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  1. E.w.

    Six nations

    Hope you didn’t have a serious bet it might have been the undoing of you.🤣🤣🤣
  2. E.w.

    Six nations

    Not if you appreciate good rugby.
  3. E.w.

    Six nations

    Can’t keep a good welsh man down great even I think a draw would have been fair great defence work from both teams.
  4. May they have many hours of fun happy shooting and a merry Christmas to you all👍
  5. Of course Andy my the young lady have many hours of fun with it.
  6. Not many young shots out there Andy as I thought or they may well be already tooled up🤣 If you are desperate for the room Andy I’ll happily take it back if nobody comes forward mate.
  7. Some nice shots and beautiful scenery.
  8. Very nice video enjoyed that thanks for sharing.?
  9. E.w.

    Sad loss

    That awful chap sorry for your loss.
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