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  1. ohh good idea, but might not work. Or at least, it wouldn't for the 2 I've done, as the bearing was pressed into a horrible pressed sheet metal tri-arm thing. Even with considerable hacking, it would never have been level or stable. It was easier just to cut the shaft off the back of the drum and rest it on the concrete mass-dampers in the machine. Your mileage may vary, as they say.
  2. You lot all clearly live in respectable areas 😂 Leave a washing machine outside in Bristol, one of many scrap merchants will be along to take it, sometimes within an hour. As you've already had it apart, can I suggest creating a fire pit with it? The stainless drum with many holes last a lot longer than anything you can buy from the DIY sheds....
  3. Their website doesn't seem to provide a battery pack size; but they talk about a full charge in 8hrs on a 3pin plug....so let's be generous and assume the charger draws 10 Amps for the full 8hrs, and £0.20/kWh. 10 A * 230 V = 2.3kW 2.3kW * 8h = 18.4 kWh 18.4 kWh * £0.20 = £3.68 for a full charge That's pretty generous, I doubt very much it's going to be pulling anywhere near 10 amps. In other words, comfortably less than the price of a pint to charge your battery. My main concern would be the lack of four-wheel drive. Even a small ATV winch will drastically affect range, better not to need it in the first place.
  4. I thought it was about as good as it was going to get, bearing in mind the massive hedging of bets of all in industry. Crossed the threshold by about 9am, was done by 12:30. I did notice that not taking a partner interested in browsing and trying on clothes at the expensive end of the market, drastically cut down the browsing time too! About the most interesting thing to me was the Ineos Grenadier they had on show there. I was clearly not the only one to think that though, people were several deep around it so I couldn't take a proper look. Am sure next year will be better (assuming no more economy-crippling lockdowns).
  5. I think we need to define our terms here, specifically 'hard wired'. Hard wired to me means means breaking into the vehicles power supply by adding an additional ignition-on circuit. So, yes you can wire a 12v - 5v power supply into to a spare ign-on fuse and completely take the trim off (be careful of curtain air bags!) in order to have a completely invisible installation. But this shouldn't be necessary. Pretty much all retail dashcams are powered via USB, from one of the many USB sockets in modern cars, or via the thrown-in fag-lighter to USB power supply. Thus, for a front-mounted camera it is merely a question of hiding the wire around trim. This should take you 15minutes of fiddling, possibly with some sticky-pad cable clips if the trim won't allow you to poke a cable inside. On the end of the lease, you should be able to remove the cable, and any sticky mounts and no-one will be any the wiser. Rear mounted cameras are more involved, and come with a long combined power and data cable (usually USB type connections), which needs running around door seals and the like, but hardly 'hard wired'. Sometimes it's a case of 'good enough' - especially if the vehicle isn't yours. Why you'd pay silly money for Option 'A' hardwired is unclear to me. As Enfield points out - they are useless if they're in the glovebox.
  6. I mean, there’s a cost to doing anything with the family. Not a BASC member then? It does seem to be a bit of a party for people who work in the industry, with members of the public invited in for good measure. Still going but probably would think twice if entrance wasn’t thrown in with BASC membership
  7. My Benelli will cycle them ok. My Hatsan, not so much. The rebranded Eleys Mendip Shooting ground makes you use are fine in the Hatsan, however. Edited to add: in case anyone doesn't know, the Benelli is an inertia-driven mechanism, whereas the Hatstand is a gas operated. As a rule, inertia-driven guns are less cartridge fussy. Obviously there are exceptions to this, and for anyone who wants a basic gun, the newer Hatsans are cracking value for money.
  8. You've more or less answered your own question Lloyd...The point is that a given model of semi in 3" will likely be less fussy about light loads than the same model in 3.5" - and there's a bigger choice of the former on the secondhand market. Speaking of the market, there appears to be more choices in 3" cartridges now, even for wildfowling purposes. So, taking those two factors into account, the OP is likely better off looking for a 3" model on the secondhand market.
  9. No question, FTTP if available, if not stick with your current setup. So much this. Is it really worth the aggro of saving £11/month to get an inevitably worse service only to switch back? Incorrect. Fibre = signal is travelling at the speed of light through the medium, and minimal processing overhead (and therefore latency) turning that light back into an electrical data stream, and not subject to atmospheric interference. The point of fibre optic technology is to create as close to an ideal path for the light as possible, after all. 4G being a radio wave also travels at the speed of light but through the air, but there is considerable processing overhead as it is pulling off very clever tricks to keep the data rate high, and subject to atmospheric interference. Current setup....Well you've got a DSL modem taking IP packets and doing some some very clever tricks to squeeze them down an ancient, oxidised phone line then it gets reconstructed at the other end. Overall throughput speed will be lower than fibre certainly, and possibly slower than 4G. The word you're looking for is bandwidth. Why advertisers are continually allowed to refer to it as 'speed' is a mystery.
  10. I bought a secondhand Montelfeltro for £550...It's great, incredibly light and cycles 28g clay loads reliably too. Before then I had a secondhand Hatsan Escort which cost £150 - it's a cracking tool for the job, and I wasn't worried about it getting scratched or wet out roughshooting. Wouldn't always reliably cycle clay loads, and was obviously a bit more chunky than the Benelli so was a bit more of a lump to get swinging. Am not a wildfowler so can't comment on the 3.5" question, but from the outside looking in, seems to me that you should be able to get most of the loads you want in 3" anyway.
  11. Shirley you can't be serious? The concept of "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" is such a massive fallacy, I can't believe anyone still unironically invokes it. If you're talking about a business, or even a government department, commercial confidentiality necessitates discretion. For this reason alone, no real employer will touch him with a barge-pole. Further, as we're talking about the DC, the last part of your statement should read "If you run a ship exactly according to how DC likes it, then he won't betray your confidentiality to the media" He'll probably do ok. Some lucrative after-dinner speaking gigs and a tell-all book deal should probably net him a few million, enough to become a full time investor/property developer or some such. Bit of a circular argument though: Your point is, we can and should expect better, yet those defending what happened in no 10 can still justifiably state that it would have been an even worse dumpster fire under Corbyn or Starmer. Yes, but we should expect better, says @oowee. Not sure how you want to call out 'moral corruption'; if you mean senior ministers' private lives, I care not a fig. The point about Hancock's clinch was that he was quite content to deny the rest of us the same, uh, pleasures. Where we should start, in my opinion, is MPs exempting themselves from wearing a mask when HoC staff must continue to do so, and seemingly the same will be the case for vaccine passports. Does the "All animals are created equal" argument constitute moral corruption?
  12. I'm pretty sure that Boris isn't gay 😂 We had a very similar thread awhile back when that odious little pain in the '***** Cummings was appearing before a select committee. He can give all the interviews he likes, show all the screenshots he wants, but he really should keep his powder dry and give this evidence to the judge-led inquiry. That is the proper forum, not Laura Kuensburg trying to land a Bashirian scoop. Incidentally, anyone who thinks the current government are proper conservatives either has a very strange definition of it or hasn't looked very far back. They are the most illiberal, nannying, civil-liberties curtailing bunch I've ever had the displeasure to be governed by. It is no comfort that Corbyn and his ilk (or Starmer +Posse) are an even worse choice. As for a 'shooting man' voting Tory, remind me who banned semi autos and started the process of banning handguns? By 'against their entire way of life' I assume you mean the Greens? Labour seemingly have zero grasp of countryside issues beyond 'muuuh red meat bad'
  13. I hope you were able to give them good news that lead shot isn't banned, it is a voluntary transition in 4 years time.
  14. Best? Depends on your application. If it's dug-in ticks that have grown to a certain size on your hound, those plastic ones linked to above are perfect. If you've found one on yourself that is tiny and hasn't embedded itself properly, you're better off with a pair of fine point tweezers. As for losing them, I keep them in a one of those sweet tins mints come in. If you're feeling flash, worth keeping a set in your vehicle as well as one at home.
  15. I don't think you understand how these Lidl/Aldi centre-aisle deals work. They are there to entice those that normally do not like the weekly foodshop - mostly men - with strictly stock-limited offers to browse and spend more money than they otherwise would. They then market these deals to 'drop' on a specified date (Thursdays and Saturdays) so people get into the habit of anticipating them, creating an 'event'. They buy a production runs' worth of stock, and distribute it to the stores. Once it's gone, that's it, TS. Leaving aside for a minute pandemic-induced shortages in the supply chain, they didn't source insufficient batteries. Every store receives an allocation and once it's gone, that's it. They try not to over-stock to ensure stores aren't left with unsold product they can't shift. Although I'm usually a fan of the 'fun aisle' tools, I deliberately avoided the battery powered tool line up, for reasons you've found. Although there's now an unofficial supply chain -including enterprising individuals buying up items and flogging them on Ebay a few weeks later (possibly one cause of your issue). I've gone with a 'proper' tool brand for my cordless stuff, which although more expensive, allows me to add items as and when I need them, and not at the whim of the S&M dept of a supermarket.
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