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  1. Not on the meter! Give a couple of local-to-you firms a call, you'll probably find they do fixed rates to the various airports, and probably less than you'd expect. I used to get a taxi to Heathrow from Bristol and they charged my firm about £150 I think
  2. Land reform. Fieldsports Britain did a good piece about it a while back. Pretty scary, even if you're not a laird. Some who understand Scottish politics far better than me do make the point that the SNP is a very broad church, and tends to hoover up votes from across the political spectrum, and will shift their policies to suit the area they're canvassing in. But it seems to me that the Edinburgh elite in the party want Scotland to be a Scandinavian-style social democracy, i.e. eye-watering levels of taxation but the state will provide, from cradle-to-grave. You'd better do as you're told, however.
  3. And if your car breaks down in the US it gets 'drug' home by a wrecker/tow truck. Not dragged. Drug. As in the thing you get from the chemist. Sorry, drug store.
  4. What he said, Jack Pyke jackets seem good for the money. Used mine on Saturday on a rough shoot, it chucked it down all day and I was dry. Used my new waterproof decathlon trousers for the first time too, again really good, so I'd definitely consider the jacket in the same range.
  5. Would take a rabbit too long. Of course, north of the border, they use a beaver.
  6. A dike in the US are side cutters, or diagonal cutters. As well as forgetting to pronounce the 'l' in solder, the 'h' in herb appears to be strictly optional. 'Homely' in the US has negative connotations, i.e. simple, basic, unrefined, whereas in the UK it is positive, I.e. basic, simple, comforting. Does appear they have the more correct pronunciation of alloys which contain the element AI as their principal component. Too many people on both sides of the Atlantic conflate it's and its. And as for 'should of' - see me afterwards, boy.
  7. Could you do us all a favour and when quoting the law as authoritatively as you do, provide a link to the relevant legislation, statutory instrument, etc? They're all online
  8. Duplicate post -mod please delete if possible
  9. +1, bought mine in December last year, thus far no issues. Wish I'd bought the adjustable comb version (though I'm not sure it was available at the time). Only thing to watch for is the 'black' - the barrels have some kind of ceramic coating, but the action is powder coated, which scratches easily, especially if you're doing rough shooting.
  10. I'm currently in Germany every couple of weeks with work, so I have nowhere near Bavarianbrit's experience. BUT I have had many conversations, and some after-hours meals with colleagues, customers and suppliers. I can't help but reach the conclusion that there is a feeling in Germany, that the world be so much better, if only it was run like Germany. "We do things properly." I think to call it a belief in a master race is a hell of a stretch. Just a quiet confidence.
  11. Indeed, the construction is more like a light truck Personally, the elbow room thing has never been an issue for me, and changing gears on the older Defenders was always a bit 'stirring the porridge' - The LT77 box is not the masterpiece of engineering it could be. Shame, towing 'oss boxes out of wet grassy fields is where they shine 🙂 That said, a well sorted Discovery 2, will do everything a Defender does for a lot less money, and less than a recent model Jap pickup. Maybe add that to your search....
  12. Scratch that itch. Assuming you're talking about an old-style Defender (not the upscaled Lego Technic thing), it has about the best depreciation curve of any vehicle out there, assuming you don't over-pay to begin with... I have a pile of parts waiting to rebuilt into a 110. I'm currently trying to get some time on rebuilding it, but it appears this shooting lark is quite a time-consuming hobby too! One day i'll finish it and it'll be my 'toy' - though by then I suspect internal combustion engine cars will be a rarity. Anyway, I've just bought an L200. Very comfortable on a commute. I'm also really starting to appreciate the separate load bed and passenger compartment - not something you get on a Defender(hi-cap pickups excluded). As for off road, well it has a locking centre diff, and high and low range, same as a Defender. So with some decent boots on it, I'm sure it'll do whatever I want (rutted forest tracks to check on birds, not off road competitions). What I'm saying is, drive a modern Jap pickup, at least once, before you jump into the green oval. It might not raise quite the same smile as a Defender, but it will probably do 80% of what you want in more comfort, for less money than a recent 110.
  13. For gawd's sake don't replace the boiler just because the British Gas parts catalogue list a lot of parts as obsolete. It's a total nonsense. One 'gas engineer' came to do the annual safety check at my old house that I've rented out. He showed me his the parts database system they use on his ruggedised tablet. There were an awful lot of red 'x's on the exploded parts diagram of my boiler, indicating the part was NLA. Now, my F+E boiler hails from the 80s, <grasps wood, tugs forlock and other supersitious gestures> and is still working, indeed it is combusting cleanly. It is definitely obsolete, according to British Gas. The parts are of course harder to come by, but they're still out there. I am aware it will require replacement someday, indeed I have some funds squirrelled away to replace it. But in the OP's case, I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe hire a local firm, even if you do have to pay 'Emmett' prices to do the annual service and respond to any faults. Apparently the newer combi boilers are very sensitive to pressure drop in a run of 15mm pipe. When I did get a quote for replacing the aforementioned boiler the 'Gas Engineer' was most insistent that he run 22mm copper anew to the boiler. Given the modern boilers are festooned with electronics, you'd think some kind of PID loop to adjust the burn due to lower input pressure wouldn't be too hard to economically implement.... The big joke is that we're constantly told not to touch gas appliances as they could kill you. Both servicing and installation manuals are freely available from the manufacturers in PDF form, and they lay out in simple detail exactly what to do. And it really isn't rocket surgery. The actual difficult bit is having access to the more specialist tools, u-tube manometers, combust-o-meters, etc....
  14. Well I’ve had to upgrade, was a beater at our DIY syndicate last season & have now upgraded to gun. Whilst beating I was happy to wear trousers in German Tweed (Flecktarn), my Jack Pyke coat and a beanie. Probably not the done thing as a gun though. So I’ve splashed out on Decathlon trousers in fetching poo-brown (super comfortable), got some Le Cham wellies, just about broken in, a Rydale Tweed-ish coat, and they’re doing 2 shirts for £25 at the moment. Still not convinced the forest chickens will give two hoots if I’m wearing a tie or not whilst I’m attempting to give them acute lead poisoning, but I’ll wear one for the first day anyway.
  15. As the OP's post dates back to 2013 I suspect he's probably returned them by now. 😋 However, since we’ve resurrected this thread, never had an issue with the Jack Pyke stuff, for the money it costs the quality is there. I’ve got various t-shirts, tops and a jacket, as well as cartridge belt and slings on all my air rifles. Thusfar my biggest criticism is the cartridge belt, being ‘one size fits all’, it seems to be made for the salad-dodgers out there, and at 34” waist I’m not exactly the skinny *** I used to be. I’ve never tried the boots, however, as shoes are the one thing I (so far) have refused to purchase via mail order.
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