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  1. flynny

    "im mainly......" 3 some..!!

    they look great mate, cracking job Harry potters apprentice is mithering me constantly!!! "whens my knife ready dad" !!!!!!!! As soon as the buck/stag season opens next year, Ill send you some Sika antler mate ( if Im lucky lol) if not ill send you some more Red antler Flynny
  2. flynny

    "im mainly......" 3 some..!!

    You told me to get a no7 lol lol, looks great mate, great job flynny
  3. flynny

    "im mainly......" 3 some..!!

    Brilliant, my girl is well chuffed, cheers ditchy you are a true gent , of the highest order kjf and Maisie How did you get the groove in the antler that the blade folds into??? its very neat mate kjf
  4. flynny

    "im mainly......" 3 some..!!

    That's awesome ditchy, absolutely cracking, a thing of beauty flynny
  5. flynny

    The admirable Ditchman.

    She will be carefull mate, she's been training with her Swiss Army knife ( under my supervision) for the last six months, shes only 7 and has already made a Harry Potter wand ,( took the bark of a bit of hazel lol) she's well aware of the sharp edge and knows nothing gets in the way of it and always carve away and not on yourself cheers Simon flynny
  6. flynny

    The admirable Ditchman.

    They are belting knives, I can't wait for mine, nowt better than having something you've grassed and eaten, even better having a treasured posession / reminder made from its antler flynny
  7. flynny

    "im mainly......" 3 some..!!

    Ditchy, I've just picked up on the thread, they look awesome mate, great work, I think you should keep one mate, one of the number 9s lol, the antler looks very familiar lol great stuff, they are a brill idea, great skill mate flynny
  8. flynny

    Midge repellent is Smidge any good ?

    Yes, it's great stuff, i have let two of my stalking buddies use it, and they have used most repellents, they have since bought some, its all I use , look up monarch country supplies, they stock it and are a pleasure to deal with, flynny
  9. flynny

    Clear out

  10. Thanks for the tips lads, ( some great tips duly noted)and most of what's been suggested I've been doing since day 1 as said he walks to heel, when I stop walking he sits down, figure of eights / changing direction etc and he's great, I do keep my eye on his behaviour and as has been said I stop it when I see the signs. I stand in front of him and say "NO" and change direction. He is getting it now and will look at me as if to say" can I go play please dad" As dougy also said, I say "go play " and off he pops from the heel position, he knows the score hes inquisitive and friendly in his nature ( which I don't want to suppress) he knows the score / is highly intelligent and is getting better and rarely does it with me( he knows better) .When he does it , it is usually with the wife!!!! Lol i think he will be a good un when he matures( he is a pointer cross lol lol) atb flynny
  11. flynny

    Whatever next yet again!

    Look at me, look at me ,look at me, she/ he just wants her 15 mins of fame, which unfortunately social media promotes, she will jump on any agenda that's suits her "social status" get a a life little girl flynny
  12. flynny

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Many condolences from my family to yours mate Sad.sad news Flynny
  13. flynny

    ashers bakery

  14. flynny

    ashers bakery

    Lol lol , hope you are well mate, sorry i couldnt resist lol, hence why I don't post much nowadays. YAAAAAWWWWNNNNNNN Flynny
  15. flynny

    ashers bakery

    I'm glad I don't watch the news/ tv etc or listen to politics and have no interest in religion blah blah blah, who gives a monkeys chuff, i just just get on with MY life, and enjoy it, crack on lads who really gives a flying ****!!! hells bells flynny