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  1. Don't be. It's become quite clear that the people who are a pain in the ***** are the ones who get seen, see @TIGHTCHOKE's experience above. Envy of the world my big fat....embarrassment amongst developed nations more like. Maybe GP's refusing to see patients will finally wake people up to the fact that other countries manage to deliver better healthcare whilst spending less per capita.
  2. It was ever thus. If you remember a period when it wasn't, I put it to you, that you were in that glorious period between being old enough to understand some of the world around you, but having better things to keep you occupied when the news came on, like the toys in your bedroom. Say between the ages of 8 and 12. Though I will say, as a 90s child, there was that period after the fall of the Berlin wall but before 9/11 when we stopped being scared of Nuclear Armageddon but before we were all convinced some ejiot shouting 'Alans snack-bar!' was going to blow himself and us all up. There didn't seem to be a good means of keeping the population terrified then. Now it's 'rona and Ice age Global Warming Climate change Indeed, the more specialist engineering/energy journals have been harping on about this for years, but still the mainstream media will barely report on it, or if they do, dumb it down to the point of uselessness. Are they similar to Tasmanian Devils? 😂 Anyway, regardless of whether these devils are African or Australian in origin, they cannot be taking their neurosis to work with them and allowing it to affect the team. We're 18 months in to this. Time to take a dose of man up. If it hasn't killed you yet, it likely won't unless and until it mutates into something actually dangerous to people. I think we've just hit on why team management isn't my strong point
  3. Was this to you personally or a general communication? If the former, are you able to share, if the latter please can you provide a link? What on earth is "NONE Civilian"? Non-civilian would be military? If you mean police, they are civilians, and their armed response teams generally train at closed ranges. I think pointing out that police will be able to continue to use lead against humans in, let's face it, invariably desperate circumstances, will be at best unhelpful, and at worst a distraction. I would rather we didn't arm civil servants. So which issue are you trying to address, the BASC voluntary transition away from lead or the DEFRA consultation on banning lead? If the former, they know how popular it was from their membership, but what's done is done. Let's not rehash that, again. If the latter, we need to shout and scream from the roof tops that, where it matters, we banned lead (over wetlands) 20+ years ago!
  4. Very much this. I strongly suggests the op turns off the TV news & goes shooting instead. Their intense need to catastrophise everything is bad for mental health.
  5. Thanks for the input @David BASC I don't thinks so. On googling the phrase, that appears not to be the wording of the act itself, but rather an explanatory note on a BASC factsheet dated 2014 (PDF). If you read further down, it states: Perhaps @David BASC would be kind enough to check with his team to confirm if the document is current or not? I'm not aware of any changes to legislation that would make the advice in the doc out of date.
  6. Orrrr….whilst child-trafficking may be illegal in the UK below the age of 18, that would be very hard to gain a conviction in a UK criminal court. The standard of evidence required to meet innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, just doesn’t seem realistic to me, given the elapsed time, the age of the alleged victim, and so forth. Would be a lot of ‘he said, she said’, can’t believe for a minute Epstein or his fixers would send a self-incriminating email to Prince Andrew saying “We’re sending your favourite girl over to visit London, knock yourself out, son” If you accept this as a likely reality, what other criminal offences have been committed? Age of consent has been done to death here, it is and remains 16. I’m not surprised the Met dropped this. Can't believe I appear to be 'going into bat' for the Met or Prince Andrew, but that's my reading of reality, anyway.
  7. You haven’t seen the news then? China having something of an energy crisis too. Steel has long since been too expensive to manufacture in any quantity in the UK, save for some specialist alloys. Forget aluminium. Anyway; steel shot has long since been off-shored, if it was ever even made domestically?
  8. Complete and utter bovine droppings. If you rely on YouTube videos for any sort of professional advice, i.e. legal, financial, or insurance advice, remember it can be worth exactly what you paid for it, i.e. £0.00. If BASC’s underwriters suddenly deem taking home of game as some kind of benefit in kind, then I’m afraid the insurance industry is even more of a wheelie-bin-fire than it is already is perceived to be. More to the point, that would’ve been highlighted to you front-and-centre of any insurance policy. It would be an act of spectacular bad faith to bury it in the clauses somewhere, given the reasons for which the insurance is purchased. Imagine the motor insurance industry’s equivalent “Yes we will insure you to drive this vehicle registered to you, for social domestic and pleasure purposes, but it excludes taking your family for a day out” By all means email or call BASC (or whoever your insurance provider is), but I wouldn’t waste your time. Yes, I am aware I’m just another ejiot on the internet ranting about something in which I am not a subject matter expert, but blow me some people talk some **** on the net.
  9. Brexit, cannot and will not address some of the issues in the UK has, namely, we put up with appallingly bad infrastructure and public official incompetence despite some of the highest levels of taxation in Europe. It does remove us from the oncoming wheelie-bin-fire that is a Federal Europe. Worth it. Some of the worst parts of Brexit can be laid squarely at the government, with the rest the EU acting in bad faith to attempt to punish us. None of that makes Brexit a bad idea, but the execution is shonky, at best. Those who insist on reducing it to 'Actions have consequences' and 'we tried to warn you' are in my view just reducing a complex situation into slogans and can safely be ignored. @Markus, if memory serves, you're in Sweden? How do you feel about the inevitable replacement of the SEK with the EUR?
  10. Fundamentally, no. You never directly connect a solar panel to a load. You would use a solar panel to keep a battery charged. So as a weight-saving measure it's a non-starter. Well, I suppose you could reduce the size of the battery as it's being kept topped up, but to give you any meaningful numbers we'd need to know the rating of your motor. Is there an ID plate on it?
  11. To a certain extent, yes. If you were, say, an elected politician holding meetings with M Barnier and his negotiating team, actively seeking to undermine the UK's position, then yes. Or if you were a high-flying financier who spent thousands' of gullible peoples' money conducting law-fare in the courts to try to reverse a referendum result. Or if you had campaigned against Brexit, but had somehow manoeuvred yourself into a position of power and ended up as Prime Minister, and then wasted everybody's time with a BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) type deal? Then yes. Back on topic: My local vets appears to recruit from Spain. Still has a full complement of Iberian vets. Given all EU nationals had to do to stay here is fill out a form - barely even any check of criminal history, and they can (pandemics notwithstanding) still travel freely to and from the EU, I'm struggling to see what the problem is? If they were offered better pay and conditions elsewhere, then why not go elsewhere? The UK is after all, incredibly expensive and has a ridiculously high tax burden and appalling (human) healthcare.
  12. Not sure what their spouting, but the minute we stop thinking there's a fuel crisis, there'll stop being a fuel crisis. Possibly with a day or 3's worth of lag.
  13. Ah 'common sense' - almost the diametric opposite to petrol. Everyone thinks they have enough, yet there appears to be a world-wide shortage.
  14. There demonstrably isn't. Demand has outstripped capacity in certain parts of the country due to... A complete absence of this. Certain parts of the media, one suspects still not over Brexit, look for the merest hint of issues, viz. BP being a few drivers short due to worsening their T&Cs to the point they lose staff, and blow it out of all proportion. As someone said, Keir Starmer and his apparent not-paying-attention in biology classes as to what Gender is equipped with a hoo-haa and which with a set danglies, was not enough to divert the attention of the circus. Where we really do have an energy supply issue is with gas, and by extension electricity. That stupid Leo Di Caprio meme is going to feel pretty dated, pretty quick, if Vlad and his pals decide to play silly beggars. Then we'll be queuing for petrol to run our generators.
  15. I disagree. There is a certain type of unthinking cretin who will see a media-induced-bandwagon and hop aboard. Also, it's a cliché, but the British love nothing more than a queue up and a moan...
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