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  1. This come up on my YouTube feed, interesting Seems to be typical of the rabbit hole the Republic of California is currently falling down. Interesting that a lot of people are currently leaving the state...
  2. No, not anymore. 2010 General Election anyone? Just because the Lib Dems commited electoral suicide in 2019 by promising to ignore democracy doesn't mean they or someone else couldn't come back and at form a coalition government. BLM registered as a political party in the UK. Not that they'll get very far other split the labour/green vote. The Donald will win. Those who find this so upsetting might as well get used to it. An awful lot of middle America is doing better under the Don than they did under O-bomber (see @NoBodyImportant's posts) COVID is of little electoral conseque
  3. Serious question: your taxation, your freedom of speech and assembly, your laws (certainly criminal law), your ability to go shooting, is all legislated in Edinburgh not London. What powers exactly do you think the FM and Holyrood are lacking? The Westminster government, of whatever colour, has less and less influence on your daily life, as a consequence of devolution.
  4. I know a few people living north of the border who genuinely believe this to be the case. Maybe you should check the SNP's voting record in Westminster to see how petty minded they are. For instance, next time you're south of the border, grabbing some supplies on a Sunday and get chucked out of the shop at 4pm on the dot, bemoaning that in Scotland you could carry on browsing to your heart's content, google which party killed off the bill to extend opening hours in England, despite the fact that it had nothing to do with their constituencies. This is why Owwee amongst others a
  5. Huh? Look at the rate of infections, or indeed any other metric for Aberdeen, compare and contrast with surrounding areas, and ask yourself why Aberdeen was locked down when others weren't? Is it possibly because the SNP do not get many votes in Aberdeen? Incorrect. 62% of the 67.2% of eligible voters who could be bothered to turn up, voted to remain. Still leaves 30.8%, or 1.018 million people who voted to leave. It gets worse, if you're playing the numbers game. A quick google of the SNP's General Election results for 2017 and 2019 respectively, tells you that the total
  6. It's not a Boris v Nicola thing, at least not for me. I don't know who you've been watching, but I find her to be a big-state, authoritarian, illiberal, free-speech hating jumped up little dictator. That doesn't mean Boris' bumbling, 'lead by the doom merchants' Witty and Valance farce is somehow better. Though at least Boris in the past had some pretensions at being liberal. As for her approval ratings, er...These are the same pollsters that predicted Ed Miliband for PM, a vote for Remain, Corbyn to win against May, Trump to lose to Hillary...What people tell pollsters and how
  7. Incandescent lamps (bulbs) don't care about AC or DC. LEDs however.... It would be easier to help you if you could give us some more details! How many spotlights, what type are they, what is their power draw? Surely, if a site is banning you from using 240v, they're unlikely to be happy with jury rigged, high current 12vdc cables kicking about the place? You need a 'power supply' rather than a transformer, as this will include a rectifier, overload protection, and so forth. But I still get the feeling that what you will save over 110v spotlights, you'll lose on having to
  8. The raw material might be cheaper, but converting it into small balls uses many times more energy than lead and therefore costs much more.
  9. Trawlers and subsea cables don't mix. Even if they're trenched in, they have to lie on the seabed for a little in order to be connected to the structure.
  10. Actually that’s not a bad way to gauge a neighbourhood: Do you need to number your wheelie bins? In my case currently not, but there’s a family of ne’er do wells that live 3 doors up. He smokes something and makes the place smell like my student halls.
  11. What quarry? Clear Pigeon 30g of 6 for almost anything, Black Gold for phessies if you need a bit more. Obviously steel for quackers.
  12. Nick, the link to the bottom of the page is a pretty standard ‘mail to’ style link - if it’s asking for your email ‘server number’ that tells me your email program (Thunderbird, Outlook or whatever) of choice isn’t properly set up, or at the very least your web browser thinks you use a different email program than you actually do. That’s if you even use such thing, web based email services (gmail or confusingly, also outlook formerly Hotmail) are pretty much standard these days. Unfortunately web browsers are do not, as far as I’m aware, open up browser based email clients when you click on ‘m
  13. Chap turned up to our 'straw bale' clay shoot last Sunday. Ancient Barbour jacket, Army and Navy sxs. He can shoot too, certainly outshot me. But it was peeing down and he was admiring my Decathlon waterproof, er, water resistant trousers. Said I might treat myself to the matching jacket as the troose were doing a very good job. You could see him mentally noting 'Decathlon' for subsequent googling. So whilst working in Germany this week have dropped €77 on the jacket. Will see how it holds up this weekend.
  14. +1 If I had the time to redact the photos properly, I could show you how the fuel for supermarkets and a certain...well known brand with a marine motif logo come from exactly the same mahoosive tank, and right before loading into the tanker truck for delivery to the fuel station, the fuel is dosed with the appropriate additive package. Suffice it to say, if your car is complaining on supermarket fuel, you probably have an underlying issue. As for the RON, obviously check your car's manual. Some require it, but most cars these days should auto-adjust, as e.g. US fuel has quite a
  15. + 1 . Technology has moved on, and I assume it's quite an expensive undertaking to manufacture waxed jackets compared to modern materials. I don't have anything as fancy as Goretex, but I've not found more modern coats that susceptible to it. Obviously depends very much on your terrain. Our DIY shoot isn't short of a thorn or 2.... Pretty sure you can recreate most of that. You might find your tolerance for discomfort has dropped a little in the intervening years 😁
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