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Labrador won't pick up feathers

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I know nowt, but r mack  at 4 months old ( now 15 months) started  off. With deer skin, pigeon , crow n rabbit, n fox carcass( with tennis balls as well lol ,retrieving is key , make it fun)he's been used to the " feel in his gob " 


ive never used a dummy( apart from retrieving a tennis ball) 


i just  used the real thing, I must admit it took some time to get him used to pigeon lol,

but he soon got the jist  of it, not getting a gob full of feathers and heaving/ coughing his guts up lol,


his steadiness is another thing lol lol, if it's down its his lol


your dog looks a cracker mate,


they are dogs, tiz what they do


it will twig , the lightbulb moment will arrive when the dogs ready



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