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  1. You don't have to look to the US....Though the people who run this place are at pains to point out that the educational programme on site reflects the national curriculum, apparently. Who knew Somerset was a hotbed of creationists? Who doesn't have a few extra tins lying around? Preppers are on a spectrum, of which most of us are a part, especially if we shoot our own dinner. What makes me laugh is the no-deal-Brexit preppers. Harmless, (but utter fruit-loops) preparing for the apocalypse because the French customs authorities might start becoming a bit difficult about paperwork... Oh no I said the B-word...it was a nice thread whilst it lasted 😋
  2. This. The ‘soft skinned vehicle’ in hot conflicts is a thing of the past. Although you can retrospectively armour up almost any vehicle, the weight/performance penalty means you’re better off starting from scratch with a chassis heavy enough to take it. This rather excludes monocoque designs, such as the new Defender. For peacetime/run-about use they might as well look to their ‘white fleet’ of leased vehicles.
  3. Sounds like the kind of conditions that definitely test your skills, and put hairs on your chest! You can probably order new seals for your cockpit instruments online 😋
  4. Can you link to one? I suspect someone was making an 'air pig' out of one - these are portable tanks for filling tyres and the like, so filled by a workshop compressor to a MWP of 8 bar or so. Not the same as a dive tank filled to 300 bar!
  5. I can’t add too much to this as Mrs Udderly is currently shooting with a basic 12G £400 Bettinsolli with a £15 neoprene comb raiser with fetching pink duct tape securing it. She is 1.78m (5’ 10”) tall. She did try the CG Syren and the Beretta Vittoria at the Ian Coley open day in the Spring, she shot well with both of them, with the favourite being the CG. This despite the ‘flowery’ engraving not being to her taste. Apparently CG are going to be producing a less fancy but mechanically identical gun to the Syren but sold under the Fabarm brand for considerably less than the CG. The Browning Liberty light was also shouldered but not tried. That said, she doesn’t want to have that much money tied up in a gun so is more than happy to continue to find her feet with the Bettinsoli. She also has no interest in game/vermin shooting (but is happy to peel+cook whatever I shoot, spicy bunny pie tonight)
  6. Whilst ‘professor’ Jerry McGovern is in charge, there’s no way whatever bears the moniker of Defender was going to be what those on this forum want it to be. Look at the Disco 4 -> Disco 5 transformation under his leadership, a triumph of design over function, and it has lost market share. People want big, boxy and capable in a disco. A rather expensive vehicle that will do ok offroad and drag 3.5t behind it whilst full of a kids+dogs and not be overweight. The Defender commercial variant that JmcG was proud to show off at the launch won't appear until 'late 2020', and apparently will 'start' at £35k, that's £10k more than a Mitsubishi/Isuzu. Jap pick ups might not be as capable as a basic (pre 2016) Defender, but they follow the 80/20 rule in that they do 80% of things well enough whilst keeping the occupants in comfort. Put another way, I was in the market for a Jap Pickup before the launch....and I'm still in the market for one. £45K? No chance. By the way, I have an F-reg 110 in pieces (it's a the rolling chassis stage), so I'm under no illusions that the quality of the old design was....variable, to put it politely.
  7. At £45k for a basic spec 110, and the commercial variant coming 'late 2020', it's clear to me that JLR are not interested in the market segment that is currently paying £26k-odd for a mid spec 'Japanese' pick up. I'm sure it'll sell well, but I just can't previous buyers of the Defender - other than the monied-hipster market or the (ugh) 'urban tuners' - buying this.
  8. Which is? If you put your location in your profile, you might be surprised, the odd opportunity might turn up in your PM inbox... E.g. My local DIY syndicate is always in need of beaters, but it is near Weston-Super-Mare...
  9. Thirded. I've just re-read this thread from the beginning. I think before we can help you, you needed tell us exactly what the problem is you're trying to solve. You want to review footage on-site, but for what purpose?
  10. What’s wrong with a pair of needle nose pliers, swapping cards, and reviewing the footage at home in comfort on your computer? A 32Gb SD card is less than £10, surely the budget will stretch to 2 of them per camera?
  11. Am watching this thread with interest, as I'd like to put tile on my future garage/workshop floor. Hundreds of thousands of garages and cellars in mainland Europe are tiled and you don't hear of accidents from people slipping when wet. But I've never quite managed to get to the bottom of what kind of tile (porcelain...I think), and of course you really have to lay them properly (no air pockets or they'll crack under the weight of a vehicle). For those sceptics, when was the last time you slipped walking near a swimming pool because the floor was wet? The previous owner at a rental place I own put floor paint down in the garage, and it looks terrible after a few years. It also appears to do very little to keep the dust down, though of course I have no idea if he applied it correctly, or if he even used the correct product!
  12. And probably an improvement on the Standard Defender's fit and finish, panel gaps and insulation....
  13. Eye test along with ECDL course for you, methinks!! 😋
  14. This, even the cheapest Aldi 4-smoker petrol pressure washer is a better option than attempting to run a large induction motor off a generator.
  15. Two utter muppets who'll believe everything they read, without the merest hint of introspection or critical thinking. I wonder how many houses have still have some lead piping in the water supply somewhere, completely unbeknown to the occupier, say buried in the floor between the outside stop tap and the shut-off valve inside? Small off-topic anecdote: At the height of the GL fiasco, I was travelling back from Barrow-in-Furness to Bristol via train (for work). Had to change trains - the name of the station escapes me, but stood next to me on the platform was Adam Henson, of TownieFile fame. I was sorely tempted to ask him to have a word with his producer and ask where the coverage of the GL was? Surely it affected him as a sheep farmer? ...But I was far too British and polite.
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