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  1. E.w.

    Labrador won't pick up feathers

    That’s a nice strong dog.
  2. E.w.

    Sad loss

    That awful chap sorry for your loss.
  3. If there’s a rocket scientist job vacancy in his area I hope he doesn’t apply for it a get it for all are sakes, (unbelievable).?
  4. E.w.

    Richmond sausages.

    That’s not what you told me, you said you misses loved your sausage ?
  5. The litter my well be registered but the breeder will have too wait for ther registration papers to arrive as the kennel club aren’t renowned for a speedy service unfortunately.
  6. E.w.

    Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

    KWCA had an hour long meeting were people got there say and voted on it democratically, it has nothing too do with anyone person, KWCA are are large organisation and if they felt that they were getting poor representation from BASC and duly voted on it then that’s fair enough in my opinion as I and many others on this forum weren’t party too the meeting.
  7. E.w.

    Freelander 2 (2008 - ) indicator stalk

    There are a couple on eBay.
  8. E.w.

    Forge time

    You are getting there my friend I take my hat off to you well done so far.
  9. E.w.

    spaniel hunt command

    That’s what you call dog ? and handler in harmony my fellow tradesmen you don’t see that very often these days.?
  10. E.w.

    spaniel hunt command

    I was wondering what all the clothing and whips were for in the back of your truck the other week,??????
  11. E.w.

    Cocker or Springer

    That’s a very good post indeed and totaly agree.
  12. E.w.

    Cocker or Springer

    I shoot over labs and springers, but my mate runs a sprocker that he bread himself and I must say he’s a cracking dog and I think that’s my next dog.
  13. E.w.

    Simply rude people!

    You are obviously a gentleman, as my brother would have picked him up by his ears had he spoken to him like that and ejected him out of the shop.
  14. E.w.

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all.
  15. E.w.

    8 year old crackshot!

    Well done the young fellow and very well done dad, we need more positive people like yourself to introduce youngsters to shootings, best of luck that cheeky gin has made my Christmas good for him.????