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  1. I listened to the podcast version on my commute this week. Itunes linky Soundcloud Charlie tried really hard to maintain decorum, but you can tell he was struggling. Avery comes across as the avencular jolly-fat-fellow type. He will interview really well, and is clearly the brains behind the outfit, CP is just the eye candy for the hard-of-thinking ladies of a certain age. I do wish BASC would get on with a slightly better media campaign, this will not go away.
  2. I bought the Bosch blue 4.5” when it was on special in Screwfix, £45 iirc. Miles better than a hobby job for NVH. I still have a couple of cheap grinders for things like wire brushing, but if you’re only going to have one, get a decent one. Your forearms, wrists and neighbours will thank you!
  3. Agreed, though the venue itself is huge, the tightwads organising the show appeared this year to have rented about half a hall. Seemed absolutely ludicrous given the entry price.
  4. I don't think people are happy about it, per se. We leave them in the road as we're so short of space in suburbia, we don't have drives/garages to keep our expensive vehicles safe from the chronically clumsy and toe-rags alike. Equally, I wouldn't wear a watch worth thousands on my wrist in Bristol or any other big city. Fine if you like that sort of thing; but my casio tells the time equally well. For 'posh' occasions I have the Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch, worth £150, at a push, when new. I suppose, as has been talked about in the investment thread, you might as well invest your money in something that brings you joy whilst it appreciates in value. As the alternative appears to be scrimping it all into your pension pot, only for it to get raided by the next inept tenant in Number 11 Downing St. So, more power to your elbow. Or indeed wrist. It just won't be watches for me. Or guns. Or even classic cars. All are tools to get a job done
  5. Not quite sure I understand your point? In any case the 'talent' is self-employed, as recent court cases of said talent v HMRC has confirmed. Doesn't alter the fact that an enterprise that is funded by a regressive tax, with no requirement to turn a profit, let alone be held accountable in the same way a PLC would be, has a massive distorting effect on the 'market rate'. Further, the great unwashed do not care a fig for the precise contractual relationship between the Crisp-Selling-Twitter-sage and the BBC, all they see is the headline rate, and wonder why the BBC is busily engaged in breaking the record for writing the longest suicide note in history.
  6. It demonstrably isn't. The BBC, with its guaranteed income, distorts any pretence at market rates.
  7. 100 shells at $15.....oh to live in the land of the free. We'd be lucky to pick up 50 for $15 on this side of the pond. And the local Lidl* doesn't sell them, either. *German supermarket, like Aldi/Trader Joe's.
  8. How many in a case?
  9. If I owned that gas station, I might hit the pump isolator (fireman’s switch) just before they start popping… Looks like a great tradition, reminds me of the Simpson’s quote “Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it…” Seems far more family friendly than the British tradition of chavs letting off fireworks in the street for most of the month of November.
  10. Crikey. Usually when a Landy goes that fast, its parachute has failed to open, having been chucked out the back of an RAF Hercules... I like the hopelessly optimistic attempt at reducing the NVH by fitting many acres of Dynamat to the interior, too. I hope he was sponsored for that, otherwise he's just wasted his money :-)
  11. It's a reference to the state of my old Land Rover, covered in cowsh**, and not fit for the public highway. Not really appropriate for this forum, but KeepsStoppingHisBarrelsAndDoesn'tGiveEnoughLead was above the character limit.
  12. Part of the reason is, there’s often an ‘age-gap’ concept defined in law, rather than just a minimum age of consent. So, a 16 year old boy could sleep with his 15 year old girlfriend and not expect to have his collar felt. But if a 21 year old tried to bed the same 15 year old girl, he would be invited to have a chat down the police station. In other words, the age of consent might be 14, but if either person is below 18, there cannot be more than a 3 year age gap. This avoids criminialising ‘young love’/horny teenagers, without legalising grooming of young impressionable minds by older people who should know better.
  13. In your case, try the posher parts of Witney? Needs to be a relatively affluent, but also relatively suburban, where folk feel they don't have room to keep stuff hanging around.
  14. Tell him girls love a competent shot. Good job I'm not single, really...
  15. Much to my missus’ consternation, I am something of a skip-rat. The posher parts of Bristol (Clifton) will regularly throw almost brand-new stuff out. It’s very easy to over-do the hoarding though. I had amassed a collection of off-cuts and sheet materials for the ‘that’ll come in handy’ eventuality at my first house. When Mrs Udderly and I bought a place together – a ‘fixer-upper’ – I thought brilliant, I’ll use all of these materials up, and save some cash in the process. Nope. At best I managed to use about 50%, and the rest were too small or too rough to use. I still ended up purchasing lots of materials, and ending up with a lot of small offcuts. I had to take the remaining 50% and the offcuts to the tip (living in suburbia, bonfires will get you complaints). The point is, there’s a ‘cost’ to storing these items, be it time, money or space. That said, my best skip rescues came from a former employer – A Lista workbench and metal cabinet. These are big money and were almost brand new. Built like the proverbial brick outhouse.
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