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Air Arms TX200 mk111,HC or just TX200


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Well I think I have decided to get an Air Arms Underlever Rifle In .177 But which one of the three is the best made and best for Hunting?

Also I read that by using some Pellets in the HC version the 12lb Legal Limit can be exceeded because the ft/lbs can go up to 16.

Is this true ? Or just a myth?.

All advice appreciated.

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I have the HC and am very pleased with it.  I shoot the EXACT Heavy Diablo 10.34gr. The heavier pellet works well for me as almost all of my shots are within 15yrds, however knowing the trajectory allows me to take that occasional 30yarder with confidence. The length of the HC is also more manageable in a blind.

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My mk 3 hc in .177 has been 11.3 fpe from day one till now 2.5 years later. 

The small pellum silencer on the hc takes a bit of crack off the barrel .

But its far from very silent though its easy to buy a small add on silencer and fit it .that makes a massive difference. 

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