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  1. If you want a laugh, google 'green steel'. But, it is a material we just absolutely as a species cannot do without. Same as concrete. One suspects the environmental impact of the manufacture of steel shot will be lost in rounding errors for the steel industry itself, but still worth pointing out in your response to the HSE consultation. A former member on here managed to connect nail with hammer last night when he said to me: "Lead; we can take it out of the ground, but apparently we can't put less of it back in"
  2. Am no eggspurt, but it seems to me like it may have locally ignited underground, but energy required to move the soil and rocks means that by the time it broke the surface, the conflagration was effectively extinguished. The guy was very lucky.
  3. I was 14 when it came out. My eyesight is fine 🤣
  4. I mean, only if you let them... The farming social media community have found a good response to the Tarquins of this world when they come at them with "you should be rewilding" "you should only be growing crops for food", which is "why?". As soon as you ask that question, it's clear it becomes an unthinking belief, rather than a thought-through position. The brighter ones even realise that themselves. He's there as a speaker on a discussion on 'neurodiversity' per the programme above. Though, am sure he'll get in the odd misinformed conservation-related barb in. Really I find the obsession people have with Packham on this forum quite odd. He's already professed that, due to his, ummm, neurodiversity, he can't engage in debates with the other side. I suggest we stick to complaining to the BBC when he makes a factual error, of which there will be many. One day the BBC *might* get it. Though, given they're seemingly happy with Gary Linekar claiming he's black, Packham will really have to up his levels of self-delusion before management will take an interest.
  5. My what a lot of bile directed towards people having fun. Yes, those there professing to care about the planet need to take a long hard look at themselves and see the bigger picture, but should (unthinking) hypocrisy really mean we should ban fun? Don’t get me wrong, I geddit, the venn diagram overlap of people on PW and people who find large music festivals appealing is likely vanishingly small to non-existent. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes personally. As for preachy artists and ‘slebs, they have long since made it clear that they treat environmental issues as “do as I say, not as I do”, and can thus can be ignored. I would suggest ire for that particular brand of hypocrisy be reserved for officials, both of the elected and unelected variety.
  6. Kilograms-force (SIC)??? Oh dear, mixing mass and weight is usually reserved for imperial units, and should be consigned to history. Bar just about gets a pass as the actual SI units are rather...unwieldy, and multiples of atmospheric pressure at sea level* are easy to conceptualise Have you ever seen such a measurement in the wild, @London Best? *Yes, I know that's not what a bar is, but close enough for government work.
  7. Why? Presumably the barrel 'sees' the same pressure, but the method of measuring it will give a different number. Regardless of the method used, if the barrel meets the pressure required, it is HP steel proofed.
  8. Don't be silly, if they tried that in Knowle, the "usual suspects" would be on them like a tonne of the proverbial. Also, if I was some soap dodger out to make a point, I'd start in Clifton too, highest sloan ranger/km^2 there. Maybe you could just get your man who carries the red flag for you to give him six of the best, trousers down? 😂
  9. Tell you pine for a social democracy, yet you've never lived in one, without telling me.... 😂 Quite; It could be a one-party state or a social democracy with permanent coalitions. The allowed breakdown of law and order is simply not acceptable to a civilised society. Happening in most western countries, regardless of the type of governance. If these a-holes really wanted to do something about the above, they'd be better off letting the tyres down at the Bus Depot in Horfield! Bristol city centre is choked by ancient, idling, stinking, empty buses that routinely flatten cyclists and pedestrians
  10. Indeed, but I suspect, not in the way you’re inferring: all of the above groups know they can get away with protest that is outright criminal, the police & court system will actively encourage it, and the politicians will do stuff all about it (eg amend sentencing guidelines) Meanwhile the anger & resentment of the electorate just builds & builds. If the causes these groups claim to support were actually popular with the electorate, then parties that support them would be further ahead. They aren’t and don’t.
  11. I didn't say I was doing nothing. When has that *ever* worked? It's why my grandad lost his job as a fireman. You....you do know this is a public forum, right?
  12. "Oh stewardess, what's the inflight movie today?" "It's called, 'don't worry son, you're inline for a massive compo claim', or that seminal classic 'I'll never have to work again'" I'll get me coat.
  13. That’s not a good argument for doing anything. No need to lower ourselves to his level. In fact, in the eyes of the public, probably a mistake – though as Scully as pointed out, how are they to know we come at conservation from different perspectives? Anyway, I shan’t be complaining to the BBC about an ill-judged remark about an attractive woman. Because I’m not some 21st century delicate flower of the Mary Whitehouse persuasion. And more to the point, I don’t think it helps to cause we claim to support. His ‘platform’ urgently needs reviewing, because at a very practical level, his bias causes very real damage to conservation. But the BBC are unlikely to do anything unless and until he physically assaults a member of staff. Certain ‘talent’ are more or less allowed to do and say as they please, charter be damned, because they’re ‘contractors’ (Vine, Linekar, Munchetty, etc).
  14. I confess I feel somewhat uncomfortable with what is being suggested here; i.e. “cancelling” Packham because he made an ill-judged remark on live television*. Seems very holier-than-thou. Can’t we just stick to complaining to the BBC about his conflicts of interest, inherent bias, and so forth? *If it wasn’t live, then obviously a whole team of people let it make it to air.
  15. Tis a little bit 'cringe', as the kids say, but I am of the generation Packham was alluding to, i.e. the pre- and young-teen viewers of the 'Really Wild Show', where a certain M Strachan might've caused something to stir in the loins that I was previously unaware of. Whereas I'm more worried that you've spent your whole life mis-pronouncing 'avocet' 😉
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