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  1. Hi all. I have had some good runs of form whilst on the pigeons. I remember on an April day about 10 - 12 years ago, I was decoying on some patchy rape. I ended on over 100, shooting from 2-6pm. I remember at one point being on 50 pigeons for my first 54 shots. They decoyed nicely, and I was on form for once....
  2. I have a few lead 10 bore cartridges that I now wish to sell on. They have remained in my collection for a while. I have a full box of Winchester xx magnum 2 1/4oz BBs - £55 There are 18 Express 2 1/4oz 4s - £35 19 Winchester Supreme Turkey loads, 2 1/4oz 4s - £40. 15 Eley paper cased loads 4s and 5s £25. 10 Gamebore Rhino 2 1/4oz 1s - £17 I am open to sensible offers.
  3. After much I thought I have decided to sell this gun. It is in very good condition apart from a bit of wear to the butt pad. It is 3 1/2" chambered, has a 28" barrel and is steel proofed. It comes with 3 spare chokes, shims, stock extension, choke key, hard case, sling swivels etc. It has the kick-off recoil reducer in the stock. Overall it is a very good gun. I am looking for £800 for it. Location is Terrington, Norfolk.
  4. I have made the point many times over the years that a gun doesn't necessarily need a fleur de lis in order to be fine with "HP" steel.
  5. I have some for sale. Lead Winchester etc. Where is local?
  6. I have a load of different bits for sale. I am in Terrington, Norfolk.
  7. motty


    Missed this post. Will get some pictures over to you later.
  8. A bit far for you, maybe, but I am going to sell mine. Probably only had 500 shots fired through it. Mine is a synthetic mossberg pump.
  9. Yep. The ones that "consistently" kill 80 yard pheasants have a different definition of the word "consistently" to me! Ie, they are talking a load if old balls!
  10. motty


    It is multi choked. It is in very good condition. It has probably fired less than 300 shots since I bought it about 5 years ago. I think it has a small mark on the stock, but nothing major. I have the box for it. All the chokes should be present. I'd be looking for £375 for it. If you're still interested I will take some photos later.
  11. motty


    I will be selling my Yildiz o/u .410 3". I am in Terrington, Norfolk.
  12. I have never had a problem with standing up to look for birds above the net.
  13. They don't ignore them, as such. It is the same as any other crop that a pigeon will eat; they must find them, for starters, then maybe there is something in the area they prefer. That is like me when talking to him!!
  14. Judging by many posts on FB, this is most certainly not the case. I have seen many posts of 200+ or 100+ days on recent drillings. I had a bag of 97 on some direct drilled spring wheat a fortnight ago. Drillings will continue to produce good pigeon bags.
  15. Have you been asleep for a few years or something?
  16. Don't ruin your gun by opening the chokes!
  17. I can't agree with that. No one should be stupid enough to use cartridges that are unsuitable for their gun. If a gun owner can't read, then perhaps they should not own a gun.
  18. So if 8 guns have 6 drives in a day, you think an average of 2 birds per gun per drive will leave everyone satisfied? A 36gm steel load would be an ideal load for most pheasants. Why would you suggest it isn't?
  19. If you were happy with them and they work as you want, why did you ask if anyone else had used them? I personally wouldn't buy them unless I had little other choice. Most of my pigeons are killed with an ounce of 7 or an ounce of 6.5. I wouldn't pay £140 a thousand extra for something that does a similar job.
  20. Pigeons can slow down, and clays can speed up.
  21. I totally agree. I was reading all that, hoping I might be educated. I was wrong, sadly.
  22. There isn't a cartridge on sale that won't kill a pigeon. Cheapest doesn't mean worst.
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