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  1. Be careful with that phrase when talking to our Aussie friends...
  2. Could BASC realistically put the money saved towards a ringfenced 'war chest' for members that require legal aid? Could they become their own underwriter?
  3. Similar experience in a country pub in the slightly less posh end of the Cotswolds. Everyone well behaved sat in the garden in 'pods' - basically a table made out of decking planks with a roof made out of 15mm plumbing tube and fabric stretched over the top. Tempted to make one myself for the not so sunny end of the garden. Brought the 6mth old pup, he behaved really well, which was a relief. I do wonder what the local Whetherspoons was like, but I think i'll give it a wide berth for now!!
  4. They are supposed to be a lobbying organisation. That is precisely what they're supposed to do. Unlike other countries, it must be publicly declared. What is your point? True, looking at some of the names, they might well have been preaching to the choir, but, again, we need allies in parliament. I wish they'd take my local MP shooting, or at least show her some of the land management/conservation work keepers do. As she's a former director of LACS, I don't hold out much hope.
  5. All of the guys in my outfit on the tools have one, as far as I'm aware. If you're getting work without a profile, then I'm certainly not going to argue with you, however. Frankly I detest the bloody site. But I'd also point out that the distinction between 'blue collar' and 'white collar' is nowhere near as clear cut as it used to be, at least not in the industries I've worked. The ability to operate a computer is not optional, and hasn't been for at least the last 15 years, IMHO. Reluctance to drive a spreadsheet occasionally, or sort out some of the documentation, even if you're a fitter, could well mean the difference between JSA and a pay slip.
  6. Be really careful. In some companies -usually larger ones - it's all about the 'headcount' and whether the redundancy payout is big or small, is less relevant. The annual cost of having a bum on a seat (or on the tools, whatever) dwarfs the cost of whether a redundancy cheque is £3k or £30k. Also, think about it: If it's a choice between someone who has been there years, but is just 'going through the motions', turns up and does the bare minimum, or someone with less than 2 years service but is motivated, and is keen to learn and improve things, which would you pick? Even if, short-term it's going to cost you more, long term the company will make more money with the latter employee. So much this. Even if you don't 'do' social media, Stinked-in is non-optional if you like to keep a roof over your head these days. Have a good, professional profile picture - not the one your mates took in the pub. And yes, it can feel cringe-worthy writing sales spiel about yourself, but man up and do it.
  7. Bingo. That's the UK agriculture market lost to them then. Am sure a few Lairds/richer farmers will stump up for one (or rather the bank will), but £45k is still £10k more than a fully-loaded Jap double cab pickup, which will do 80% of everything this will do. And good luck with European Type approval re pedestrian safety. Nevertheless, I hope they make a success of it.
  8. Know anyone with a 3D printer? Am sure if you measured the IDs you require it would be simple enough to knock up an adaptor fitting.
  9. Alibaba is for B2B really, I.e. Importers looking to buy by the container/pallet load. There isn't really intended to be an 'add to cart' button, which I assume is what you mean. Aliexpress is more like what you're after, think of it as a chinese Ebay, but there are others, such as Banggood.com I have found though, that you need to be careful, as price wise they can vary by the time you've included shipping charges. Often times a UK seller will be within a couple of pounds, even if the 'seller' is just a chinese account with a UK warehouse/forwarding operation. Caveat emptor applies here. It's very easy to fall into the trap of knowing the price of everything, but the value of nothing. A lot of this stuff is cheap for a reason, and could charitably be described as tat. On the other hand, some stuff is produced in the same factories as quality European brand names, just with the label changed. Finally, as a personal rule, I refuse to buy anything that plugs into the mains from any of these sites. This video goes into some detail between Aliexpress knock-off and real Makita impact driver, will give you a feel for what you're getting into
  10. I bought these in February. No complaints so far, they've coped with spillages and the occasional puppy pee. Hound now relocated to load area in proper box. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mitsubishi-L200-2015-Waterproof-Black-Tailored-Front-Rear-Seat-Covers/271993240457?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Time will tell how hard-wearing they are.
  11. Fire Engines. Good when you need them. It's one of those 'did you know' things that seemingly everybody knows, but until very recently the word orange didn't exist to describe the colour, and was referred to as red instead. So there are very few things in the natural word that are actually red, but instead is orange in colour. So, squirrels, red robins, etc...
  12. I watched a few minutes of this the other day. He does say he's running a business rather than it just being a hobby shop...but yes how many clamps do they get through? I assume that because 'everything is bigger in Texas' the furniture he's building is pretty big (compared to what we're used to), and thus glue-ups grow in size quite quickly...
  13. I can't comment as I haven't actually done so, but everything I've read suggests the frequency of the letters and inspections only increases once you tell them you don't require a licence, compared to simply stopping paying them. I actually cancelled my DD for address A, then moved to address B and never bothered with a licence at B. Get a letter about once a month. I've heard it suggested that the senior management at the BBC simply can't comprehend the fact one could possibly not want their 'product' and thus the default assumption is suspected guilty until proven innocent. Indeed. And it bares repeating, because people seemingly struggle with this....it's the ACT of watching or recording live TV as it's broadcast, that requires a licence, not merely owning a TV itself. Even says so on the TVL website. Also, a recent amendment requires you to have licence if you use Iplayer at all, but not any other streaming/catchup service.
  14. Fascinating to read this thread. People appear to be taking wildly different things away from the article. It’s a classic Guardian sneer-piece. Will go down a storm in Islington and in the BBC break room, but unlikely to gain much traction elsewhere. To answer the OP’s question: why does the Guardian hate this country so much? Because it sells newspapers. Or at least they think it does. The Independent thought this too. And it no longer publishes a printed edition. Spot on. Usually these analogies are rubbish anyway, or fall over at the first sign of closer examination. Thus leading to wise-en-heimers to exclaim "you've misunderstood what an analogy is." Useless anecdote:Before the lockdown, I used to spend about a week every month working in Germany. I studiously avoid bringing up the war, but German colleagues will mention it without qualm, where relevant to the conversation. One senior customer even mentioned it, and on purpose invoked Godwin's law. He also politely reminded me not to use the term final solution (I was talking about interim solutions to a problem before hand...).
  15. Be careful going down this path. By all accounts, they simply don't believe you and have you on record as not requiring a TV licence. Simply cancelling your direct debit is sufficient. You will get increasingly incredulous letters, but I've been ignoring these for 2 years now. Allegedly an 'inspector' knocked on my door once, but didn't push the doorbell button so I failed to answer the door.
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