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  1. Enjoy boys . Have a good un . I'm putting high seats up in Jedburgh and I wasn't sure if I could make it anyway Have a good un lads Flynny
  2. I understand how the world and the economy works bud ( I don't need a nursery school lesson off ya , thanks very much) i stand by my comments , too many pubs etc , that are NOT Needed have a great night at weather spoons lol lol lol flynny
  3. Yes , society is consumerism at the moment and has been for years , too many of the same type of shops selling **** you don't need , 5 barbers , 2 off-licences , 2 pubs etc etc all within 500 yds of each other i dont buy into it , never had and never will consumerism has taken over flynny I'm not dependant on any service industries mate , far too many of em have popped up over the last 30 years I bid all you consumer slaves a fond farewell enjoy buying **** you don't need lol lol flynny
  4. I agree pubs n resteraunts , cafes, food outlets are luxuries and not a necessary to keep the uk going same as sports stadiums , art galleries and museums etc far too many of them as there is . You can live without them , they are NOT required in the grand scheme of survival , they are luxuries flynny
  5. Nice one chris, im on Anglesey next week , doing a bit tight lines flynny
  6. That's what I remember when I had mine mate flynny
  7. Ok a bit more detail, gun is 8.5 out of 10 condition , due to very slight mark on barrel and stock ( you have to look closely to see them) rifle has fired approx 140 rounds from new, 70 of a chap who only used it for boar trips in Europe and 40 off me this has been a cabinet queen and would be marked a 10 out of 10 if it weren't for the slight marks ( apart from these marks,the gun is emaculate ) I always used my 308 , this gun is too good for me to use as a tool lol rifle £700 Hauksen 30 cal mod £150 zeiss duralyte 3 X 12 X 50 , ret 6 and warne moun
  8. Lol, I cleared out most of my re useable stuff lol , after 5 years of no use ,it gets binned lol lol i was sick of falling over stuff to get a hammer lol kjf
  9. Most of the above are storage/dumping grounds lol lol clear out the carp and make them useable lol flynny
  10. Have they got the recoil pins , it's for a 3006 flynny
  11. Will the medium take a 50 MM objective lense , and leave clearance over the barrel ? flynny
  12. Never buy a new house, buy a 5 year old one , all the snags and shrinkage and drainage issues , should have been sorted by then flynny
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