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  1. I've had several emails from a very attractive woman suggesting I become her stallion. And several others of the same sort. I wonder if she knows that I'm an unattractive bald bloke in my 60s?
  2. Mrs T often calls me a bald **** and I've told her I'm calling the police if she continues to do so.
  3. That's a beauty. They were to be found in Hertfordshire 50 years ago, but probably not these days. I saw a lizard today while clay bashing in Kent, which I suppose is down to today's temperature.
  4. Townie

    Das Boot.

    Saw somewhere that the original dialogue on board was inaudible because of the machinery noise, so the actors had to redo it all. Then, because the main actors were bilingual, they re dubbed the whole thing again in English for the international market. Not sure if true though!
  5. Ha ha yes. Kept mine in a jam jar. And, not something I admit freely, but I used to take paper cartridges out of the box and sniff them. Youngsters don't know what they're missing.
  6. Me too! 'Acquoil' I think it was described as in the instructions in my Parker Hale cleaning kit. The resulting liquid turned white I think. I tried to describe it to someone recently who thought I was nuts, so thank you.
  7. I used the green Baikal ones in the 70s. Horrible, but cheap. The 9mm garden gun cartridge with the green and white chequering - is that paper? My dad bought a box of similar ones and the paper burnt, creating an impressive muzzle flash and ashes in the barrel.
  8. Had this conversation the other day. How long will billionaire oligarchs allow Putin to make their lives difficult?
  9. I read a piece a while ago about capercaillie hunting in Sweden. Forgotten most of the details but they stalk them and shoot while sitting, which is a very difficult thing to do as you can only move while the birds are calling, or something of the sort. It takes great skill and judgement apparently.
  10. Thank you chaps. I'd better start looking down the back of the sofa for some change!
  11. Having struggled with passive over ear defenders (effective, but can't hear instructions or anything else for that matter) and in-ear plugs (fiddly and easily lost) I'm thinking of buying some Peltor SporTacs, on the grounds that they're what many people seem to use. Any thoughts please?
  12. Very much like the F3 game cartridges. And the LiteSpeed clay ones.
  13. I think it's brilliant. Mrs T has to gear herself up to watch as she takes much of the scenes of medical treatment personally.
  14. Embarrassed to admit I'm watching and enjoying very much. Good after a drink or several.
  15. That's interesting. I'll find out if he had any maritime connection.
  16. Sorry to be dim, but having watched too many US prison movies, shackles are what prisoners wear on their ankles. What's a shackle in this context?
  17. I say blade for want of a better word, but it's smooth and rounded. I take it that the spike at the bottom is for removing stones from horses' hooves! Any help appreciated. It belonged to an in-law's father who would have been well into his 80s now.
  18. Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll go and have a think!
  19. I'm unfortunate enough to wear prescription specs and to be ancient, so my eyes aren't as sharp as they were. I've held amber shooting glasses to my eyes and they made a big difference, so I'm thinking about amber or yellow clip ons. Any thoughts?
  20. My completely uninformed take on this: someone was killed and police are required to establish if a criminal act led to this. They arrested him because they know he killed the knifeman, it gives the accused additional rights and they can't yet say that no criminal act took place. Same thing happened to the householder who killed a burglar in self defence in SE London a couple of years ago and charges were dropped (if memory serves). Having said that, if matters are as they appear to be on the face of it, if charges aren't dropped it would be morally wrong.
  21. Sorry to resurrect, but a funny thing happened at the gunshop recently. The had only the £12 a box premium stuff in fibre wad in the load I was after, so I asked what they had in the cupboard behind the counter that all good gunshops have. After much ferreting, three boxes of Lyalvale Pigeon Somethings appeared, priced at £2.99! Gunshop chap expressed surprise and didn't know how long they'd been there. Used a box at clays and they were fine. Took a box to a driven day and pheasants were dead in the air. Mixed in my pocket for subsequent drives, couldn't distinguish them from the Lyalvale Ultimate and Fiocchi F3s. Couple of points occurred: When do properly stored cartridges become too old to use? Why do pheasants need more special cartridges than pigeons? BTW, I'm not as tight as I sound, but I do like a bargain.
  22. Townie

    The War Below

    It's called a geoscope (I think). My grandfather was in a tunnelling company and let slip the odd story that sounded unbelievable. If memory serves, the whole thing was an official secret until 1963, or something of the sort. And there's a good book: War underground by Alexander Barrie. Worth a read if interested.
  23. They are my local gunshop's cheap cartridge. I've used probably 5000 and rate them highly.
  24. Read a terrifying piece in last week's Shooting Times about the wisdom of taking a second gun to driven days in case of malfunction. Does anyone do it? Hadn't considered, but I am a worrier.
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