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  1. Watched it the first time and again now. Legendary stuff. And at the risk of winding everyone up, I can't see how someone capable of committing such vile crimes can be rehabilitated.
  2. 'Rhik Samadder tries clay pigeon shooting'. I've been poking away at my phone for the last 10 minutes trying to attach a link, but I'm too old or too thick to manage. It's in the Life section anyway. Undoes a few Guardian reader misconceptions I'd imagine. I'm sorry to mention that newspaper, but Mrs T is a retired primary teacher and I think it's compulsory reading for that lot. I try to rinse it out of my head by buying the Telegraph on Saturdays.
  3. Once the seed is sown, you know you have to buy it. You won't shoot any better, but who cares?
  4. Enjoyed that. Thanks for posting. I worked in a sheet metal factory while at school many years ago and it amazed me what people could do with a bit of steel and lots of skill.
  5. Sorry to resurrect this topic, but I saw a short film a couple of days ago by the Oxford Gun Company about gun cleaning. 1. Spray solvent onto a patch and push it through. Fair enough. 2. Spray a bit more onto a brush and scrub. OK. 3. Remove resulting black muck with the wool mop. REALLY?? Sounds like a good way to get through a lot of mops.
  6. I've read the piece and it says 'London-dwelling Gun', which is clear. And I'm disturbed to find that I'm much the same as everybody else, apparently.
  7. Did anyone else hope he was going to be hit in the Crown Jewels?
  8. Made me think! On a driven day, when a drive finishes, I of course unload immediately. This involves moving the muzzles from pointing upwards to downwards and even though my finger is not on the trigger and I'm moving the top lever while doing so, there's a point at which a beater could see muzzles for a split second. I think you're right. We need to trust people and point out unsafe practices when we see them.
  9. Speak to 99 shooters and you'll get 100 opinions, but I thought The Gun Shop on YouTube did a very good thing on cleaning recently. Probably already said, but before anything else, I push half a sheet of kitchen roll down each barrel which removes most of the obvious muck and stops brushes getting dirty.
  10. I read a piece about this just last night in Gough Thomas's Gun Book: Shotgun Lore for the Sportsman. It was about maximum ranges for geese and featured two graphs comparing pattern density to pellet energy. Different bird, same thing. I think the answer in that case was no 3 shot at 55 yards maximum.
  11. Get it mended! I have 1970s Tissot that I got for my 21st. It's been to the mender's twice in 40+ years. It won't be cheap, but it will come back like new and you'll have a nice watch.
  12. Sorry, negligent discharge! As the OP, I've read with interest and I think I could have put the scenario better. I think the gun was safe because there was a flag in the breech, but my question was about the fact that I couldn't see that it was safe. The shooter was right handed and his arm blocked my view of the flag, so all I could see was a muzzle. From that point of view, I'd say the shooter was at fault - his gun wasn't obviously safe. 'Never never let your gun pointed be at anyone'.
  13. Yeah but ... can fried pork products ever be a bad thing?
  14. Watched a The Gun Shop thing on YouTube about gun cleaning. Jonny said that muck behind the extractors raises them a tiny amount and over time contributes to guns becoming loose on the face. I get the edge of a bit of kitchen roll or fabric behind them, but the tiny brushes mentioned earlier sound a good idea.
  15. Crikey, that sounds bad! What is it that's happening? I've never done anything like that, but now worried that I will.
  16. Had that conversation with my son-in-law today. We went on a super car driving day and we were reflecting that when he is my age, it'll be electric cars rather than the 300 - 500 bhp beasts we drove. They'll never recreate the petrol engine noise.
  17. Thank you gents. I had to look up Hangar rash! Given how clumsy I am, I'll start using it.
  18. Bought a new gun which has the usual fabric covers for the stock and barrels/forend. It also came with a tight, full length, unpadded sleeve. Is this for use when in the cabinet? If so, is that a good idea? I prefer the idea of air circulating.
  19. I always look out for shooting related books in second hand bookshops and they often have decent fishing sections too. So definitely A Good Thing.
  20. Also got this, which is less fun, but still good.
  21. Flaming Nora. Mine cost a bit more than that, but I suppose I had the pleasure of supporting a small business.
  22. I took the ST from about 1968 - 1980 and liked Colin Willock's stuff a great deal. Not related, but I did have him in mind when choosing the name!
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