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  1. Not if they want to remain in employment in the STEM & construction professions they don't. 😁 Feet/Metres/cubits/grains/parsecs, it's all a man-made means of measuring our physical world. Incidentally, you do know the inch is defined as being exactly 25.4 mm, that's no accident. But you missed out how tall the garage door has to be to clear your 'fender?
  2. NO worries, didn't think when you first described at what end of the market you operated at, that you'd be able to share anything. But, do you have a website with suitably redacted pictures?
  3. I think we need a separate PW show us your garage thread...
  4. Indeed. The daft ol...dear old lady who owned our place before we did had one of those sectional garages put up, it's barely big enough to drive a (old) mini inside and open the door. A modern saloon, hopeless. My L200 simply won't fit. Even if it wasn't full of my hoarded ju....valuable stuff
  5. If you truly have all of them, you might wish to contact this lot, apparently a lot of the early shows were lost as the BBC wiped the tapes to save money. But as you're talking about cassettes, I assume you recorded them when the extant ones were repeated in the late 80s/early90s?
  6. As opposed to when, a few years ago, Wifi became popular. A lot of the younger techies charged with installing the new generation of routers got confused looks from the elder generation, when they started talking about 'wireless' connections. No I'm not suggesting you can listen to the Goon Show on the Light Programme, I'm trying to make sure you can use your laptop in the lounge to do your banking.
  7. Before the lockdown I brought along my 'rough' gun - A second gen Hatsan Escort - to our little clay club to let someone with a poorly shoulder test it. It really didn't want to play with the Hull Comp X 28s I had, having previously cycled them just fine. And yes I clean it after every outing. Probably where I went wrong.
  8. Peter, I wasn't referring to your posts, more the peanut gallery who want a firm position in law on med certs & also DEFRA guidance. It won’t happen, even by statutory instrument, and I don’t think many would like the fallout if it did.
  9. I genuinely don't understand the fuss. DEFRA has issued guidance, which, to sum up, amounts to: In general no, but if you can justify it for immediate crop/livestock protection, go for it. That is as good as we're going to get; shooting does not need the blow-back associated with pushing this further. If you truly think the 'optics' of BASC pushing this hard will help us in the long term, you're naïve (seemingly the PW word of the day). Finally, those of you who want everything clarified in law, have clearly never heard of the law of unintended consequences. Dangerous Dogs act anyone? If you do want everything prescribed in law, I suggest you all move to Germany PDQ, COVID-19 and Brexit allowing, and take the applicable State's hunters exam. Good luck going from zero to licenced to shoot in less than 5 years. And be prepared to put in a lot of work maintaining your local hunting ground ('Revier').
  10. Nowt wrong with the Lidl stuff, I've got the 12v drill for tight spaces/light duty. But they don't stock anything on the 'fun aisle' permanently, if you're lucky it will come up again in a year or 6 months. This means that the 3 year guarantee is only of limited use. You'll get a refund, but be left with no drill. Seriously, push the budget, get a decent Makita or Dewalt as it'll be your only drill. It's the one power tool I'd spend some money on. Nobody ever regrets buying decent tools.
  11. Can you have a quiet word with the boss, and borrow a decent one for a weekend, and see what difference it makes to your welding?
  12. It removes your flexibility. For instance, surely at some point you'll be welding on the log basket with it on its feet. I.e. only small four points of contact. Get yourself one of these Are you getting acceptable results with gasless? I mean, proper, good welds that don't look like a pigeon had diarrhoea all over your project? It might not be your earth clamp is what I'm saying. I know some people like them, but those Machine Mart Clarke specials are very finicky to set up, and you'll struggle to get repeatable results with them. I had one, briefly, paid £40 for it. Ran like absolute garbage. Flogged for same money as spares or repair, bought an inverter MIG from GYS, my results improved overnight, and it can do stick and DC TIG too if I want.
  13. Have you been watching American YouTube videos or reading US forums by any chance? They have no end of issues over there due to the daft idea they have of using 120v (or occasionally some form of 240v derived from 2 phases), and will burn out what they call GFCIs (RCDs to you and me) for a hobby as they wire them directly to sockets, and rarely do they have a proper reference to earth. But for us on this side of the pond, I suppose, theoretically, you could have some issues if you were welding on a whacking great metal structure bonded to your buildings' earth, and had a poor return connection to the welder. This would be more likely in an industrial setting, where you have to be careful with such things as 'instrument earths' and 'dirty earths'. But if you're just on a metal table in your garage, I doubt it. Am perfectly fine on mine too. I will occasionally use the return clamp directly on the object to be welded, but mostly it's just resting on the bench. You need to ensure your welder has a good return connection - notice I'm not saying earth, as depending on which welding process you're using, it can be Electrode Positive, Electrode Negative, or AC. Whatever, you'll soon know if you don't have one. All that said, if you can, run a welder off a dedicated 16 A blue caravan socket - sometimes called 'Cee Form' or 'Commando' sockets - the better. A lot of the smaller welders will pop the fuse in a 13a plug if you turn them up to 11 for doing the thick stuff. Do not even think of popping an m5 bolt in its place. Things get melty quickly.
  14. The point is, FEOs have quite a lot of discretion in this regard. For instance, there is now quite a precedent set for you losing your SGC if you're done for drink driving. But, I think I'm correct in saying, there is absolutely no legal basis for this, doesn't even appear in the Home office guidelines. Probably wouldn't stand up to judicial review, but it's also not a point anyone in the shooting orgs is exactly pursuing, precisely because of the public perception. As for going out shooting: If I knew a farmer that had asked me, via text preferably, to do some urgent vermin control as his arable crops were being hammered, that's one thing. But just to go for a wonder round your perms, because you're bored, I wouldn't risk it. We are a small, crowded island, and I doubt many of us have access to perms where members of the public aren't nearby. Another example: if I lived, as one member does, on his 12 acre plot, I think I'd chance the taking the air rifle round Udderlyoffroad Towers to keep on top of the squirrel numbers. As it is, I live in a semi in Suburbia in Bristol, neighbours either side, can barely fire up an angle grinder without attracting complaints. Roll on the end of this, be it April 13th or later
  15. Nothing stopping you from submitting a report on spec. Could be start of something interesting. Problem is, even if you can wordsmith to the standards required, these days writers need to be capable of taking pictures that are of sufficient quality to be printed in a glossy magazine. Pics from your smartphone don't always meet the grade.
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