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  1. You have a PM old bean, flynny
  2. flynny

    1000 (approx) wooden chip forks

    See ditchman, fat sarah might want these?? sorry Steve , I couldn't resist, lol flynny
  3. flynny

    Brattonsound RL7 +

    Sod's law I bought a new cabinet after Xmas, and you live in the same town as me!!!!!! good luck with the sale mate, and if you fancy a meet up to talk about our sport just pm me Flynny
  4. flynny

    Gas bottle forge

    Sweet as, proper job flynny
  5. flynny

    Splitting Axe

    That's the one, mine is 5 years old and still going strong, the wood grenade got binned, it was biz, lol lol flynny
  6. flynny

    New pup (night times)

    Make the crate only big enough to kip in, but a plywood divider in with some cable ties, they wont kip in there own biz, dont give her room to **** away from her bedding in the crate, set e your alarm for every 3hrs after 10.30pm, and get the dog straight outside at these intervals, giving a wee wee command etc, with plenty of praise when the biz or wizz is done, it it will soon learn, the pup looks a cracker, good luck flynny
  7. flynny

    Channel Migrants

    Love it
  8. flynny

    Opinel resurrection "mainly"

    You keep em coming " owd boi" flynny
  9. flynny

    Hatchets and Martinis fillet knife

    I'll take the slimmer headed hatchet ( the bottom one in the first photo) please mate, get me a price for postage and PM me please, im away from tomoz until Sunday , stalking ( hit and miss phone reception)but if you send me full price inc postage tonight ,I'll bank transfer the cash tonight , if not I'll send u on Sunday evening flynny
  10. flynny

    Christmas eve Moon

    Stunning flynny
  11. flynny

    HALFORDS FREE MOTs !!!!!!!!!

    Do u mean halfrauds.. Lol dont bother mate they are rubbish flynny
  12. flynny

    Drones over Gatwick

    thats what I thought, why didnt they put another drone in the air to follow it back to the operator/landing point????? Flynny
  13. flynny

    "im mainly......" 3 some..!!

    The knives have arrived mate, they are class, great work harry potters apprentice is well chuffed so am I thanks Simon
  14. flynny

    Anyone torn the (gastrocemiuos) calf muscle?

    Strap it ice it, but keep it warm when it feels right ( only ice it to reduce it) rest it, rest it rest it i had a full blue boot thing ( like a temp plaster cast) youll ll know when it's reet, rest rest rest, no pressure on it ( 6- 8 weeks) flynny
  15. flynny

    wooden priests

    Lovely work as always mate, flynny