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  1. The latter. We've never used pens to vote in this country. This was a bit of a hoo-ha about this 2+ years ago at the EU referendum as there was concern that even if we voted to leave the establishment would never allow it to happen...cough cough. Anyway, there was at the time a well produced video on Youtube explaining why pencils are used over pens, dammed if I can find it now however. Of more concern is the nice lady at the polling station informing me that they've seen hardly a soul all day. Hopefully will improve now people are finishing work.
  2. Not trying to cause an upset, but it'll take you what, 15 minutes to drill some holes and pound in some anchor bolts, set into place and hoover up? You've probably spent more time creating and responding to this thread? Surely you're as well to hang on to your guns if the market rate won't give you what you want?
  3. Admittedly my missus is quite tall for a lady, 5ft 9ish in old money, but she started out with the instructors Beretta A400 and Hull Compx 21g, and subsequently tried various different bang sticks. When she got her ticket, she bought a Bettinsoli. So, always in 12 bore, and never had ‘recoil’ issues. I think modern loads, combined with good instruction means this isn’t the issue it once was. The biggest problem she’s had is the relatively low comb of the guns and the point of balance of her ‘soli. I’ve temporarily fixed the former with a ‘stock sock’ and some foam padding. The latter makes it holding the gun for long periods difficult but not impossible…this isn’t really a problem at a clay ground, but I guess it depends on the course, and how many clays. At the recent Ian Coley open day she was able to try some of the ‘lady guns’ that manufacturers are now starting to produce. The Beretta and Caeser Guerinis (precise model name escape me) all seemed to fix the comb issue and the balance point, but we are talking £2k+ guns here and she’s not into spending that amount, so will persevere with her £450 ‘soli+stock-sock The ladies version of the Browning 525 also seemed a marked improvement, but she was only able to shoulder it. Incidentally, she has had a go with my 28” ATA SP and not had any issues, but actually prefers the slight increase in mass + barrel length of hers. All that said, I have to agree with everyone else and say get an instructor to teach her properly (though with the caveat that I’ve never attempted as we were/are both beginners who started at the same time).
  4. No I would not, and neither should anyone else. The responsibility for that lies with the individual. Anything is a weapon. Confiscating household items as if we were toddlers is the road to hell. I count a couple of serving coppers amongst my small group of friends, so am not one to cop-bash. There are parts of that job that are, truly, awful and I wouldn’t want to do it for 10x the salary they earn. However, my point above was that we have reached a stage whereby some serving police officers are so unthinking that they feel the urge to post on social media proudly boasting about how they prevent cutlery and kitchen knives from hitting the streets after a concerned charity shop worker called them. This is not, in any sense of the word, policing or keeping the Queen’s peace. It’s a ‘do something’ reaction to the knife crime epidemic, and the backlash from their previous social media obsession, which was ensuring nobody said any nasty words online. Lions/Donkeys springs to mind
  5. My missus has signed up for the event happening at Barbury near Swindon. She's been to a couple of events at the appropriately-named Lady's Wood ground and really enjoyed it.
  6. They're at it again. Intercepting charity shop donations and taking spoons and sharpening steels off the streets... What gets me is they post these things, apparently with a complete lack of self-awareness of how ridiculous this looks.
  7. My vote would be for Hull Comp X 28; picked them up for less than £200 a 1000 at Wadswick Country store. Depending on what side of Bristol you're on (I'm in Kingswood), it's a 20-30mins away for me, rather than Ian Coley's which is knocking on an hour in the car. Whilst you're there, ask nicely to have a look at their simulator, it's awesome bit of kit & worth a practice if you can put small group together. Braces will usually match the prices for Just Cartridges too, I believe, if you're more towards the City Centre.
  8. Coming up on 6 months of ownership of an ATA SP 28", no complaints so far...other than the action on the 'black' model appears to scratch easily. I personally like the chunky fore-end, but I know it's not to everyone's taste.
  9. Thing is, I agree with you. I merely wondered whether this was the battle to pick, or whether there were other, more pertinent battles to pick. E.g. Conditions/refusals or variations taking ages. I'm amongst the first to suggest people contact BASC should they have any difficulties, especially with respect to Doctor problems. Remember, BASC themselves don't necessarily go reaching for the lawyers straight off the bat, rather they will usually assist you with wording in your correspondence to the constabulary.
  10. Ahh, I had wondered when ‘Moonbat’ (as he’s known on social media) was going to pipe up. Really, the man is an absolute gross ignoramus – 144 times worse than a normal ignoramus. On the one hand, he appears on Newsnight lecturing us all that we should all eat less meat, and that when we do, it should include more pest species, specifically grey squirrel which he then proceeds to butcher and cook live on air. Then he rails against organisations taking young people shooting and shooting in general? He is completely unashamed in his hypocrisy and contradiction, and today’s column is just his usual tripe that would embarrass a sixth-form common room debate. Again, I suggest engagement with “Wild Justice” only as an organisation, rather than engaging with publicity-seeking egos such as Packham et al. They will find that infuriating. Now, obviously there are a lot of individuals in the gallery (the Grauniad’s comments section) lapping it up, but check Twitter (if you’re feeling strong) and there are plenty of individuals who calmly contradict his ludicrous assertions with facts, and often invitations to come and see the work they do. Needless to say, such offers go ignored. I suspect we do actually have something of an opportunity here. Trust in the mainstream media has never been lower, and look at the record number of TV licence cancellations recently. People are questioning more and more the agenda that broadcasters, in particular, are pursuing. Calm, fact-driven responses to ludicrous assertions, whilst they may not get as many ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ as the initial lie, are viewed by the general public and may even change some minds.
  11. Looks great. One question though, why board out with MDF? Is it because it negates the need to plaster or dry-line?
  12. Ahh ok, that is slightly different then from the conclusion that I leapt to, apologies. Please do let us know what your FEO says, after all you have been 'proactive' and responsible
  13. Ok, I’ll play Devil’s avocado here: If such a thing has attracted the interest of your FEO, why wouldn’t you invest in a decent size cabinet? I’m sure the letter of the law places no such requirement on you, but why risk getting into an argument with your FEO over that? I’m new to this shotguns lark, but have had air rifles for many years. Prior to my first ever FEO visit, I fitted an Ebay special, “7 gun” cabinet, total cost £180 delivered. Plus another £3.50 for some proper Fischer anchor bolts from Toolstation. My FEO duly visited, inspected and even passed comment on the fact that he had seen people "trying to cram quarts into pint points", and couldn’t understand why they’d risk damaging and scratching guns worth 10 times what a decent sized cabinet would cost. You could reasonably argue cost as a factor, but again, I respectfully suggest that if you have, say, a Browning or a Silver Pigeon check by jowl with others in the collection, that argument will seem unconvincing to an FEO.
  14. At that size I think I would splash the cash and get a Milwaukee from Toolstation. The larger, more infrequently used sizes can be the Lidl special. But it does depend somewhat on what you're doing. As has been said, don't force it like a DIY-stylee hammer drill, and it should absolutely belt through most things.
  15. Seconded. Don't bother with licences, see what Monday brings.
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