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  1. What's your intended application? Do you want a trail cam that has a SIM card in it, or do you want a security camera? Also, PoE without using the E? Some security cameras will do that, and upload data over Wifi - not recommended however.
  2. Just. Hang. Up. If you engage with them, you will remain on the list of 'viable targets'. If you end the call, you won't. Very simple, but took my parents ages to get their head round this concept. Personally, I have neither the time or mental capacity to engage with these people. And yes, whilst not confined exclusively to 'landlines', the Venn diagram overlap of people who engage, and people who use a landline, seems to be pretty large. Don't be in that overlap.
  3. Don't bother, he absolutely lost it when some footage emerged* of Phil of "Phil and Kirsty" fame out stalking on an episode of Fieldsports Britain. At the same time, Mr Belfield is happy to post pictures of himself gleefully tucking into a (meat) roast down his local. One of those "I'd rather not think about it" types, would take the patience of a saint, assuming he doesn't cut you off for being one of those "cruel psychopaths that kills fluffy deers". Like I said, leave the media tarts to the organisations and fellow media tarts on 'our'** side. *Not like it wasn't available on FS' Youtube channel or anything **Yes there are some, Rachel Carrie springs to mind, for some reason.
  4. A "pity party" masquerading as some virtuous mental health action. Whether or not he is 'on the spectrum', he is clearly a massive narcissist. His fan base will lap it up, his media chums and employers will publicise it without question, and the cycle will continue. Stick to challenging him on the facts, with unwavering politeness, IF you think Twitter discussions with c-list celebrities is a good use of your time. My advice, leave the media circus for the organisations to manage*, and concentrate on doing some real conservation. *Yes, possibly poorly.
  5. 1) For the most part, they're just that, stories. Only ever second hand. Yet to hear much if anything from an first-hand source. 2) The licences were even woolly-er before the suspension and renewal, it's just nobody had really bothered to read them, much less challenge them. It's not for the 'authorities' to deem it justified, it's for a crown court to decide. Which, again, was always on the table. Part of the reason we never hear of prosecutions under the act for not complying with the terms of the GL, would be the difficulty in obtaining an easy conviction. Spot on. Once again, if the police turn up, you'd better know you're actually on the land you have permission to shoot, and that they can get hold of the landowner, and you have your SGC close to hand. Those are the main obstacles, before we get onto the technicalities of the GL.
  6. Oh dear, it seems some people on this thread really should read the licence! It's here. (For England!) Yes, it's deliberately written in vague language, no it does not mention roost shooting. However, it would have to be expressly forbidden within the text of the licence. You will never get a clear list of ten-commandment style, thou shalts and thou-shalt-nots from secondary legislation like this - it would take ages to draft and the law of unintended consequences would wreck havoc on all of us. To those who would wish for such a thing, all I can say is, be damn careful what you wish for. That, or move to Germany, spend lots of time and money studying for your hunters licence, submit to regular testing of your marksmanship, and woe betide you if you accidentally shoot the wrong species whilst still new and inexperienced. /rant As some people, who frankly should know better, were confused about whether it was a criminal offence, read the opening paragraph: All I can say with respect to the OP, is that I hope he attended the interview with his legal representative present. I've said it before, but if the police turn up to your permission, frankly the least of your worries will be whether or not you are complying with every last paragraph of the GLs!
  7. He's talking about a 10mm^2 supply cable that electric showers need, the Mira website is talking about the earthing cable cross sectional area. Find another place to put your pump! Whilst there such things as negative head shower pumps, they are a lot more expensive. Also, keep in mind that if the pump leaks, needs maintenance or even replacement, siting it under the bath turns it into a pig of a job. Can you not accommodate the pump near the tank? They are usually only a couple of hundred Watts, so can easily be run off a fused spur. Unlike an electric shower, which requires a dedicated supply from the consumer unit, an isolator, testing and terminating by a qualified spark.
  8. If you can’t see why that’s an important consideration when discussing courier services, I’m not sure there’s much point discussing it. You really can’t blame DHL (or whoever) if the organisation sending you the package took 9 days to hand it over – at the moment all we know is the total time from you ordering to it being on your doorstep T. What is being discussed here is Y, the time it took the courier company to deliver. You’re telling us you don’t care about X, the order processing/despatch time of the company. X + Y = T Of course, in the end all we care about is T, but to relay an anecdote with only T and no consideration to X or Y, is no help to anyone when choosing a courier service.
  9. Which document were you referencing that told you the sizes?
  10. But when was it despatched by the sender?
  11. Was never much of a fan of their beer, but had enjoyed the odd night with good company at their Bristol and Aberdeen establishments. That is, until they started nonsense like this. CO2 is intrinsically linked to the process of brewing beer, so to produce posters with an overly simplistic message decrying it, smacks of a pretty poor corporate culture. Now we find out that they’re funding rewilding and WJ? None shall pass my lips, “chicken feed” or not
  12. Not helpful if Lidl's middle aisle isn't doing them at the moment - which they ain't, it's full of Christmas/skiing tat. That said, I've got their 12v barrel grip model, very good for >£20. Personally, I'd want a circular saw before I got a jigsaw, depending on what you're doing of course. If you're breaking sheet material/long straight cuts, circ saw. If you're doing small curves, jig saw.
  13. Ethanol, not methanol. No - Even a 20year old motor should have anti-syphon features to inhibit this. And I doubt that would pass the OH test either.
  14. +1 Even the US-specific silliness, i.e. The $200 ‘tax stamp’ to own a moderator would be more than offset by the lower cost of well…everything shooting related. I could even live with the Republic of California’s comparatively silly laws, compared to our own. Wouldn’t be my first choice of States, however….
  15. Sounds like a cracking day! Was definitely gusty down in the South West too, as someone put it on our little DIY syndicate, "The birds rose above the trees, caught the wind and just ***** off!" . Challenging for sure. Anyway, don't wish to drag this off topic, but... Steel seems to work ok in the right hands then, in your opinion?
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