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  1. Can't it be both? 😁 Trying to give careers advice to a bunch of barely 21 yr old lads at a party....bet he was a right barrel of larfs. The only job I've ever been fired from, so far at least, was a when I was working for a self-made-millionaire. His trainset, his rules, but even he was guilty of "We've always done it this way" - fine when you're building 5 machines a year, but not 50. I tried to improve things, but he didn't like it, and yes I didn't go in all guns blazing, and some of my improvements were certainly welcome amongst the team but not the boss...Yes absolutely I could'v
  2. But it makes perfect sense if you're a corporate, lower your overhead, but keep the capacity. 'Headcount' cost is far more than just what you pay your employee. Blimey; that must've been a while ago, 21 years old and already with a wife and a mortgage...
  3. That might've been the aim though? The self-motivated will do this, the less, uh, motivated will either walk or put up? Net benefit to the company, better work from a smaller headcount, which can be reduced in numbers easily should the need arise, as they're now self employed. The fact that your mate's hourly rate has gone up is probably still less than the net cost to the company than an employee on the books. I have a policy of avoiding doing business with any former national utilities that have been privatised, as it's the worst of all worlds. BT, BG, Royal Mail...just d
  4. Closely guarded commercial secret surely. Vegetable-based corn starch type 'plastic' would be my guess, with some secret sauce to give it some lubricity as well as withstand the heat and pressure of being accelerated from zero to many m/s, once. What do you think plastic is? And that isn't what the commonly accepted definition of biodegrading is/
  5. When do you mean current, Grant? The Defender as most people understand it, was released in the early 80s. Before then it was 'Series' landies. They definitely made sense for people at the time, witness the large fleets of them operated by Network utility providers. But, in very rough terms, towards the end of JLR's production run, you were looking at £45k for a decent spec 110, or, £32k for a fully loaded crewcab pickup. Which could do 80% of what a LR could do off-road, and do it in far more comfort, and was a better bet on road. Can we please put this
  6. Indeed. I suspect having the ground open to members of the public isn't actually their primary income stream, and the high clay price keeps away the riff-raff. Forgot to mention that their open day is (or used to be) worth going to if you're vaguely local. You can talk to various gun importers/manufacturers, and it's far more relaxed atmosphere than a big show.
  7. I'm not sure I'd give a fiddlers frat to be honest - makes it about the same as their claimed fuel economy figures. These tests are always under repeatable conditions that you'd never see in the real world. But you don't see the media losing their collective minds about that. One thing is for sure, now the lawyers have got their greedy claws into the manufacturers, we'll all end up paying in the long run. Why on earth did you bother with the 'fix' - aka de tuning performance for the sake of emissions.
  8. Yes I like Coley's, and back in the days when were allowed to do things, if I was passing by I'd stop in and have a look round the shop. But I certainly couldn't afford to shoot there 😁 In all seriousness though, they have do have the advantage of being a gunshop with an attached clay ground, and they will let you put a few test shots through anything they have in secondhand. I tried a couple of guns there before I bought my first shottie.
  9. Eh? What do BASC have to do with the price of fish? Do you mean you or someone you know has non-hate-incident on their record and they're concerned about their licence come renewal time? Did they give any indication if any other members had reported difficulties with applications or renewals because of social media posts re gender issues? Nonsense - You're undoing an otherwise sensible post by over-application of women victims, men aggressors here. Plenty of people have highlighted these issues, both men and women. Both men and women have had 'non-crime-hat
  10. And I sincerely hope nobody on here is thinking of using Leigh Day, who keep advertising their services for the above on Youtube. Wild Justice's lawfare team of choice, as well as hounding service personnel.
  11. The first thing your father would've told you, is that they don't use steel in aircraft where they can possibly avoid it! Secondly, he would have said that Aerospace is unique in that there are effectively no material concessions; I.e. the material doesn't meet a certain part of the spec, it's not used, end of. The same is not true in manufactured consumer durables.... Another thing he might have mentioned, is that the material can be the highest spec you like going in, unless it's machined and treated properly, and you document it, it will not give you the properties you desire in
  12. Following this thread with interest. What I would do, however, is pay for a corgi (alright, Gasafe) 'engineer' to cap off and test my gas line to the fire somewhere not in the vicinity of the fireplace.
  13. You can do, but I don't listen to film critics who haven't watched the movie in full, either. Like I said, it wouldn't surprise me if the paper doesn't pass the sniff test, but I sure as hell won't comment on a public forum till I've read the damn thing.
  14. Wow, that is an epic rant, worthy of a PW rant of the week award, and it's only Monday. Exactly which Youtuber promoting our pastime and/or conservation efforts have raised your ire by being too woke? The days of being quiet and minding our own business, and hoping we'll be left alone are simply over. We need proper promotion of our activities by articulate people.
  15. udderlyoffroad


    I understand people's frustrations but the solution is easy: If you don't watch or record live TV as it's broadcast, you don't need a licence. Use catch up services* and your choice of Netflix/Prime/Disney. Simple. Cancel your direct debit. Jump through the hoops to tell TVL if you feel you need to, by all accounts they don't believe you anyway, so might as well not bother. All threatening letters are used for firelighters. *But not Iplayer The BBC are busy heaping up their own funeral pyre anyway, no need to fund them whilst they do so.
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