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  1. I don't know what the reason is but you won't shoot many if they are settling in a nearby wood, the birds in the trees will just draw in passing birds. Can you hang a crow scarer in there? failing that fire as many cartridges as you need to, to prevent them settling in the wood.
  2. when clay shooting, usually sporting (not Fitasc,) I nearly always shoot gun-up, just under my designated pick up point as It's one part of the preparation for the shot that can be done before calling for the target (along with positioning of feet,) it leaves valuable milliseconds free for other parts of the procedure. One exception is long incomers where I mount just as the bird comes into range. When pigeon shooting I'll still shoot gun up with feet positioned correctly when I can - although "gun down" and feet at any point of the compass still applies when the little blighters take me by surprise.
  3. If you are mechanically minded you can do it yourself for a song Service Kit For Air Sporter – Redbeck Shooting Supplies (airrifleshop.co.uk) ok, sold out, but it was the first one I tried. They are out there, might even get a you tube vid of how to do it if you look.
  4. "Where the streets have no name" from the same album is pretty darn good, also dozens of songs by Neil Young, "down by the river," "On the beach" I could go on . . . .
  5. this area is renowned for Stock Doves and they get more prolific from year to year. There are times when we see flocks of thousands, in fact I have noticed an increase in other areas where they are not usually seen.
  6. I was offered a bit of shooting last Saturday,on some freshly drilled beans which had been receiving some unwelcome attention from corvids and "pigeons", my mate said it would be a mixed bag, he advised setting out some dead crows plus some pigeon decoys. Six dead crows were set up on cradles 30 yards to my left and maybe a dozen pigeons 30 yards to my right. I was told to concentrate on the crows in the morning and perhaps pigeons would show up around 1-2:00pm. The morning started according to plan, crows started drifting over and I was bagging a few, there was a lot of interest in the pigeon decoys as can be seen in the photo but , sadly, they were all stock doves. Around 1:30 the crows slowed down but the stock doves kept swirling around. I put a whirly out at 2-ish and the flocks of stock doves got larger - 50 to 100 in the air most of the time, eventually a few pigeons showed up but not in great numbers and I managed to weed a few out. Another crow or two came close enough despite the pigeon magnet which usually keeps them well away. The bag was 25 crows and 5 pigeons, not exactly according to plan but a great day out!
  7. Agreed, it's decades since I last read the highway code and things change, I entered into the spirit of the session and learned quite a lot
  8. We were told by Hampshire Plod that they only offer it to speeders doing 33 to 37mph (in a 30 limit)
  9. More than three years and I was allegedly doing 35 in a 30
  10. "My friend" also has done two Driver Awareness Courses, they only last half a day and I thought were quite well done. I err! he didn't feel they were talking down to him, you only have to attend and if you don't feel like taking part in discussions you don't have to. I was hoping to get another invitation recently but unfortunately got three points and a fine, I think they just gave up on me. On all three occasions I was only doing 4-5mph over the limit
  11. You did well. I drive a 4WD these days which makes life a lot easier in snow and ice but, even though you might have cracked it, there are still all the other people out there who just can't handle it.
  12. t'wouldn't last more than a minute and as a child of the 50's and 60's I never heard of that trick, Grandad (who lived oop north in Liverpool) had tyre chains in the boot that was all I knew about for added grip TBH we all knew about the dangers of ice and snow but, as a boy racer, we had to scare the **** out of ourselves once or twice each winter to re-learn respect for it
  13. martinj

    The Gentlemen

    Yes, quite funny in places
  14. Big up for Decathlon! I got an unlined pair for 25 squid and a nice lined pair for 35. (These are not over-trousers)
  15. I was beating a couple of years ago when we saw a distant cock bird heading high over pylon wires, someone fired and it died dramatically in a puff of feathers, we all congratulated the gun for an amazing high shot, after a bit of a wind up he did admit that it flew into the top wire (he claimed a hit as well 😉)
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