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  1. With an O/U, you can practise the entire action of: "stand, mount, tail, belly, beak, BANG, keep moving" - with a snap cap up the spout allowing you to squeeze the bang-switch as part of practicing. Obviously this applies less in a s/a, as you say the auto-cycle won't work at best, and at worst you'll jam/damage something. But the PSG idea of making dummy rounds to allow you to familiarise yourself with the load-unload actions is a good one IMHO. Makes for less fiddling in the field.
  2. To get used to the operation of an SA, and not fumble it out in the field. I don't think he's planning on leaving one 'up the spout' whilst it's in the cabinet. Probably doesn't apply to you old boys who've been shooting since you were in short trousers, but us young'uns practice our mount and 'drills' at home with snap caps. Easy on an o/u, not so much on an s/a, as your chances of them cycling correctly aren't high.
  3. udderlyoffroad


    Checking PW instead of working?
  4. Chaps, all this talk of ‘less powerful’ routers is somewhat misguided. The ISP is only responsible for providing an internet connection into your house. The router they give you is best treated as a bonus. If your Wi-Fi signal is insufficient in your house, then you need to solve that issue yourself, preferably with a proper mesh wifi kit, or ‘powerline’ range extenders. Think of it this way, you don’t complain to your electricity provider if you have a lack of sockets in your spare bedroom? For what it’s worth; I’m with Virgin, expensive but then it’s a cable connection, not ADSL. So, not dependent on Openreach’s (BT’s) infrastructure. I have no idea about the customer service as I haven’t (touch wood) had to call them. But I also don’t expect their router’s Wi-Fi aerial to reach every corner of our brick-built 1930’s semi. I have a proper, wired connection to all the fixed devices in the house (computers, TVs) and as of this morning a TP-Link mesh wifi kit, Amazon are currently doing them for £89.
  5. Hmmm, cunning idea Grant. May have to copy that. As for getting shot of the canopy: the damn thing drives me crazy! A brief scout on Ebay shows L200 tonneaus aren't exactly cheap though, where did you source yours from?
  6. I've met more than one 'millionaire' (in that they own or have mortgaged more than a million quid in assets) who have a very odd take on what used to be called 'Bangernomics' - they spend either a lot of time or money keeping cars on the road that would be, at best enthusiast vehicles. These are usually people who have a very clear grasp of the value of their time. Then again, this beats by a country mile, the kind of people who don't spend money on wear items (tyres, brakes, dampers...) and move the car on rather than 'spend money' on it, and cut about country roads with inadequate rubber/friction material. They're then surprised when they're presented larger repair bills because, for example, their knackered brake pads have scored the rotors. Penny wilse, pound foolish. Then again until very recently I owned Land Rovers...yes, plural.
  7. Seeing as someone mentioned it...
  8. I like it too, but I’m not using it at clay grounds as the OP asked. For wondering around a perm on a late afternoon seeing if you can bag whatever’s in season it does the job, and actually points pretty well compared to some much more expensive guns out there. Actually the higher felt recoil with clay loads was something my missus complained about. I hadn’t noticed in particular until she mentioned it, hence me asking about the more budget-friendly inertia guns. Will try and have a go on a Franchi.
  9. Ok here's my attempt at rocket-surgery: The Spanish were happy to accept the money of the crims who settled on the Costa Packet before the EU, during the EU, and presumably will be happy to do so after Britain leaves? Prior to the European Arrest Warrant, extradition was still possible. It seems extrodinary to believe it won't be post-Brexit. And in any case, good riddance to the EAW - anyone who believes in the principles of justice (Habeas corpus, guilty until proven innocent beyond all reasonable doubt, the right to representation etc) should be happy to see it go. It assumes that the justice systems of other signatory countries aren't akin to the ones you'd find in tin-pot dictatorships with banana courts.
  10. It's a very marmite look. But...As you're seeing so many secondhand ones, go to a shop with an attached ground (e.g. the aformentioned Avalon/Mendip SG) and try one. A box full of carts will soon help you decide if it fits and how it handles. I couldn't swear to it but the balance felt different from a normal 525, however given I've shot neither I could be talking out of my posterior.
  11. Been to places in Germany where a beer (or 2) over lunch in the onsite canteen is quite normal. Then back to working with high voltages, moving machinery, fault finding in live panels, etc. Few of the chaps had a beer stash in their rolling toolboxes.
  12. And...they've included Norwhovia and Schweitzerland.
  13. I shouldered one at Avalon Guns in Mendip Shooting Ground. I thought it heavy as a heavy thing, and the stock appears to be as ugly as a synthetic stock, with none of the benefits. However, beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder, and tellingly my missus liked it.
  14. I realise I’m probably a little late to the party on this one, but the info might be useful for someone other than the OP. I have a second generation Hatsan Escort, and whilst it’s fine cycling my preferred clay cartridge – Hull Comp X 28g, it does have a tendency to produce quite high felt recoil with these cartridges – and they normally have a reputation for being soft. With heavier game loads, it’s fine, even a 30g 6. I assume Newton’s third law is coming into play here. I.e. within the gas-driven cycling system, the lighter loads don’t produce the equal and opposite reaction within the required parameters. Though the carts still cycles, it appears to kick more. Conversely, when I started clay shooting, the instructor used a Beretta A400 with the same carts, a combination deliberately chosen in order to minimise felt recoil for beginners. But of course that’s a £1200 gun not a £250 one Do the inertia-driven guns at the lower end of the market (Franchis/cheaper Benellis) suffer from this too?
  15. One suspects gouging for unplanned works by the contractor. And, whereas in the real world, the contractor would've been told to go away and reconsider his prices, or face the prospect of no future work, likely as not the powers that be simply rolled over and accepted the price.
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