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  1. So the top and bottom seams that if you’re not shooting too well you need a 12 bore ? better shot uses a 20 bore ? I use a 28 bore 😃 but obviously I’m not as good as someone who uses a 410 😂
  2. I’ve just started a new brick of Winchester .22 subsonic’s . Can’t say I’m overly impressed ! In four boxes I’ve had 5 rounds refused to feed into the chamber, Never had that problem before and I’ve shot over 3000 win subs through this rifle Finfire mk 1
  3. Something just doesn’t look right in the photo to me. I’m sure the Peregrine would be looking at the Gull unless they are a lot further away from each other than the camera angle shows. The light off the falcons right wing (left side of picture)does not match the light on the gull. Is another reason I’m unsure about the image. if it’s genuine it’s a good image but I Suspect at the lens is at its limit due to the lack of sharpness
  4. Everything said is true, but no one has mentioned how much heat it reflects ! when it’s hot you can’t walk barefoot on it. I’m in the trade and bought the dogs b version looked amazing but as others have said it needs jet-washing every year at the very least . Yes it’s does get weeds but nothing can prepare you for the heat that comes off it. grass is better
  5. Would have thought it’s not about saving Bisley, more like cutting out the bad wood
  6. Where’s sycamore ? Private range or club
  7. Your lawn would have been alive with starlings before their numbers crashed
  8. I can see why light good magazine capacity and rapid shooting ! Accurate too
  9. Hi Louis if the rifle was deactivated before I believe 2016 it would be the old style ie- The action works it is illegal to sell, loan or gift has to be surrendered to RFD for either correct deactivation or destroyed (you can’t legally keep it unless it’s the newer deactivated ) the new deactivated firearms are welded so don’t work. also the latest update 2020 you have to notify the home office that you have a deactivated firearm ( no cost involved) hope that helps Dean
  10. Saddler you mean like this Meet it’s little brother ! Dom 1928 in 32-20
  11. Louis unfortunately you can’t, you have to submit it to a RFD to store it or have it deactivated to current standards if it’s deactivated to old spec ( eg the action cycles )
  12. Condolences to HRM a lonely job just got harder. hope I live as long and as healthy life as Prince Philip God rest his Soul.
  13. New rifle finally arrived ! Working out test loads, this is an example but all where good except the lowest opening up slightly and the fastest a little harsh than they needed to be. 25m
  14. The early deactivated firearms can’t be sold, swapped or even given away without contravention of the law. so unless it’s the absolutely butchered deactivated gun it’s box has more value
  15. Hi Christian can you pm me a postcode so I can see how far away from Nottingham you are ?
  16. Might go to Carrsington this weekend
  17. The law should protect livestock, the owners should have to pay vets fees and a big fine. plus all the hoops and potential problems before a Dog can be shot should be closed. Dogs attacking livestock should be shot asap if safe to do so and if not practical Dog should be destroyed at the earliest opportunity
  18. **** and Witney R 1830 twin wasp used on B24 liberator and DC3
  19. Approximately 1920 and probably German
  20. Not all Doctors are the same, my Doctor took 4 working days to email mine to the police no charge ! a friend went to his doctors, not the same as mine 2 Working days later and his was emailed £30
  21. I know, my reply was a correction. we used to put this and sulphuric onto each other’s bags at school as our form rooms where Science labs for two years. probably not accessible to school kids now, we had access to lots of fun ! Lithium/ phosphorus school friend was a bit of a chemist and we got him supplies to make explosive devices in the woods next to school . how times have changed
  22. NRA has no power it has gone bust ! Although a smaller one has been started
  23. Agree ! Bump on me was only teasing about the pictures
  24. Probably Southern Hemisphere looking at the pictures 🤣
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