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  1. That's just the kind of reply I was hoping not to get, I was hoping for helpful comments from someone who knows what they are talking about
  2. That's an interesting suggestion, I don't think the ammunition is at fault as I'm missing the target entirely but can't tell if I'm in front or behind.
  3. šŸ™‚ when I shoot at the ones I'm confident in killing, they are the ones I hit. I don't think there is any harm in shooting at birds which are in range but are pushing the boundaries a little, that's the way we learn and improve. I agree that a number of shots are taken where I am not fully prepared, a bird appears in your peripheral vision and you do the best you can, that's the nature of the game, sometimes it pays off, I suspect most shooters would do the same.
  4. I use Eley Pigeon Select 30G No.6 fibre and have found them to be an excellent cartridge.
  5. What prompted me to raise this question was that I was standing in a ride a while back, it was clear overhead and a few pigeons were flying over the surrounding trees and over the clear spot where I was standing, I shot 4 for around 20 shots. I know I was losing some, due to being surprised by birds coming from behind or whatever and footwork was poor to non-existent in some cases, however there were a few opportunities where I had no excuses, I just missed by getting the lead wrong, maybe next time I'll make a concious decision to add another few feet and see how I get on.
  6. Yes JDog, perhaps I should manage my expectations, I know what range I can shoot pigeons at, it's just that those flying over the treetops seem a lot more difficult than a bird at similar range, for example, when decoying. They are probably faster (or are they slower?) I have been pigeon shooting on and off for many decades but still struggle with roosting pigeons, I guess everyone else does too.
  7. Here's a question that has been puzzling me for years, I shoot clays and am an OK shooter, I have been doing clay (and pigeon) shooting for decades. I was at a clay shoot recently and was breaking fast crossers at about 50 yards, hitting more than I missed but can I do that with pigeons? I can not. My problem birds are roosting pigeons, anyone who has done it knows what I'm talking about, you are standing under trees and birds are flying fairly fast over the treetops, looking for their buddies and a safe place to land, they are at a reasonable range, say 40 yards but should be killable wi
  8. me too, I could have ordered my last gun from the aforementioned gunsmith but chose to drive 100 miles to Ian Coley where I could fondle it and caress it and use it (after the sale) on their pay and play
  9. mate of mine ordered an ATA via a local gunsmith, it's been on order now for about 6 weeks, the latest news on it was that it has been diverted to a British proof house because the manufacturer's proofing was not recognised. He could probably have found one in stock somewhere but he wanted to give the local guy the business - now he's paying the price.
  10. you left out the apostrophe . . . the point is that this is a shooting site not photography critique - in the immortal words of Bill and Ted "be excellent to each other" šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ šŸ˜„šŸ™‚
  11. There is an extra space after the word good. you missed the space after vignetting. the use of the word "info" "imo" and "carts is lazy and sloppy. You misspelt Definitely and nicely a new sentence should start with a capital letter
  12. Thumbs up for the jab, my wife and I had it (jabs) on Saturday, our arms felt slightly bruised for a day or two, no problems at all.
  13. Freelander 2 spare wheel, surplus to requirements. Have you got the foam kit in the back? get the real deal. Legal tread - General G 235/65/R17 fitted I'm in Yateley North East Hampshire
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