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Good after all,

I currently reload for my .204...223...243 and 308...

At the min I'm using..

N135 for 39g .204

CFE for 40g vmax .223

Problem is I shoot 58g , 75g and 100g in .243 but I used the last of my Varget so I'm looking is there an alt powder that I can use on the .243 in a perfect world that can cover all 3 weights.

I currently have N133, N135 and CFE223 powders at my disposal any suggestion as to what other powder ill need to start working up loads for my .243 and ultimately 168g in .308...



Thanks all in advance.


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18 minutes ago, cooter said:

I tried N135 with 168 AMax and it was a bit harsh. N140 worked superbly. I never tried CFE so can't comment on it.

N550 is double based, which is good for target work but hard on the barrel.

I use N140 for .308 in 150/168 grain. Never tried N135 which is faster burning but I reckon it would probably be OK with lighter bullets up to perhaps 125 or even 130 grain. I did try Reloder 12 but it was very harsh with 150’s, whereas Reloder 15 is superb.

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