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  1. That is a very good offer, I live in this area a we’ve been woodcock shooting today with good numbers of birds showing if you can make them dates you should jump at the chance, best of luck.
  2. Wad plastic or fibre

    figgy what’s that saying ( a fool and his money are easily parted ) .
  3. 40 yarder!!

    Top man
  4. Bodidris shoot

    Well that’s a great endorsement to any shoot that you are going to return, that shaw you the quality of the shoot (premier) there aren’t my better in the country. Well done 👍
  5. Bodidris shoot

    You won’t be disappointed as bodidris is an outstanding shoot that consistently produces high pheasants, your day will be one to remember enjoy my friend.
  6. Wad plastic or fibre

    Quite odd that you quote plastic on the foreshore but you are quite happy to shot toxic lead shot in the countryside, if you excuse me you don’t half take the biscuit.
  7. That a cracking looking spaniel, remember time in your friends whilst training, good to here you are enjoying your dog, best of luck for the future.
  8. Forge time

    Well yes that’s a bonus to have some smithy breeze, it’s getting difficult to obtain now we used to buy it in loose 10 tonne loads and it was already washed that also unheard of nowadays, remember that a good flux is very important just makes things easier.
  9. Forge time

    Get welding that billet and stop messing about with them knifes your only putting things off because you had the odd set back, if you won’t try soon I’ll come look you up and take a stick to you, be warned.
  10. DFS Sofa sale pricing!

    +1 costs nothing to ask
  11. Lily Allen - Homeless?

    Gordon has it spot on.
  12. Wad plastic or fibre

    I would imagine you would pattern test both through your own gun as I’m told they can be different, however I only use fibre on farm land and obviously plastic on the foreshore, I’ve never personally found any difference whilst game shooting as most shots are taken within fourty yards, I’m more than happy to use fibre.
  13. Normally in the background

    Well done there’s nothing like a good start to using a new gun, hope your good fortune says with you.
  14. Very well done lee, these videos are very instructive to many would be trainers I take my hat off to you young man thanks for sharing.