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  1. I have convinced my wife that ours need to be "socialised" so we take them to the pub. We occasionally drop in after a walk, have a bite to eat and a pint, they soon get into the routine, they know they'll get a chip if they are good. Edit: oops, may be a bit late but good advice
  2. + what Dave said ++ re starting pistols we take our dogs out at around 12 months, while my wife is distracting the dog with hunting or retrieving - fun tasks, I'll fire my .410 away from the dog at about 50 yards. Ours haven't reacted badly to this, they get plenty of praise when I fire, I might fire three shots on the first outing then call it a day. We'll step it up a little next time, there's no rush.
  3. And so it starts - I have a cherry tree outside my front window, I have the "pleasure" of watching the fat little *******s eating the buds, after flowering they will start on the tiny green cherries, they don't even wait until they are a decent size! of course, if any make it to full size, and maybe even with a touch of colour they are still at it!!!! I might add that they are aided and abetted by the local Jackdaws. I can't shoot them in my own garden, my wife even feeds the little blighters, but if they should cross my path when I am on the shoot they won't get a sniff of a chance
  4. Good work, let us know how you get on with it. I'm with JDog you'll need three or more paracords
  5. To be fair to the afore mentioned pigeon guide, he will phone up the local constabulary to say who he is and what he's doing, they give him a reference number in case he or his clients get a visit by the police. There are never any problems if he plays it by the book, even if someone does complain about the noise. Naturally he doesn't go asking for trouble and keeps a reasonable distance from residential areas.
  6. The rabbits that do survive put the added resistance to Myxie back into the gene pool thereby making more Myxie resistant rabbits for the future. It depends if you WANT resistant rabbits in the future. I do, so I leave them to recover if they are going to.
  7. I do, 1/4 and 1/2 for clays, decoying and early season game. 1/2 and 1/2 for roosting, flight lines and late season game. 3/4 and 3/4 for higher flight lines (just brilliant for shooting 60+ yard crossers!)
  8. My thoughts are that a whirly CAN help, my bags have gone up since I bought one just over a year ago, however they don't work all the time, you might find that those birds were on a fixed course and may have ignored your setup anyway. As for flappers? I haven't got one so can't comment although I would expect them to increase your chances.
  9. There you have it, if you take away the sheer unpleasantness of getting up early the option is there to be explored, admittedly not by me, although I have done it and it works (when you get things right.) I'm sure nearby residents would look upon the activity favourably
  10. That's interesting and I for one would rather shoot in the afternoon than at some god forsaken time in the morning. Knowing this chap, he does it for a reason, he's been doing the job for about 45 years and knows his stuff. (I'm not saying you don't ) I think he scores when birds are not feeding in the afternoons, he likes his kip as much as the rest of us
  11. Here's something I haven't seen mentioned while perusing this site, I have a friend who is a pigeon guide and, during the winter months, even now, he sets his clients up at daybreak so they are ready for action at sunrise. He will have done his homework and, from experience, will know where to set people up. They get the majority of their action in the first few hours of the day. If it's all over by 10:00am they have the choice of leaving or staying on, they often get good bags, he has some maize where it has been producing 100+ bags once a week fairly consistently and he's doing the last one today. The maize consists of his game strips which are all concentrated on a 30 acre area, to keep it going he'll smash small sections every week until it's all gone, even then he'll top it up with broken maize cobs. It's not only maize that he shoots over, he has plenty of choice, all he needs to do is find the birds. I might add, that I don't find this as much fun as setting up in the day and shooting until tea time, I have been out with him on occasions, (it wasn't always successful,) and it feels strange to be on the way home at 10:00am. He finds enough people who are interested enough to do it.
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