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Needing some info on a gun.

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I have recently been gifted a gun, 12g SxS hammer gun made by the midland gun company.

I have established that it is a 2 1/2" cartridge and one side is choked.

I am trying to find out how old it is and any other info I can.

Hopefully someone may be able to help.





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borrowed from the net:

The crown over BV mark is the View mark - incomplete guns viewed to check no faults prior to further work. The crown over BP mark is the definitive proof mark for a completed gun, and the crown over NP mark and words Nitro Proof tell you that the gun has passed nitro proof.

check this - https://www.vintageguns.co.uk/magazine/514-2

I suspect that there may be more markings that you are not showing photos of - there are PAGES of info relating to British shotgun proof marks, why not do your own research - it's quite fascinating - OR provide better quality, higher resolution photos showing all markings - maybe the right way up :)


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That's really interesting.

Thanks for the web link.

Yes the photo's aren't great, on the barrels, which you can just see in the photo's there are, what appears to be a crown with a star under it. its on both barrels but quite faint.

I'll try and get some better photo's.

The gun itself is in great condition, no pitting in the barrels and it is really tight, its like it hasn't been used much.


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There should be a proof date stamp . Look for crossed pikes ans a letter . Usually on the flats but sometimes on the inner wall of the barrels in front of the flats .Midland was in operation in a practical sense up till 1939 although I have seen a couple of Midland guns that were finished after this .

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