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On 02/01/2021 at 21:07, chrisjpainter said:

It's got a 20 tooth disc, which I think  I'd prefer over the 16 tooth sliding model that's the next one up.

If you know you're working 'virgin tree meat' without nails in, first thing I'd do is swap out the blade for something finer-toothed, and keep the Evo blade on hand for chopping suspect material (with possible nails/screws in) and metal. 

Honestly, you might be overthinking this, for £60, you can't go wrong.  Budget another £20 for a good blade, and off you go.

If you get the bug, get something nicer, and keep this one as the 'portable' one.

If it's not to your expectations, return to Screwfix.

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An update. I bought an Einhell double bevel mitre from Toolstation. The double bevel was useful as it gave me angles I couldn't get to by just turning wood round. For a couple of months it's been fine, which included making a coffee table for my other half's birthday (yesterday). Anyway, yesterday I was just chopping up some offcuts into smaller, kindling-sized lumps when the whole disc guard shattered, bits of plastic and metal everywhere and a jammed cutting disc. one cut was fine, the next annihilation. I checked the piece of wood and it was just wood, no furtive metal in it. So it has gone back to Toolstation for refund. The item's now out of stock so they were forced into that rather than repair, thank goodness! I thinks I might be avoiding them in future!

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Last year I bought a Metabo Mitre saw and so far very impressed with it, sort of a mid range saw although doesn't have double bevel. It replaced a 10 year old B&Q cheapy performance power machine which met the same end your Einhell!

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