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  1. The nearest Magpie, one Magpie is worth 10 Squirrels
  2. nice neat cordons, they look well tended, do you know what variety it is? I have a Madeline Angevine and a Chardonnay but do suffer with powdery mildew and mould. You'll know when they are ripe because Wasps start to take an unhealthy interest.
  3. sounds as though you have done a lot with him and are making good progress. You want to use him this season but he's not quite there yet. If you rush him you risk development of bad habits which could last a life time so it's a tricky one. It's a good thing that he wants to be with you, you can use this to your advantage. Our two working cockers are similar, when they were younger and if they were straying too far and not coming when called, my wife would just hide behind a hedge or whatever and toot the whistle. The dog would panic and come running back to find mum, this reinforced the recall command.
  4. He is only young and obviously not yet ready, it's probably best not to rush him, his schedule may not match your own. Do you need to go back to basics? does he come when called on land? Does he come when called on land with a bird? Does he come when called from water without a bird? maybe practise all of the above with lots of praise for successes, before going back to birds in water. Practise 1 & 2 until he's bomb proof, progress to 3 then again, in water with birds, starting close then further away. If he's not ready this season he will be for next with the right kind of patience and training
  5. Sooo many to choose from 1. Down by the river Neil Young - to choose one of many, Written while he had a fever with a temperature of 103 degrees, (from everybody knows this is nowhere) 2. Mr.Tambourine Man - Byrds, maybe the first of many Bob Dylan rehash somgs 3. Can't Find my way home - Stevie Winwood/Eric Clapton Live from Madison Square Gardens version (but others are good) 4. Little wing - Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Eric Clapton/JJ Cale, - all good - the most tuneful of Jimi Hendrix' songs 5. Riders on the storm - Doors - put the headphones on and you are there - "the end" is also good but that would be six, look for different Doors versions and I'm just getting started
  6. The above, Paul MCartney (e,g. Frog Chorus) he was incredibly lucky to be in the same band as John Lennon. U2 after Joshua Tree (which was a classic album and against which all subsequent songs should be compared) All Rap x 6 I agree "Go Compare" the most irritating TV commercial out of a very long line of really, really, irritating TV commercials! Jedward and all their songs
  7. Mrs J. had the old square 1600Vitara and loved it like only a woman can, in the end it had to go and now she has an old Grand Vitara 1600, it comes a close second to the original. It can go anywhere on a shoot and she gets 2 dogs in a cage in the back and takes herself off to do Gun Dog training and tests at the weekends, it's her bit of independence. No idea about the new ones, maybe one day. We're not so keen on the rounded shape of new 4x4's in general but that's progress I guess. Suzuki spares can be Ex-Pen-Sive! but don't let that put you off.
  8. I saw plenty of Stockies last weekend flying round in small groups, coming in to the deeks like moths to a flame. There are very large flocks around at times, 500's easily. I have learned the hard way, to check for white wing bars before shooting every time.
  9. Me too, obviously! there is a lot of (pointless) rivalry between Canon and Nikon owners. Deciding which way to go is a big decision because you'll be buying kit for one or the other for the rest of your natural born days.
  10. martinj

    What plant

    Do let us know how you get on with the game seed company Now you know about them you'll probably see more
  11. martinj

    Sea Eagles

    I vote that it's a good thing, I love to see birds of prey because, for most of my life, there weren't any and just seeing a Kite or a Buzzard is still a thrill. Imagine seeing an Eagle in the south of England - it would be flipping orgasmic!! We wiped them out in the first place, probably because they were taking our lambs. We shouldn't be surprised if they do it again, it's the nature of the beast and we need to be more tolerant.
  12. martinj

    What plant

    Datura, Thorn Apple. Once you let the seed pods burst you are in a world of pain as they are difficult to get rid of. They are hallucinogenic and poisonous, it's a fine line between a scary trip and death - think about the dogs running around in it, getting mouthfuls of seeds (which are as bad as the rest of the plant.) The Thorn apple seeds come with your game crop seeds so they keep popping up all over the place. Pull them up and burn them - sooner rather than later. https://www.nationalgeographic.org/media/thorn-apple/
  13. So many decisions to make:- https://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/tag/wildlife-photography https://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/tag/wildlife-photography https://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/wildlife-photography-exposure/ Read all you can on the subject. If you are going for a DSLR buy a Nikon or Canon (market leaders) with the best telephoto lens you can afford, the lens is more important (and probably costs more) than the camera. Fast lenses are worth paying for, "kit" lenses (which usually come with the camera,) generally give disappointing results if you want to take top quality photos.
  14. here's one way, other videos may be available https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=OTZVXYzoJM-OlwS9lLCADA&q=mending+tears+in+leather+furniture&oq=mending+tears+in+leather+furniture&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i22i30l6.2349.14004..14165...1.0..1.559.4000.26j10j0j1j0j1......0....1..gws-wiz.....0..0i131j0j0i10j33i22i29i30.7xVwoPEpqkI&ved=0ahUKEwjM6KHV14TkAhVPx4UKHT0KDMAQ4dUDCAs&uact=5#kpvalbx=_SDZVXbGePIzBlwTijaSoCg16&spf=1565865879319
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