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  1. Probably, by forgetting to take a monthly meter read and thus getting estimated bills and reminders. I would urge everyone to not have a DD and have the self-discipline to take readings monthly and pay only for the energy used.
  2. Ones that fit the holes in your cabinet and are suitable for the material you're fixing to! Of course forces make it up as they go along, sorry, uh, interpret the HO manual as they see fit, but I've never known any force go into that level of stipulation. My force (Avon and Somerset) apparently aren't happy with concrete screws, and insist on expanding anchor bolts ('rawl bolts') but how they'd know without removing them.... Anyway, a quick skim-read of the HO Firearms security handbook gives no requirements for fastener size, other than into suspended wooden flooring (2.11) I couldn't find any reference to what @timps quoted, perhaps you could point us to it? As @Stonepark said, in normal brick 75mm deep is about your limit
  3. What are you concerned about, exactly? Actual, water shortages where nothing comes out the tap? Or hosepipe bans? I’d personally be more worried about lack of power to run the water pumping stations. Or anything else in your home. Because you can recycle your own bathwater as much as you like, if you can’t get the clean stuff out the tap to drink or cook with, you’re, uh, hosed. As for a hosepipe ban, all I will say is: Only time I use a hose is to water my animals, which I believe is exempt.
  4. The car in question is, according to Wikipedia, based on the Fiat 'Mini' platform which is the basis for several models of cars, but suffice it to say they've built millions of the things by now. I'd suggest it's a safer bet than some others. A towbar looked to be around the £200 mark delivered from Ebay, and I'm sure reputable sources would keep the cost to below £500 if it doesn't come fitted with one. There used to be an adage about avoiding secondhand vehicles with fitted towbars, as it was more likely that they'd been abused. Personally I always thought that was a little bit vague at best. Ahh, that makes things clearer, though a shame. I (and I bet a few others on here) were looking forward to your reports with the eUTV. Personally, I'd have thought have to drag a trailer *just* for deer carcasses/fox shooting would be a pain but I guess it very much depends on your perms. Obviously, you could be sitting on a veritable gold-mine with the landy, depending on the model, in which case get it sold and buy both the Panda and the eUTV.
  5. Ahh PW at its finest. OP asks about a potential car purchase, and both threads are immediately filled with irrelevant, pointless and unhelpful anecdotes about a different car from last century, that may share the same model name, but shares approximately zero parts with the car in question. To the OP, it would help if you could give us some idea of the mass of your UTV and trailer combo. A quick google reveals the current models have a rather paltry 900kg max tow capacity. Should be sufficient, but a little car towing a (by its standards) heavy trailer will quickly cause the consumption to drop, because drag increases with the square of speed. I don't know what you do with your Muntie /other carcasses, but if it were me, I'd seek to put them on the trailer, mainly so ticks don't jump ship and end up on the inside of the car.
  6. udderlyoffroad


    You lot should all do yourselves a favour and just stop paying the TV licence. Cancel your direct debit, no need for one if you don’t watch or record live TV (or use Iplayer). Plenty of on-demand and catch up services will give you all the content you ever need, for free, or a subscription.
  7. Incorrect. WJ seeking judicial review because the existing licences had, in their view, holes in them, does not make them illegal. Again, that's not correct. Without going over the text of the old licences, the GLs were always open to interpretation, and there was never any specific provision with respect to stubble fields (as far as I'm aware). What you’re proposing is truly the worst of all worlds. The whole point of the general licences, from the government’s point of view, is to not have the burden and cost of issuing individual licences. It’s also trying to solve a problem we don’t have; given that no-one has ever been prosecuted (to my knowledge). As for keeping individuals up to date? You hold in your hand the means to do that, and your chosen shooting organisation emails you in case of changes, no? Nail. Head.
  8. How much is the price of a pint in your local? You're way closer to the London orbit than we are, so I can imagine you're at £5/pint easy... People have been carting packed lunches around with them since time immemorial, and if you're still making school-boy errors like letting bannas get bruised or curly sandwiches...What do you do if you go out for the day shooting? Worse, if you're letting yourself get dehydrated and h-angry, frankly you're not much of a boy scout either. Any fool can be uncomfortable, as they say in the military. I see this a lot at work parties on our DIY syndicate, and it seems to be a generational thing. The old boys, who really should know better, get dehydrated and grumpy because they turn up seemingly completely unprepared. Meanwhile, the allegedly moaning and useless millennials and gen-z's, turn up ready to work, with sufficient food and water to cover the day's activities, not to mention things like work gloves and a hat. The ethos is to make a profit. That's it. If you want to put together a show on a co-operative/non-profit basis, then do it, but I'd suggest there's a reason such a show doesn't exist. Fine if you're running a village fete, but I don't think it scales well. Once again, I agree with you that the prices are extortionate, but I really don't see how it can be so bad to mitigate for it, by having some nosebag with you.
  9. What on earth? The general licences have existed since the 1980s, you’d have to be north of 60 to remember shooting without them. Of course, that’s not to say we didn’t all get, uh, reminded of the precise legal situation when Natural England pulled the ladder up a couple of years back. But the legal situation remains the same, and has been for nearly 3 generations now: all birds are protected. If you want to shoot pigeons, read & comply with the relevant general licence. Oh, and for chrissakes, refrain from commenting about English GLs on a thread about Welsh GLs. Less than useless, it’s actively unhelpful.
  10. I think you must be the last of a dwindling breed. Fact is, Barbour is now a fashion brand, and technology has moved on. You'd be better served, probably, finding a different brand of waxed jackets, but I would assume the prices will be steep to match the low volume. You'd definitely be better served by spending 'Barbour money' on a more modern shooting jacket.
  11. Well we went on the Saturday. As others have said, it was good to see it busy, and back up to strength following last year’s will-they-won’t-they half a show. Got a look at the Sub£1k Pulsar thermal, thought it was ok for the money, but obviously bright sunshine isn't ideal test conditions. I think the dog must have developed a cramp in his sniffer muscle from all that investigating with his nose, and how he stores that much pee.... Anyway, main problem for me is that we went Saturday PM, so it was as busy as it was going to get, which made speaking to people difficult.
  12. I wasn’t going to pass comment on this thread, as my progeny is still invitro, so apparently he’ll get in free for the next 7 years. But as we appear to have deviated far from the OP’s point: I’m not sure what the some people are expecting. I can’t remember food+drink being anything other than rip-off prices at any exhibition I’ve attended, ever. Either take a packed lunch or be prepared for a wallet-scraping. It really was ever thus. I paid £9 for a pint of ‘Old Hooky’ and a can of 7up. Rip off, but was subsequently invited for a complimentary drink at the Premier Guns stand, so I think I broke even. Seeing the bigger picture? They’re in business to make money, not pursue some sort of agenda. Whilst I would agree their pricing has long since exceeded reasonable, they charge what the market will stand. I wouldn’t go if I didn’t get entry as part of BASC membership, £35 is just insane. I think the 'bigger picture' a lot of people on here are missing is that this is also a trade (B2B) event. As far as I'm aware, there isn't a trade-only event in this country, so a lot of deals and general industry catching up happens after the doors close, and the traders get the BBQs and booze out. Doubtless someone will be along shortly to make accusations of monopolistic dealings/pricing fixing. And what’s wrong with that, anyway? If we’re going to get all sociological, I wonder if the ‘tribe’ of country girls only recently developed a distinct identity, and therefore a massive market? Or are you just annoyed you didn't buy shares in the likes of Holland Cooper or Fairfax and Favor a few years ago? I know I am! Either way, peacocks will preen themselves, and can safely be ignored. They neither added to, nor detracted from, the show for me.
  13. These 2 are actually related. What we got from Boris was an absolute inability to control the civil service, and remind them that they work for us, not the other way round. The 'blob', as some refer to it. Leaving aside for a minute the more subjective question of the blob seeking to undermine Brexit, let's concentrate on a more concrete example: So, we got the whole General Licence Fiasco, where some ejiots in (at the time) Natural England immediately withdrew the general licences because of the threat of some litigation from Wild Justice. No consideration to whether this might adversely impact those affected - viz. crows unable to be controlled just coming into lambing season. Apparently with no checking with the mother ship (DEFRA), let alone ministerial oversight, just pulled, on something akin to the precautionary principle. If I were fortunate enough to be speaking to the candidates, I'd want to know how their recent experience in government would inform their leadership style with respect to putting a stop to this governmental over-reach. Also I'd ask them just what in the name of all hell their energy policy is, and when they will get rid of the insanity that is Biomass. Long story short: are they actual conservatives? Rishi surely isn't. Apparently wanted to tax all hell out of fuel, and his red diesel legislation shows how out of touch he is.
  14. Whilst I would quite agree that the electricity supply is only going to get worse, as well as (even more) expensive, be careful with that philosophy. Engines need to be run, nothing worse than attempting to commission a neglected unit in a hurry, with the cold breath of management condensing on your neck. Personally, I'd be looking at a diesel unit, as they will run (with some stipulations) on pretty much anything, as well being more suited to all day running. First off, you need a proper load list. Don't forget to highlight whether they are resistive or inductive loads, if it isn't obvious. That should get you more sensible quotes. As has mentioned, discard the idea of running a washing machine. Far too much of a variable load, and takes the price of your intended generator quickly skywards. If you get desperate, hand wash a few clothes. Don't forget to take into account the load of your freezer(s) and fridge, though if you keep the door shut (and this is key, amazing how many otherwise intelligent adults will open a freezer door every hour and fret about why it's defrosting so quickly), the loads should be minimal. Worth asking an electrician to quote for installation of one - probably not worth DIYing as you will need him to come and terminate and test anyway. Running extension leads everywhere might not be too popular with the OH, represents trip/fire hazards, and isn't especially practical. Don't be tempted to use a 'suicide cord' as our US cousins would refer to it. Don't forget to consider siting, and earthing of the generator! Have you got somewhere on your property you could securely house the generator, out of the elements, but still allowing for decent airflow? Will it annoy the neighbours?
  15. Has the company already agreed to this? I know where my employer would tell me to go if I tried to pull a stunt like that. But let’s look at electricity first: a 60w laptop power supply running at full chat for 8hrs a day, 4 days week (which it won’t) will use 1.92 kWh, or £0.67 @ £0.35/kWh. Add in occasional use of other devices and let’s be generous and call it £1/week. So, that’s £4/month. Heating, a little more complicated. I think you’d need to read your gas meter on a day you worked from home and a day when you didn’t, at divide that up according to the m^2 of the rooms in the house. As poorshot pointed out, you will be turning off the heating in other parts of the house won’t you, can’t expect the company to spring for heating the living room. As for using the kettle, flushing the toilet, etc, well, think you need to start getting a spreadsheet together if you want to go that level of detail. Frankly I’d just take the presumed massive saving on fuel from not commuting and call it a win.
  16. Should be able to reclaim the VAT though?
  17. Some people seemingly have short memories! Last year was it touch and go whether the powers that rule over us would even allow large gatherings at all & everyone hedged their bets, following the enforced shutting down of the economy for the best part of 2 years. Yes it wasn’t great but still got to meet a few people. Will go this year. The lack of bargoons is a double edged sword I find, stops me from spending money!
  18. Fixed that for you. We're never told what-ifs so I suspect this aspect of discussion will be circular. Pretty sure the trains running slow is Brexit's fault, according to some on here, and doubtless they'll find a way to blame 'bushfires' on Brexit too, rather than arson/careless arsewipes with fagbutts. Anyway, we all know it's going to be Rishi Rat as next PM. His enthusiasm for 'central bank digital currency' might not be the vote-winner he thinks it is, but I doubt that'll stop him. So we'll head into a General Election as a Hobson's choice between his continuity new-labour spend and burn, and actual labour. Net result will be the coalition hell-scape favoured by @oowee , with the greens driving policy to tax us into serfdom. What a time to be alive.
  19. Tosh. They set the agenda, literally the point of a news editor. Ukraine disappeared from our screens during wall-to-wall Borisgate, too. The way the media acted during the Trump presidency, you'd have thought the UK was the 51st state. Other world leaders with the ‘correct’ viewpoint, such as Macron, ****-eau, Ardern, etc all seemingly can break their own restrictions as they see fit, and nobody ever picks them up on it, either But if you want to talk domestic politicians: Starmer: Beer and curry following a ‘work event’. Then promises to resign if he gets a FPN, knowing full well that Durham police don’t issue FPNs for historic Corona offences. What does the media have to say about this crass, glaring duplicity? Just shrugs. Strugeon: (sic) Multiple infractions, on the net and for all to see. Media? Meh. Drakeford: Singing and dancing in a room full of people. Media? Crickets.
  20. We have the son of sitting president of the US openly dealing crack, caught on video, and barely a peep from the media. Imagine if Trump's son had done the same? Meanwhile the man himself is obviously in cognitive decline and the media just...doesn't report it. He even held up his crib notes to camera the other day, and keeps mentioning that 'they' don't let him talk to anyone. Ok, so Fox has the occasional '*** did we just watch?' report, but the majority of the US and UK media re silent. The media do not hold you to account if you have the 'correct' views/agenda.
  21. Mr forcibly-drag-kids-to-Covid-camps not being seen as an electoral asset? Seems occasionally they do make the right call. Not sure who was daft enough to back him in the first place, but they want a @Scully style bitch slap upside the head.
  22. I'm guessing the estate of Spike Milligan objected to the original title "Boris: My part in his downfall"
  23. What on earth? Read GL, see you meet the conditions, crack on. Keep some notes/shooting diary if it makes you feel better, in the unlikely event you're ever questioned. I don't bother. The GLs have existed in one form or another since the early 80s, just because you were previously unaware of them, doesn't mean you shouldn't have been following them.
  24. I defer to your 'lived experience' for Portugal, however it was announced with great fanfare. My experience with Germany is that although we're stuck in the RoW lane, they will change dynamically adjust which lane is a RoW and which is an EU/EEA lane, and occasionally call RoW travellers forward to the EU lane. Frankly the Bundespolizei and/or Zoll are usually relieved you that you can speak decent English, let alone German. Having dealt with I know that, you know that, a lot of BDS sufferers do not, so it bears repeating. Because a lie will be halfway round the world(having lost its luggage), before the truth has even got its boots on. Sadly I must take kit with me for work that can't go in carry-on, so I'm stuck waiting at the carousel, before I of hammer the company expense account at the hire car desk. Should they get to the back of the bus as well, and not have the use of public drinking fountains? Does rather depend on the airport; the airports that mix non-Schengen short haul flights, with long-haul, are a PITA, and were a PITA before Brexit, and continue to be so.
  25. Most decent RFDs have a box of old butt pads; worth asking if you can have a rummage through if you want to go the DIY/low cost route.
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