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  1. I own an ATA and a Hatsan... After 2 and a bit years of ATA ownership, it's been absolutely fine. I like the lack of fussy engravings, personally. It gets used on our little DIY syndicate, and for clays. The Hatsan gets used everywhere else for the rough stuff. It just works, though not on clay loads. I'd did 'scratch the itch' last summer and treated myself to a secondhand Benelli Montelfeltro (similar mechanism to a Franchi, but not the same). It comes up and points lovely, and is incredibly light, but it has woodwork, so guess what, for the rough stuff I'm still breaking
  2. I think the concern is that a gun that has failed proof can't be returned to an end user (but can be returned to an RFD). So, if you have something you particularly care about, but are concerned that it is marginal on whether it'll pass HP Steel proof - you might lose it altogether. If it's something likely to pass proof - such as a relatively modern semi that for whatever reason isn't HP proofed - then crack on. Obviously, if an RFD buys a non-HP-proofed gun for subsequent resale, he will either factor in the cost of reproof, or if there's a risk it won't pass, factor in the cost o
  3. Not sure I follow? The high end cartrdiges are mostly fibre aren't they? As a relative newcomer, I've only shot fibre, both for clays and game, so don't know any different, and I'm not the only one.
  4. What’s your idea of reasonable? Cabinet makers will be charging a daily rate which has to cover workshop overheads and the like, so any job with a high fiddle factor on site; I.e. scribing into corners will have some fat built in lest you lose your profit... I know that’s now what you asked for, I.e. a basic carcass, but expectations of what a basic ‘shell’ is can vary considerably. Also, I couldn’t find on a quick google any corner steel cabinets to use as a basis. You could of course use a standard cabinet, and secure it to your wall through its sidewall, but then surely the
  5. What? You're asking the police firearms licencing team for legal advice on lockdown legislation? Why would they know about that? Asking the police for legal advice is really not what they're there for, and a sure way to irritate them. Maybe, if fewer people emailed them with queries this, we'd get faster service on the things they're actually there for, I.e. grants and renewals...
  6. 0.6mm wire, welding wire has been sold in metric sizes since Christ was a cowboy! The days of gas bottles from pubs appear to be gone too, breweries are getting ever stricter on inventory. That’s no bad thing, either, as you don’t get neat co2 in pub gas, or not always, and the pure co2 runs a ‘hotter’ weld which can make things difficult with thin sheet. Do yourself a favour and stump up for a ‘rent free’ bottle with Argon/co2 mix in it (not pure Argon, that’s for TIG), your welds will be better on the thin stuff. And for gawd’s sake don’t torture yourself with a gawd awful Clarke wel
  7. Whereas I’m having issues with wind....Everytime the wind picks up, my internet connection drops out. Ancient, oxidised pieces of copper, dangling from poles is really not the way to carry data in 2021, even in rural locations...
  8. Never did I say it doesn't matter, and I'll thank you not to tell me what I think. How the hell could you possibly know? And if you want to live in a free society, you need to be prepared to hear things that upset you. Thanks but I'd rather the police concentrated on physical acts against me, and not nasty words.
  9. You raised the idea, literally nobody else was was advocating for it. And you seemed to have provided enough evidence, on your own, as to why it's a bad idea, viz. Dictionary-starved mobs in Portsmouth attacking paediatricians... That is not trolling! Trolling is saying nasty things to get a rise out of people. What you're talking about is making malicious allegations. Not only criminal behaviour, but well outside the scope of trolling. Seriously, stop conflating trolling, online bullying, making malicious allegations, and vigilante mobs administering their flavour of ju
  10. I do understand; you're making massive logical leaps that trolls will invariably move to criminal activities. 99% of the time, they really don't. The 1% of the time they do, they can be convicted for existing offences. We do not need yet more badly thought out laws As for anonymity, Southeastpete is anonymous. Why would you want to do that? The right idea. Though, small point, what is 'put others in fear'?
  11. You most certainly did - you went straight from trolling to doxxing to physical attacks. Only trolling was being discussed here. The other 2 are criminal offences the first possibly is - but shouldn't be. Bullying is not nice, but whether it's online or not is, frankly irrelevant. Because they have more insight than you as to why anonymity is important! Once again, you're conflating trolling with making malicious allegations of criminal behaviour, itself an offence. Block them, do not engage. And it's "you're"
  12. You appear to be conflating free speech with physical attacks as a result of 'doxxing' People who engage in trolling of the nasty variety hide behind anonymity, sure, but that they don't take it from the online world to the real world, where it actually matters. Anonymity is important; just ask any proper investigative journalist. Attempting to take that away on the grounds that some people say nasty words is not a justification at all in my book. The last option. 'Details' are published, when your case gets to court! In any case, we don't have free spee
  13. The welds certainly won't look skookum, but the problem with gasless MIG is, you'll constantly be fighting a lack of penetration too. As said, 1.5 -2.0 is in MIG territory. This one gets good reviews, but it's £500 landed...it'll do stick too, and ally with a spool gun.
  14. Why do people have this idea that we should be asking the police for 'permission' to do things? That is very definitely the road to hell, and certainly very illiberal. In any case, they're not going to give it to you - in case it comes back to bite them. The lockdown legislation was pored over by lawyers from the various orgs and formal advice published. If you must, phone your organisation - who won't categorically give you a yes or no either, for the same reason Better yet: read, understand and follow the advice they publish on their website. It has been arrived at by expen
  15. The question is how thick are they? Doing thick stuff is no problem. In the unlikely event your welder runs out of headroom, you can do multiple passes. It's the thin stuff that's the challenge. But if you're happy to experiment, get a cheap transformer stick welder. As previously said, not Machine Mart, you'll over pay for chinesium. Better off getting a Lidl jobbie or Ebay special. SIP is a good brand, but if you're spending that kind of money, get an inverter machine. If you ever think you'll do stuff on cars, MIG all the way. TIG is the connoisseur's weldin
  16. Orrr an 18650 based torch, works quite well. More likely to have that on you when out shooting - one less thing to carry. To answer the OP’s question, if you do find a supplier be sat down when you read the prices for heavy bits of brass. I’d get yourself a metal lathe and get busy...
  17. I'll say! Got the Mossberg 500 in 20b moderated, and it's a lump to swing around. Also to carry, it doesn't sit will on a sling. But it is in the 'goldilocks' zone of quietness and stopping power. Even normal (non-subsonic) loads are sufficiently quiet if you're far enough away from noise-sensitive neighbours. All this is a long way of saying, if you can get away with .410, and unmoderated, go for it. The gun is a properly tried and tested design. Still an itch I'd like to scratch. Any idea where he got his?
  18. Brouhahahaha, you're not serious surely? Ask any network engineer which they'd rather have, Fibre to the premises or a 5G signal. (Claimed) Bandwidth isn't the only metric. Uptime, contention ratio, latency....sorry but i'll take a piece of glass (composite) into my house over an EM signal any day. It cames back to what is being (wrongly in my view) marketed as fibre - i.e. installed as far as your local cabinet (exchange). That is not fibre, as it is still dependent on ancient, oxidised, poor connection having, telephone cables dangling from poles for the last few kms. The fact
  19. Had mine since 2018, bought as a first Shotgun, having ignored the 'spend your money on a Second hand Silver Pigoen' advice. Mostly because, at the time any second hand silver pigs were at least £300 more, and that buys quite a few lessons/clays/carts. 2.5 years later, I still like it. Still don't covet a nicer o/u. I did covet a nicer semi auto, and I've scratched that itch instead. 2 things I'd say 1) ATAs are now coming up second hand, I've seen them advertised for £450. 2) Get the adjustable stock version
  20. Good; Cable-based Broadband is superior to DSL (i.e. comes in via a telephone line) and should be far less flaky. Having been with Virgin for more than 10years, I've recently moved to a rural location where cable isn't available, and let me tell you DSL is utter pants by comparison. Assuming you can have sensible conversations with Virgin re price, think very carefully about jumping in 18mths time. All DSL offerings are still dependent on Openreach, so support issues can take ages to resolve, whereas with Virgin, you have one company maintaining the entire infrastructure* 'Fi
  21. Quite. How is this a Boeing problem - the customer (airline/leasing company) chooses the engine platform from a choice offered by Boeing and then is responsible for its maintenance. That article you copied and pasted (but didn't cite the source) explains in poorly-written detail* how PW had shortcomings in its inspection processes - something which Boeing is unilkely to have commercial say over to commend them to correct. PW is the design authority on the engine, not Boeing. In any case, the aircraft was able to safely land on one engine - as it is supposed to. Pilots, A
  22. If you must get an old transformer-type machine, go to Lidl, they've got a 100a machine for £40. But obviously, don't spend ages deliberating, their middle row stuff doesn't hang around. Machinemart is overpriced chinese rubbish in my experience. Pick the Lidl jobbie up on your way to Corsham to collect vmaxphil's SIP. If it works, take the Lidl one back. Really, if you're going to get a welder, you should join the 21st century and get an inverter machine. They can do TIG, but more useful to me is that if you get a MIG inverter, they can do stick too. So, for the majority of your we
  23. Bit off topic, but could you expand on this one please? Under what circumstances have you noticed this happening? I quite like the clear pigeons because they're 1) available most places 2) comparatively cheap 3) not too loud.
  24. Important to clarify that it's the act of watching or recording live TV (whether BBC or not) that requires a licence. Not the equipment you own or do not own, or the channels you may or may not be able to receive... Using Iplayer (but not any other on-demand service) now requires a licence too.
  25. Me three! The various gun shops in the Brizzle area really aren't too hot on that. I have been going to Wadswick Country store, as it was about the same time in the car as fighting my way to through traffic to the other shops, but they seem to 1) answer the phone 2) actually look at what they've got in stock. 3) Prices are at or below JC's. 4) They do seem to attract a better class of customer (cough).
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