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New to Pigeon Shooting, advice gladly received!!

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Hello good folk of Pigeon Watch, I've been shooting game and clays with friends for 3-4 years now (fully supervised) and i've just got my SGC through and have treated myself to a Franchi Affinity. As I will mainly be shooting clays and hopefully pigeons. I live in the West Yorkshire area, near Huddersfield and am keen to ask the best way to get permissions? It's like gold dust!

Some of my friends have suggested I join the NPPC, but i've heard mixed reviews.

Any help/advice is very welcome! Thanks!  

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20 hours ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Welcome to Pigeon Watch

As JD says, get in and search for the information, there's loads within this Forum.

Excellent, thanks! 

20 hours ago, JDog said:

Read all of the threads on the forum pertinent to pigeon shooting and just get the gist of matters before you go too much further. Several new posters have come a cropper in the last two weeks or so.

Ok great, i'll be sure to read up! 

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