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  1. It might be better to start looking around at the time when you are able to take it on and be prepared to move fast. "Part trained" dogs do crop up from time to time - typically someone may be training a trials dog and it's becoming clear that it is not going to be a champion.
  2. Let me know when you find one
  3. It's easy to get it wrong first time . . . hence this post
  4. the middle bars from A1 Decoys are already pointed although I found them a bit short, fortunately a mate acquired some 5mm diameter stainless steel and I was able to make longer ones
  5. As stated above insert middle prong up the afore mentioned pigeon so the spike enters the skull and holds the head up. Widen the side prongs if necessary and stab them through the underside of the wings around the middle joint it becomes obvious with practise
  6. I went through this about five years ago for a 101XTR and I found that Winchester spares were moved to the USA. I located one on the East coast but, due to American Export taxes, it was way cheaper to have one made and fitted by a gunsmith in the UK.
  7. 'twas the first time I had seen it and it was a fascinating program, wifey combing the dog made me smile but generally thought the camera man had ADHD (concentration disorder.) In trying to make it "interesting" he showed less of the really interesting content. Nevertheless I'll be looking out for the rest of the series and thanks for the tip-off.
  8. I think a "cabinet heater" if there were such a thing would be hazardous to the health of your gun, especially the woodwork. You'll be better off locating your cabinet in a room which is dry and not too cold (or hot) e.g. the average room in your home.
  9. I put them over the bamboo support canes in my potted tomatoes and other plants, to prevent myself getting poked in the eye while tending the plants.
  10. a good report on a good day, I don't count the cartridges either, why put a number on a day's enjoyment?
  11. Just noticed a report of a few spotted flying over a nature reserve a mile from home
  12. yes to the pruning knife
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