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  1. You did well. I drive a 4WD these days which makes life a lot easier in snow and ice but, even though you might have cracked it, there are still all the other people out there who just can't handle it.
  2. t'wouldn't last more than a minute and as a child of the 50's and 60's I never heard of that trick, Grandad (who lived oop north in Liverpool) had tyre chains in the boot that was all I knew about for added grip TBH we all knew about the dangers of ice and snow but, as a boy racer, we had to scare the **** out of ourselves once or twice each winter to re-learn respect for it
  3. martinj

    The Gentlemen

    Yes, quite funny in places
  4. Big up for Decathlon! I got an unlined pair for 25 squid and a nice lined pair for 35. (These are not over-trousers)
  5. I was beating a couple of years ago when we saw a distant cock bird heading high over pylon wires, someone fired and it died dramatically in a puff of feathers, we all congratulated the gun for an amazing high shot, after a bit of a wind up he did admit that it flew into the top wire (he claimed a hit as well 😉)
  6. All ours are true melanistics this year, here's one for comparison, There is sure to be plenty of crossbreeding this spring!
  7. I have been roost shooting once a week for several weeks now, I just get out in the woods next to some mature spruces and in they come. I usually do a bit of Pheasant feeding first and get to my spot around 1:00 to 1:30pm. There is usually enough activity at that time, it peaks about 3pm, last week I left at 4pm when they stopped coming. Bags are not huge, averaging six to ten, although my hit rate could be better.
  8. And when they smash it with a flail you get spines all over footpaths and headlands, it's a real pain in the ****
  9. Has anyone noticed an increase in the occurrance of Datura in their cover crops and have you experienced any problems with it? By all accounts it is pretty nasty, being hallucinogenic and toxic. I have seen it on at least three shoots with one place infested with the stuff. We are worried about our dogs running around in it and keep them away from wherever we see it growing. Having read trip reports the effects can be more severe than LSD and even fatal. >>Thorn apples are the fruit of the plant Datura stramonium, also known
  10. Having read the above and my working dogs having had first hand experience with blackthorns it makes you wonder why any self respecting shoot would plant the stuff in the first place, this is one of my favourite gripes along with barbed wire fences (the bottom strand should be non-barbed.) With a little thought and no extra cost, a lot of this misery could be avoided. Agreed that it's a native plant and almost unavoidable but they still plant it in new hedgerows.
  11. I'm getting the Norton and McAfee mails and one allegedly from DPD regarding a parcel that will be sent back to the sender unless I pay $X, when you go onto the real DPD parcel tracker the tracking number from the scam email doesn't exist. Press shift delete to permanently delete the emails 🙂
  12. It's a real shame to catch them after all those centuries just to turn them into something so foul, it's just a waste
  13. Travel man tried that in Iceland last night, he nearly puked and even the Icelandic serving girl wouldn't eat it, why do they bother if no-one will eat it? must be those long arctic nights playing havoc with their imagination!
  14. martinj

    Bird sightings

    Are you kidding? is that *******n? It won't let me put F at the front
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