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  1. This. Ensure the fitter is going to use a proper, OEM spec loom and not bluddy Scothloks! Though are you sure you can't DIY it? Go on to the towbar manufacturer's website, and download the fitting instructions for your vehicle. The loom should be plug-in on any modern vehicle, usually behind the offside light cluster. You may need to take your car to a dealer or brand-specialist independent in order to tell the ECU a towing socket is present, but that should be 0.5hr's labour. Edited to add: Gah, it seems Witter Towbars have decided to put their technical info on their
  2. Indeed. Stephen Timms? Attacks on MPs are going up, and though I have very little time for most of them, given the way they have sold our civil liberties down the river, it is an occupation only getting more dangerous. By the way, it depends on the state in the US, but most of the Walmarts I have been in will sell you an air-rifle at most, with perhaps some .22 LR ammo or Shotgun cartridges. Back in the 90s, that most ag merchants in the UK had similar available.
  3. Same as during the daytime. With an upgraded IR you can see out to 100m + with the 007. Honestly I find the most difficult thing is knowing your ranges at night.
  4. Did the engineer mention the efficiency of the Stirling cycle, perchance? 40% is good, in theoretical exercises. And that's before you consider the mechanical losses due to friction You serious? That website is all marketing waffle, with very few actual numbers, and definitely no sources for their claims! Oh and all the links to CHP boilers are dead? Ok, let's do this... The case for CHP is weak at best. And it doesn't wean us off our addiction to gas - albeit they *can* run on other fuels. There may be some edge cases where it makes sense, in remote are
  5. Will take you 5 minutes with an oscillating multi tool and a new blade, and look much neater, surely?! Saves a lot of faffing. Also, re the actual time taken: this is purely my theory, but there's an element of 'due diligence' involved in the application process. I.e., there's a bit of a wait after you've applied, in order to give you the opportunity to do something stupid/commit a crime and thus be reasonably refused an SGC/FAC. If you're an upstanding citizen, this is usually no problem, but if you're a borderline case with some...form, then your conduct during this waiting time will
  6. What? In order to be free, energy out > energy in. It really isn't free. On this forum, we obey the laws of thermodynamics! Rarely does adding complexity to a system increase its efficiency. Efficiency = energy in/energy out. Eh? Carbon footprint and efficiency aren't directly linked. Just talking about electricity for a moment, carbon emissions from large, efficient gas-fired powerplants and an optimized grid < millions of small CHP plants. Generally, you get energy efficiency through scale, even once you take into account grid losses. Using the
  7. Therein lies the problem, possibly? Air source, from my understanding needs to be running constantly and be allowed to self-regulate. Also requires a well-insulated building to begin with. A leaky old, UK construction does not a good candidate make. And this (UK concept) of 'only having the heating for a couple of hours' isn't particularly efficient, with a well-insulated house anyway. I know you're brighter than this LB, nevertheless I'll rise to it, for the (possible) benefit of others reading it: Same as with vehicles, you can either have control electronics to impro
  8. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king! Sounds like an excellent interim result.
  9. Can you point to *any* sources for that frankly ludicrous claim?
  10. Indeed, anyone who accuses Trump, for all his faults, of being a 'hawk' compared to, well, any other president ever, clearly hasn't being paying attention. Apart from a short-lived and ill-advised strike on Syria, that is. Where as Obomber... bwaaaahahahaha. Are you seriously suggesting that, on the whole, electoral fraud is commited by both sides, therefore balances out? It's repugnant regardless of who commits it, and in my view any attempt to resist compulsory voter ID on the grounds of "racism" is the soft bigotry-of-low expectations of the worst kind.
  11. Indeed. I don't wish to dump on @Manish's profession, but are you entirely sure that your family has been hiring competent heating engineers? I've been dealing with a recalcitrant boiler recently, and the heating engineers I've experienced could most politely be described as fitters. They have been googling answers on their phone, the same way I have. Were it not (allegedly) illegal to replace the parts in question myself, I would have done so, and saved myself a fortune. The maintenance manuals are freely available online, and walk you through (at a Haynes manual level) how to do
  12. And? Modern battle field kit is highly complex, and making something 'squaddie proof' isn't the same as making something 'simple' (viz. lowest BOM count) Availability, Reliability, Maintainability (ARM or sometimes RAM) are all considered when designing and spec'ing weapons systems. A squaddie in the field simply will not be taking apart a precision rifle to anything beyond large sub-assemblies for cleaning. It would appear from a brief google that a field strip involves, er, taking the bolt out:
  13. Same as with a gas boiler? Won't work without electrical power. Ok, cooking I'll grant you, hopefully you've got a lighter or matches handy. OP doesn't mention what fuel he uses to cook with. What does that have to do with the price of North Sea gas? Presumably, you're in a property which is connected to main line gas. I would continue to use it until it is NLA. Get some quotes from reputable companies to do a boiler replacement. See how much that is, and weigh it against your average gas bill, and see how long it would take for the claimed savings t
  14. Somewhat off-topic, but what are you lot using to draw the parts you subsequently print?
  15. You're conflating 2 processes there. It's an armourer's exam - nothing to do with field stripping. I have no military experience, but even I know that field stripping does not, for instance, involve breaking the trigger group down into its constituent parts. Oh, and obviously best of luck to @welsh1 son, hope he aces it!
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