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Light stock for Air Arms s410

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Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. 

I have had my s410 for a couple of years now, from new. Standard stock. I tend to cart it about with NV for rabbits and rats and use a primos trigger stick. 

I like to think I am reasonably fit, however, after a while I get tired arms as the rifle is pretty heavy with a scope NV etc.

Compared to my other rifles even without anything on top it is pretty heavy. Any ideas for a lighter stock? Plastic maybe?

I don't need any wizzy stock adjusters etc. Cheers.


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Generally the heaviest part of a pcp is the air tube (if made of steel ) a good quality plastic /synthetic  stock can be almost as heavy as wood. 

Look for a titanium cylinder to save more lbs.

there are a few good guns on the market that use aluminium  air tube and these are much  lighter than the steel guns .

Fx for instance .

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