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  1. To be honest, and I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, once the Gortex or whatever waterproof layer you have is gone it doesn't matter what you put on your boots or waxed coat, they will leak. I have had many pairs of walking boots (not cheap ones) all of which leaked, some sooner, some later. You can rub in your waxes and potions but that will just last half an hour in wet grass or whatever, The same for Barbour/waxed jackets, I have a Barbour jacket which I re-wax, it looks pristine but after half an hour of heavy rain will start leaking . . . . purely from my own (and wife's) experience.
  2. Congratulations, if I give him my bank details do you think he can do the same for me?
  3. what LB said, I use a hot air gun (carefully) on my boots and barbour. If the layers are too thick you can wipe off the surplus while it is melted
  4. 7 Days later it dropped on the mat - "amazement icon" I had imagined delays, problems, extortion from the Doctor, the spending of £££££s but no, it landed on the mat after 7 days with no fuss, I did receive a query by email about my cabinets to which I responded by email. It was so much better than snail mail. The request for a scanned copy wasn't on the application form, it was somewhere else, I even got a reminder in the receipt email to be sure I scanned all sheets which I did and sent separately. Don't worry, they can request it by email if they really want it The new certificate is half the size of the older A4 certificates. There was an accompanying letter recommending that I keep fired cartridges from all barrels in all guns (bagged and labelled and kept separately from the guns) so that, in case of theft, the gun may be identified from the firing pin imprints. We have finally caught up with Perry Mason! (kids - Perry Mason was a TV detective when the world was in black and white)
  5. This one's for shooters - fans of the Sharps rifle, I Just love it! It's an old film but I watched it for the first time at the weekend - it's full of collectors pieces too there's a cult surrounding this excellent film. If you like the clip see the film, you won't be disappointed
  6. If you think you are being overcharged why not try this website, created by shooters for shooters, their Doctor will provide you with the necessary form for £50.00 - Presumably they can access your details and provide kosher details. I haven't tried it but it might be better than changing your Doctor. https://medcert.co.uk/
  7. I have just applied for mine at £49. I did the online application for a "firearm, shotgun or explosives certificate" to Hampshire Constabulary for the first time which, I thought was a great way of doing things, from taking my own photo and uploading it to the application form, referees details, medical questions, Doctor's details etc. online payment and a scanned copy of the existing SGC. All sent at the press of a button, now I am awaiting events. Watch this space.
  8. Yep! I was an RAE apprentice, did a year in the instrument shop - ended up as a Tool-room fitter., I use Gun Oil on the ejectors, you want a crisp action and grease drags a bit. Lightly grease everything else that sees some friction, clean it all off and replace it frequently. Spray the barrels with Napier Gun cleaner and lubricant, wipe it off with your oily rag leaving a protective film. In truth, I can't see that using oil OR grease would make a whole lot of difference as long as there is always some kind of lubricant on the contact surfaces
  9. borrowed from the net: The crown over BV mark is the View mark - incomplete guns viewed to check no faults prior to further work. The crown over BP mark is the definitive proof mark for a completed gun, and the crown over NP mark and words Nitro Proof tell you that the gun has passed nitro proof. check this - https://www.vintageguns.co.uk/magazine/514-2 I suspect that there may be more markings that you are not showing photos of - there are PAGES of info relating to British shotgun proof marks, why not do your own research - it's quite fascinating - OR provide better quality, higher resolution photos showing all markings - maybe the right way up
  10. I'm currently designing a wall calendar for Mrs. J using our dogs photos, on Vistaprint - it's quite easy and not too pricy. (other sites are available )
  11. We have all melanistics for the first time this season and the bags have been good so far, they are flying well enough even though we have had wet shoot days.
  12. The 50mm f1.8 "standard" lens is often underrated and could well be the best lens you will ever own. (Not much use for birds though.) The quality is outstanding and price is cheap because they sell huge quantities. Nobody mentioned software, You need something installed on your computer for enhancing your images, Nikon will supply something with the camera which is good and has its uses but you might want to go for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements which is a lite version and is good enough for the amateur. I often use ACDSEE Photo Studio Professional after receiving an offer of a £10 purchase - incredible value!. If you download the trial version they will flood you with offers. I have been a great fan for many years.
  13. I have recently discovered "Vincent Black Lightning 1952" by Richard Thompson - it's yet another one for the list. Goose pimples alert, 'tis a sad tale:
  14. OK, in answer to your question: Pigeon, (high or low) - Eley, Pigeon Select (30g 6) Pigeon Second choice - Gamebore clear pigeon 30g 6 Pheasants - Hull High Pheasant 32G 5 Pheasants - Second choice - Black gold 32g 5
  15. If you can get Eley Pigeon Select instead of Clear Pigeon you'll save yourself a few quid
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