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41 minutes ago, Modafinale said:

I use starline  brass in 32-30 .

its good as good as other brass I use in different calibers mainly federal brass, but have Norma brass also


29 minutes ago, Imperfection said:

I use Starline cases in my 45-70. So far, i've only destroyed one case which is really good considering i load them exceptionally hot. However a bottle neck case in another calibre might not be so good. 

I am tempted to try some in 308 calibre. I've already ordered 100 Lapua so I'll have to think on this.

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Starline is generally regarded as a bit of  budget case, they make cases for a lot of the other big name manufacturers in USA. and have done for many decades Its hard to know who makes what and for who these days.

If you order enough they will put your name on the headstamp. Back in the pistol days companies like Mountain and Sowdon and Zero used this feature.

but if you do the maths you are better off buying factory loaded PPU ammo if you want empty cases at the end of the process and PPU cases are very good cases.

Its often speculated that PPU make cases for a lot of the other manufactures in Europe now anyway  including lapua. S&B make for Winchester but i don't rate S&B 

but I can keep pushing you GGG if you want and they are regarded as being as good as lapua by those in the know.

Edited by Vince Green
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The Lapua cases arrived yesterday. I actually had 101 so a bonus! I've loaded 25 to try out on Friday, and then if okay, I'll load more for the range on Sunday. I'm joust hoping that it is the PPU cases that are causing the problem and not the rifle.

Nice to chat on the phone with Vince the other day, and I intend to meet up with him in the not too distant future. :good:

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