shooting straight, or the birds were too far.
  18. Did you mean the wildfowlers that can't use lead?
  19. I would wholly disagree with you both. A roof on your hide is not a must, and neither are gloves or face masks. Big loads are not really required, either. I have shot enough crows stone dead with an ounce of 7 to know that. Why would most shots be upwards?
  20. Srs would probably be the last person I would ask for advice on anything shooting related!
  21. I wouldn't say I was distraught, but it is annoying listening to several bangs over the phone when your mate is shooting without you. I am glad he had a good day, just jealous that I couldn't be there.
  22. Don't overthink things. Most cartridges will be better and more consistent than you are. Just get yourself some Gamebore Velocity or something, and go from there. Once you are shooting over 90 or more on sporting, then have a rethink.
  23. Sorry, I am not sure what the question is.
  24. Could you explain the process of these fibres getting from the washing machine to the ocean. Edit - don't bother, I have looked it up. Ah well, probably best we can't see it!
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