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A Grand Day Out

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Evening all, on Saturday we had what could possibly be our last shoot in the wood this season. This was only the 2nd shoot, the 1st resulted in a total bag of 2 pheasants and 2 squirrels, not great for a walk one stand one syndicate but it was a washout that day so we hoped there'd be a few more birds around on Saturday. 

 The record for this shoot stood at 54 achieved last season, we had no idea that we'd end up on Saturday with 70! Everything just fell into place, the beating line had more strength in numbers and was more organized, better shooting from the guns and most pleasing for me was no lost birds thanks to good dog work.

This brings me to my picture, Ronnie is now 12 years old and still has the drive to go all day, age is certainly catching up with him but to see him still flushing out birds as well as retrieving unseen birds shot was a joy I know I won't see for much longer. This partridge flew high over the firs and is up to now my shot of the season, made all the more special by Ronnie retrieving yet another blind. 

I must admit to not posting on here very much recently due to lack of shooting and getting more into my air rifles, Saturday proved to be a reminder it's simply not all about the shooting, cheers.



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Thanks @JDog much appreciated, I'll be honest due to my faults as a trainer combined with Ronnie's drive it has proven to be at times 'too hot to handle'. With the onset of old age he has slowed down to the point where I know he doesn't have too many shoot days left. 

I'll admit to being sorely tempted by those lab X's posted on here recently, fate however put a stop to that with a pending car repair bill :rolleyes:

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