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  1. The form instructs the Dr. to check the patients history for : Acute stress reaction as a result of trauma, Suicidal thoughts or self harm, Dementia, Mania, Bipolar- psychotic illness, Personality Disorder, Severe neurological impairment, Alcohol or Drug abuse, terminal illness. Pretty fair I guess
  2. https://basc.org.uk/gl/ New today, 14.06.2019
  3. You have some exotic fruits in Berkshire, must be the climate
  4. Mice? I once had half a kilo of trout pellets moved from one side of my garage into one of my thermal boots ten feet away.
  5. The finish looks like black Nickel plate which is a fairly common cosmetic finish, should be OK if done well. Can I ask about the line I have arrowed, is it in the part or is it a reflection?
  6. Very nice of you Old un, now we can all print that photo off and add it to our portfolios
  7. martinj


    I did some bird watching through taxi Windows in Shanghai, saw numbers of black pigeon/dove sized birds which I took to be Mynah birds. Sadly no Hoopoes, lots of LBJs (little brown jobs)
  8. martinj


    I saw numbers of Hoopoes while catfishing on the River Ebro at Riba Rocha, every one a beauty, you could hear them calling hoo poo poo, quite magical. There were also Golden Orioles and little Bitterns, OH! and Storks! flipping amazing!! It was just as well there were all these natural beauties all around as the Cat-fishing was very slow
  9. martinj

    The 1980's

    U2 Bad, it doesn't get any better than this musically, not so sure about a sweaty Bono. Edge at his best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2puvI4IfG0 U2 Rattle and Hum full length vid is also worth watching
  10. Interesting, maybe preparation for Solar Panels? we need to get to the bottom of this!
  11. I used Sellier and Bellot in the late 60's/early seventies because they were cheap. We didn't use ear defenders then, I recall firing a shot that gave me a ringing ear for three days, (now they just ring all the time!)
  12. if it is they all might be Himalayan balsam seedlings
  13. You need to be sure to dig deep when collecting, maybe 10 inches to get all of the bulb and roots. They nearly always grow under trees to get full shade all summer.
  14. martinj


    No Swifts, my wife spotted a couple of Swallows 2 weeks ago
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