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    Hide seat to short

    The taller version is better but still not tall enough for a tall bloke with dodgy knees (e.g. me.) I usually prefer to stand when I shoot, footwork and all that! A mate of mine jammed his seat into a bait bucket which raised the height and he was chuffed to bits, I'm on the lookout for something similar, Maybe I'll take mine to the local carp angling shop for a fitting. I was also thinking about trying a builders bucket for size with the rim cut off and trimmed down to a reasonable height. Just seen the last date, better late than never!
  2. So we never really know where we are unless we use the shot diameter. As usual the UK are out of step with everyone else, or is it the other way around?
  3. martinj

    UV paint on decoys ?

    How's it going with the dog food? I'd be interested to see a real pigeon under UV light, if it glows then there is a good case for UV paint.
  4. Italian companies e.g. Fiocchi shot size is a half size larger than stated on the box. 7 1/2 Italian = 7 English
  5. martinj

    Refresh old decs

    Okayy! JDog, I've still got a few of those rubber decoys, mine are pretty well shot up and rattle quite well, they still work too (occasionally) "FLEXICOYS" £70 for 10 from DJ Decoys, you could buy a lot of shells for that
  6. martinj

    Refresh old decs

    Thanks JDog, your comments were very helpful and I'm sure I will notice a difference, I'll be sure to pay particular attention to their feet, do you know where I can get Hampshire Brown in UV? For any interested people out there it seems that this subject was covered here: If nothing else, the paint manufacturers should do OK out of it
  7. martinj

    Refresh old decs

    When touching up I put a real pigeon on the bench for comparison so I can do my best to make the colours true to life (bad choice of words.)The pigeon's breast is pink, by mixing grey and red primer you can get a fairly good match and a lot better than the factory job. I agree dead birds are best but I don't have the storage facility which is why I try my best to improve my shell and full body decoys. There was a time when I'd cut off some wings and stick them onto my decoys but eventually tiny critters got in and started eating the feathers, it got messy so I stopped doing it. Incidentally, there is a huge difference in colours between different makes of decoys, some are a very pale grey, some have dark red backs, hence my comment that the people who paint them have probably never seen a real pigeon and this is why I try to make mine at least, all look the same. Gentlemen, the point of my post was to find out about white ultraviolet paint, is this really a thing or was it a wind up?
  8. martinj

    A1 tall camo bucket seats

    A bit late but here goes with what are intended as helpful comments, they may have resolved some of the problems by now: I bought one two or three years ago and still use it, although it has needed some maintenance during this time. First the rotary "bearing" on the seat gave up the ghost quite quickly (I'm 15 stone,) so I screwed the seat directly to the plastic bucket lid, it's still OK but doesn't rotate any more, not a big problem. The lid was really difficult to remove from the bucket. Upon examination you can see how the lid clips on, I removed some of the plastic "bumps" with a sharp blade which resolved the problem. The plastic handle on the lid broke quite early on so I made a new handle by drilling two holes in the plastic lid, pushed a short piece of rope through the two holes and knotted it on the inside in two places, a good fix, better than the original because the rope is thicker than the nasty thin plastic! What else? they still aren't really tall enough for those with dodgy knees, a friend who has one dropped the bottom of his into a plastic bait bucket which extended it by about four inches - a really good tip if you can find a bucket to fit. It adds a bit of weight but is worth it for the comfort. As the polystyrene "cushion" settles under your weight you become aware of the pointy ends of staples sticking in your a*se, these can be cut off with wire cutters. I'm not painting a pretty picture but I like mine, it's a favourite piece of kit, I use it every weekend and would buy another.
  9. martinj

    Refresh old decs

    Not very well, I get few coming in, maybe some coming close enough for a shot. When I put a few dead birds out things tend to improve. When I started using a pigeon magnet last year the difference was really noticeable (in a good way) but of course, the birds on the magnet are real.
  10. martinj

    Refresh old decs

    Only a year and two months later I noticed the reference to ultraviolet white paint above and it's a new one on me, I firmly believe that the person who does the original paint job has never even seen a pigeon so I do tend to tittivate my deeks using car primer paints in different colours - Grey, Black, White and red, mixing them as required. It has never occurred to me to use UV paint or even that it existed. I would be grateful if some kind, patient person could explain about the theory and benefits of UV White, also Which kind of paint is best? Perhaps I'll give it a try this year